hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


9. chapterrr 9.

authors note: hello my 34 beautiful readers! i love you guys!! and too all the people who have liked and commented  and favorited the story you guys are awesome! so has anyone else seen the 5sos music video? i watched it, it was pretty intresting lol. hope you guys like this chapter, its kinda where things start to come out you know. this one and the next one should be good.




kinda random but you guys think i should name the chapters?




harrys pov.

i woke up and hannah is laying on my chest, i dont really remeber what ahppen last night besides we where suppose to meet someone somewhere. i moved hannah to where she was laying on the bed and i sat up when i did i felt a sharp pain in my side and abs i looked down and i have a huge purple bruise on my stomach and a big bandage on my side. did i get in a fight last night? who did i fight? where did we fight? i have so many questions that hannah probably knows but shes sleeping i wont wake her ill ask when she wakes up, i got up its so hard getting up mmy whole body is sore and i have a huge head ache, i walked to my bathroom and looked at my face and i have brusies and cuts i cant even believe it what the hell happened to me?!?! i walked back in my room and went to my closet i put on some sweat pants and a plain t-shirt and i ran down stairs i was looking for anyone to tell me what happened i found niall and he looked at me and said,"holy hell what happened to you?" i said,"i have no idea i woke up like this" nialls eyes widened and he said,"ohhh damn really?" i nodded and said,"i was gonna ask if you knew what happened but i guess not wheres liam? or zayn?" he said,"ohh they wouldnt know they where out alll last night and then zayn came back home drunk and liam got a hotel room with some girl or girls im not really sure" i nodded and said,"ohh okay" i cant believe liam went out last night what the hell is his problem hes gonna fight for hannah and cry over her then give up because of one fight! thats it i think im gonna have to wake up hannnah, i walked up stairs opened my door then closed it i walked over to my bed and started to wake her up. she turned over to me and siad,"what harry?" in a sleepy voice that gave me chills shes so cute, but i had to snap out of that i said,'how did i get like this why do i have cuts and stuff what happened to me?" she rubbed her eye and said,"you got your ass kicked by these two trucker dudes' i stood up staright and said,"wow okay then" hannah turned over on the stomach and then nodded i said,"okay, um are you just gonna stay here and sleep?" she nodded again and cuddled the pillow. i smiled at her shes just so sweet and beautiful. i walked out of my room and shut the doorthen walked down stairs and into the living room, and sat down on the couch. niall is in the kitchen then walked to the living room and sat next to me. he said,"soo" and looked at me i looked up and said,"what?" he said,"who did you take home last night?" i said,"what?" niall said,"you know who where you with when you got beat up like who did you get beat up for?" i shrugged and said,"but i found out i got my beat up by trucker guys" niall nodded and said,"wait how did you find out?" i said,"ohh umm acctually hannah told me" nialls eyes widdened and he said,"ohh ummm did you call her?" i mean if liams going around with a bunch of girls it dosent matter if hannah is with me right? so i said,"no shes asleep up stairs in my room" nialls jaw dropped and he said,"soo thats who you got beat up for?" i nodded and said,"apparently i went up stairs and she told me i got beat up by trucker guys and then she went back to sleep"niall nodded and said,"well what about liam,harry? i said,"well i mean if hes out with girls all night theres no reason hannah cant be out with a guy" niall said,"yeah, but mate hes with like girls that like no one knows girls that dont matter your liams best friend do you know how much that would hurt him?" i rolled my eyes and stood up and walked to the kitchen niall got up and followed i said,"they got into a fight and he broke up with her so its fair" niall said,"but mate then again its not" i said,"okay niall okay" he shook his head and said,"im just saying harry if you hurt him i warned you" i nodded and then someone knocked on the door. i walked to it then opened it, it was some girl i looked at niall and niall came and said,"hi umm who are you?" she smiled and said,"um haha im allie" i nodded she sound famillier and i said,"wiat wait wait arent you that girl that knows liam?" she nodded and said,"yeah we all met at the beach" i nodded and so did niall i said,"yeah yeah, wait so what are you doing here?" she laughed and said,"umm acctually im here too see liam" i looked at niall and he said,"ohh hes not here, umm acctually we dont know where he is" she nodded and said,"well can you tell him i came by?" i said,"yeah sure thing she nodded then i heard someone behind me i turned around and hannah is walking down from the stairs. allie said,"umm who is that?" i ran over to her and said,"hannah hannah" she looked up and said,"what?" and rubbed her eye i said,"umm go back up stairs" she said,"why harry?" i said,"just please"begging now when i hear allie say,"wait hannah?" hannah looked around me and said,"oh my gosh allie!!" she walked past me and ran to alie and allie ran to her they hugged and i walked over to them and niall shut the door and walked to them too. we got to them and hannah said,"oh my gosh what are you doing here" allie said,"umm i just stopped by" hannah smiled and said,"ohh okay" and they started talking i cant help but think why allie didnt tell hannah she was here for liam i mean she told me and niall.hannah looked at me and then smiled and said,"right?"i said,"umm what?" she looked at me weird and said,"i just told allie how me and you where gonna go out tonight" i nodded and said,"yeah, right"she nodded and i came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, she kind of hesitated then she smiled and took my hands and put them by my sides. i looked at her confused and she just smiled, allie was stareing at me, hannah started walking to the kitchen when i looked back at allie i smiled and she rolled her eyes and walked away with hannah, i wonder what her problem is with me. when she walked in the kitchen with hannah, hannah turned to her and allie said,"soo you and liam you guys still together?" i looked at hannah and she shrugged and said,"i i dont know we got in a fight so im not sure i havent talked to him in awhile" she nodded then said,"ohh i saw him out last night" hannahs eyes widened and she said,"ohh really with who?" allie said,"ohh he was with zayn and they went to a club and he walked out with like 3 other girls" hannah looked down and said,"ohh well then i guess we are brokn up" i could tell she was holding back tears i walked up to her and got really close and whispered,"you okay?" she nodded and whipped a tear that came down her face i said,"hannah its okay" she nodded and i continued,"do you want allie to leave?" she whipped both of her cheeks and nodded i said,"okay" and kissed her on the forehead i turned to allie and said,"well its been great having you here but i think its time for you to uh leave" allie looked at me in shock and said,"ohhh um okay well then" and she got up and started walking to the door when she said,"bye hannah ill text you" and smiled hannah waved and she walked out and shut the door behind her. i looked at hannah and she just started balling i ran up to her and said,"hannah dont cry dont cry" and took her in my arms niall said,"hannah its okay" she whipped her cheeks and nodded. and said,"okay" she whipped her eyes and nodded again.hannah walked over to the couch she sat down and looked at the floor i walked over to her grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her i leaned down and whispered in her ear,"its gonna be okay im here for you and i wont let anyone hurt you" and kissed her on the forehead she started watching tv. i walked back in the kitchen and started talking to niall then my phone rang i looked at it and it was liam, i showed niall and he said,"open it" i nodded and opened the message, it read "hey mate". i said,"hey" and then he said,"can you come get me" i said,"um where are you?" he said,"i dont know some hotel" i said,"liam i dont know where you are?" he said,"no wait it says hamption come get me" i looked at niall and gave him my phone he read it, he said,"are you gonna go get him?" i said,"i dont know" then turned and looked at hannah. niall followed my gaze and said,"ohh" i looked back at him and said,"yeah so i dont know" niall nodded and then said,"umm well you could take hannah up stairs and ill hang out with her and then you could take liam to his room and the hannah could come back out" i nodded and said,"or she could just go home?" niall said,"yeah that too but are you really gonna leave her?" i looked back at her and then back at niall and said,"no i cant" niall nodded and said,"okay harry you go get him and ill think of something" i nodded and said,"okay" i walked over to hannah and said,"ill be right back" she nodded and i walked out of the house down the the drive way and got in the black suv, and started to drive to the closest hamption i knew of. it was about 30 minutes from here. when i pulled up i got out and went to the front desk the man at the desk said,"hello how may i help you?" i said,"hello um im looking for liam payne" he said,"ahhh mr.payne in room 545 on the 13 floor" i said,"thanks" and went to the elevator pressed 13 went up and then found room 545, i knocked and no one answered then i opened the door and i walked in and liam is passed out on the floor with his phone in his hand. i walked in and said,"liam" he didnt answer so i yelled,"LIAM!" he moved a little then i walke to him and helped him get up he looked at me and smiled then said,"hey niall when did you get your hair done?" i rolled my eyes and said,"liam your drunk" he nodded and said,"and your blurry" i laughed at this and said,"okay come on buddy lets go" he started to laugh as i took him our of the hotel then down to the elevator and then the car. i got him in the front seat and he sat there the whole ride home starring at the ground. i said,"you okay mate?" he nodded and said,"yeah but i just relized something" i said,"what is that?" and he said,"im single" and then he looked at me i didnt know what to do so i just nodded and he said,"is she okay??" i nodded again and said,"yeah shes doing good liam" liam looked down again and said,"good, is she with anyone else?" i didnt kow how to answer the question so i just sat there then he said it again so i said,"um i dont know but would you care if she was?" he shook his head and said,"not unless they are bad to her if they treat her right then im happy shes happy" i nodded and then we finally got home. i got out of the car and texted niall and told him i was there with liam, i really hope hannahs not down stairs i walked over to the passanger side and opened the door i got liam out of the car and helped him up the stairs to the house and to the door i took a breath and opened the front door. no one was in the livivng room or kitchen i felt a whole lot better when i saw no one there. i walked him up to his room and layed him on his bed he started to laugh and said,"harrry guess what?" i said,"what?" and he said,"i got with 3 girls last night" i said,"what do you mean?" and he said,"i took 3 girls to the hotel room and 2 of them left and one stayed and we had so much fun" i said,"what did you do?" he said,"me and her we made love and it was great the most fun iv had in along time" i said,"wow" and he said,"yeah alie was great" i stoppped and turned around and said,"allie?" he nodded and said,"yeah allie" i said,"your friend allie?" he nodded and then i walked out. i walked to my room and opened the door hannah wasent in there. so i went in nialls room i opened the door and she wasent in there either he was though, i said,"niall wheres hannah?"he said,"ohh she went home" i said,"ohhh okay" he nodded and i said,"did you kow one of the girls liam went with last night was allie the allie that came here?" his eyes widdened and he said,"he slept with her!?!?!" i nodded and he said,"ohh my gosh!" i nodded and he said,"well at least we know why she came here looking for him" i nodded and said,"yeah and why she wouldnt tell hannah what she was here for" niall nodded and said,"are you gonna tell hannah about allie and liam?" i said,"umm i dont know do you think i should oor do you think i should just leave it alone?" niall looked around and then back at me and said,"i dont know mate what ever you think is right" i nodded and said,"im gonna go see her" he nodded and i left his room and closed the door. i walked to my room and to my closet and put on black jeans and a grey shirt that says lovers on the pocket put on white converse then left my room . went down stairs and out the front door i got in the suv and drove down the hannah and alexs house. i stoped at a red light and got out my phone and went on twitter i tweeted,"hope everyones having a good day, cause im stuck at a red light" i was going through my feed and i saw a tweet from liam it said,"best night ever" and he had a picture up i opened it and it was a picture of his hotel room bed with a girl in it. i cant believe him i screen shoted it and texted it to niall and said,"tell him to take it down" then i locked my phone. i waited about 2 more minutes and the light turned green,i started to drive again and i got out my phone and texted hannah and told her i was coming to her house she replyed with a okay. about 5 minutes later i pulled in her drive way and got out of the car i walked up the steps to the door.i knocked and i heard somone run down the stairs and to the door and unlock the door then it opened and hannah pulled it all the way back and said,"harry!!" and jumped up, wrapped her legs around me and hugged me. i wrapped my arms around her and we both laughed, she buried her face in my neck and then said,"i missed you" i could feel her lips graze my neck and her breath sent chills down my spine i said,"well im here now" i felt her smile, i couldnt help but grin at her and what shes doing, she looked up at me then unwrapped her legs and got down on her feet.she looked at me still with a smile on her face and she said,"come on in" i smiled back and walked in. she shut the door and we walked in the kitchen she sat down at the kitchen table and i leaned on the countier. she smiled and said,"so are we still going out tonight?" i nodded and said,"yeah if you want and this time i promise i wont fight with anyone" she smiled and said,"you better not" we both laughed. right then alex came down stairs and said,"hey" i turned around and said,"hello" and hannah said,"hi" alex said,"so hannah are you gonna stay here with harry?" i looked at her and she nodded and said,"if im anywhere ill probably be with him" her saying that just made me smile, i turned and looked at alex and she nodded then said,"okay im going shopping" and she walked out of the house. i looked back at hannah and she said,"anyway whats up?" i said,"umm nothing" and walked and sat next to her at the table im debating if i should tell her about liam and allie, or should i let her find out but if she finds out i knew and didnt tell her should would be mad at me. i tired to take my mind off of it so i just changed the subject so i said,"um when you leave in a few weeks um are you going to be gone forever?" i looked up at her and her smile was gone she looked down and said,"ohh i just now relized me and alex are suppose to leave in a few weeks" she looked back up and i said,"so you and her are um leaving?" she shrugged and said,"im not sure i mean her and niall are going good so im not sure, for now yeah we are still leaving" i looked down i could feel my eyes start to tear up i knew she was looking at me. i heard her get up she walked over to me knelt down and said,"harry its okay" and she grabbed both my hands and held them she said,"harry its okay i promise" i looked at her and a felt a tear escape my eye she whiped my cheek with her thumb we where looking into eachothers eyes, she looked down at my lips and started to lean i leaned in to and our lips met with a kiss, everytime we kiss i get chills and i just feel so amazing she makes me feel normal she makes all the fame go away, she makes me feel like this when im just with her its like im me not harry styles from one direction with her im just harry and i love that feeling. when she pulled away she looked at me and smiled she has no idea how much she means to me. she looked at me and touched the cut on my forehead, i squeezed my eye shut and she brought her finger back from my cut i opened my eyes and she said,"sorry" i said,"its fine" she looked up at it and then stood back up, and walked over back to her chair. she said,"umm so allie and her new boyfriend are coming tonight with us" i looked up and said,"what?!" she did a fake smile and said,"allie and her new boyfriend are coming tonight" i said,"why?!" she said,"harry come on it will be fun"i said,"hannah" she said,"please harry please just try if you end up not liking him we wont go with them anymore" i said,"whos they guy?" she said,"i dont know she didnt say she just said can me and my new boyfriend come its our first date so i said sure" i said,"okay" what if its liam whats going to happen then. cause im not gonna sit there and let her go through that , i said,"well do you know what he looks like?" she shook her head again i nodded and said,"okay hannah i have to tell you something"she looked up at me with her big blueish green eyes the same eyes that took my breath away the first time i saw her and still do everytime the same eyes that have cried enough tears on this vacation, i already started so i have to finish now. i said,"okay when if tell you please dont get upset okay please dont im telling you because i feel like you should know" she nodded and said,"what is it?" i said,"okay" and took a breath i countnued,"liam slept with allie when he was out drunk" her eyes widdened and she said,"how how do you know?" i said,"he umm he told me" she nodded and said,"so hes the one shes going to bring tonight?" i shrugged and then said,"i dont know maybe" she nodded and didnt say anything she just looked down then all the sudden she got up and started to walk she walked around the table and to the middle of the living room. i followed her and then said,"hannah please dont cry" she turned around faceing me now and she said,"cry? hell no im acctually really pissed off right now" my eyes got wide as she started to pace back and forth, she said,"he slept with allie so she pretented to be my friend ohh that little whore just fucking wanted liam" i just sat there listening to her she said again,"shes just a fucking whore harry shes a slut that wants what she cant have and now shes gonna rub in my face that she got liam shes just trying to put me down she wants me to leave she wants me to go back to tennessee" i said,"hannah i know we are mad at allie right now but babe im even more attracted to you when your pissed" she started to laugh and then started talking about allie again. i cant help but think of how hott she is when she pissed,she started to snap her finger infront of my face to snap me out of it i said,"yeah sorry" she nodded and i said,"so we arnt going now right?" she shook her head and said,"no we are going and we are going to have a good time"

hannahs pov.

i cant even believe allie right now, she slept with liam behind my back and then gose around with me like nothing happened like are you serious what is her problem shes such a little slut and im gonna show her that her little"plan" didnt work! harry stood up and said,"so when do we leave?" i said,"i dont know lets text the whore" he laughed and i pulled out my phone and texted her and asked,"what time?" she texted back and said,"ummm like 5 or 4 so we can eat dinner"i nodded and said,"okay 4" i tured to harry and said,"we are leaving at 4 and its like 2 so go home and get ready" he nodded came up to me kissed me and said,"bye babe see you later" i said,"bye" and he walked out the door i stood there and felt my lips and smiled harry just kissed me goodbye . i blushed then walked up stairs i went to my bathroom got in the shower washed my hair shaved then got out i brushed my teeth and hair then i blow dryed my hair then curled it with big curls then did my make up and then i walk out and too my bed i didnt know what we where gonna do so i texted allie and asked,"what are we gonna do after dinner?" she texted back,"we are going mini golfing and then roler coasters" i got my suit case out and looked through it i pulled out white short and a hot pink cut off sleeve button up shirt a white tank top and i didnt know what shoes so ill wait for harry, i put on my clothes then walked in the bathroom and put on silver hoops and then walked out to my room. right then someone knocked on the door, i ran down stairs and opened the door and it was harry standing there with a white button up shirt a black blazer black pants and convers, he had a box in his hand and he came in and i shut the door, he turend to me and i said,"okay i need your help with shoes" he smiled and said,"okay lets go" we walked upstairs and then to my room i pulled out hot pink heals and hot pink vans and i said,"which one?" he smiled and said,"umm vans" i smiled and said,"yeah thats what i was thinking" he smiled and then said,"hannah this is for you" and handed me the box, i took it and said,"harry what is it?" he smiled and said,"open it" i smiled back and opened the little black box and inside was a silver braclet with a purple stone on a charm. i said,"harry its beautiful!" he smiled and said,"let me put it on you" i nodded smiling i couldnt get the smile off my face, he hooked the braclet on my right wrist and smiled, he looked at me and said,"its my birthstone, so ill kind of always be with you" i smiled and said,"thank you i love it" and hugged him. we let go of eachother and i looked at my phone and it was 3:30pm i texted allie and said,"where do we meet?" she texted back right then and said,"at the restarunt you and the guys came to the first night" how did she know we went to that restraunt ? oh well, i said,"harry we need to go to that restraunt we went to the first night here" he nodded and said,"okay come on the cars down staris" i nodded grabbed my purse and my phone and we walked down stairs and outside to the lamborghini parked in the drive way. we both got in and i said,"harry get ready, we have along night ahead of us" he nodded and smiled then said,"yes yes we do" he started the car and pulled out of the driveway he started to drive then he said,"hannah you look beautiful tonight" i smiled and said,"thank you, you look beautiful too"we both laughed,when all the sudden he pulled over and turned to me i looked back at him and he said,"hannah claire merritt would you do me the honor of being my date tonight?" i smiled and said,"yes" he smiled back and said,"good" and started to drive again. im not gonna lie i thought he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend but this works too. we finally pulled into the parking lot of the restraunt, harry got out and came around the car and opened the door for me, i smiled and said,"thank you" he smiled back and said,"no problem" he lightly put his hand around my back and to my waist kind of like he was guiding me.i saw allie standing next to the door and i pointed i out to harry he nodded and we walked over to her, and right next to her was her "date" we got all the way to her ,and liam was right next to her talking. i felt my heart sink i mean i know i wanted to come but i didnt know seeing him would make me relize how much i miss him.i stopped walking and harry didnt too when he noticed i stopped he walked back to me and said,"you okay?" in a worried voice, i nodded and looked down and said,"yeah just" harry tilted my chin up and said,"i know" he started to lean down and we kissed i grabbed the back of his neck and he wrapped his hands around my waist, we pulled away at the same time, i looked into his eye then he smiled and said,"are you good now?" i nodded and he took up my hand in his and tangled our fingers together and we walked over to liam and allie. i squeezed harrys hand tight when we made it all the way to allie and laim, allie said,"hannah! hey!" and came to hug me i let go of harrys hand and hugged her, when we let go she smiled and said,"tonight is going to be so much fun" i smiled and said,"yeah" liam just kind of stood there awkwardly. allie said,"okay come on lets go in" we all nodded and liam opened the door for allie and the rest of us. i walked in after allie and harry walked in behind me he had his hand on my lower back we all walked in and went to the front desk the guy standing there said,"hello table for 4?" allie said,"yes please" and he said,"okay please follow me" he started to walk and we followed behind he lead us to a booth in the corner of the restraunt. the booth coushens where red and the wood around them where dark brown the table was also that dark brown color. when we got there i slid in on the right side and harry slid in beside me and then allie slid in on the left side then liam did, the guy said,"okay your waiter will be right wih you" and he walked away. i felt so weird i was so uncomfortable and just i dont know i just felt weird i didnt really want to be there anymore i didnt relize how much it hurt seeing him.allie started talking she was telling a story about the time her and liam ditched school in 6th grade i was looking at her but i wasent listening i was to focused on how much i want to leave. all the sudden i felt someone grab my hand under the table and intertwind our fingers i looked over at harry and he was looking at allie and then he looked at me and smiled, i smiled back i knew harry had my hand, i guess he kind of knew i felt awful and uncomrotable. him just being next to me made me feel more secure and just safe, i feel like when im with harry,liam cant hurt me anymore. allie finished her story and her and liam started to laugh me and harry laughed too even though we wenrt listening. the waiter came to our table and he said,"hello my name is brian and i will be taking care of you guys tonight, can i start you off with some drinks?" harry said,"yes i will have coke and she will have sweet tea" i smiled and said,"how did you know that?" he looked at me and said,"first night we ate here thats what you ordered" i smiled and said,"awwwh you remembered that?" and i leaned my head on his shoulder then sat back up. allie said,"ill have water and so will he" the waiter nodded and then said,"okay and who will be on which checks?" harry said,"um me and her are on one and then they are on one" the waiter nodded and said,"okay ill be right back with your drinks" we all nodded and he walked away. harry said,"okay so allie are you here on vacation or um do you live here?" allie said,"ohh i live here, and im moving after this summer" i said,"ohh where are you moving?" allie said,"ohh umm im not sure yet" me and harry nodded. then allie said,"so hannah when are you and alex going back to tennessee?" i said,"ohh um a few weeks, but we are gonna see if we can stay longer like another month or something" allie said,"ohh really?" in a kind of smartelic tone, i said,"yeah really" then she rolled her eyes at me i looked at harry and he kind of shook his head then squeezed my hand. harry said,"liam you okay?" liam nodded and then looked around harry said,"okay?" liam is wearing blue jeans and a red blue and white plaid shirt and allies wearing a blue shinney spegetti strap shirt and short blue jean shorts and her hair is straightened. the waiter came back with our drinks he sat them all down to us and then he said,"may i take your order?" we nodded then harry said,"ill have the um chiken parmasaun please" he nodded and said,"and you?" i said,"yes ill have the 9oz steak with a backed potato" he smmiled and said,"okay you?" allie said,"um salad pleasse" he nodded and said,"just salad no chicken or anything?" allie said,"no thank you just salad" the waiter nodded and said,"okay and you? " liam said,"um ill have uhh the chicken and fries please" he nodded and ssaid,"okay it will be right out" and he walked away. then allie said,"dang hannah you got alot of food" i said,"umm whats that suppose to mean?" by now harry and i let go of eachothers hands so my hands where on the table and his where too. so then she said,"i mean you got a lot of food, you must be hungry" and then started to laugh i said,"what are you trying to say?" harry put his hand on my knee and i looked at him and he whispered,"hannah" and then i heard allie say,"im saying your acting fat" i turned to her and my jaw dropped and harry said,"whoa no dont you ever say that about her ever again" i looked over at harry and he was pissed his face was red and his hands where in fists on the table. allie said,"well shes acting like it" harry said,"well shes not no girl is fat so just shut up allie" he leaned back in the chair and i put my hand on his knee and he looked at me and i said,"its okay" he turned to me and said,"no its not" i said,"harry thank you" he nodded and then kissed me. when he pulled away i smiled and allie said,"wow" i looked at her and was about to say something when the waiter came and brougth us our food. he said,"okay enjoy". we ate in silence , no one talked it was the most awkardest thing ever. when we got finished eating we went up to the front desk and payed. then we all walked out we where walking to the mini golf place when allie said,"hannah im sorry about what i said" i looked at her and said,"ohh its fine" and she hugged me i hugged her back and harry rolled his eyes.we let go of eachother and allie and liam walked infront of me and harry. allie grabbed his hand and intertwinded her fingers in his, i looked at harry and he rolled his eyes again and said,"its okay i got this" then he walked infront of me and knelt down where his back is facing me i laughed and jumped on his back. he laughed too then kept walking allie turned around and rolled her eyes at us harry said,"hey allie can you take a picture of us?" and he handed her his phone. she rolled her eyes again and liam looked down he hasent said anything the whole time. she took the picture then handed harry the phone he smiled at it then gave it to me to look at okay this was the cutest picture ever. we finally got to the mini golfing place and harry put me down and we all walked to get the balls and putters.

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