hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


2. chapter 2!

authors note: hey hers the 2nd part! love the first 7 people for reading :) your the best! hope you guys like it so far i wrote it weird for the first few chapters so bare with me they kinda repeat the same thing but just to show you what they where all thinking! it changes to normal soon promise! sorry just like ignore it, cause it changes! how do you guys like it so far? comment! give me feed back! :)


liams pov.

we just got back from the airport we are in califronia and i walked to the bagage claim thing but this girl fainted in front of me and i didnt know what to do so i called the security over and they called 911 it was weird and she woke up before the amblance got there so i said,"are you okayy love??" she noddded and said,"i love you liam i siad,"i love you too love!" and hugged her she got up and security told me to keep walking so i told the little girl bye and walked away stupid security i wanted to make sure she was okay but no so i walked through everyone and saw harry talking to this girl she is gorgouse i froze she has blonde hair about to her waist she is wearing a pink shirt and shorts also some white vans she was short but her eyes where beautiful its like they change colors or something her lips where pink so pink i couldnt tell if it was natural or lip stick she was tan but it was a real tan so i wander where she lives. when she grabed her bag from harry she walked over to this tall pretty girl with brown hair down to her waist to! they are both really prettty but just someting about the blonde one just set me off maybe it was her eyes or maybe even her lips just she was beautiful. when we got to the house i went up to zayn said said,"did you see thoughs two girls the one who was talking to harry and her friend the ones who posed?" he looked at me and said,"yeahh why?" i looked down and shuffeled me feet zayn looked at me and smiled and said,"you like one of them dont you?" i looked up and said,"i dont know but wernt they gorgouse?!?!?!" zayn laughed and said,"yeah but no one is as gorgous as my perrie." i laughed and said,"okayy zayn just wanted to know if you saw them too" he nodded and said,"okay" i left and walked in louis room up stairs i open the door and i said,"louis?" he came out of his bathroom and said,"yeah mate?" i said,"did you see the two girls at the air port who did the poses?" he laughed and said,"yes mate i did they where quite funny!" i laughed and said,"yeahh the blonde one was gorgous too." louis stopped what he was doing and loooked at me and said,"liam do you fancy the blonde one!?" i felt my face turn red at the thought of her being with me. i looked at louis and said, "im not sure just i kind of hope we see them around here." louis smiled and said, "and if we do ill be sure to ask the blonde one about you" i smiled and said, "okayy louis thanks mate." i walked out of his room and went down stairs in the living room i was sitting on the couch for about 5 minutes when harry comes up to me and he said,"hey did you see thoughs girls at the airport?" i was confused because there was a lot of girls and i was hopeing he wasent talking about the same ones i saw but he probly was talking about them because well he acctually talked to her. i said,"there was a lot of girls at the airport you wanna be more specific?" he said,""umh the ones who posed weird." i laughed and said,"ohhh thoughs hahaha they where very pretty especially the little one she was aborable but the tall one was quite pretty herself." he looked at me and said,"yeah?? well im gonna go ask if zayn saw them." i said,"yeah he has i asked zayn and louis if they saw them."he looked at me confused and said,"oh why?" i said," i dont know just did i guess." he nodded at me and said,"okay" and walked away. i really hope harrry doent have eyes on the one i do i hope he likes the brown haired one. god i wish i knew their names or at least hers.

nialls pov.

me and the lads just got offf the plane and we where walking to get our bags i was behind harry and he was in the front i think liam or zayn was behind me. we got up to the bags trying to ignore the screaming girls even tho we stopped to give a few autographs. so when we finally got up there and i was looking for my bag and i walked the oppiset way as harry and found my bag but i wish i went the same way as harry because when i was walking back to him he was talking to this beautiful girl but when she walked away she walked to the most gorgous girl i have ever seen in my life. she had brown hair down to her waist she was absoulutly perfect in the most inperfect way.i felt a knot in my throght her eyes where almost a golden color like a vampire i could believe her eyes where so pretty everything about her was pretty but when she smiled i felt my heart skip a beat. i just wanted to say something to her but i couldnt and before i knew it she was gone. when me and the boys got home i went in the kitchen to get some food i was eating a banana when harry walked in and asked me about the two girls we saw at the airport. i said,"yeahh shes beautiful but did you see her friend!!" he laughed at me and all i could think was about her i just really want to get to know her i pray we see them again or just something i want to see her i want to talk to her i wanna hear how beautiful her voice is all harry said was,"yeah she pretty" i nodded all i could think was how could you not think she was the most beautiful girl you every seen shes perfect she just i cant stop thinking about her when louis came in and said," i think we should go to the beach and play some volleyball dont you think." i nodded and said," ill get the other boys!" louis nodded and went to his room i walked up the stairs and went to liams room and said,"hey we are going to the beach to play volley ball okay?" he said,"okayy ill get the ball!" he already had his swimming trunks on they where navy blue and white. after i went to liams room i went into harrys room and harry and zayn where in there and i said,"hey we are going to the beach to play volley ball okay?" they nodded and they already had there trunks on to harrys are pink like hot pink and zayns are just plan blue. so after we all got ready and went down to the beach and we started a game of volley ball.

alexs pov.

me and hannah are walking down to the beach when we saw that there was a volley ball court we played in high school so we really wanted ot play but five guys where playing and i looked at hannah and said,"i really want to play!" and she said,"well lets go ask if we can!!!" i looked at her and said,"no i dont want to what if thoughs guys are realllllllllly cute i will get all weird and you will seem soooo cool!" she said," they dont look cute from over here they look ugly as crap and your beautiful come on please if they end up being cute which they probly wont we will leave okay?" i nodded and said,"okayy fine" we started walking over there and hannah yelled,"HEY!!! CAN WE PLAY!!!!" we got closer and i relized that these wernt just boys they are freakin one direction! harry niall and liam turned around and harrys jaw dropped and niall looked like he saw a ghost which was probly me and my pale self but liams face was pricless he said,"what??" and then got hit in the head with the ball! me and hannah ran over there and hannah bent down and said," oh my god are you okayy liam!?!?" he looked up and said," umm yeahh im fine" i couldnt tell if his face was red from the sun or because hannah touched him.but after he got up hannah started laughing he looked at her and said," why are you laughing?" she said," ohh umm hehe nothing" and liam said," your laughing at me arnt you?" but he was smiling he wasnet like serious and hannah said,"yeahh" and kinda stopped laughing and he said,"well then thanks" and he giggled i couldnt help but notice niall he kept staring at me i didnt know what to do i was kinda scared there was gonna be something on my face . but then he came up to me and said,"hey" and i said,"umm hi?" and then louis said, "hey arent you the girls from the airport with the poses??"me and hannah laughed and said," yeahh haha" and i was just laughing on about how they remembered that and then louis said,"liam which one did you ask me about?" we both looked at liam and his face turned reallly red and he said,"umh i dont remeber that" and louis said,"i do" and harry said,"well did you guys say you wanted to play?" i looked at hannah and she said,"umm i dont know alex do you still not wanna play?" i felt my face turn red as they all looked at me and i said,"well i mean sure lets play!" then louis came over and said,"okayy harry and liam you are team captians pick who you want!" harry said,"okay liam ummmh wait louis who picks first?" louis said," um who has a quarter harry?" harry said,"no" and liam said," i do!!" and louis said," okay since liam has a quarter he can pick first" liam looked around and said,"ummmmmm her" and pointed to hannah. she walked over to liam. i looked at harry and he said," alex" i smiled and walked to harry and then liam said,"zayn" and then harry said,"niall" and naill walked over to us and he wont stop looking at me! so louis was the ref i guess and louis gave harrys team the ball since liam got to pick first.

liams pov.

we found them they just walked right up to us like they found us i was so shocked i forgot we where playing a game and zayn hit me right in the back of the head. i fell down and kinda got light headed. the blonde girl came to me and said,"oh my gosh are you okay liam!?!?!" i felt my face turn red becasue i just got hit with a ball infront of a girl that i might like but i got up and shook it off and then she started to laugh and so did her friend i asked why they where laughing and the blonde one said,"umm nothing" and giggled her laugh was absoulutly amazing it was so cute and just sweet i love it and i said,"your laughing at me arent you?" i started laughing at my self and the blonde one said,"yeah " and then louis opened his mouth and said,"arent you the girls from the airport witht the poses?" they laughed again and she said,"yeah" and then louis said,"liam which one did yo ask me about again," i felt my face turn reder then it ever has before i didnt know what to say she was looking at me with her big beautiful eyes so i siad,"ummm i dont remeber that" he siad,"i do" then harry saved me and said," so did you girls want to play?" the blonde one looked at her friend and said,"i dont know alex do you still not wanna play?" her voice was sweet and comforting and solf. and her friends name is alex so i know her name soo whats the blonde ones name. alex said,"well i mean sure lets play!!" i felt so happy they where gonna stay i just had to talk to her then louis asked for a quarter and i was a team captian me and harry where and i told him i had one and so he let me pick first so i looked and her and said,"her" and she walked over to me and while harry was picking she said,"you know i do have a name" i looked down at her and she was looking up at me and i said," ohh sorry babe whats your name?" she was still looking at me and she said," its hannah" i nodded and said well,"hello hannah im liam" and smiled she smiled back and said,"ohh i thought you where jeff!" and i started to laugh and she siad,"yes liam i know who you are," and i looked at her one last time before i picked zayn to be on my team too. harrys team got the ball first and on his team was alex and niall. alex was in the back and so was harry, and niall was in front. on my team hannah was in the front and me and zayn where in the alex served it and zayn hit it and then harry hit it then hannah spiked it over the net and got a point. i looked at her and said,"ummm hannah?" she laughed and said,"girls volley ball team in high school number one in the nation!" i was so stunded by her she was flawless she was perfect. we have the ball i served it over the net harry hit it then alex then zayn hit it then hannah then harry hit it and hannah dove for it and i spiked it and we got a point i helped her up then she hugged me and said, "good job payne" that was probly the best expirence of my life she is so warm i just want to wrap her in my arms and never let her go but she let go i was just happy she hugged me and i looked at harry he didnt look very happy i wander why?? but anyway we had the ball again and i served and then alex hit it and then zayn hit it then niall hit it and got a point i said,"damit" hannah looked at me and said,"its okayy liam we got this" and smiled i smiled back a nodded then hannah said wait and went to the side and took off her shirt i......i......i..... ohhhh shes cute and everything but that was sexy the way she took it off was just like wow i couldnt take my eyes off of her. except when i saw harry staring at her too i hate to say it but i got pretty mad even tho we arent even dating i still got mad....... after she got back in postion alex served and i hit it hard and hannah looked back at me with her eyes wide and then she smiled and nodded her head and then she body looked me i was so happy i went to the gym a lot before we came here so niall hit it then alex then hannah and we got a piont hannah turned around and me and zayn gave her high fives. then she went to her shirt and bent down to look at her phone and harry looked at her butt i mean i did too but i didnt whistel like he did he whitsled at her she stood up and looked at him and right then a old lady walking by started yelling at harry she said," huney i know you want this but you cant have it!!" harry just stood there we where all laughing so hard then the lady walked away and harrys face was sooo red even tho it was funny i got pissed he was looking at her butt and he just shes not his i dont know why hes acting like that i swear if he dose something like that agian im gonna say something. louis yelled okayy game over!!!!! and we all got in a group and harry said, "that was fun" and alex said,"yeah it was!" hannah smilied and said, "yeahh it was really fun we should do it again sometime" alex nodded and i said,"yeah that was awesome" and hannah looked at me and smiled i blushed and looked down she smiled again and niall said, "we should hang out tonight" hannah smiled and said,"YES!!!!! niall go idea" i nodded and so did everyone else so we all said good bye to eachother and hannah came up to me and hugged me!!! and said,"bye liam see you later" and smiled i felt so special i love her hugs but then she was talking to harry and they hugged..... i mean i know i shouldnt be getting mad but i am its stupid he he why dose she even touch him i mean me and harry are best friends but still i like her a lot and i would be heart broken if she ever choose him.

hannahs pov.

we just got done playing volley ball with harry liam niall zayn and louis. i cant believe we acctually found them again and they wanted to play volley ball with us it was amazing we are going to dinner with them tonight. me and alex where walking back home and i said, "soo did you have fun?" she nodded and said,"that was amazing i love them!!!!!"i said,"i know right!!!!! harry was so cute with his sunglasses and with no shirt on just yum!" she laughed and said,"but did you see liam he had like abs they where good, to bad he has a girlfriend" i nodded and said."yeah if he didnt have a girlfrind i might like him because i dont think harry would go for me" alex looked at me and said,"any of them would be lucky to have you" i said,"no thats you " she said,"awwwh thanks" we got up to the house and walked in and went up to our rooms it was about 7 so we went to our bathrooms put on some make up i did my hair down and curly i put on shorts and a button up see throgh shirt it was pink and the coler was gold and sparkaly and i put on my white vans a little eye liner mascara and white eye shadow and walked out alex was wearing blue jean shorts and a floral tank top and her hair was straight and she had pink eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara we where walking down starirs and i said,"how are we gonna find them again?" she looked at me and said,"i dont know lets go back down to the beach" so we walked back to the volley ball net and there they where harry was wearing a blazer with a white shirt under it and chaky pants niall was wearing a white t-shirt and chacky pants liam was wearing a plad blue and white shirt and blue jeans i noticed louis and zayn werent there. when we got to the guys i said,"wheres louis and zayn at?" and laim said,"there not coming there at home sleeping i said,"ohh well oayy then?" liam smilied at me and then kinda looked down at his feet i didnt want to say anything in front of the guys or alex so i just smiled back and said," can we get out of the sand now its getting in my shoes" harry laughed and said okayy lets go!" and picked me up and throw me over his shoulder i screamed and said,"HARRY!" he was just laughing and carried me to the road niall liam and alex followed behind us alex and niall where laughing and liam just walked he looked i dont know kind of up set but he would never like i just forgot about it but when everyone got up there harry put me down and the whole time he carried me his hand was on my butt i hate to say it but i didnt care i mean its harry styles i dont know who would care! but anyway then i siad,"well thanks" and harry looked at me and smiled and said,"anytime" liam looked at me and kinda looked down i dont understand why he keeps doing that so naill said,"okayy the restraunt it right down the block we can walk there and we all said okayy and we all started walking and me and alex where in front of the guys harry was behing me and niall was behind alex and liam was in the very back kicking rocks i turned around and noticed him and i stopped and harry said,"what?" and i said,"whats with liam?" and he said,"im not sure?" i looked at harry then yelled,"LIAM" he looked up and said,"yeah?" and i said,"come up here" and he said,"no im fine its okayy" then i went through harry and naill and went up to liam and grabed his hand and said,"come on liam" he looked at our hands then looked at me and said,"oh okayy" and i pulled him inbetween nialll and harry and put liam next to me and alex, liam was just smiling and he just seemed happy again so i felt good about my self we finally got to the restraunt and walked in it was a sea food place and alex said,"hannah come to the bathroom with me" and i said," okayy harry get a table" harry nodded and said,"okayy" so me and alex walked in the bathroom and looked in the mirrors and everything and alex said,"hannah i think i like liam" i looked at her and said,"awwwwwwh yall would be so cute!!!" she blushed and said,"really!?!?!?!? you think" i said,"yeah you should sit by him and talk to him" she smiled and said,"okayy i hope he likes me" and i said,"alex who wouldnt and i thought you liked niall??" she said,"well i mean i dont know he just stares at me and if he talked to me maybe but liam is sooo cute and hes funny and sweet and everything and i dont think hes dating dani anymore" i nodded and said,"ohh well there you go you got this girl" and i snapped my fingers she laughed and said," oh god" and then we walked out and we saw the guys at a table there was a seat open next to harry and liam and niall and harry alex looked at me and said,"soo ill sit next to harry and liam okayy and i said,:okayy as long as i get to sit next to harry" alex laughed and said okayy then we walked over and i sat next to harry and naill and alex say next to harry and liam. alex started to talk to him about who knows what and then the waiter came and said hi im ryan i will be taking care of you guys tonight.we nodded and he looked at me and said,"hannah? hannah merritt?" i looked at him and said,"yes?" he said,"its ryan ryan smith!" it just hit me ryan smith is my ex-boyfriend from high school i said ,"heyy!!! i havent seen you in like forever!!!" he said ,"yeah i know same you look good" i felt my face get hot but i dont know why because i lost feelings for him a long time ago. so i said,"thanks you too." because he has he lost his baby weight and he was bulit now and his old jb hair cut is now a clean quiff and you could notice his dimples when he talked i love his dimples they where probly the only reason i fell as hard as i did for him. i got up and we hugged and he said,"okayy sorry about that what would you all like to drink?" liam siad,"water" then alex said,"water" then harry said,"water" and i said,"sweet tea" and niall said,"water" i felt so left out ryan laughed and said,"ill try not to mess that one up" in a sarcastic voice. he walked away and liam said,"hannah how do you know him?" i said,"well we met in middle school and we became best friends then in high school we dated off and on"he looked at me and said,"ohh well then" everyone was quite from then on untill ryan came back he put napkins down as he sat the drinks down and on my napkin was a number i looked up at him and he winked. i smiled and then laughed then ryan said,"what would you guys like to eat?" we only ordered appatizers because there was a lot of people and everything and then i said,"alex come to the bathroom with me?" and she nodded and i said,"we will be right back" we walked to the bathroom and on the way i ran into ryan and he said,"ohh hey" i laughed and said,"hey" he looked into my eyes and said,"so are you gonna call me?" and i said,"i dont know guess we will have to wait and see," he started to lean in and then alex came over and grabed my arm and pulled me away and said,"umm i dont think so" and we walked back to the bathroom when we got in there she said,"hannah what was that???" i said,"i have no idea but im not i dont wanna get back with him at alll" she nodded and said,"mhmmm thats why yall where inches away from kissing right" i looked down at my feet and felt really bad because i like harry and now i feel like i lost all my chances with him becasue of ryan. we walked out of the bathroom and sat back down at the table and i said,"so we should all meet at the beach again tomorrow if youo guys want " liam noddd and said,"that would be great!" harry said,"yes it would" and niall said,'yeah that would work, so how long are you ladys staying in california?" alex said,"well a month then we are going back to tennessee and gonna do who knows what"niall said,"ohh only a month you guys sould stay all summer like we are" i looked at niall and said,"ummm that would be fun but we will see by the end of the month" he nodded and said,"okay i just really want you guys to stay" i looked at harry and said,"yeah me too" harry looked back at me and blushed i love making him blush because when he dose he lookes down and smiles then looks back up like a puppy dog i just love his face sounds weird but i do


next part tomrrow after i get out of schools!!!!.

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