How to write fanfics


3. Mario

Princess Sunshine Daisy Peach perfecto Singa was strolling through the lands of Perfectia. She fell in love with a certain plumber, our hero Mario! Then Sunshine was kidnapped the horrible Princess (Turtle cock sucking slut hoe whore) Peach!! Sunshine's beautiful brown eyes shimmered with tears as she was carried away, then she yelled " Mariooo !!" But then Peach clamped her mouth shut. "Shut the fuck up Sunshine!!!" She yelled baring her teeth.


Mario passed levels and levels then he stopped and stared, "Who-a the hell-a are youa?" He said then Sunshine spoke. "MARIO U R MEH PRI-" boom she was shot in the head with an arrow.

Legolas sighed "Damn peasants!"

The end!!

Any suggestions?

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