Hogwarts Assignments

Here is my homework for my Hogwarts teachers! Wish this could be my homework for middle school to......



Unicorns are white, equine creatures with a single horn on their forehead. Unicorn foals are born as a pure golden color they remain this color until they are about two which then the turn to a silver. Once they are four their horns grow in. At seven they are fully grown and this is the age in which they turn a white so bright it makes new snow look gray. The Unicorns have gold hooves and their blood is a silver blue. Their blood also shines in the moon light. No one quite knows how long a Unicorn can live for. They inhabit in the forest. Unicorns prefer the women's touch but do not mind the men. Theses creatures are rarely caught by humans. Unicorn horns and hair are used in potions as well as in wands.The blood of the Unicorn can keep a human who is near death alive though once the blood touches your lips you will live a cursed life.

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