My lesbian life

Jamie is a 18 year old lesbian who can't stop crushing on her 17 year old sister Anna. They both live with each other since their parents left them. Jamie's nights are all about hooking up with your sister. Read to find out more!


12. Fuck!

Anna's POV

We got in the club and there was techno music blasting. There was lesbians at every corner, either making out, eating each other out, or just sitting around naked drinking. "Alright, good luck." Jamie said. She kissed me and walked away. I started backing up and I bumped into someone. "I'm so-" I couldn't finish my sentence. When I turned around there was a hot girl with long blonde hair and light eyes smiled at me. She was even hotter than Meagan. I think I was in heaven. "I'm sorry." I finally said. "It's fine." She smiled. I looked at the coach. "Want to sit?" She smiled and sat down.

"I'm Anna." I smiled. "I'm Arianna." The way she rolled her r's made me crazy. There was a girl with just a bra and panties on with a tray in her hand asking if we wanted any drinks. Arianna got up and grabbed two. "Here you go hottie." The woman said to her. Arianna smiled at the lady and sat back down. "Here you go." She handed me a drink and smiled with her teeth. Man, they would perfect, her ass and her boobs are perfect, everything about her is perfect. I never really believed in Love at First Sight, until I saw Arianna. "Thanks." I smiled back. I put my hand on her thigh. She came closer and put her hand on my face. I started to tease her. "Kiss me." She whispered. I kissed her soft lips. We stopped kissing smiled and then we started to make out. I felt her tongue on mine slowly moving around. She unzipped my bandeau top. I stopped her, "Let's take this upstairs." I showed her the card and she smiled.

I started walking past the dancing crowd. I didn't see Jamie somewhere so she was probably fucking someone already. I grabbed her hand and walked down the hallway in the hotel room. I heard moans and the bed screeching coming out of Jamie's room and her door was cracked open. The moment I opened the door to my room our lips were connected. We quickly began to take our clothes off, still kissing. She laid on the bed naked and bit her lip. I couldn't wait to taste her. I laid on top of her and started to kiss her neck. She moaned. I went lower and started to tease her again. I started kissing her stomach. Then finally I went down. I almost had my tongue on her pussy but Arianna got up. "I'm sorry, I have to go, I have a shift at 12 o' clock." I looked at my phone and it was 11:55. I got up and started staring at her naked body. I came closer and started to kiss her neck, and started to massage her vagina. She was really wet. "Give me your number." She said in between moans. I handed her my phone and she typed in her number. She started getting changed and so did I. "I'll call you sometime." She kissed me on the cheek and left. Fuck!

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