My lesbian life

Jamie is a 18 year old lesbian who can't stop crushing on her 17 year old sister Anna. They both live with each other since their parents left them. Jamie's nights are all about hooking up with your sister. Read to find out more!


51. Oh shit.

Anna's POV

I stopped. "Oh shit." I yelled. "What happened?" Jamie said while still holding me. Almost everyone woke up. "The kids and my job interview!" I pushed Jamie away and ran to get changed. Jamie followed me. "Their grandmother is bringing them?" Jamie asked. "Yes! They will be here in like 15 minutes, 11:00, she told me yesterday." I quickly put on a dress for my interview and ran to the bathroom to do my hair.

The kids were going to be here in 10 minutes. Jamie came in the bathroom but she had clothes on. "Half the people left, except for Hayley and your friend, their talking downstairs." Jamie took the straighter and started to help me with my back pieces. "Is it cleaned?" I asked. "Not really." She laughed. I turned off the straighter and quickly ran downstairs.

Hayley and Isabella were talking about something serious and it was about Arianna. I peeked a little. "I'm so sorry." Hayley said hugging Isabella. "I never had the chance to say goodbye, and her kids, there just amazing kids with a strong heart." Isabella cried. "How old was she?" Hayley asked while wiping Isabella's tears. "She was 19." I put my hands over my face. "I'm sorry Arianna." I whispered and started to cry. I quickly wiped my tears so my makeup wouldn't spread but I couldn't stop.

I started to pick up the party cups. Isabella looked at me and she definitely knew I heard everything. She grinned and began to help me. *Ding Dong* I quickly opened the door. The kids came running to me. "We visited mommy everyday." Lilianna said hugging me.

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