Hogwarts Assignments

Here is my homework for my Hogwarts teachers! Wish this could be my homework for middle school to......


2. Potions Polly Juice

Polly Juice is a potion that allows the human drinker to temporally assume the form of another person. Though if one were to wish to become an animal the may not turn back to their original form immediately. Now this is a very advanced potion and takes up to a month to brew.

Known ingredients:

Lacewing Flies (stewed 21 days)


Powdered bicorn horn

Knotgrass Fluxweed (picked at full moon)

Shredded Boomslang Skin

A bit of the person one wants to turn into (usually hair)

Characteristics include:

Before addition of final ingredient:

Thick and mud-like Bubbles slowly

After addition of final ingredient:

Taste and color vary depending on the person being turned into   










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