hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


3. chapter 3

author note:hey thats for my 12 readers love you guys! these repeat the same thing alot im sorry :( it should change very soon thought! i promise! love you guys! so much hope you like this extra long chapter!!! i wrote this a summer ago so yea just finished it you can tell how long i wrotye it so sorry if its bad! tell me how you like it! :)



harrys pov.

we where having a good dinner untill our waiter came his name was like roy or something and apparently him and hannah dated!! i hope she dsoent go back to him becasue i really like her and i want her all to my self but i think liam is gonna be a problem i dont really know if he likes her though just kinda crossed my mind i and i dont think i would be able to compete with him hes nice and sweet and charming and girls fall for him all the time just i hope this is my girl and she likes me but after roy or whatever his name is gave us our drinks he gave hannah his number and winked at her i just wanted to punch him in the face i know me and her arent dating and we just met but i feel like i know her and iv never had that feeling with anyone else before. i really want to ask her out but im scared she will say no and never want to talk to me again.......... but i guess i should just take the chance. but not now because she just got up and her and alex left the table. liam looked at me and said,"who is that ryan guy i dont like him" i said,"liam i have no idea but hes a douche and i dont like him either" niall said,"i mean hes ok but he seems self centered and just full of himself" we nodded and niall said,"liam can you help me get alex to talk to me i really like her but im to shy to say anything" liam looked at niall and said,"sure mate ill help you out me and harry will help you try to get your girl, alex is very nice and much like you" i looked at niall and said,"i think she might like you too" niall laughed and his face turned red but the girls just came back and sat down we ate and then got up to the front desk to pay i said,"okay ill pay for me and hannah" she looked at me and said,"really because i can pay?" i nodded and said,"yeah its fine i got it" she smiled at me and blushed i smiled back. at that moment i knew i wanted her to be mine. we were walking out of the restraunt and it was about 9 so we walked the girls home and when we got to there door niall said,"well we will see you girls tomorrow" and then hannah said,"yeah " and hugged niall then alex hugged me and then alex hugged liam and then me and hannah hugged and i swear i never wanted to let her go ever she is so warm and delicate i just want to protect her from everything and anything. when she pulled away i said,"night love" and kissed her on the forehead when i looked back in her eyes her face was bright red and she was smiling i smiled at the fact my kiss made her smile so me and naill started walking down the stairs of there house and i turned around and hannah and laim where hugging, the way he held her was diffrent from the way he hugs other people his face was buried in her neck and he was almost lifting her up her arms where wraped around his neck and his arms where wrapped aound her back not on her waist but in the middle of her back i know liam is respectful of girls. sometimes i wish i was as nice as he is but just dsoent happen that way. they hugged for like 5 minutes and then she pulled away and they started talking and he said something and then kissed her on the cheek. she looked down i didnt know if she was smiling or what but then she looked up and walked inside . i havent told any of the boys how i feel about her, because well i didnt know how i felt about her untill now. now i know i really like her and if liam takes her away i i dont know what i would do i might even drop out of one direction i just dont know and i dont want to think about it. liam came down there and met up with us and said,"okayy lets get home im excaused" i really wnated to talk to liam about it about her but i didnt want to start anything tonight i really wonder if he likes her he kind of acts like it but im not sure becuase other times he acts like he might like alex but again i dont know i didnt know i would fall for her i didnt know i was gonna find a girl on the trip but i did and now i never wanna loose her. mw and the lads walked home in silence none of us had really anything to say. when we got home i went to louis room i knocked on the door he said,"come in" and i walked in and sat on his bed louis was in the bathroom brushing his teeth i sat down and didnt say anyhting he came in the bed room and said," whats up mate are you okay?" i looke dup and said,"louis i dont know what to do!" louis looked confused and he said,"about what?" in a sympathetic voice i looked at him and said," that girl hannah i like her so much i get a weird feeling when im around her shes so pretty and amazing and she she shes like perfect for me and im to scared too ask her out or do anything"louis looked at me and said,"ohh well your just gonna have to take the chance harry i know it may seem scary but its just the only way sometimes and if you can truley see yourself with her tell her" i looked at him and nodded and said," but what if- he interupted me and said,"no what ifs harry do it or someone else will snatch her right from you"


when we dropped the girls off hannah hugged me last she hugged me so tight her body was pressed aginst mine so hard she was still warm she whispered in my ear she said,"liam you dont know how happy i am we met how happy i am that i get to know you" i felt my face turn red when she said that i hugged her tighter i whipered in her ear i said,"hannah i never want to let you go" she giggeled then buried her face in my shoulder then she whipered,"but you have to now" and she let go of me and i looked at her and she looked back at me i want to know what she thinks of when she looks at me. i said,"hannah i just want you to know- she cut me off and said,"liam im glad we are becoming good friends" i though of the word she said "friends" it echoed in my head i said,"yeah me too" she smiled and before she left i said,"wait" and i slowly leaned down and genlty kissed her on the cheek and she let me. when i looked at her, her face was red and she looked down and giggled and i said,"good night" and walked away as she went inside.i walked down the stairs of there house and i totally forgot everything that,that a** hole ryan did. i wander why she just did that now why did she corner me and tell me she was happy to get to know me. i mean im not complaining but i feel kind of friend zoned i dont know but the way she hugged me and the way she held me tight i cant be in the friend zone right? im not sure i get mixed signals from her. when me and the boys where walking back from there house we walked in scilence which is weird becasue we usally always have somethimg to say. i wonder if what i did made the lads mad if me kissing her cheeck set off something i sure hope not because these boys are like my brothers and i love them. when we got home all of us went on our rooms not one word was said. i went down stairs at about 4 am becuase i couldnt sleep i was thinking about everything and i stressed my self out so i went down stairs to the kitchen to get some water and of corse niall was down there.i smiled at him just happy to know he cant sleep as well. so i said,"hey niall why are you up?" he looked at me and said,"cant sleep just over thinking about everything and harry" i looked at him confused and said,"what about him?" niall looked down and said,"oh nothing" i looked at him long and hard and said,"niall what happened?" niall looked down and said," nothing harrys just stressed too thats all" i looked away from niall and then said,"this was suppose to be a stress free vacation where we get away from everything but it seems its more stress and more i dont know more drama then when we where on tour" niall nodded in agreement i sighed and said,"well tell harry i miss my old mate and if he needs anything to tell me" niall nodded and i turned around to go back up stairs when niall called my name i turned around and said,"yeah niall" he said,"no matter what we meaning all of us me you harry zayn and louis no matter what we will always be brothers right?" i looked down and got teary eyed at the thought of us not being together anymore i looked back up and said,"niall........always" he smiled and i went over and hugged him. we let go of each other then went to bed i went in my room when i got a text from a number i didnt know it said,"hey" i looked at it and said,"hey who is this" and they answered and said,"oh you will find out very soon liam payne" i shuttered at the message and deleted it i was hoping it was one of the boys playing a trick on me. but my thoughts got side tracked and i started thnking of hannah and what happened on the porch. and before i knew it i was fast asleep

hannahs pov.

the guys just took us home and we hugged them all but i hugged liam the most i dont really know why i just he was the one i think i was gonna miss the most even tho i like harry and everything and harry even kissed me on the fore head but i just i think im starting to like liam but i cant do that to alex. when harry and niall where walking away i hugged liam i got on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck he wrapped his arms not really around my waist but my upper back his arms where strong but gental i could tell he was tyring not to hurt me he smells so good i never wanted him to let me go i whipered,"liam you dont know how happy i am we met how happy i am that i get to know you" when i said that he hugged me tighter i love being in his arms he whispered,"i never want to let you go" i felt my face get hot and buried it in his shoulder i whispered,"you have to know" and let him go he looked at me and i took a step toward the door and he grabbed my hand and i looked at him and he kissed me on the cheek i blushed and he said,"good night" and i walked inside.i walked up stairs and alex said,"what took you so long?" i looked down and said,"umm nothing just started talking to liam and got carryed away" she nodded and said,"ohhh what did yall talk about?" i looked up and said,"umm nothing just about tonight and he said he cant wait to see you tomorrow" i felt bad for lieing to her but she was so happy she looked at me her eyes wide with excitment. she said,"really !!!! he said he cant wait to see me?!?!?!" i nodded slowley and said,"ummm yeah and he said you are really pretty" omg hannah shut up i just keep digging the hole deeper im so stupid. but her face she was so happy i didnt want to say ohhh yeah he kissed me on the cheeck no i wasent gonna tell her that because i know how much she likes him and i love her to much to tell her i might like him too but to be honest i want him to be here right now i want him to hold me again i felt safe in his arms harry i just felt i dont know just not like how i felt with liam. he is so warm and tall and i just i felt butterflys when he kissed me on the cheek and when he just looks at me with his big brown eyes i dont know. but when harry looks at me i feel loved i feel like we have known each other for ever like i can be myself around him and not be judged i know we all met like today but i dont know i kind of think im rushing things sooo i dont know i guess we just have to wait and see how it gose, i go in my bathroom and take a shower and get my pjs on i got under the covers of my bed after i brushed my teeth and did all that i tryed my hardest to sleep but it just isnt working i feel like the whole world is gonna come down on me if liam and harry end up liking me i pray they wont i just pray they end up liking alex or a model or something because then i would be forced to choose and that might break up one direction and i would never forgive my self if that happened.but i just liam is so sweet and harrys so ..... just hes him i mean liam is very attractive too like they both do diffrent things that i like i dont know how to explain it just again its too soon for me to be saying or even be thinking about anything like that im im sure they dont like me anyway they might just be protrctive over me because im 17 and there all like 19 and 20 and well louis 21 but he has a girlfriend and it dosent matter. but just all i know at this point is that i cant stop thinking about liam.

alexs pov

the boys walked us home from the restraunt so i guess they know where we live now. they walked us up to the front porch and we said bye i hugged harry then went over to niall, niall put both his hands on my waist and i had my arms around his neck he hugged me tight and whispered in my ear and said,"i cant wait to see you tomorrow" when he said that i let go of him i felt bad for letting go but i looked at him and said,"yeah same" and he smiled. after i hugged niall i went and hugged liam he wraped his arms around my back and i wraped my hands around his neck it seemed he pulled away faster then i did but i didnt care he hugged me back just he touched me he hugged me i felt so loved i looked at him and said,"i had fun" he nodded and said,"yeah me too" and harry and niall started walking down the satirs so i went inside thinking hannah was gonna come too but she didnt so i just walked up stairs and got into my pjs she is probably talking to harry or shes well i dont know what she would be doing but liam he smells so good.i just couldnt i really think he might like me the way he hugged me and just the more i think about it the more i think he might like me. i looked down stairs and hannah just walked in she was leaning on the front door i went back in my room to wait for her to come up stairs she walked up stairs and i said,"what took you so long?" she looked at me she looked like shocked i asked that question. she looked down and said,"ohh just was talking to liam and got carried away i guess" i was confued and said,"oh what did yall talk about?" she looked at me and said,"nothing just about tonight and.... um he said he cant wait to see you tomorrow" i felt my face turn red i was screaming inside. my heart was beating so fast and i said,"realllly!?!?!?! he cant wait to see me!?!" she nodded and said."yeah and he said you are really pretty" i melted on the inside i cant believe he said that i really cant wait to see him tomorrow im so happy my night was made when she told me that. i went to me room after she told me and i was so happy all i could think was i hope he says something to me tomorrow i hope he flirts with me i hope he hangs out with me i just cant wait for tomorrow now!

nialls pov.

we walked the girls home from dinner tonight. it was fun except for the fact alex didnt talk to me and i left a seat for her to sit next to me and everything but instead she sat next to liam. i kind of got mad but i really had no resaon to be because well non of the lads know i like her i think that if i told them they probly would have done something becasue they are usally on my side about things but when we took them up to there porch we all hugged and everything but i was happy when alex huged me i mean hannah is a prize and everything just i feel like alex is first place like she juust i dont know but when she hugged me i felt butterflys in my stomach and my face got hot she wraped her arms around my back and i wrped my arms around her neck it felt weird this is how i hug my mum and my friends but at least she hugged me. liam was still on the porch when me and harry where walking back we turned around and saw that liam was hugging hannah like for awhile i looked at harry and he looked down then looked back up at them i dont know if he was gonna cry or if he was gonna yell at liam. hannah was about to walk away when liam grabbed her hand and kissed her on the cheek and said something then she walked inside again i looked at harry his face was expressionless i wanted to ask him about her but liam came up and said,"lets go im exsausted" when we walked back to the house no one talked harry was looking at the sand the whole time and liam was smiling but he looked at harry and seemed confused i was confused in genral. when we got home we all went to our rooms but i walked out and knocked on harrys door but he wasent in there so i went back in my room then around 1 am i went back in his room and he was sitting on his bed on his lap top. i walked in and he looed up at me and said,"hey niall" and smiled and went back to looking at his screen i said,"hey ummh" he looked at me and said," is something wrong?"i looked at the floor and then looked up and said,"no........yes...... i dont know" he looked at me confused and put his lap top out of his lap and said,"niall what do you mean mate?" i came and sat down on his bed and siad,"harry, was something wrong tonight?" he looked down and said,"oh" i looked at him and said,"harry you can tell me" he looked up and said,"i know niall its just i dont know" he looked up and said,"niall i have only told louis but i really like hannah" i nodded and said,"yeah" and he said,"no i really like her like you dont understand but liami just i dont know im stressed out about him i know we all just met today but i dont know do you think im rushing my feelings becasue im alone and not with anyone?" i said,"harry honestly i dont know but if you havent told liam or her what do you expect?" he nodded and siad,"i know but do you think he might like her?" i said,"mate i really dont know maybe liams just being friendly you know him" harry nodded and said," i know just its stressing me out" i said,"harry tell liam tomorrow and tell hannah too let everyone know" he nodded and said,"yeah louis said that too" i said,"because its right" he laughed and said,"i guess so but hey im gonna try to go to bed thanks for talking to me niall love you dude" i said,"no problem and love you too night" and i walked out and turned off the light i went back to my room around 3 i got up because i couldnt sleep so i went to go get food. when liam came down and looked at me and said,"hey niall why are you up" i looked at him and said," nothing just over thinking about everything and harry" he looked at me and said,"what about harry?" i regreted saying that right when it came out of my mouth i looked down and said,"oh nothing" he looked at me and said,"niall what happened" i thought for a second and said,"oh nothing just hes stressed too"he looked at me and said,"this was suppose to be a stress free vacation where we get away from everything but it seems it more stress and more i dont know more drama then when we where on tour" i nodded liam sighed and said,"well tell harry that i miss my old mate and if he ever needs anything to tell me" i nodded and he turned around to go back up stairs but after he said that about harry i thought what if this breaks us up what if if they fight we willl all never talk again? so i called liams name he turned around and said,"yeah niall"and i said,"no matter what we, meaning all of us me you harry zayn and louis no matter what we will always be brothers right?" liam looked down then said,"niall........always" he smiled and he came over and we hugged he looked like he was about to cry. but after we hugged we went back up stairs i went to my room and layed down and thought about everything about my mum and my life and how much i dont wanna loose my best friends, my brothers i never want us to break up ever i want us all to be friends for ever i just love them all they are like my 4 older brothers and if girls come through us i would be single i know it sounds "gay" but its true...... but alex may change that.

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