Our Choice *Sequel to No Choice*

Life is perfect for Zayn, Austin, Liam and Laney. With the wedding coming up in 3 months, and Austin and Zayn's 1 year anniversary. Just when they thought the thug life was over, a gang is furious and wants revenge on Zayn and everyone he loves. Will Laney and Liam not get married? Will a demon from Zayn's past come between him and Alex? (Rated red for cussing,drugs, violence and a bit of sex...)


1. chapter 1: Happily ever after


 "oh my god! thats the dress i want!" Laney shrieked at the dress in the display window.

 "go try it on!" i beamed. We entered the bridal store and asked to try the dress on. The lady agreed and brought  Laney the dress she desired . As Laney changed, i sat in the waiting room and read a magazine.

 "Austin.." i lowered my magazine and saw a gorgeous Laney. the dress showed her every curve, it had a sweat heart neck line and had some bling on it of course.

 "Oh my god Laney!!" I shrieked like a five year old.

 "Is it that bad?" laney asked.

 "No! it's absolutley fabulous on you! liam will have a hard time keeping his hands off of you!" Laney blushed a deep red and said thank you through tears.

 "I just wish my mom and dad were here with me.." she wiped her tears away, i got up and embraced her in a bear hug.

 "At least you have me.. now, lets buy it!" she nodded and smiled before going back to change. I sighed and sat back down in the chair. I looked down and saw that i got a text from Zayn, his text made me smile.

 "Hey babe, hope your having fun with laney and dress shopping. one day you'll be going out to buy your dress. soon..;)" i replied;

 "When is soon exactly?;)"

  "Someday soon ;) can't tell you!" i frowned a bit but replaced it with a smile.

  "Aww why not??;)"

  "because it would spoil the surprise! i gtg bye love you!"

  "haha okay bye love you too xx" I shut my phone off just as Laney came back from the dressing room with the biggest grin ever.

  "Are you getting the dress?!" I yelled happily.

  "Hell ya im getting it!" we laughed and hugged each other. We walked to the check out line and payed for the dress, Laney never replaced her smile. It was good to see her happy, i loved it when she could let go and be herself.

         I dropped Laney off at Liam and her place and watched as she pranced up to her house with a huge grin. I smiled to myself before pulling out of her drive way, time to go home..

        "Babe?!" I arrived home but couldn't see any sign of Zayn.. his car was here..  I walked into the kitchen and noticed Zayn's gun was on the table. the clip was seprate from the gun, and the bullet were spread everywhere on the floor. I stepped back, oh god, wheres Zayn!

  "Zayn!!!" i yelled. "Zay-" A hand covered my mouth, I kicked and punched but realised it was Zayn.

  "Babe it's just me." I turned around and scowled.

  "Why would you do that! i thought someone could have taken you or killed you! dont do it again." i hugged his chest tight, i couldnt forgive myself if someone took him. "Promise me"

  "There is something i need to tell you..."


 i couldnt tell her, it would destroy her and Laney. Liam already knows and doesnt plan on telling laney until the time is right.

  "What is it?"

  "Umm.. i love you" she smiled and kissed me.

  "I love you too" she murmered against my lips. I smiled before deepening the kiss, part of me was guilty. i had to do this for her own good....


  how is it so far?


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