My lesbian life

Jamie is a 18 year old lesbian who can't stop crushing on her 17 year old sister Anna. They both live with each other since their parents left them. Jamie's nights are all about hooking up with your sister. Read to find out more!


35. "I love you Anna Foster."

Anna's POV

I still had two hours until I had to hang out. I went to the office and sat down. Staring at the seat in front of me. Where Arianna sat before. *RING RING* it was an unknown number. I answered it. "Hello?" I logged into the computer. "This is Luis. Arianna's-" I sighed. "Yeah I know." He sounded weird. I couldn't understand if he was laughing or crying. "Sh-Sh." He couldn't sound it out. He sounded like he couldn't even breath. "SHES WHAT?" I yelled. "She's di-dieing." I got up and ran out of the building. "Where are you?" I yelled. "G-Grove street." He cried.

I hung up and ran into the car. I turned it on and speeded. I heard ambulance and police behind me. Then I saw the cop lights and quickly ran out of the car. Not caring weather the car was still on. My heart stopped when I saw Arianna on the ground. "ARIANNA." I yelled and ran to her. Luis backed up and ran to the cops. She put her hand on my face slowly. She was breathing heavily. Her hand was bloody and she looked like she got stabbed in the stomach. "A-Arianna. Please. Please. Stay with me." Tears were coming down her face. "I-It's okay." I was crying so much. "It's ok-okay." She kept saying.

"I'm so-sorry." She wiped the tears off my face slowly. She couldn't even move her hand. She was too weak. "NO, NO. Don't be." She slowly looked at the sky. "I wi-will watc-watch over you." At that moment my heart broke. Into a million pieces. "ARIANNA NO PLEASE." I couldn't breath. "I'm in the arms of someone I will always love. I- I love you. Anna Foster." Her hand fell to the ground. "NO. NO. NO." I yelled. "HELP ME PLEASE." The ambulance put her on a stretcher. They covered her with a black sheet. Luis was holding me back. "NO. WHAT ARE YOU DOING. NO PLEASE." I ran to the stretcher and unfolded the sheet. I kissed her on the head. "I love you." I started to bawl. Her eyes were still opened. I slowly closed them and watched the ambulance drive way.

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