My lesbian life

Jamie is a 18 year old lesbian who can't stop crushing on her 17 year old sister Anna. They both live with each other since their parents left them. Jamie's nights are all about hooking up with your sister. Read to find out more!


17. She's jealous.

Anna's POV

I was in my office at work filling out paper work and answering phone calls and someone knocked on the door, "Anna, someone is here to speak to you." One of my friends that work with me said. "Let them in." I said. Jamie walked in casually dressed with high heels. "What do you want?" I said while filling out more papers. "I came to apologize." I pointed to the chair in front of me so she can sit. "I can't belie-" She interrupted me. "Anna, I know, I was pretty drunk that night, and I'm so sorry, it's just that it's hard seeing her and not making a move." I put all the papers aside. "So you made the move?" She quickly answered. "NO, Anna. No I didn't she did, and I regret doing it, I'm sorry I really am." I got a phone call. "This is the Bergan's Nurses office how may I help you?" I told Jamie to wait a second. "Okay no problem goodbye." I hung up the phone. "What's with you and Arianna, she's older than you, SHES OLDER THAN ME!" Jamie asked. "I don't care." Jamie was jealous.

"Room 103 Cassandra, needs her blood taken." A nurse came in. "Okay I will be right up." I said getting up. "Listen we can talk later." I left without even touching her.

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