hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


8. chapter 8!

authors note: hey lovelys! love all 29 of you! thanks for reading! sorry that the last one was kind of depressing :( but! heres another chapter! this ones kinda long because the pov are small so i added a few more! i think theres gonna be a part 2 to this story. well im glad you guys read it!!!!





hannahs pov.

i cant believe that just happened he just left he left and he was drunk. he drank all the beer that was in the fridge and he got pissed i cant think of what just happened. how did he find out? who told him? im so stupid i just sat in the chair he was sitting in and cried and cried and cried when i looke dup at the table to see what he left. i grabbed a RING!! it was our birth stone and it said you have my heart! and on the inside it says forever and ever! when i saw that i just cried even more i didnt know what to do! what have i done i ruined the best thing that has ever happened to me! im stupid i thought he was with another girl when he was just doing something special for me! i cant even oh my gosh im so stupid all he ever did was be there for me and when i think he screwed up once i go and fucking mess up everyhting. just what have i done what the hell have i done! i need him i want him back he was no he is my everything and im gonna fight for him! i got up and ran all the way to the guys house i know it was 6am but i dont care! when i got to the door i just banged and banged and banged till someone came to the door and opened it. well it was harry who opened the door, i said,"harry!!" he said,"what?" rubbing his eyes and he had a sleepy voice. i mealted inside hearing his voice but i am here for liam! i said,"is liam here? i know its like 6 in the morning but i need to talk to him!" he said,"yeah hes here he is asleep like everyone else" i said," ohh okay" and looked down thats when i noticed harry wasent wearing a shirt or pants he only had on underwear! i said,"um harry where are your pants?" he said,"hannah if your such a fan you should no i sleep naked" i blushed like crazy when he said that. i looked up and smiled and said,"well anyway" he had a cheeky grin on his face and he said,"well you wanna stay here or go back home but i think i would stay here because id be tired if i was you" i nodded and said,"yeah im really tired harry but i cant stay" he nodded and said,"i understand" i said,"yeah im sorry" he nodded and said,"no no its fine but i would be scared in that house alone" i looked in the direction to mine and alexs house and i nodded and said," i i am scarecd to be there alone" he said,"yeah,hey if you really are scared i could go there with you and spend the night if you want" i didnt know what to say. im here for liam but harrys just so umm yeah, i didnt know what to do i just stood there when harry said,"i can tell you dont know so ill just walk you home" i nodded and said,"oh okay" and he walked away and left the door opened i just stood there and he said,"hannah you can come in" i nodded and said,"ohh okay" and walked in and shut the door i followed harry upstairs to his room. his room is a big king bed with a black comforter pushed up against the wall, a flat screen tv up on a entertainment center a walkin closet and a bathroom. he walked in the bathroom and from the bathroom he called,"you can sit on the bed" i said,"okay!" and sat on the bed his bed is so comfortable it feels like a cloud i love it i layed down on my back and sat there and i slowly went to sleep.

harrys pov.

when i walked out of the bathroom hannah is laying in my bed asleep i smiled at her and picked her legs up and pulled the covers over her. i started to think should i get in bed with her or go sleep on the couch. i think im gonne sit down with her and watch tv and try to decide. i sat on my bed next to her. watched tv and i finally decided im gonna go to the couch when she started to move and she grabbed my waist and snuggled up to me i smiled at her. but then again this is wrong her and liam are together and shes in my bed holding me no i cant do that to liam. i slowly started to move her arms and get up. i finally got up and walked down stairs and got on the couch and went to sleep.when i woke up i looked at my phone and it is 9am i get up and go to my room. i opened the door and hannah is still sleeping i forgot she was in here for a second. i smiled at her i walked over to her and smiled again shes just so beautiful. then i walked to my bathroom and turned on the shower i got undressed and got in i washed my hair and my bodyand just thought. i thought about hannah and liam, i mean im happy they like eachother and im glad he found someone he likes, but i found someone i love and its her. i told him i am happy for him and i am but i would be even more happy if she. i dont know she seems to like him a lot and they are going pretty good so i dont know why i havent moved on, its almost like i cant move on, i dont know whats going on with me. i turned off the water and grabbed a white towel and wrapped it around my waist. i walked to my countier i dont know why there are two sinks but anyway i went to the one closest to the door. i put on some D.O brushed my teeth then my hair put some stuff in my hair made my hair all good then walked out. when i walked in my room hannah is awake walking to the door, i said,"hey your awake"and leaned on the door frame. she jumped and said,"ohh umm yeah uhh i um yeah" and leaned on my door then looked down. i said,"are you okay love?" she looked up and said,"ummm yeah im fine just umm yeah" i said,"okay well where are you going?" she looked down and put her hair behind her ear and said,"umm no where i was just going umm" i smiled and said,"hannah" she said,"im sorry" and smiled i said,"no its fine" she nodded and said,"okay but ii umm okay i have to ask you something, umm did we" i laughed and said,"do it?" she smiled and said,"yeah" i smiled and said,"well i dont know did we?" and walked back in my bathroom. she ran after me to the bathroom and said,"wait is that a yes or a no?" i smiled and said,"i dont know what do you want it to be?" she blushed and smiled. then she said,"um i i yes i mean no i mean umm i dont know" i said,"no" and walked past her to my closet i grabbed underwear and put it on then walked back in my bathroom hannah is still standing next to the door i walked past her and she looked at me and said,"oh umm hi ha ummm" i looked at her and smiled then said,"hannah calm down its not like im complately naked" i got infront of her and said,"yet" and winked. her face turned bright red she didnt say anything. then i said,"im joking" she smiled and nodded i laughed and walked back to my closet put on back jeans tight ripped jeans i am looking for a shirt when hannah walks in my closet. she looks around and then at me she kind of did a half smile. i said,"what?" she shook her head and i said,"no what?" she said,"nothing i dont wanna make you feel like im trying to change you" i shook my head and said,"no just tell me" she nodded and said,"well i kind of miss the old you the old one direction the boys who sat on the stairs and the boys who who made video diraies who wore baggy pants, british boys who barley wore black the guys who where just the light to so many people, your still the light to people harry but you sure dress like your the dark" i smiled and nodded and said,"yeah i miss those guys too" she smiled at me and then walked to me and hugged me. i smiled at her just in my arms, she let go of me all the sudden and then said,"well ill let you get dressed" i nodded and she started to walk out when i said,"wait" she turned around and i said,"you wanna pick out what i wear?" she smiled and said,"well your gonna have to loose those pants" i laughed and took them off she started walking around she grabbed less tight black pants a white t-shirt and my leather jacket with the fur coller, she smiled and said,"i love this outfit on you and im not going with you out in public dressed bad" i said,"out in public?" she nodded and said,"yep" i smiled back at her i put on the outfit and my converse.she smiled and looked at me up and down and said,"perfect"i could feel my face turn red. i said,"okay since you dressed me i get to dress you" she smiled and said,"fine"and grabbed my hand and pulled me and said,"come on" i smiled and said,"okay" we where laughing all the way down the stairs through the house and down to the side walk. she let go of my hand and we where walking to her house. we where in silence i want to break it so i said,"so you and liam how are you guys?" she looked down and said,"um not good we arent really anything right now we had a fight and he um left" i said,"oh im so sorry here you know what" i stopped and grabbed her shoulders and continued ,"we are gonna take your mind off of him we are gonna hang out all day okay" she nodded and said,"okay" i smiled at her and she smiled back we kept walking and then we finally got to her house. we walked up the stairs and she unlocked the front door we walked in and she shut the door. i looked around i mean it is a open area the livivng room is ahead the kitchen is to the right dinning room to the left then going in the livivng room the stairs are on the left wall they go staright up. hannah grabbed my arm and said,"come on" i nodded and she let go and i followed her. we went upstairs and to the room to the right and walked in. it is her room its blue and white i know its not her real room but still. she said,"theres my suit case go ahead" i smiled and walked to it i looked through everything i pulled out a black leather jacket i smiled and put it on her bed i kept looking i found a kind of hot orangeish pinkish tanktop i put that on the bed too i kept digging when i found some black jeggings i smiled and out them on the bed and said,"okay hannah thats yours" she smiled and picked up the lether jacket and looked at me and smiled again she nodded and went in her bathroom with the clothes.about 5 minutes later she walked out with it on, she smiled and said,"okay " and laughed i smiled and said,"your beautiful" she smiled and said,"awh really?" blushing. i nodded and she said,"wait finishing touch" she walked to her suit case and pulled out shoes put them on and walked around to me i looked down and she is wearing white convers heals. i smiled and said,"well there you go' she laughed and said,"come on" she grabbed her phone and we walked out of her room. we are walking down the stairs when someone opened the front door,and came in talking it is two people me and hannah keep walking down stairs we get to the kitchen anf alex and niall are in the kitchen with a few grocreys. niall looks at me in shock almost i said,"hey guys" alex said,"hey harry how are you?" i said,"ohh im fine you?" she said,"oh im good thanks for asking" i nod and niall said,"hey harry umm what are you doing here? wheres liam?" i looked at hannah and she looked down, i looked back at niall and said,"um me and hannah are going out today" i looked at her and she looked back at me and said,"yeah we are, just hanging out" niall nodded and then i grabbed hannahs hand and said,"okay we are gonna go now" and i pulled her and me and her both ran to the door and even out the door. we started walking, she pulled her hand away and looked down we kept walking when she said,"um thanks harry for um saving me from having to talk about liam" i looked at her and said,"oh no problem" she smiled i said,"well you know we are gonna have lots of fun today so you just forget about him for awhile okay" she nodded and i said,"okay" and nodded we are still walking she looked up at me and said,"umm where are we going?" i said,"um the mall then somewhere else its a suprise"she smiled and said,"okay" im so happy i get the chance to just be with her with no alex or liam or anything just me and her all day. we finally made it to the mall,when we walked in a bunch of screaming girls came up to me and hannah, she looked at me and i shrugged everyone surrounded us i tried to walk through them but i hate being mean to fans,so i took a few pictures with some girls i looked at hannah and she looks like she dosent know what to do or where to go i smiled at her and grabbed her hand and brought her right next to me. she gripped my hand tight and she didnt let go more people came asked for autographes pictures one girl asked for a picture with me and hannah. i looked at hannah and she smiled and nodded we took a picture and the girl smiled and thanked us. hannah and i kept walking but its like the crowd stayed with us we finally walked in a store and kind of got rid of the crowd but everyone is at the windows of the store. i looked at hannah and she looks overwhelmed i said,"are you okay?" she nodded and said,"yeah just wasent expecting that" i smiled and said,"its okay at least there nice to you" she smiled and said,"yeah for now" i shook my head and said,"no they love you just like i do" she turned to me and said,"what?" with a slight smile on her face i looked down and turned around. i heard her laugh, i left her grab my shoulder and turn me around she is smiling she said,"what was that you said?" i smiled at her and grabbed her waist and said,"wouldnt you like to know" she smiled again and in that moment all the screams are gone no ones there its just me and her. all of the sudden some girl screams,"HARRY GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR GRAVY!!!!!" me and hannah started laughing she walked out of my grip on her and she said,"well harry better give that girl what she wants" i shook my head and laughed.hannah said,"okay lets go" i nodded and she grabbed my hand i looked down at our hands and smiled at her. she smiled back and i said,"okay lets go"we started to walk out of the store. some of these girls could be the pop with how they act, hannah tried to stay close to me but it was kind of hard she is walking behind me. right then she let go of my hand i didnt have her anymore i turned around and she wasent even there i started walking back i called her name and then found her with these like 6 girls. i walked up to them and they stopped talking to her and wanted to take pictures with me i took a picture with all of them in it then i grabbed hannah and put her infront of me this time. my hands are on her waist kind of guiding her through everything, we walked into a difrrent store it is hollister acctaully, i looked at her and said,"are you okay? like i lost you for a second" she nodded and grabbed her wrist i looked at her wrist then back at her she nodded and said,"yeah" i said,"what did they say to you?" she looked down i tillted her chin up and and said,"what ahppened?" she said,"they threatened me they said that if i want to die today then to keep hanging out with you and they said i am a fat ugly whore"my eyes widdened i just grabbed her and hugged her. i said,"hey you wanna know something" she nodded and i said,"if you die today ill die tomorrow and you are the most beautiful girl iv seen, dont let them get to you" she smiled and nodded i said,"okay so you wanna do something?" she let go of me and said,"like what?" i smiled and said,"okay come on" i grabbed her hand and we went to the womens section in the store i picked up a big sun hat then she to the guys section and picked up a pink shirt in a extra large and ran back to me then i grabbed a big blue coat and another sun hat. she laughed and we went to the cash register. i paid for it and i said,"okay lets go put these on" she smiled and we went to the dressing room the lady gave us dressing rooms hannah got the pink shirt and a sun hat i got the big coat and the other sun hat. we walked out and just laughed at eachother,we walked arm and arm out of the store no one noticed we walked with our heads down and when we got through the crowed and a little down away from the store we started laughing. right then some girl yells,"LOOK HES OVER THERE!!!!!" we looked back at the crowed and ran. the crowd is chasing us i looked back and hannah is falling behind i said,"come on" she said,"heels" i smiled and said,"okay come on" and let her get on my back i ran me and her are just alughing we are laughing so much. i saw a restaraunt and hannah said,"okay i can run now" i out her down and we grabbed eachothers hand and ran. i looked over at her and she is laughing, im so happy we are here together. i yelled,"this way!" and we ran into a restraunt in the mall callede T.G.I Fridays.i walked to the lady and said,"table for to please" she looked up and said,"oh umm okay" i took off my hat and my coat and so did hannah. the lady said,"right this way" and we followed her. right then all the girls came in and the restaraunt workers had to tell all of them to leave right now. me and hannah sat down and the lady said,'okay drinks?" hannah said,"i will have a sweet tea" i said,"me to" she nodded and walked away hannah looked at me and smiled i said,"well that was crazy" she laughed and said,"that was probably the most fun iv had on this entire trip" i smiled and said,"well good im glad i could help" she smiled back then looked at the menu.

zayns pov.

i woke up at like 10 i had a rough night dealing with liam, it was accutally kind of sad. he came in my room tublming and falling, i woke up because i heard hi. i looked up and saw him in my door way i said,"liam what are you doing?" then he laughed and said,"you know what i dont need a girl to make me happy" i sat up all the way and said,"liam what happened?" he laughed again and said,"her lose theres a million girs out there that want me and shes just another pretty face" that time i got all the way up, like out of the bed up. i walked over to him and said,"what happened mate?" he smelt like beer, so i knew he was drunk. i said,"mate you dont mean any of this its the beer talking, how much did you drink?" he smiled and said,"dosent matter, shes gone ,and so is my heart" im thinking they broke up i said,"liam , come on you just need to go to bed your gonna be quite hung over tomorrow well today so just come on come to bed" he nodded and i layed him down in my bed on the left side. then i ran to the right side and started to go to sleep, i was almost asleep when i started to hear him say something or he started making noise i listened and i haerd him say,"i love her i love her so much, but she dosent love me she dosent love me, i guess ill just have to be okay with that" and i heard him start to cry. i didnt know what to do so i just sat there and let him cry i think he just need to let it out. he eventually feel asleep and so did i,that was probably the worst night of my life it was just so sad he was so helpless im gonna talk to him about it today when ever he wakes up,i got out of my bed and went to my bathroom i took a shower then got a towel wrapped it aroound me and got out i went to the sink brushed my teeth, did my hair then walked out i walked to my closet and got some under wear on, i grabbed some jeans and then grabbed a shirt that the sleves are black and like the middle is grey. then i walked to my door then down the stairs, no one is down here where is everyone i know nialls probably with alex and liams up stairs but wears harry? and louis? i got out my phone and called harry at about 11 or 12 he answered and said,"hey zayn" i said,"yeah hi where are you?" he said,"ohh im just out" i said,"oh okay well are you gonna be out all day? are you with louis?" he said,"uh yeah im probably gonna be out all day and no why whers louis?" i said,"oh i dont know i thought he was with you" he said,"oh well try calling him" i said,"okay bye mate" he said,"bye zayn" and then hung up. i called louis and he didnt answer i called him again and again and again and he didnt answer, so i texted harry that he didnt answer and he said,"try called el" i called her and she answered i said,"hey el are you and louis together?" she laughed and then said,"hey zayn and yeah he suprised me" i smiled and said,"okay just seeing hwere he was" she said,"okay bye zayn" i said,"bye el" and hung up. so its just me and liam here then,well okay im just alone here with a heart broken hung over liam this is gonna be fun. i walked back up stairs and opened my bedroom door liam is still asleep,okay i guess ill just go watch a movie. i walked down stairs and watched Avatar like 3 hour movie, when it was over i went up stairs and checked on liam and he is still sleeping, okay i have to do something now. i walked over to him and said,"liam liam wake up" and started to shake him a little, he just moaned and turned over so i said,"liam come on mate get up now come on" he said,"go away zayn" in a sleepy voice i said,"no liam im not gonna go away till you wake up" he stayed there and i said,"okay have it your way" i walked in my bathroom and got a cup of cold water and walked back in my bed room and poured in on his face. he shot up and said,"zayn what the heck was that for!!" i said,"you wouldnt get up" he sat up and rubbed his eyes i sat down next to him on the edge of the bed and said,"liam i know its hard but its okay" he looked up at me and said,"yeah im not so sure about that" i looked down and said,"liam you cant let her get to you" he said,"i didnt but im sure i got to her" i looked at him confused and said,"what happened anyway?" he looked up and told me the whole story.from when he came home at like 5 to when he came in my room,he got done and looked down i said,"liam i think you just need to talk to her and not get drunk this time"he nodded and said,"i couldnt help it i just got so upset she was ignoring me and i couldnt take it" i nodded and said,"i know but sometimes its just best to stay sober,liam i dont ever wanna see you drunk like that again" he nodded and said,"yeah me either" i patted him on the back and said,"its gonna be okay" he nodded then i got up and walked out and then down stairs to the livivng room.

hannahs pov.

harry and i just left T.G.I.Fridays, we are having so much fun. im acctually getting my mind off of liam its been a good day. we where walking down the street back home i guess and i said,"i had fun harry" he looked at me and said,"oh the days not over yet hannah" i smiled and said,"well what are we gonna do now?" he smiled and said,"just follow me we are gonna go back to my house and get the car then im gonna take you to a suprise" i nodded and said,"okay" he smiled and turned away. we made it to there house he said,"ill be right back im gonna go get the keys" i nodded and he ran inside. okay this day is so great i love spending time with harry hes so sweet and kind and funny. i cant wait till he gets back i love being with him, he ran back down the steps to the house and came up to me i said,"kay unlock the car" he smiled and said,"well not this car" he pointed to the black SUV i said,"then what car?" he smiled and pressed the keys and we heard a car horn in the garadge. he walked over and opened the garadge door and walked in and he pulled out in a black lamborghini, i screamed and said,"harry!!" he rolled down the window and said,"get in" i smiled and ran to the car and got in on the passinger side and shut the door. i buckeled up and he said,"well lets go" i smiled and said,"lets" he rolled down both windows and pulled out of the drive way. i started laughing he turned on music, he turned on some rock and roll stuff and i turned it down and said,"umm i dont think so" he smiled and said,"oh really and what do you suggest?"i smiled and turned the radio untill i found a station radioactive was playing and me and him both started singing we where laughing and just having a good time when we came to a red light,this truck on my side the guy also had his window down and he was a big guy. he looked down at me and then i looked away and said,"harry" he looked over at me and said,"what?" i shook my head and said,"nothing" he nodded and looked at the road i looked back out my window just looking when all the sudden that guy started repping his engine. i looked up atthe guy and he said,"hey pretty lady you wana ride me instead?" i looked at harry and he said,"what was that?" i said,"um i dont know" the guy said,"hey bitch im talking to you! you wanna ditch the boy and go for a man?!" harry looked at me again and raised his eye brows i said,"just ignore it" he didnt say anything instaed he got out of the car and walked over to my side and said,"uh excuse me mate that wasent very nice i think you owe her a apoligy" i said,"harry" he turned around and i tried to open the door but he closed it and bent down and said,"hannah stay in the car" i looked up at him confused and he turned back around and i looked at the light and it was still red then i looked at harry the guy said,"ha how about you make me, pretty boy" harry said,"look im not here to fight but what you just said to her she deserves a apoligy and now i need one too" the guy laughed, i tried to open my door again and harry closed it he turned around bent down and said,"hannah stay in the car i couldnt be more serious" i looked into his eyes and nodded he nodded back and looked back at the guy. the guy said,"how about we settel this like men and you meet me at dead mans cliff." harry said,"fine what time?" the guy said,"right now" harry said,"fine" and walked back around to the drivers seat and got in. right then the guy yelled"and if i win or you dont show i get the girl" right then the light turned green and harry started to drive. when we started to drive i said,"harry what the hell are you doing?!?! what if he hurts you badly? harry why are you doing this?" he said,"because he talked bad about you and he needs to know that he cant just get away with that" i said,"but harry if you loose he gets me!" he nodded and said,"not if you drive away" i said,"harry what have you gotten yourself into" he looked down then back at the road and said,"im not sure" i could tell he was nervous his hands where shaking on the wheel and he kept taking deep of his hands where on the gear shift the other is on the wheel. he took another deep breath, i looked at him and he had a worried look on his face. i looked down then grabbed his hand that was on the gear shift and intertwind our fingers, when i did that he gripped my hand tight and took another deep breath. i looked at him and all i could feel is anxioty, i am so scared he is gonna get hurt. we started driving up the hill to dead mans clif i started freaking out for him. i gripped his hand tight too, he turned a corner and a sign said 10 miles to dead mans clif. i felt my heart sink it started getting dark it is like 6 i am shaking and so is he. i want to make him feel better so i took his hand that was in mine and kissed it and put it on my cheek. it was about 5 minutes later when we pulled over at a small spot where cars can park and harry turned off the car but felt the lights on. he said,"we are here" i said,"harry you really dont have to do this please" he said,"no i do" right then the guy pulled up and got out with his friend. i said,"harry please for me stay dont get out please" he said,"hannah i have to" i said,"harry" and he started to let go of my hand, then i grabbed his arm and said,"harry please" i started to get teary eyed thinking about what was gonna happen to him. he turned to me and said,"hannah please domt do that dont start crying" i looked down and said,"then dont get out of this car" he still looking at me put his hand on my cheek and said,"hey hey im gonna be fine okay?" in a whispered soothing voice i nodded and he said,"okay im gonna get out now okay?" i shook my head and he said,"hannah" still in a whispered voice when the guy yelled,"come on pretty boy!" he looked at the guy and i put my hand over his and he said,"hannah im gonna be fine" i didnt do anything then he leaned up and kissed me on the forehead. i let out a few tears when he did that. then he slowly got out of the car, i put my hand over my face and started to cry he came around to my side of the car and said,"remeber what i said dont get out of this car okay" i nodded and he walked infront of the car.he started talking to the guys and they shook hands then the guy punched him and he fell on his hands and got back upand they punched him again and started laughing. everytime they hit him i cry even more i can hear the punches and him groan and gasp, they punched him again and this time he fell all the way downand they started kicking him and punching him and laughing and one of them kicked dirt on him and they punched him again and again and kicked him i couldnt watch it anymore i closed my eyes tight and prayed the noises would go away and stop. all of the sudden it was silent and i heard a car drive away i opened my eyes and they where driving away. i un bluckeled myself and opened the door and got out of the car i ran to him he is on his stomach on the ground. i kelt down and turned him over and he had blood coming out of his nose and mouch he had a bruse on his fore head and his jaw where i had one and he was holding his stomach he started to moan and cry in pain i said,"harry" crying so much he smiled and said,"how did i do?" i smiled and said,"you did great you even won" he laughed and said,"great" then he moaned and grabbed his stomach and i said,"okay harry we need to get you to the hospital" he shook his head and said,"no i dont need a hospital im fine" i said,'harry your not fine at all!" he said,"hannah im fine" i said,"but harry" and he said,"hannah no" i said,"okay okay" and i helped him up and put his arm over my shoulders and walked him to the passanger seat he got in and i grabbed the seat belt and leaned over him and tried to buckel him but i couldnt find it. so i leaned in more and im so close to the seat belt buckel when harry started laughing turned my head at him and said,"what?" he shook his head and said,"nothing" i nodded and i finally got it to buckel and i was about to get out and go the the drivers side when harry said,"wait" i said,"what?" and he said,"just wait" i stood there and waited then he said,"okay never mind" i got out and said,"what was it?" he said,"nothing" and smiled i nodded and walked around the car and got in the drivers seat i buckeled up and started the car all the way then pulled out onto the road i started driving on the main road and harry started to moan i looked at him and said,"harry are you sure you dont need the hospital?" he nodded and said,"yeah" i looked back at the road and he said,"hannah" i said,"what?" and he said,"can you stop by uh a store and pick up a few things?" i said,"yeah" and he said,"okay give me your phone" i gave him my phone and he started typeing i stopped by a walmart and parked he gace me my phone and i got my purse and said,"okay harry stay here and dont talk to anyone"he smiled and said,"okay" i closed the door and i heard him lock the doors i looked at my phine and it said,"poroxide, bandageing, cotton balls,q-tips, pain killers,bleach,trash bag,and night-quil" i thought to myself well there gonna think im killing soemone tonight. anyway i got all the stuff and went to check out and they did look at me weird when i checked out i went back to the car and got in and handed the stuff to harry. he took them and held them in his lap, i pulled out and started to drive home. i pulled up at harrys house i said,"wait harry how are we gonna get in?" he said,"through the front door" i said,"harry what about liam" he looked at me and said,"ohh um i dont know hannah uhh here ill call liam and ask him where he is" i nodded and he got out his phone and called liam, he answered and harry said,"hey where are you?" he said soemthing then harry said,"okay i got to go i though i saw you but guess not" then harry hung up i said,"where is he?" harry said,"him and zayn are out uhh like at a club or something i dont know" i said,"ohh okay" im not gonna lie that really hurt i cant believe liam. but i mean its my fault so yeah, i got out of the car and went on harrys side and opened the door i locked the car and harry had the bags we walked up the staris and got to the front door i opened it and harry stumbeled in i almost dropped him,but he regained his balance i walked him up stairs and to his bedroom i opened the bedroom door then brought him in and layed him on the bed and then closed the door. i walked to him and he put the bags on the floor i sat on his bed and opened the bags out on the floor. i looked at him and he said,"hannah" i said,"what?" he said,"it it hurts" i got up and sat down next to him and said," i know harry i know" he said,"it just hurts so much" and he started to get teary eyed i leaned down to him and said,"shhh shhh shhh its okay i know it hurts i know you just have to stay with me okay please harry" he nodded and said,"okay" i whiped a tear from hi face and then bent down and went through everything uhh i really didnt know what to do first. so i got all his pillows and put it to where hecould sit up. he just sat there his eyes are open just watching me i went to his bathroom and got water and some papertowels i sat next to him and put the water on his nightstand i opened the cotton balls and dipped one in water. i started to clean off his face i was cleaning blood off of him, it was so sad when i got to his lips i started to kind of get shakey. his lips are so perfect and there covered in blood because of me i cant believe thisim fighting my emotions and tears now and its getting harder i took a deep breath and got another cotton ball i dipped it in water and started to whipe his bottom lip and then his chin and then i went back to his lips i found where it got busted and i just broke down. he looked at me and said,"hannah hannah" in a whispered voice i looked up at him and he said,"dont cry please dont cry" i started crying even more. i said,"harry" he said,"its okay" and he pulled me in to hug him i layed on his chest and he stroked my hair. i said,"harry" he said,"yeah" i said,"please be okay" he said,"i am dont worry" i nodded and said,"okay let me finish" he nodded and i got proxicde and put it on a cotton ball and cleaned his lip and a scratch on his forehead he closed his eyes tight when i put it on his fore head and lip. i jumped when he did that, i said,"okay harry we have to take off your shirt now" he nodded and i took off his jaket and then his shirt. his abs have bruises on them i didnt know what to do i just stared at it. he looked down at me and he said,"what?" and i said,"nothing um nothing" he nodded and kept looking at me. he has a bruse on his abs and a like giant scratch on his side.i touched around the cut and she moan and i said,"what?" and he said,"your hands are cold" i laughed and rolled my eyes he smiled and i grabbed a cotton ball and dipped it in water and cleaned around it and i said,"okay this is gonna hurt" he nodded and said,"okay" and grabbed my left hand and i said,"are you ready?" he nodded and i started to clean it he gripped my hand so hard it started to hurt i closed my eyes tight from his grip then he kind of started to let go and then i put more on and it came back and he yelled in pain. i said,"harry" he kept screaming and i was almost donw and i put some on one more time and he yelled again and quezzed my hand tighter. i was done and i said,"okay harry thats it im done" he kept my hand in his and he nodded . i bent down and got the bandage i said,"harry you have to let go for me to wrap it up" he nodded and slowly let go of my hand, i got some bandage and put it over the cut and then wrapped it up i said,"okay done" i got up and went to his bathroom and got a small cup and got a pain killer out of the bottel and walked back to his room and gave it to him he swolloed it and he looked up at me and said,"hannah" i said,"yeah?" he said,
"thank you for everything" i smiled and said,"your welcome" he said," no thank you for everything for the day we had today for staying with me for doing this just thank you" i smiled leaned down and hugged him and said,"your welcome harry i had fun i love being with you" he hugged me tight when i said that. he is so warm i just noticed i was laying on his bare chest i looked up at him and he looked down at me and he smiled then put his hand on my cheek i closed my eyes and leaned into his hand and put my hand over it. when i opened my eyes he was looking at me still his smile was gone and he started to lean down and he got closer and closer to my lips and finally our lips came together in a passionate meaningful kiss. our kisses started to get heated, i got to where i on top of him sitting with my legs spread out and i am on my knees kissing him in his lap his hands our roaming up and down my body he made it too my leather jacket and took it off and throw it over on the floor we kept kissing when his had got to the bottom of my shirt and started to take if off and before i knew it, my shirt was on the floor with my jacket. then all the sudden he flipped to where he was ontop of me and we are still kissing hes holding his self up with his arms kissing me and i started to unbotton his pants and he smiled while he was kissing me i said,"what?" and he said,"nothing" and laughed i said,"no what?" he said,"nothing hannah" i said,"harry" he smiled and said,"nothing really just keep doing what you where doing please" i laughed and he started kissing me again and i unbuttoned his pants and they came off. then i turned over to where i was ontop and he laughed and said,"well someone likes to be in control" i nodded and said,"yes" and we both laughed. he started to pull down my jeggings and take them off we got under the covers and kept kissing. he was ontop of me and we where kissing i felt his hands go everywhere on my body then all the memories started to come back. the memeories of that night the memories of the guys and the room and the kissing i closed my eyes tight to try to make them go away but it wasent working so i leaned away from harry, i felt tears start to come out of my eyes and down my face i opened my eyes and looked at harry he is staring at me and he said,"hannah whats wrong?" i shook my head and whipped my face with the palm of my hand i sat up and harry got up and sat back on his knees. i sat up leaning against the bed frame. i put both my hands over my face and cried. he came to me and grabbed my hands from my eyes and he said,"shhh shhh its okay hannah what happened why are you crying its okay?" i nodded and he said,"hannah i would never ever make you do something you dont wanna do" i nodded and said," i know" i looked into his eyes and he said,"i would never hurt you" i nodded again and he said,"okay now we dont have to do this okay" i said,"okay, im sorry" he smiled and said,"your apoligizing for not having sex with me?" i laughed and said,"yeah i guesss" he laughed and said,"dont apoligize its okay i respect you" i smiled and nodded he got up and went to his closet and grabbed a shirt and threw it at me he smiled and said,"come on lets get some sleep" i noddded and smiled he walked over to the right side of the bed and layed down i put on the shirt then layed down next to him. we where on diffrent sides of the bed when all the sudden two hands grabbed my waist and pulled me. harry laughed at my scream i laughed after and we ended up spooning he put his arm over my waist and over my hand i smiled and slowly drifted to sleep.



harry and hannah now?!?! what?? does anyone hate that harry and hannah are having a thing now???

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