My lesbian life

Jamie is a 18 year old lesbian who can't stop crushing on her 17 year old sister Anna. They both live with each other since their parents left them. Jamie's nights are all about hooking up with your sister. Read to find out more!


24. I still love you.

Arianna's POV

I dropped off Anna back at work. "Have fun." I kissed her. "What are you doing today, I get out of work early." She grinned. "Liliana is pretty sick so I have to take care of her." I frowned. "Oh okay." She started to kiss me. "Maybe tomorrow?." Anna said. "Maybe." I kissed her and drove off.

I finally got home and Liliana started to play with her dolls. I started to mop the floor and clean. *DING DONG* I walked to answer it and it was my ex-boyfriend Luis with a large amount of flowers. "L-LUIS?" I hugged him so tight I didn't want to let go. Tears came down both of our faces. "I missed you so much." He said hugging me tighter. My heart felt complete again.

He let go and looked at me. "You're even more beautiful then you were 2 years ago." He kissed me. I couldn't help my self but go along with it. I still love him. He stopped and looked around and he saw Liliana. He started to cry. "My little princess." He picked her up and swung her around and he kissed her on the cheek. She started to giggle. He kissed me again. "When did you get here?" I asked him. "Yesterday." I took out some wine. "Where did you stay?" He took a sip of the wine. "Your parents house, they planned this." I smiled and kissed him.

"Mowwa." Liliana said. She yawned. "Want me to do it?" Luis said. "Sure." He went upstairs and put her do bed. He came back down 5 minutes later and sat down next to me. "She looks just like you." He said. "She has your hair." I said brushing through his hair with my fingers. He smiled and kissed me. Then it turned into making out. He slowly laid me down on the coach. He grinned. He slowly unbuttoned my shirt and started to kiss me on the neck. I moaned a little.

"Wait Luis." I said in between kisses. He got up. "Yeah?" I signed. "After you left, me and my friends went to this club and I um kinda hooked up with a girl." I bit my lip nervously. "Were you drunk?" I got really nervous to tell him. "Not really but then we got a room, and she you know wanted to do it, and she went down and I lied and told her I have a shift tonight cause I thought of you, and we have been hanging out and still hooking up and I don't think I really like her, I just-" He interrupted me, "You just have feelings for her." He signed.

"But I'm still in love with you Luis." He had a little grin and a little frown on his face. "So your like bisexual." I wiped my tear. "I don't even know anymore Luis." He hugged me. "Stop crying." I stopped hugging him. "Aren't you mad, or aren't you suppose to be walking out the door right now?" He nodded. "As long as your not with her anymore, when was the last time that happened." I put my hands on my face. "Today.." He looked at me. "What?"

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