My lesbian life

Jamie is a 18 year old lesbian who can't stop crushing on her 17 year old sister Anna. They both live with each other since their parents left them. Jamie's nights are all about hooking up with your sister. Read to find out more!


19. Dear Liliana's Mother

Anna's POV

I walked back inside and smiled at Arianna. She looked very nervous. The little girl was sitting on her lap and sleeping on her. "So what are you here for?" I asked. "To make an appointment for her." I smiled, but I didn't want to ask yet (who the little girl was). "Sure, what do you need?" Arianna took out a piece of paper and handed it to me slowly. Her hands were shaking badly.I took the paper and opened it. "Are you cold?" I asked while trying to read the handwriting.

Dear Liliana's Mom,

Liliana haven't been feeling well, I checked her temperature and it wasn't good,

She looked very pale and she was dizzy, She fell asleep in my office today for

about an hour, send her to the doctors as soon as possible.

From: Nurse Rose

I looked up at the little girl in complete shock and saw the resemblance.


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