My lesbian life

Jamie is a 18 year old lesbian who can't stop crushing on her 17 year old sister Anna. They both live with each other since their parents left them. Jamie's nights are all about hooking up with your sister. Read to find out more!


27. Have you ever had sex with a guy?

*One week later*

Anna's POV

I invited my friend from back at my hometown to stay here for about a month. There was this big lesbian party coming up and there is going to be a guys cause they found lesbians 'Hot'. She hugged me tight. "Gabi! I missed you!" Gabi just broke up with her girlfriend Dianna. I gave her a peck on the lips. "Where's your sister?" I grabbed her stuff and put it in my room. "Work." We started to get ready for the party. "So did you ever go to one of these parties?" Gabi asked me helping me zip my belly shirt. "Nope, this is the first one there throwing here."

 We were obviously going to get wasted. We got into the building and there were HOT girls everywhere. Gabi grabbed a drink and handed one to me. "Ready to have the best night of your life?" She smiled. I smiled back. "YES!" Techno music blasting on and there was girls grinding everywhere. Jamie was probably coming later. "Dance with me." Gabi said. We were now on our 8th drink and we were going crazy. I started to grind on her. Two 'Hot' girls were staring at me. "I'm going to find some girls." Gabi winked at me and left.

I decided to walk up to the two girls. One had bleach blonde hair which made her look like a model and the other had brown hair and she was pretty hot too. They winked at me. "So what's your name cutie?" They asked. "Anna." I tried to yell cause the music was really loud. The blonde one said, "I'm Gianna, and this is my friend Shakira." I smiled. "Well I will see you around." I said and walked away. I really needed to use the bathroom so I went upstairs. There was rooms everywhere, and in the rooms were drunk people having sex.

I tried to find a bathroom but I went into a empty room by accident. And thank god there was a bathroom in there. I came out and there was a guy looking around. "Um, Hi." I said. He looked and couldn't stop staring. "Oh- I'm sorry are you here with anyone?" I nodded. "No I was just looking for the bathroom." He grinned. "Me too." He had beer in his hand and he put it down. "You're a lesbian?" I smiled. "Yep." He came closer. "Have you ever kissed a guy?" I smirked. "Maybe." He kissed me and he started touching my butt. I couldn't control myself I was drunk. "Have you ever had sex with a guy?" I nodded. "No, but I'm down for it." He laid me on the bed.

I quickly took his belt off and then his pants. He had a boner.. He took my belly shirt off and started to kiss my neck. I closed my eyes and started to moan. He finally took off my pants and he put in it. WOW. It was nothing like having sex with a girl. "Wo-Ugh." It was pretty painful for a couple of min but then it felt good. "Ugh." He moaned. He went faster and faster. "Almost. ALMOST." He yelled. The bed was screeching loud and you can probably here moans from across the hallway. He stopped and took it out, there was cum everywhere. He was sweating. Then he finally went under the covers and I wrapped my legs around him. He started to lick and suck on it. "U-UGH RIGHT THERE." I yelled.

He laid down next to me. "Can I get your number?" He said breathing fast. "No!" I laughed while breathing heavily. "You just had sex with me!" He giggled. "It's a one time thing, I just wanted to know what it's like?" He got up from the bed.. still naked. "Can I at least know your name?" I started to get changed. "Anna. My name is Anna." I smiled and left.

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