hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


17. chapter 17 :)

authors note: hey my beautiful 155 readers i love you soooo much!! and i cant believe im this far into the story!! i dont know how im writting the second one i want this one to get more readers before the 2nd goes out. idk, i really just dont want this story to end!! ohh sorry i havent posted in awhile, im on spring break all the way in indiana at my grandmothers house, and i didnt know the wifi password but know i do soo yay!!! well i hope you enjoy the cliff hanger. keep liking and favoriting, and comment whatever you want, and who you think it is!!






harrys pov. 
i woke up and hannah was gone, i smiled at myself remembering what happened last night,i cant believe how great it was. but then it hit me, she leaves today and after that im never gonna see her least we had last night to share, i hope she enjoyed it more then i did. i sat up and then walked in my bathroom, i brushed me teeth when i was done i put my tooth brush down, and then looked down at all her make up and her tooth brush and all of her stuff, im really gonna miss sharing everything wiht her,shes a part of my life now and its going to be weird not having her or her stuff here anymore. i looked down then i heard someone walk in, i walked out of the bathroom to see who it was and i found hannah getting her phone from the night stand, she was dressed in black yoga pants and a pink t-shirt, her hair is in a bun on the top of her head and she has all her make up on, she said,"hey" i smiled and said,"hey" she waked towards me then passed me to go in the bathroom, she started getting all her make up into her make up bag. i watched her hands as she picked up brushes and bottels, she put everything in the pink bag and then zipped it up, she looked up at me and said,"what?" i shook my head and said,"nothing" quitely she walked to me and put her hand on my cheek,i put my hand over hers and she said,"hey its okay harry your coming with us we have a whole nother day together" i nodded and then she walked to her bag and picked it up then walked out of the bathroom. i followed behind her,she put the bag on my bed then said,"okay we need to get you dressed" i smiled and said,"okay" and she walked in my closet and got out a white shirt with red sleeves and then grey sweat pants. she put it on my bed to change into then went back in my closet, i watched her as i started to get dressed she pulled out a white t-shirt,a black blazer and dark jeans.i got my clothes on then said,"what are these for?" she said,"what your wearing to the party duh" i nodded and said,"wear am i gonna put them?" she said,"ill just put them in my bag" i nodded and she grabbed her phone and bag and we both walked out.we walked down stairs where niall,alex,zayn,liam and louis where standing with bags. we got all the way down stairs and niall said,"lets go mofos" alex smiled and then they all started walking out side to the car,hannah and i followed behind, we got to the car and packed to girls stuff then they guys backpacks with clothes to change into when we get to hannahs house. louis got in the drivers seat then zayn got in the passenger side, alex and niall got in the very back then liam hannah and i got in the middle and we sat in that order, we started driving to the airport that was 30 minutes away. the car was silent the whole ride there and its never like that, louis usally talking making jokes and everything and niall laughs but no one talked, it was so quite i hated it.i got out my phone and texted niall, i said,"hey say something its like really quite in here" he answered back,"its quite cause no one wants to talk harry, the grls are leaving and no ones happy about it" i replyed,"well being quite and not making the best out of the tme we have isnt gonna make then stay any longer" he read it but didnt answer when i heard him say,"louis turn on the radio iits to quite in here" i smiled then turned around to look at him, he smiled back and then i turned around. zayn turned on the radio and lego house came on and we all started singing along to it every song after that we all sang even if we didnt know the words we tried.we finally pulled up in the air port parking lot, we all got out and grabbed our bags out of the back,we started walking in the air port we got there and we got recognized by girls and parents and just everyone, hannah and alex i think where use to it because they just kind of looked down and kept walking while questions where being yelled left and right ,"hannah dose harry have that one thing?" ,"what did he get you for your birthday!" "niall are you in love with alex" "are you and alex getting married?" "zayn hows perrie?" "louis are you the next to get engaged?" "liam do you hate harry now?" just a bunch of stupid questions. we finally made it to bagabe check and got our bags checked in and then walked to secruity with people still following us , we got through and got our tickets the made it to the plane finally all that took about 30 minutes we sat in 1st class, hannah sat next to a window and i sat next to her, then behind us is alex and niall then zayn and liam then louis infront of us,i sat back in my chair and hannah said,"im glad youn are coming for my birthday babe" i smiled and said,"me too" and then the flight attenedent came on and said,"please fasen your seat belts we should arrive in nashville in 3 hours and 50 minutes. i looked at my phone and its 11 o'clock, i put my phone on airplane mode and then put it up, hannah leaned back in her chair and put her phone on airplane mode to then put it up, i looked over at her and then took her hand and intertwind her fingers in mine, she looked at me and smiled then she moved over close to me and put her head on my shoulder and let out a breath, i put my head on hers and said,"i love you hannah" i felt her smile and she said,"i love you too harry" and then she cuddled even closer to my arm. before i knew it we where in the air flying to nashville and hannah was fast asleep on my shoulder, i smiled at her and lifted my head up to look around when i flight attenednt came up and said,"would you like anything mr.styles?" and gave me a huge smiled i said,"no thanks" and she nodded and walked away. i took my arm that she is laying on and i moved it and placed her head in my lap because my arm was falling asleep, i moved my arm a little then looked down at her, she was just sleeping away, shes so beautiful and just peacful, i started playing with her hair and twerling it through my fingers, i leaned down and kissed her on the cheek then i started thinking i hope she likes the next part of her gift and i hope she never forgets it. 
alexs pov. 
we arrived in nashville at around 2, we landed then got off the plane and got our bags and hannah said,"my mom is here to pick us up" i said,"all of us?" she shrugged and harry and her walked hand and hand out of the air port niall wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked infront of liam zayn and louis. we walked out of the air port and to the parking gradge where we saw hannahs mom waiting for us, hannah dropped her bags and ran to her mom i dropped mine a ran too her mom too, her mom is like my second mother i love her so much, we ran to her and joined in a big group hug, her mom laughed and said,"well guess you girls missed me" we both nodded and then let go we turned around and harry grabbe hannahs bag and niall grabbed mine when we dropped them, hannah laughed and said,"mom this is one direction" and gestured to the 5 boys walking her way. her mom blinked her eyes about 10 times and then said,"ohh my gosh guess you wenrt kidding huh hannah?" she shook her head and laughed, harry put hannahs stuff on the ground and said,"hello im harry" and stuck out his hand. but her mom just hugged him, we both laughed then niall said,"and im niall" her mom let go of harry right away and went straight for niall, niall laughed and said,"nice to meet you too" her mom let go and then the rest of the boys introdused them selfs and she hugged them all. then her mom said,"im gonna be cmpletely honest i though they where lieing about all of you" they laughed and liam said,"nope we are real" her mom nodded and said,"well lets get thoughs bag in the car and get home." we all nodded and harry and liam started putting the bags in the back of the car, her mom got in the drivers seat, hannah sat next to her, niall sat behind hannah and harry sat next to niall then liam louis and zayn got in the back, so i got up in nialls lap and he wrapped his arms around my waist and he said,"its okay i got you babe" i smiled and said,"okay babe" and then we started heading back to hannahs house, the drive took about a hour to 30 minutes, well we finally got there and we all got out and it was about 3 or so, we got our bags out and walked up to hannahs door, and hannahs mom unlocked it and all 3 of her boxers came running and smelling eveyone, she knelt down and pet the golden brown boy and then got up and said,"come on alex we need to go get ready" i nodded and said,"wait what about the boys?" hannahs mom said,"ohh ill take care of it"i nodded and me and hannah ran up stairs to her bed room, we put our suit cases on the bed and hannah said,"im so happy to be home" i said,"me too but sucks cause they have to leave" she nodded and said,"well hey at least we have today with them" i nodded and then she said,"okay party starts at 5 so we have like a hour, so lets do this! i laughed and me and hannah went in her bathroom,she got in the shower while i started to do my hair, i started curling it when i said,"hannah do you think me and niall will be together for ever?" she said,"yeah i think you guys could work out a long distance thing" i nodded and said,"but what if he sees and girl whos prettier then me?" she said,"alex no ones pritter then you" i smiled and said,"thanks" and laughed. she turned off the shower and grabbed a towel then came out and said,"besides you too are perfect i bet he will kepp you forever" i smiled and started doing my hair again. she took out hr blow dryer and blow dryed her hair when she got done with that i started my make up, she curled her hair so fast, that we where both on our make up now, she put on foundation then started doing her eyes, i did my mascara then said,"what am i gonna wear?' she smiled and said,"come on" as she whipped out her eyeliner on her last eye. we walked in her romm and opened our suit cases i pulled out all 3 of my dresses, she looked at them, there is a black and pale brown high low dress, a tight red dress and then a starpless short turquiose dress. she smiled and pointed to the turquioise one, i smiled back and said,"my favorite" she nodded and walked back in her bathroom to finish her make up i looked at my phone and it is 4:40 i put on the dress and hannah came out and said,"now i need a dress!" i said,"ill look in your closet" she nodded and ran back to her bathroom i opened her closet and started looking though her dresses when i found a short speggati strap white one, i pulled it out and it has grey nd white sparkles where the boobs are and at the waist theres a cloth the ties in the back and the rest in white and kind of flowey, she walked out and said,"oh my gosh yes!" she put it on andthen spun around , i said,"hannah you look gorgouse" she smiled and said,"so do you" she grabbed her sparkaly heals out of her closet then put them on and i grabbed white ones and we looked at each other and smiled then we started walking to her door, i said,"hannah were did you get that braclet?" she lifted up her hand and said,"ohh harry got it for me" i smiled and said,"really?" she nodded and i said,"well its beautiful" she said,"thanks" and then we walked down stairs. 
hannahs pov. 
alex and i walked arm and arm down stairs we turned the corner of the steps and found all 5 of the boys standing at the bottom talking. harry glanced up then completely turned his jaw dropped when he saw us,i smiled and then he smiled back and looked me up and down.right then all the boys turned and faced us, niall looked straight into alexs eyes and smiled, harry put his hands behind his back and waited for me and her to get all the way down the steps, we took the last step and our arms broke apart i stopped infront of harry and he was still smiling he said,"wow you look absolutly stunning, most beautiful gir- women i have ever seen" i smiled and said,"thanks harry" he smiled back and then my mom said,"awwww picture time!" i rolled my eyes and smiled at harry, he smiled back and said,"picture time" and we all turned around and smiled,then my mom said,"okay now just hannah and harry" we walked close to eachother and he put his hand on my waist and i put my arm around his, we both smiled and she took a picture my mom smiled and said,"hannah you look beautiful" i smiled and said,"thanks mom" and i walked over to her and hugged her, she said,"ohh okay party is out in the barn across the feild all your friends should be coming now so why dont you go ahead and go. i smiled and said,"okay mom" and we alll walked out the front door and started walking to the barn. harry said,"guess i was right it is in a barn" i smiled and said,"the nicest barn you will ever be at" he smiled he looked nervous, i wonder why. we finally all made it to the barn and a few friends already showed up, i ran to them and we hugged and then they all noticed one direction in the entrace and ran to them taking pictures and what not, i stood alone in the middle of the barn, i smiled at the crowd forming aorund the guys then i looked down, maybe it was a bad idea having the boys here, then all the sudden i felt someone grab my hand i looked up and harry was smileing and he said,"hey its gonna be the best birthday ever i promise okay" i nodded and then he yelled,"hey!" and everyone turned around to face him he yelled,"we are all here for hannah not me or liam or niall or zayn or louis, we are here for this specials girls day" everyone noddded and started acting normal again. i smiled and said,"thanks babe" he nodded and then everyone started to arrive, we where all dancing and having so much fun, when the dj put on a slow song, harry looked at me and smiled, i smiled back and he put his hands on my lower back and i wrapped mine around his neck, he said,"hannah you look absolutly beautiful tonight and im so happy i got to spend it here with you" i smiled and said,"harry im so happy your here i love you soo much" i put my head on his shoulder and the song started to end, everyone including me and harry walked back to tables we where all sitting down, at my table is all the boys alex and another girl that i went to high school with, we where all talking harry is telling a story about what happened to his on tour one time, i started looking around at all my friends when i saw 4 guys standing next to the punch bowl, there faces are so famillier, i looked closer then i saw one of them smile and i completly lost it. 


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