hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


16. chapter 16

authors note: omg im so happy i have 129 reader! like i cant believe it i love you all so much!! i know i dont post often but still you guys keep reading! i love you so much! keep faving lol and liking and commenting. i try to answer all the comments. and uhh just love you guys iv had such a good day! my crush wants me to go to his baseball games and you guys gave me 129 readers! i appreciate it so much! i mean like wow!  love yall enjoy!!






alexs pov 
we walked out on the beach, down a little toward the ocean, i put my bag down and took out the towels. i gave one to hannah and we spread them out and then sat on them. i put my sunglasses on and then took off my shirt and shorts then slung then aside. i looked at hannah and she did the same, we layed back on our towels just sitting there when all the sudden someone blocked our sun, we looked up and 4 guys where stand around us. hannah sat up on her elbos and said,"um excuse you, your blocking the sun" one laughed and said,"well your blocking our sand" the otheres laughed. i said,"uhhh okay,we will move then" i started to get up and so did hannah, we got our clothes and phones and started to walk away when one said,"hey! blondy!" me and hannah turned around and saw that a tall built brown headed guy is holding her flipflops. she said,"really? can i have my shoes back?" the guy laughed and said,"come and get them" hannah put her stuff down and walked over to the 6 ft guy. she reached for them and he pulled away, then heald them over his head. hannah being 5'5 couldnt reach them. she said,"what is it gonna take for you to give me my flipflops and then leave us alone?" he smiled looked at his friends and said,"a date" hannah crossed her arms and said."i have a boyfriend" he looked around and said,"where is he then?" she said,"hes out" he said,
"then just you and your friend hang out with us today" she turned and looked at me. i shrugged and she said,"one sec" and walked over to me. i said,"what?" she said,"do we just hang out with them 9 mean they seem cool?" i said,"i mean, uhh i guess" she smiled and said,"okay" she walked back over there, and the brown hairs guy said,"so we all gonna hang out?" hannah said,"only if you give me my flip flops" he smiled and said,"deal" and dropped her flipflops in the sand. she picked them up and walked over to me with the 4 guys following behind. the guy who stole hannahs flip flops said,"okay well im peyton" hannah said,"im hannah and thats alex" all the guys smiled and the blonde one with a quiff said,"im chris and thats josh" and he pointed to the black haired asain. then a ginger in the back came up and said,"im ben but you can call me ginger what ever you want" hannah luaghed and said,"im calling you ginger" he smiled and said,"hey fine by me" all the guys where buff and toned they all had abs and where tan even the ginger and asian.ben smiled and said,'here let me take that for you" and reached for my bag, i smiled and said,"thanks". we all started walking along the beach hannah said,"so where are you guys from?" peyton said,"uhh where are you guys from?" hannah looked at me confised and said,"umm well we are from tenneessee" peyton smiled at hannah and said,"so you girls are country?" we smiled and hannah said,"you could say that" he said,"i dig a girl with a accent" hannah smiled again. josh is closest to the ocean and then its chris then ben then me then hannah then peyton. hannah said,"so you still didnt answer my question where are you from?" he smiled and said,"well im from cali, josh is from japan,ben is from ireland and chris well hes from here too" hannah smiled and said,"no for real where do you guys live" he smiled and said,"ha okay we acctually live here" hannah said,"finally the truth" peyton laughed again . ben said,"so whos you guys boyfriends are they back in tenneessee or are they here with you?" i said,"well their here, and im dating niall" hannah said,"and im dating harry" josh said,"from one direction?!" we nodded and he said,"no way you guys know them?!" we nodded again and he stopped and so did everyone else, then he continued and said,"dude your hannah merritt and alex muncy?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!" we laughed and said,"yeah" he freaked out and said,"no way no way no way! you guys are amazing i fucking love you two!" we laughed again and he said,"im totally fangirling right now!" peyton said,"so you two are like famous?" we looked at peyton and i said,"no we are rergular people" peyton said,"i know that but you too like wow i didnt know i would ever meet you guys, i thought you looked familllier" hannah laughed and said,"this is so weird" i said,"i know" and chris said,"can we get pictures?" we laughed and said,"sure" we all posed together, and a by stander took the picture then they all wanted indivisual pictures. we got done with that and peyton said,"im putting this on instagram" the rest of them nodded. i said,"well tag me and hannah so we can follow you guys" josh screamed when i said that. me and hannah turned around and hannah said,"dude chill" he smiled and said,"uhh ohh okay" we gave them our instagram names and they tagged us, we liked all of there pictures with us, and followed them.we started walking again andpeyton said,"lets go to the peer and eat lunch anyone else hungry?" me and hannah nodded and we walked over to the peer. we came up to a restraunt called no shoes no shirt service, we walked in and a we sat at a table next to the bar. peyton said,"so are harry and niall gonna get mad becuase you are with us?" i looked at hannah and she said,"honestly i dont know" he nodded and said,"hopefuly not" i smiled. these guys are so nice but so flirty, we ate and then left, we walked on the beach again, we where all just about to get in the water when hannah gets a text from harry, she said,"umm alex?!" i said,"what?" and she waved for me to come here, i looked at the message that said,"where are you? im home and you alex and these guys are all over twitter and everywhere else? who are they? just come home" i said,"oh my god" she said,"we have to go" i nodded and peyton came over to us and said,"whats wrong?" hannah said,"uhhh we have to leave im really sorry" he said,"ohh umm its fine here ill give you my number so we can stay in touch" hannah nodded weirdly as he wrote his number on her hand. i said,"okay hannah we gotta go" she nodded and we both yelled bye to the guys, they waved and we ran putting our clothes on while we are going to the guys house. 
hannahs pov. 
alex and i ran up to the guys patio and started fixing ourselfs, i walked and opened the slidding glass door,alex followed behind closing it. harry and niall are in the kitchen talking, then look at us with kind of a dissapointed expression. alex and i walked in the kitchen and i put the bag on the table and said,"hey" and started looking for my phone when i threw it in the bag running up here, harry crossed his arms and said,"where were you two?" i found my phone wipped in on my shorts then turned to look at him, i said,"the beach" he said,"who with?" i looked at him for a second,and said,"friends we met" harry said,"friends?" i nodded and said,"yeah friends harold" he still had his arms crossed when he said,"i though you guys didnt know anyone here?" i rolled my eyes and said,"jesus christ harold, we went to the beach and the guys came up to us and wanted to hang out so we did and now we are like all friends and they freaked the fuck out when they found out we where the hannah and alex, i swear like 2 of them are gay." he still had a mad expression, he didnt say anything he just looked at me, i looked back at him til what seemed like hours and i finally turned and said,"fuck you harry dont fucking believe me fucker" and i stormed up stairs.i went in harrys room and shut the door, i started pacing back and forth from his door to his window on the other side of the room. i said fuck so many times because i know he hates that word and thats when he knows im pissed.right then i heard a kock then a deep british voice say,"babe please open up" i ran to the door and put my hands up , i yelled,"NO" angraly. he said,"please babe i mean it is my room" i turned and looked at all of his stuff and then he said,"please i just want to talk, baby please" his voice getting solfer and more sweet. i went to the door knob and opened it to see harry looking down with his arm pressed against the door frame, he looked up and said,"can we talk?" i nodded and walked to the bed, he walked in and shut the door, he started walking over to me then sat down and said,"babe im sorry, i should have known to not believe the media but i cant help it when its about you, just im sorry " i said,"harry i know your sorry and im sorry for snaping on you down there i just got mad its like you didnt trust me" he looked down and said,"i do trust you its just your leaving tomorrow and i want to spend time with you before you leave and then i get back home and your gone and with like 4 guys that no one knows i got scared because we break up tomorrow when we land and i dont want you already looking for someone else" i put my hand on his back and said,"im not harry i promise" he looked up at me and smiled i smiled back and wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist. we pulled away at the same time and he said,"i wish you could atleast stay for your birthday" i smiled and said,"yeah it would be fun" he said,"could you?" i got up and said,"harry i dont know" he said,"please please" iin a puppy dog face and he got up and took up my hands in his. i said,"uhhh maybe" he smiled and yelled,"YES!" i said,"harry maybe i dont know yet though" he smiled and said,"but you will try a lot to stay?" i smiled and nodded he said,"great" and kissed me. he pulled away and walked down stairs,i sat on his bed and thought i really want to stay but my mom and my family want me home for my 18th birthday. alex walked in and said,"hey what did you say?" she shut the door then sat next to me, i turned to her and said,"we are good but he wants us to stay for my birthday" she nodded and said,"but your family wants you home for your 18th" i nodded and said,"i know so i dont know what to do" she nodded and said,"well do you want more time with harry?" i nodded and said,"well yeah" she said,"then stay with harry, i mean your family has been with you on all your birthdays and harry he hasent so i think you should stay with him" i nodded and said,"yeah i should, so what did niall say to you?" she said,"umm he just asked who they where and i told him we just met them and it was nothing, and he nodded and just said okay" i said,"well he took that well" she nodded and i said,"lucky well im gonna call my mom and tell her im staying" she nodded got up and closed the door walking out. i got my phone and dialed my moms number, it rang 4 times and she answered,"hello hannah?" i said,"yeah hey mom" she said,"i cant wiat to see you tomorrow" i said,"yeah uhh same"she said,"you excited about your birthday?" i said,"um" and then i heard the door open behind me, i turned around to see harry closing the door quietly and walking toward me,i turned back around and said,"umm thats acctualy what i wanted to talk to you about" i felt two arms wrap around my waist, i smiled and she said,"what is it?" i said,"umm its about my party" harry then turned and got in front of me and smiled really big. she said,"what about it sweety?" i said,"umm uhhh wiat one sec" i put the phone down and whispered,"harry i cant do this i cant tell her that" he said,"try baby" i shook my head and then he took my phone and said,"hello this is harry stayles" i could hear my mom because the volume on my phone was so loud, i heard her say,"umm who?" he said,"harry styles form one direction?" she said,"your kidding right?" he said,"no mama, but me and your daughter are umm dating" she said,"i still dont believe it you" he laughed and said,"yeahh me and niall get that alot" my mom said,"anyway what did you want to talk about with me? harry said,"oh yes um i would like to ask your permisssion if hannah could stay here for her birthday with me?" she said,"umm i dont know who ever this is but yeah i dont know about that" he said,"i know its her 18th birthday and you want to be with her and i want to be with her too so can we work out something where we can both be with her on her birthday?" i heard my mom say,"we might be able to work something out" i smiled and he said,"great would you like to talk to hannah?" she said,"yes" and harry walked over to me and handed me the phone, i tookk it and said,"hello?" she said,"yeah hi um who was that?" i laughed and said,"it was harry mom" she said,"whatever but is that what you wanted to tell me that you want to spend your birthday there?" i said,"umm yeah accutaly i just want to spend it with him mom" she said,"okay well i want to meet this "him" so how about you all come down here for your birthday?" i said,"ill have to talk about it with the rest of the guys ill let you know okay?" she said,"okay baby i love you bye" i said,"love you too bye" and hung up the phone. i said,"what would we do?" he said,"well we could all fly down ther and instaed of leaving we would just stay untill your party is over" i smiled at how much he was trying. i said,"okay ill tell my mom" he smiled nodded, i said,"hey why where you and niall out early today?" he smiled and his face turned red and he said,"uhh youll find out soon enough" and he walked out of his room leaving me alone. i wonder what that meant,i mean its probably a birthday prestent. i walked out of his room,and then in the hall, where liam stopped me and said,"hannah can we talk?" i nodded and said,"sure" and then i followed him into his room. i sat down on his bed and said,"whats up?" he closed the door then walked over to his bed and sat down next to me, he said,"uhh what do you want for your birthday?" i smiled and said,"liam you dont have to get me anything you being there in enough" he smiled and said,"i know but, okay" i smiled and started to get up when he said,"wait" i turned around and he said,"uhhh i-i- cant wait" i smiled again and said,"same" and walked out and closed the door behind me. i love liam but that was probably the most awkwardest conversation ever, he was my first like crush he is what made me look up one direction and end up loving them. i walked down stairs and found alex and niall cuddleing on the couch i smiled and walked in the kitchen,where zayn is. i sat at the table and he said,"so hannah you excited about your birthday?" i smiled and said,"yeah and im glad you guys can come" zayn smiled and said,"yeah we are too, harry has been freaking out about it ever since you said you would talk to your family about it" i smiled and felt my face turn red.i got out my phone and got on twitter, a bunch of birthday tweets for me, these girls find out everything, i see how they knew harry tweeted,"cant wait for the tenneessee party tomorrow night with her, will it be in a barn?" i smiled and tweeted,"maybe :)"and tagged him. it was almost 6 god the days fly by sometimes, and we leave tomorrow its going to be a really sad night. i got up walked to the fridge got out string cheese then walked up stairs to harrys room, i walked in and put my cheese on the bed then went to his bathroom and took a shower, i got out and then put on one of his shirts and brushed my teeth and face then walked out to find harry sitting on his bed with his feet crossed eating my cheese on his pajamas, i said,"hey that was mine" he looked at me and gave me a cheeky smile and said,"well its mine now" i walked over to the right side of the bed and said,"not fair harold" he looked at me and then lened over and whispered,"sucks babe" i smiled and then looked at him and he was still right there next to me. i looked into his eyes and i saw him look down at my lips then back to my eyes, then he started leaning down closer and closer to my lips when finally our lips met in a passionet kiss. he turend slowly to where he was on top of me now and his right hand is on my wait and his left is on my face, i couldnt think of anything besides wow im really about to do this with harry stayles the guy thats supposivly is with someone diffrent every night he chose me to wait for and now hes finally going to give it to me, dose he think i ready? all the sudden he pulled away and said,"hannah you better injoy this because this is part of your prestent" and then smiled cheeckly, we both laughed and injoyed everything the rest of the night and i can say that, its the best night ever. 


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