How to write fanfics


2. Hogwarts

Princess Lucielle Apple Dream Jumper Love Darkness Peach James was no extraordinary girl! She was a witch with luscious heavenly silky black hair and piercing neon green eyes and the most full red lips! With a large bust yet the most dainty body, and she has a kardashian ass! (Like Kim? Don't kill me if I got the name wrong!)

One day she was sitting in a garden she did all by her self, mind you she's only 13! Then her jealous sister Esmerelda Sakurno James came with a letter for her.

"Sister?" Princess's soft beautiful voice spoke"Who is this for?"

"You ya little brat!" She called, princess's eyes softened "Sister I love you!" "GO DIE IN A DITCH!!!"



All the students were fascinated by Princess! Many teachers tried to rape her! But Harry. Oh her knight on a white horse always saved her! Always! One day Harry and Princess were making out in the hallway then, all of a sudden a tall girl with messy dark brown hair and blue eyes with a Marlyin Manson shirt and jeans, came up with a gun and shot her! Dead in the face! Harry enraged got up, then the girl put the gun in his face "Bro, you can do better, go with Ginny!" Then Harry went to Ginny.


Any suggestions?

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