Our Choice *Sequel to No Choice*

Life is perfect for Zayn, Austin, Liam and Laney. With the wedding coming up in 3 months, and Austin and Zayn's 1 year anniversary. Just when they thought the thug life was over, a gang is furious and wants revenge on Zayn and everyone he loves. Will Laney and Liam not get married? Will a demon from Zayn's past come between him and Alex? (Rated red for cussing,drugs, violence and a bit of sex...)


2. chapter 2: secrets

im glad people are liking this movella, btw if you are waiting for me to update, i have another movella you can read, it's ...the help. it would mean alot of you read it :) i will update now..



  When i got home Liam was on the couch, he must have not heard me come in. Maybe i could surprise him. I walked up behind him slowly, I was standing behind him.

  "Gotcha!" Liam spun around and pointed a pistol to my head.

  "Damn Laney, you scared the shit out of me. im sorry i scared you." He out the gun down and hugged me tight. I was at lost for words, he had his gun out.. he promised no more gangs, drugs, and violence (guns). Now he has his gun out.

  "Why do you have you gun out?" i whisper, there was a long pause...

  "I was cleaning it." he murmered. lie.

  "Dont lie to me! Liam, im getting married to you in 3 months! i want you to be honest with me!" I stepped back from him, if he thinks he can just lie to me he is dead wrong.

  "Laney-y, a gang is coming after us.. again." my breathing stopped, my heart failed, my head was feeling light.

  "W-what?" Liam stepped torwards me, i stepped back and bolted to the door. I threw it open and went to the only place that will calm me down.

          "Hi mom and dad," I sat before their graves with a single rose in my hand. "Im sorry i wasn't there, its all my fault. Im getting married to the love of my life, you would have liked him." i was feeling silly for talking to my parents grave stone. "i hope you guys have forgiven me," i sobbed into my hands. I felt the sun shine on me, through the trees. I smiled and layed the rose down in between them. I looked back one last time before going back to my car. I popped the keys in and just sat in the car and thought back to that night.

====Flash Back========

  "Honey can you pass the butter?" my mom asked politley.

  "Why dont you get it?" i spat. i turned my attention back to my phone.

  "You dont talk to her like that!" my dad yelled angrily.

  "I can talk to her however i want to!" i sat up fast, knocking over the chair i was sitting in. "Im going out, bye bitches." i heard my dad yelling and my mom crying, it broke me a bit. I walked out the door and to my car and sped away.

   "Hey Laney, how are you?" my boyfriend nate asked.

   "Im fine, now that im here with you," he smirked. He kissed me hard, as did I. He pushed me ontop of his bed and looked at me hungrily. He pulled off my shirt, and pants. 

   "Breaking news, a house was broken into, the 2 owners were killed by knife wounds to the throat and stomache. the daughter is missing, if you have seen her please call 911" the announcer declared. The screen showed a picture of me. I stopped breathing.

  "what?" asked nate.

  "I got to go," i grabbed my clothes, put them on fast and sprinted out the door, this cant be happening! I arrived in my drive way and noyiced the broken door and window. I burst past the cops and ran into my house. I went into the dinning room and saw my mom with blood everywhere, I choked on a sob. I kneeled by her and cried into her chest.

  "Im so sorry mom," i whispered. A cop pulled me off her while i was screaming and crying. He led me through the kitchen, we walked past my dad who had a knife in his chest. I cried more before i was completely out of the house.

====flash back over=======

  I cried some more before starting the car and driving back home. I called austin first.

  "Hey laney how are you?" Austin's cheerful voice filled my ears.

  "The gang is back, a-and they wants revenge on all of us, Austin what are we going to do!" i sobbed into the phone.

  "Just stay with liam, okay? everything will be okay, i swear." I took a deep breathe and wiped my tears away.

  "Okay, thanks Austin bye," i clicked the phone off and pulled up into my drive-way.


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