suprise sprise. (the remake.)

Hi im kae jade messina yes i know I have a guys name but I am a girl, I lived in australia, I am 18, my mum and dad passed away in a house fire, im now being forced to move in with my cousins liam, thomas and his girlfriend in london, my cousin knows evrything about me, he knows I do drugs and iv never had a boyfriend, he knows I have been bullied all my life he knows iv tried to kill my self, he knows eveything, I guess you could say we are close.
I have long brown curly hair, crystal blue eyes but I wear dark brown contacts now, im pretty short, I have my nose tounge and eyebrow peirced, people sayi have a trainers body? I don’t know? But yeah my old friends would say im very very very loud, im a bitch at times but also very friendly, im out there I have absolutly no shame, I tell it how it is and im very snappy, I love my music and Im inlove with photography, im singing all the time, and dancing,
& I have a big secret.


16. 16.




She was speding down the road turning down small ally ways and leaving trails of smoke.

She was such a good driver.

I looked over to her, she was biting down on her bottom lip, she was concentrating, she looked so hot.

We turned down a small alley way, she stoped for a moment and watched as the other two cars sped past not even relising where we where.

She starting laughing then looked at me and smiled,

Oh shes so beautiful.

She started the car back up and kept driving through the alley way and parked just on the outside of someones house.

Wait this is my house?

`how do you know where I live`  I asked her getting out of the car, she walked around and opend the gate then went back into her car and parked it into my back yard and taking something out of the glovebox and shoving it down her bra.

`I know a lot of things` she said pulling one of my tarps over her car.

`we should be safe now` she said pulling out her phone then putting it to her ear.



`yeah we will be safe now` I was talking to liam over the phone.

He is the only one I can trust.

`okay night` I hung up looking at edward and smiled, he oped the door for me to walk in first.

`why thank you, what a gentle man` I said turning on the light.

`can I use one of your tops or something?` I asked edward looking around his house, its really nice for a 18 year olds house.

`why?` he asked confused.

`to sleep in idiot` I said shaking  my head.

`oh yeah 3rd door on the left down the hall way there` he said pointing towards a door,

I walked down the hall way opening the 3rd door, his room was nice.

He had grey walls, white furniture, a queen sized bed right in the middle under the window,

I striped down into my underwar and bra and grabbed the first t-shirt I saw in the wardrobe, it was a big guns and roses tee, it was really comfy.

I turned around to see a photo of edward and three other boys.

I walked upto the photo frame and picked it up staring at the photo, it was him, harry and two other boys, one of them was really tall, muscly, and had no tattoos that I could see, and the other one was smaller he has slicked back hair, glasses and had dimples, just like edward.

 `that’s my 3 stepbrothers and me` I herd edward say behind me, he walked up behind me and put his hands around my waist and resting his head on my sholder.

`whos the other two?` I asked still looking at the photo.

`theres me, harry, marcel and derek`

Derek, derek, derek, that name! I know it from somewhere.

`marcel is the nerdy one and derek and the really tall one.`

`how old are they?` I asked

`well me and harry are 18, marcel is 16 and derek is 20 now` he said burroing his head into my neck.

`are they all your step brothers?` I asked turning around so now I was facing him,

`yeah, all of us have different mums, our dad was a man whore` he said looking down at me.

`well that explains how yous all look alike` I said smirking at him.

`do we look alike?` he asked me tilting his head to the side, he looked like a confused little puppie, awww.

`yes yous do, but just a little` I giggled putting my head onto his bare chest, I was so tired, it was now 1;30 in the morning. Ahhhh,

`oh I have to be home before 5 tomorrow`, I said looking up at edward. She smiled and nodded.

I could feel myself drifting off to sleep with standing with edward hes so warm.

He picked me up and layed me down in bed, then hopping in beside me cuddeling upto me,

`you are so different at school` I said with my eyes closed

`what do you mean` edward asked pulling the blankets over us and turning of the lamp beside us.

`your so nice and cuddely and cute at home but at school your all tough and rough and bad boy` I said pulling the pillows into me more, we where now laying in the dark.

`I don’t know it’s the image I have to keep up at school I guess?` he whisperd in my ear.

`okay` I then yawned, `night ed` I said sleepily.

`goodnight` edward said kissing my sholder.

I turned around so I was now cuddeld up into his chest.

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