My lesbian life

Jamie is a 18 year old lesbian who can't stop crushing on her 17 year old sister Anna. They both live with each other since their parents left them. Jamie's nights are all about hooking up with your sister. Read to find out more!


1. About Jamie.


                                                               Name: Jamie Santos

                                                                          Age: 18

  Hi, I'm Jamie. I have long blonde hair with streaks of brown highlights. I have sparkly blue eyes with a decent smile. One thing you should know about me is that I'm interested in woman. Boy's just break your heart. I'm crushing on my 17 year old sister Anna who is also 'lesbian'. We live in our own apartment. My parents abandoned us when I was 13 and Anna was 12. We lived with our Aunt until I was 16. I decided me and Anna should live on our own, we started to work. I work as a bartender/stripper and Anna is a nurse. I know it's sounds pretty weird that I have a thing with my own sister but my life is pretty hard and my sister makes me happy.



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