hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


7. chapter 7!?

authors note: sorry guys this one is pretty short but alot of stuff happens so yeah hope you like it! love my 23 readers! im acctually really happy you guys are reading it i never though anyone would read it honestly i didnt think it was good enough to be on here. but im lovin that you guys are reading! and if anyone got mad about alex being mean to liam, yeah she was trying to "protect" hannah, she not really mean she just thinks she doing what right. well keep reading next one tomorrw!




hannahs pov.

liam put hhis phone down and looked at me, i looked back at him and said,"so what did he say?" he shook his head and looked down.i looked at him with concern and said,"liam its okay we dont have to talk about it okay" he nodded and looked back up. i looked at his phone and it said ot was 7:13pm i looked back up at liam and said,"come on lets go to bed come on" he nodded and went to his bag. he pulled out grey sweat pants and a white t-shir, he took off his shirt and then he turned around and saw me staring at him. he smiled then turned back around took off his pants then put his grey sweat pants on and he left his shirt off. he turned back around and walked to the light switch and turned it off then walked to the right side of the bed and layed down next to me, i closed my eyes to try to go to sleep but i couldnt so i turned ove where i was facing liam and tried to sleep and i couldnt so i turned over on my back and tried to sleep, and i coulsnt so i opened my eyes and stayed there. i looked at liam and he was on him stomach asleep, i let out a sigh and then he sat up on the elbos and said,"hannah, are you okay?" i said,"no i cant sleep liam" he let out a breath and said,"i noticed, come here" i scooted over to him and he turned to wear he was on his back and i got to where my head was on his shoulder and his right arm is around my waist. i still couldnt sleep but i didnt say anyhting,my right hand is already on his chest so i took my right pointer finger and just kind of started to move it around on his chest.i did this for about 5 minutes then he laughed i looked up at him and said,"what?" i could barley see him but his head was up. he said,"still cant sleep?" i layed my head back down and said,"no" he said,"mhmmm well let me try something" i nodded and he took my right hand up in his and played with my fingers then he started to sing he said,"now you where standing there right infront of me, i hold on its getting harder to breath,all of the sudden these lights are blinding me,i never noticed how bright they would be, i saw in the corner there is a photograph, no doubt in my mind its a picture of you, it lies there alone in its bed or broken glass, this bed was never made for twooo, ill keep my eyes wide open, ill keep my arms wide opennn, dont let me dont let me dont let me go, cause im tired of feelin alone dont let me, dont let me go,cause im tired of fellin alone." i absoulutly love that song and after he started to sing i slowly drifted to sleep. when i woke up i was laying on my stomach in the mddle of the bed and liam was gone, i lifted my head up and looked around for him. when i noticed he wasent in the room i turned over on my back and smiled to myslef, i sat up and got my phone off the night stand, checked the time. it was 10:24am i put my phone down and pulled the covers off me and got up out of bed then walked to my bathroom when i opened the door the water in the shower is running i said,"liam?" he said,"yeah?" and i said,"nothing never mind" i closed the door went to the countier and brushed my teeth washed my face, then used the bathroom then went back to the countier i put my hair up and got up in the sink and started to do my make up. i started to put on foundation when liam turned off the shower and grabbed his towel, i kept doing my make up i could see him in the back round of the mirror when he opened the shower certain, he had his towel wrapped around him waist and he stepped out. i kept to my make up when he came up behind me and put his arm around my waist and said,"good morning" i smiled and said,"morning" he put his head on my left shoulder and watched me put on my foundation. then i got to my eyes and he moved and went to the other sink and started to brush his teeth,i got done putting on black eye liner and mascara when i took my conseler and started to dab it around my bruise on my jaw. i tried to kind of keep it hidden from liam but he kind of saw me, i just acted like i didnt see him looking at me. so i rubbed it in and then got some more powdered foundation and started putting in on it too. liam looked down and spit out the toothpaste rinsted his tooth brush and his mouth then started at me. i couldnt help but look at him, i said,"what?" he shook his head and then looked in the mirror i said,"what?" still looking at him. he shook his head again and i said,"okay liam" he looked down and then back up i am looking in the mirror now and he said,"hannah just it hurts me too see you have to put on make up over a brusie so no one will ask" i nodded and looked at him and said,"liam if it wasent for you i wouldnt be putting make up over it but since we are i dont know just im doing it so no one thinks you hit me" he nodded and said,"wait what do you mean you dont know?" i said,"well i mean you havent really asked me anything so i guess we are just friends with benifits right now" he nodded and said,"ohh well okay" and he looked back in the mirror. i cant believe he still hasent asked me to be his girlfriend we havent even been on a date yet so i dont know like why hasent he asked me yet why didnt he ask me now? maybe he dosent want to be in a relationship with me. he looked at me and then walked out of the bathroom i put my make up away and got down from the sink and walked out. liam is getting dressed when he put on his shirt i siad,"where are you going?" turned around and said."ohh um no where just umm out" i nodded and sat down on the bed he grabbed his phone and walked out the door. i just sat there what if hes going to see someone what if hes cheeting on me. what am i talking about we arnt even really together, i got up and walked to my suit case pulled out black high waisted shorts and a mint green cut off see through shirt also i pulled out a white tank top and white vans. i put on my clothes then went in my bath room tucked in my mink green shirt and put my hair in a messy bun and grabbee my black purse and my phone and walked down stairs no one is down there so either everyones gone or up stairs. i wrote a note and walked out. the mall is about 15 minutes from here so ill walk. i started walking when i felt like someone was following me so i turened aorund and looked around but kept walking. right then i saw a flash i turned around when i saw the poperatzie i rolloed my eyes when this guy following me with a camrea came up to me and said,"hello im jeff are you hannah?" i nodded and he ssaid,"okay are you dating liam?" i shrugged and then he said,"are you dating ryan?" i shook my head and he stoped and then looked down i turned around and said,"what?" he looked up and said,"i know your annoyed by me but this is my job can you give me anything if i dont get something from you i get fired" i looked down and thought i walked to him and said,"whats your name jeff?" he nodded and i said,"okay jeff umm i dont know umm me and ryan arent dating okay" he nodded and then said,"whats that on your jaw?" i felt my heart sink and i said,"ummm nothing i dont know what your taking about?" he said,"that.. its like kind of brownish like its covered up with make up and how did you get thoughs stitches?"i said,"ummm im clumbys, i have to go" he nodded took a picture of my face then ran. i am so worried i really hope that guy dosent say anything about it. i kept walking and finally made it to the mall,i walked in passing stores i know and stores i never heard of when someone runs right into me. i didnt fall but i almost did i leaned backwards, and dropped my purse i said,"hey! watch it!" when i looked up it was some girl she said,"oh im so sorry, let me help you" because she dumped out all of my stuff out of my purse. her and i where picking up everything when she said,"hey your hannah right?" i said,"yeah?" and looked up at her, she looked very familier. i looked at her still but couldnt put my tounge on who she is. she said,"yeah im allie , allie snow we met on the beach and at the guys house" i nodded i knew i saw her from somewhere. i said,"ohh yeah hey" she said,"hey so you shopping?" i nodded and said,"yeah exploring really" she laughed and said,"want company?" i thought about what she did with liam honestly i want to beat her with a potato right now, but i dont wanna walk aorund the mall alone and look like a loser sooo why not i nodded and said,"sure" she nodded and we started to walk. we past a few stores when she pointed to one called Body Central so we walked in and they had really cute clothes. allies acctually not that bad shes quite but nice. she walked up to me with black cross leggings and said,"hannah you have to get thess they are soo cute" i nodded and felt them with one had and said,"they are really cute"she screamed and said,"okay your getting them" i laughed and said,"okay get me a medium" she nodded and left to find a medium. shes really fun i think i might have missjudged her. she came back with a medium and we went to the cash register and bought them. we where walking out of the store and just around and allie said,"so you wanna go eat? theres a food court" i nodded and said,"yeah im starving" she laughed and .we walked to the food court. then we walked to the chines food stand thing i ordered sesame chiken and rice and allie ordered noodles and rice. when we got our food and drinks we walked to a tablein the middle of the food court. we sat our stuff down then we sat down and started eat. i looked at allie and she looked back at me and she said,"so hannah umm your from tennessee?" i nodded and said,"what about you?" she said,"oh well i was born in ohio then we moved to london where we met the paynes and our families became friends but yeah then we moved away when liam and i where in 11 grade" i nodded and said,"wow really? thats pretty cool, so youve known liam for awhile" she nodded and said,"well i moved ther when i was in like 3rd grade so yeah iv known his for awhile" i nodded and took a bite of chicken. she said,"so what about you, how long have you known them and your friend alex?" i finished chewing and said,"well alex and i have known eachother for about 7 years we met in 6th grade, and we came her for summer break just for fun for a month and at the air port we saw them and we like love them and i talked to harry for a second and we thought hey we are never seeing them again when that same day we went down to the beach and ran into them there too" she nodded and said,"wow thats good luck right there"we both laughed she looked up at me again and said,"so are you and liam dating?" i looked down and then back up and said,"well honestly i dont know like he hasent asked me on a date or to be his girlfriend so i i dont really know and he was acting weird this morning when i said something about it he said okay?" she nodded and said,"really?" i said,"yeah and he left like in a big hurry" she nodded and said,"really?!?!" i nodded and said,"yeah so i dont think we are really anything" she nodded and said,"well maybe he dosent want anything serious right now since he can leave at like any minute for tour or something" i nodded and said,"true true" she nodded and said,"so have you hooked up with any of the other ones?" and smiled i laughed and said,"well" she laughed and said,"spill it" i smiled and said,"okay i hooked up with harry when you and liam where like a thing,"she nodded and then i said,"but thats really it i mean me and niall kissed before but it wasent anything serious" she nodded and said,"ohhhh dirty" and we both llaughed she said,"so when did this niall fling happen?" i swollowed agaon ad said,"ohh like a day ago but it wasent a fling or anything just a one time thing" she nodded and said,"ohh that recent?" i nodded and took another bite she looked down and started nodding. we got done eating and when we where walking i took out my phone to see what time it was it was about 4 in the afternoon.i looked at allie and said,"hey should be heading back home" she nodded and said,"same ill see you aorund okay?"i said,"yeah see you around" and we hugged and walked outside and i started walking home. when i got to the door i unlocked it and walked in i shut the door and walked to the livivng room area niall and alex where on the couch talking laughing watching tv honestly just hanging out. i smiled at them and said,"hey guys"they both looked at me and niall said,"hey where were you all day?" i laughed and said,"ohh i was at the mall and i met up with allie and we hung out"niall nodded and i said," umm hey do you know where liams is?" niall shook his head and so did alex. i nodded and said,"oh okay" and walked up stairs. i got to my room and shut the door, i dont know where he is maybe i should text himor call him no ill text him. i took my phone out of my purse and texted liam and said,"hey just wanted to know when you are gonna be home" i can ask him where he went when he comes home. i sat down on my freshly made bed and just sat there thinking i want to know where he is hes been gone all day what could he be getting scared thinking about everything he could be doing. someone knocked on my door, i got up and ran to it hoping it was liam, it wasent, it was alex. i said,"oh hey" and walked back to my bed she said,"well hey to you to" and laughed, she came in and shut the door behind her and said,"hey umm are you okay?" and started to walk to me and then she sat down next to me on my bed. i looked up at her and said,"honestly i i dont know liam has been gone all day and i havent heard from him either" she nodded and said,"yeah niall go- and she stopped herself i said,"niall got what?"she shook her head i stood up amd said,"niall got what alex?!?!" she sighed and said,""niall got a text from liam today asking if he would come with him somewhere" i said,"go where?" she shrugged and said," he didnt say he just said hey niall do you wanna come somewhere fun with me and do something. i dont know where he would go hannah" i nodded,sat down the said,"what if hes seeing another girl" she grabbed my shoulders and said,"what do you mean?!?!" i said,"i mean like this morning i told him we wherent andything and we where just like friends with benifits and he said okay, what if he took that as he can go do what he wants?" she said,"hannah why would you say that?!?!?!" i stood up and said,"i dont know i wanted him to make it offical i wanted him to be like hannah will you go out with me and id say yes and we would have a moment but no he just said okay" alex looked down and put her hand over her face and said,"hannah hes famous he could have anyine but he chose you why would you turn him away like that?"i said,"i dont know i didnt think he would do that!" she sighed and said,"well i dont know what he would do so not tyring to stress you just wanted to see what was wrong" i nodded and said,"okay" i didnt look at her i turned my back to her acctually, she said,"wow okay well love you bye" and walked out i didnt know what to do it was 6 about to be 7 and he still isnt home. im starting to get worried i walked to the bathromm and got a make up wipe and started to take off my make up take out my ear rings i brushed my teeth used the bathroom washed my hands then my face. me geting ready for bed takes about a hour depending on if im in a hurry or not see if im in a hurry i can do it in 15 10 maybe even 5 minutes but it took me a hour this time. i couldnt focuse on doing anything. when i got done i walked in the room and looked at my phone no text from liam and it was 8:34pm i sighed and got in my suit case got out my broght green sleeping shorts and liams white t-shirt that i went to the hospital in. its been washed and everything but after that i just layed down in the dark and thought about him and what he could be doing and i slowly went to sleep. when i woke up i looked at my phone and it was 3am i turned over and liam was still gone. i let out a breath and got up to see if he was asleep down stairs. he wasent so i walked back to my room turned in my lap and got my phone and called him it rang 4 times then went to voice mail so he declind my call. wow just wow what could he be doing right now, he decilned my phone call. i called him again but this time it rang twice before it went to voice mail.i hung up the phone put it down turned off the lap and layed down i just need sleep.i started to drift and before i knew it i was sleeping, when i woke up for real this time i turned out of habbit but this time liam was there, i sat up and rolled my eyes when i saw him fully clothed even had his shoes on and he smelled of alcohol. i got up and walked to the bathroom i brushed my teeth my hair then put my hair up in a messy bun and then got in the sink and did my make up which took about 30 minutes especally to cover up the bruise i got out of the sink and went to my suit case got out cacky shorts put them on and then got out my pink and white stripped polo shirt and put that on then i put on my white vans this all took about a hour and a half and it was 12pm so i walked in the bathroom got a cup of cold water then thought i poured out the cold water and got warm water instead walked in the bedroom took his hand and dipped it in the cup i grabbed my phone and my purse then got a pen out of my purse and wrote him a little note that says" hey liam thought id do something "special" for you thanks for coming home at like 5 in the morning hope you had fun" when i layed the note by him i saw something red on his coller i leaned in close and it of corse was lip stick on it was on his cheek and his neck. i didnt knwo what to do i just put the note down and walked out. i shut the door behinf me and stopped and started to get tearly eyed when i heard someone down stairs talking so i dryed it up and walked down stairs and in the kitchen is alex and ryan! i stopped in my tracks and tried to go back up stiars when alex said,"oh hannah there you are" i turned around and said,"yeah here i am" and smiled. ryan smiled and looked me up and down, he grosses me out even tho hes cute but stilljust its not right where is niall when you need him. alex said,"well ryan came by cause he said he needs to talk to you" i nodded and said,"okay what?" and looked at ryan. ryna smiled and said,"umm alone" and looked at alex. alex siad,"oh yeha sorry i leave you too alone" he nodded and she went up stairs i looked at him and said,"what?" he said,"umm first off you looke fantastic and second i wanted to apoligize for hitting you and laying my hands on you i know it was wrong and i would be happy if you would accept my apoligie" i was shocked i was speechless accutally i said,"what umm oh uh thnaks i mean yes i mean no i meand thanks" he laughed and said,"yeah i guess that works too" i laughed im supprised he appoligized i nodded and said,"sooo" he said,"yeah" we stood there and then he said,"so you with liam?" i didnt expect that so i just kind od stood there and then said,"umm i i dont know really" he nodded and said,"ohh" i nodded and said,"well im gonna go im gonna go meet a friend soo ill see you around i guess" he nodded and said,"yeah i i guess" i walked out of the house and took a deep breath i wasent about to meet anyone i just wanted to leave so i walked i was just walking when this car comes up to me and the passanger window rolls down. i looked in the window and allie was driving she said,"heyy wanna hang out?" i said,"sure" and got in the car.

liams pov.

when i woke up i really had to pee i got up and ran to the bathroom. when i got done with that i walked out and saw a cup of warm water, hannah got me i laughed to myself. when i found a peice of paper on the bed i picked it up and read it. hope you had fun last night? i wonder why she said that last night was awful niall bailed on me when i asked him if he wanted to come with me to do something "fun" he knew what i was talking about thats our code name for stuff when we do things for our girlfriends i need his help in the park because tonight im gonna suprise hannah with a picnic. and i have everything planned out im going to the mall today to get her the promise ring i ordered and then im gonna ask her to be my offical girlfriend. i honestly cant wait. but i wonder why she said that in the note and i came home a 5 because this drunk girl chased me and then when she caught me she like tackeled me and passed out on my shoulder. so i probably need a shower, i walkd to the bathroom and got in the shower i washed my body and my hair and then turned off the water and got out grabed a towel and went in the room and grabbed my white t-shirt and my jeans, i hope the smell of that acohol lady is off my pants. oh well i walked down stairs and ran outside and going to the mall. i walked im in such a good mood im so excited for tonight i wish i knew where hannah was she seems gone all the time when i wake up but i did go to sleep at 5am soo makes sense. i got ot the mall and went into Kay Jewlerys. they greeted me and gave me my ring i ordered a special ring that they dont make so it is special it has mine and her birth stone in it and on the inside it says forever and ever and around the birth stone in small letters it says you have my heart. its beautiful and perfect for her i really hope she likes it. i am walking out of the store when i get on twitter im looking through my feed and my mentions its a bunch of hate... on on me? and hannah? mostly me? i read some of them one girl said,"liam i cant believe you would hurt her how could you?" another one said,"hannah is a strong women and you dont deserve her and you beating her for not giving you sex is wrong!" my heart sank i tagged every single person who mentioed me and said,"i did not do that ask hannah i didnt do it someone else did" i put my phone away and then ran to the nearist magazine stand head lines say,"liam beats girlfriend?" what wait what oh my god what is happening!! i got my phone out and called hannah. she declinded my call, why is she ignoring me did she tell them i beat her!?!?! i called her again and she decilned it i kept calling her i called her 43 times before she answered she said,"what liam?!?!" i said,"wow first off you okay? and second why am i in the news saying i beat you?" she didnt say anything and then i said,"hannah?!?!" she said," i dont know liam i dont know who wait what dose it say?" i said,"wait" and bought a magazine. i read it to her it says,"liam payne (19) beats new girlfriend hannah merritt(17) for not having sex with him. says pop who talked to her and a bunch of other stuff and then theres a picture of your face up close" she said,"oh my god" i said,'what hannah what happened?" she said,"liam this guy with a camrea was following me yesterdsay and he asked about my face and i said i am clumbsy, whats the guys name who wrote the artical?" i said,"umm its jeff stewert" she said,"yeah his name was jeff" i sighed and said,"why would he even ohh my god im like hated right now for somehting i didnt even do" she said,"i know liam i know....." i said,"where are you?" she said,"umm im with allie" i said,"my allie allie snow?" she said,"yeah that allie" i nodded to myself and i said,"okay well be back home by 7 okay?" she said,"yeah whatever" and hung up i wonder if shes mad. i ran home because i kept getting the evil eye from people. when i got to the house niall came up to me and said,"LIAM!!! everyone thinks you beat hannah!!!" i said,"yeah i know" he said,"yeah and now there dissing the whole band liam what hapened and why do you have a Kay Jewlerys bag?!?!?!" i said,"first i didnt know they where dissing the whole band??? and second hannah talked to the pop and thrid i got a ring" niall said,"ohh wow well hannah needs to say you didnt do it!! and awwh is the ring for hannah??" i said,"yeah i did and yes we do" niall said,"awesome and yeah ryan hit her like hes the one that did all this" i nodded and said,'yeah now you believe me" he nodded and said,"well im gonna go meet up with alex at a reastraunt its a suprise then we are gonna sleep on the beach so you have the house to yourself to night" i nodded and said,"ohh i have a idea of what we coudl do" niall said,"liam just jus be careful with her okay" i nodded in confusion and said,"okay?" and he walked out i had everything planned for tonight even what perfume she is gonna wear just everything it was 2 so i decided to go take a shower. i walked up stairs got in the shower again and got out i wrapped a towel around me when i relized i have no good clothes here. i got my phone and called zayn he answered i said,"hey can you bring me my suit case or like umm good clothes he laughed and said,"yeah sure mate"i said,"okay" and hung up so while i am waiting for him i brush my teeth and my hair i dried my hair and made it look good when someone knocked in the door i ran down stairs in my towel and opened the door zayn was there holding a back pack. i said,"thank you so much man!" he nodded and said,"have fun tonight liam and come back home sometime" i nodded and said,"yeah i am and okay" he smiled and walked away i shut the door and ran back up stairs im in such a good mood ted hasent been bothering me everythings going good i cant wait. when i got to hannahs room i opened the bag and pulled out cacky pants white t-shirt a light blue button up and a skinny black tie. im glad i called zayn he knows exactly what to bring i put on my underwear my pants and then my shirt and my tie i made sure everything was good when i went to my phone it was 4:12 its getting closer. i cant wait for hannah to come back home. i started walk out when i forgot i didnt lay out her outfit. i went to her suit case and looked through it. i got out a few dresses she has i got out a high low hot pink dress, a short pale pink dress with a brown belt in the waist and a short tight black dress. im picking the pale pink one, and white high heals and there all layed out. i looked ay my phone and it was 5 two more hours and it will be time, im so excited ohh i have to cook the food! i ran down stairs and went to the kitchen i started to make her favorite chiken and mash potatos and then for dessert chocolate strawberries i but the chiken in the oven and started to mash th potatos this took about a housr and a half when i got done i put it all into a picnic basket neatly and the starwbarries on top she should be here in a few minutes i told her to be here at 7. ohh i forgot the ring i ran up stairs grabbed the ring and put it in the basket and i have to write signs too ohh yeah okay i wrote a sign that said,"come in and go up stairs" and put it on the kitchen table then another one on her door that says,"come in and wear whats on your bed" and then a note on her bed that says," come to the beach when your done" ohh im so excited ita a few more minutes till 7. i waited it is 7 then it became 7:30 then it became 8 then 9 then 10 i looked at my watch at 10:23pm i picked up my phone and called hannah she declined it i texted her i said,"hey babe your late its fine but can you come home now i miss you" she read it but didnt answer i called her again and she declind it i left her a voice mail that said,"hey babe i miss you and can you please come home and why are you ignoring me babe please talk to me" i hung up i want to know why shes stand me up? what did i do? right then i got a text from ted i rolled my eyes and said,"really what now?" i opened it and it said,"better make sure shes not with niall" im so confused i said,"what do you mean?" he said,"it wouldnt be thr first time they "hooked up" just saying" i stood up and texted him and said,"what are you talking about?!?!?!" then he sent me a picture and he said,"thats what i mean" i opened the picture and its a picture of hannah and niall kissing infront of the recording studio!! i didnt know what to think is it real? was it photo shopped? i mean is this the first time? or have they done this more than once? so many thoughts are running through my head. i dropped my phone and just stood there i dont know how long i stood there i finally snapped out of it and looked down my phone didnt crack but i wanted it to i cant bellieve it. i grabbed a chair and sat down i just stared at the floor. i put my elbos on my knees and put my face in my hands and just looked at the floor. i cant believe her i dont know if im more upset or mad i just just wow she kissed him! i got up and started pacing im getting so mad the more i think about it the more pissed off i get i got my phone and called her. she declined it i kept calling her and she kept declining it just why why is she why did she what the hell is even going on!! i walked to the wall and leaned my head on it just getting angrey and angrier i punched a hole in the wall. after i did that i could believe myself what am i doing who am i? apparently im the abusive boyfriend who is a sex freak.i walked over to the basket and got the ring out. i cant even think straight i walked to the fridge and opened it there is a 6 pack of beer in there. i took out all of it and put in on the kitchen table and opened one i started to drink and drink and drink before i knew it all the beer was gone. i didnt know what else to do i looked at my phone and it was 3a.m i just sat there waiting for her to come back just waiting i just strated playing witht the ring looking at it . it came to 5a.m. when someone started to open the front door. it opened and hannah walked in and shut the door behind her she said,"liam?" i looked up and said,"ohh look whos here" and smiled and looked back down. she said,"liam what are you doing?" i said still looking down,"you know iv done some bad stuff in my life but i dont think i wouls ever hurt someone on porpose" she started to walk to me and she said,"liam what are you talking about?" i said,"where have you been?" she stopped walking to me and crossed her arms and said,"what you can stay out till 6 am partying but i cant?" i stood up and said,"what?!" she said,"yeah you heard me" i said,"yeah but apparently you didnt hear me" she said,"liam are you drunk?" i said,"what do you care, all you care about is niall" she said,"what" i said,"yeah you didnt think i would find out did you?" she shook her head and said,"i dont even know what your talking about and liam you cant you arent suppose to drink" i said,"well you didnt seem to care about me before so why now? why didnt you just stay out" she said,"LIAM WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???!!!!?!?!!?!?" i got my phone to the picture and said,"THIS!!!!!" and showed her the picture.i couldnt help but start to cry. her jaw dropped and i said,"yeah thats what i mean" and tears just started streaming down my face she said,"well what about you liam who was the girl who you came back with lipstick on your coller and neck who was that!!" i said,"some drunk girl attacked me last night" she said,"yeah and why where you gone probably up in the club right" i shook my head and said,"no i was planning all of this for you the picnic in the park i had everything planned i was working on a suprise for you and i was gonna ask you to be my offical girlfriend but you can just forget that" i walked passed her to the door when she said,"liam wiat no" and started tot cry i turned around and said,"oh yeah here this is yours" and i walked back and sat the ring on the table and walked out of the house and walked home. im absolutly heart broken i just cant even believe her right now i just want to go to bed. and when i got home thats exactly what i did.


starting to shorten the chapters, sorry! but i need to keep my thoughts goin so its a good story! but i love you guys thanks for reading! sorry if yoou dont like hannah in this one :( or drunken liam i so sorry!!

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