hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


19. chapter 19 :(

authors note:well really sad day cause this is the last chapter.. :( i really appreciate all 185 of my readers i'm so happy you liked the story just as much as i liked writing it, most of you probably dont even read my little notes but in all of them i just say how amazing you guys are because you are all awesome. i'm not sure when ill start posting the 2nd one. or if i should do a 2nd one..... i dont know,yet but i love you guys so much!







hannahs pov. 
i looked up thinking im going to miss harry i love him so much hes my life and i dont want to live with out him but i have too, i have too say goodbye tonight i cant wait and him be gone in the morning, thats just too sad, what do i do. i heard him get up from his chair, i turned around and he is wlaking towards me, i felt a tear roll down my face, he said,"its 12. your birthdays over babe" i nodded and whispered,"i know" and felt my chin start to quiver as i held back most of my tears, he got to me and pressed his forehead against mine and put his hands around my waist, i put my hands on his shoulders and said,"im gonna miss you so much harold" he let a tear roll down his face as he said,"im going to miss you too" i took a breath and said,"i love you so much i hope you know that, and i hope you have a happy life, babe im so happy i met you, you are the best thing that has ever happen to me,and i love you enough to say good bye for now, if we cross paths again we know its ment to be but if we dont, remeber i love you forver and always" he let multiple tears roll down his face and he said,"dont say good bye its never good bye, good bye is forever,goodnight isnt, hannah i love you more then anything and its killing me to have to let you go, babe i dont know what im gonna do with out you, im goonna be so lost and off for so long,i have always said i woudl protect you and be by your side always and forever and im breaking that promise, the one promise i said i would keep your making me break it hannah" i pulled away and started walking the oppiste way of him , i felt a pain in my throat because of all the tears i am holding back, i cnat do this, i cant do anything with out him, his words are hitting me like bricks, they are like stabbs in the chest, i closed my eyes tight and took a deep breath and tried to pull myself together to face him again, but i couldnt,i told my self hananh you have to let him go let him go hes better off with out you i finally stopped crying and i was almost okay with saying good bye, then i heard sclience behind me, i turned around and harry is down on one knee with a little black box in his right hand, i put my hands over my face as he said,"hannah, this is me keeping my promise, will you please marry me? "


the end, or to be continued.... comment if you want me to make a second one.cause im not sure if i should.... but i love you guys and thank you so much for reading my fanfiction :) 

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