Those dumb fanfic moments.

No hate ...


1. Dumb fanfic moments.

Meh nd me bffl Nicole wentz to starbux nd ordered some coffeeh nd we walked out. Meh coffee spilt on Hairy fricken Stylez "oh meh gosh im sorreh Hairy!!" "Nuhh bby cakes luff you. wanna go out?" I sed yes. Meh olda sista liked Lewis nd Neil threw a patato at her den she fell of da cliff. Lewis fell with her. Liem gave Neil therapy nd I unzipped Zaines jacket with meh teeth nd got preg. Liem kissed meh cheek nd i felt sparx now i luff Liem. 


                       ~8 yrs l8tr~

Meh nd Liem got married nd now we have 5 kids named Liem jr , Zen , Dipshet , Hairy the third  nd whorehay. den meh sista got back to life nd shot meh. 



                                              DA END.

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