hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


14. chapter 14!

authors note: sooo its close to ending, and i love that i got 73 people to read it so far, it just makes me happy. i decided im gonna write a second one, and i hope you guys like that one. but you find out who ted is in this chapter!!. im sorry if some of you are dissapointed in who it is but yeah:) but who is y'alls favorite couple in the story? mine is harry and hannah, or harrah lol ....does anyone know is niall has a girlfriend in real life? cause i heard it but idk if its true anyone know?!?





harrys pov. 
after thoughs word left alexs mouth , i instantly hated myself, i felt tears in my eyes that i couldnt control and they just started pouring out of me.hannah turned to me and said,"harry none of that is true!" i yelled,"really really then why would she say it?! she hates me and i dont blame her i hate myself! nialls gone because of me!" she was standing next to the counter as i continued,"you heard the story i gave up niall! and yeah it should have been me!" hannah looked at me and started talking in a caring concerned voice,"harry theres a reason it wasent you, its because she didnt want to take you, she wanted to take niall, no matter what you said she was going to take niall anyway because she already hurt me and now shes going after alex. harry its not your fault , alex only said all that because shes up set she loves niall and you say stupid stuff when you love someone" she walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, i wrapped mine around her waist and buried my face in her neck. i said,"is it true your life would have been easier if she took me?" she let go of my neck and backed away a little. she looked at me weird and then said,"why would you ask me that?" i said,"because is it true?" she said,"you kow harry, im not gonna lie it might have been easier, if i didnt care about you but baby i love you and if she took you, i would probably be like alex right now, maybe even worse" i walked to her put my hands on her cheeks and kissed her passionatly. when i pulled away i smiled and said,"i love you too" she smiled too leaned up and kissed me again then she turned and walked away. i followed her to the living room where she was sitting on the couch, i sat down next to her and said,"how are we going to find niall?" she looked down and said,"honestly i dont know" i looked down too. i that hannah said it wasent my fault he is gone but in the back of my head i know it is, i didnt say anything and i think if i said take me she would have taken me. right now all i want to do is find him, so we can all go on with our lives and i really want my brother back. right then a phone rang from the kitchen table, i got up and ran to it and found out if was liams and it was from ted! i said,"hannah come here!" in excitment, she walked over to me and said,"what?" i showed her the phone and she said,"well dont just stare at it open it" no in he same voice as me. i slid the unlock button and it went to the message that said,"liam better yet? iv got news!" i replyed,"its harry and hannah, liam is up stairs better but busy, whats the news?" i looked at hannah and she put her hand on my back and started rubbing it back and forth i smiled at her. then the phone rang, i unlocked it and the text said,"its about niall!" i replyed ,"what about him?!" he texted back instantly and said,"i think i might know where he is!" i looked at hannah and she said,"oh my god" then we got another text that said,"meet me at the mall food court in 30 minutes next to the magazine stand" i showed hannah the message and he nodded i answered,"okay" and put the phone in my pocket. hannah grabbed her phone and mine and we walked out the door, got in the car and drove to the mall, we where about half way there when i felt liams phone vibrate, hannah said,"i got it" and reached in my pocket and grabbed the phone. i smiled when she did that, she just can be so caring and calm one minute and then the next minute she can be like sexy and fistey, i love that about her. she read the message out loud,"ill be the one in green" i nodded and we pulled into the parking lot, i parked and said,"wait" hannah looked at me and i continued,"what of this is a trap?" hannah looked confused and said,"ugh i dont know do you think it could be?" i shrugged and said,"only one way to find out" she nodded and we both got out of the car, i grabbed her hand and our fingers interwind she was walking close to me, and she looked nervous. i whispered,"everythings gonna be okay" she nodded. i honeslty dont know if everything will be okay, half of me says im fine and the other half says danger danger! we walked in the food court doors and stopped to see if we could spot him or her. hannah said,"hes in green" i said,"or her and yeah do you see green?" she shook her head and said,"and next to the magazine stand" i nodded and said,"there" and pointed to a table next to the magazine stand. hannah nodded and we began walking over there, we got closer and closer and my heart started beating faster and faster. we got to the table, i said,"excuse me?" the he turned around and we saw who it was, hannah gasped and i said,"wow" hannah said,"ryan?" he was wearing a plain green shirt jeans and grey vans. he said,"yeah its me" i said,"wow didnt peg you as a computer guy" he laughed and said,"yeah me either" hannah said,"but wait you where ted this whole time?" ryan said,"whos ted?" i said,"ted is what liam has you under in his phone because he didnt know who you really where" ryan nodded and said,"ohh okay" hannah and i sat down infront of ryan. hannah said,"so how did you know about all this stuff and why where you tearizing liam at first then start to help him?!" ran took a breath and said,"i knew there would be a lot of questions" he let out a small laugh and then continued,"at first i was just gonna try and scare liam, when you guys got to the restraunt i worked at liam made reservations with us from his cell phone so i said to myself hey liam payne famous guy why not? so i took his number and then i found out you where with him" he pointed to hannah and continued,"i havent seen you in so long i got excited and begged to work that table, so yeah then you guys left and i started messing with liam,then i got more advanced in the whole computer thing i kind of sorta tapped into liams phone i could look at his messages phone calls i could even turn on his front camrea to where i could see him and what he was doing where he was, i kind of freaked myself out then a whole lot of that stuff happened and i relized i wanted you back hannah" i looked at hannah then at him, i gave him a hard look and he glanced at me kind of nervously he began again,"so i showed up at your house when niall was there and i wanted to show you i changed but then you got with liam and you guys did stuff and it just made me so mad so i went over there, my intetions was to talk to liam well no it was to beat up liam, but you where just there hannah and i took it all out on you, and im so sorry for that i hate myself everyday for everything i have ever put you through, after that i started going to therapy, then in the booth i freaked again and slapped you, but when niall saw it i reliezed what i really did, then i went to more therapy" hannah and i nodded, i said,"go on" he nodded and said,"then i found out you and niall kissed infront of the studio, and that you where mad at liam, i knew where liam was i knew he was planning something special for you but i was still kind of out of it then, so i let you think he was with some girl out all night drunk and then that night i sent him the picture of you and niall and i made him believe you where cheating on him and that you where with niall that night and he drank and you guys broke up, after that i felt so bad i wanted to get you guys back together but i knew i couldnt do anyting about it,then you started dating harry and you guys where happy" i looked at hannah and smiled she smiled back and he continued,"then allie came to me asking for help, like informaion on you hannah, and i didnt give her anything she got mad, somehow i knew she was going to do something really bad, so when you guys came back to the restraunt on a group date i took her number, tracked it seeing what she was up too, turns out shes a registered nurse here, and she stole cholorform and shot bottles from the hospital, i didnt want to text liam because i knew she would read it i knew she had already injected him and pretty much put him under her control" hannah said,"wait wait wait under her control? how would she do that?" ryan said,"a chip that you can insert into the back of humans necks, she stole it from me, the same ones and are kind of like in dogs but more advanced, and it is still in liam" hannah said,"we have to take it out!" ryan nodded and said,"yeah" i said,"well tell us the rest then we will go get liam" ryan nodded and said,"okay and then i knew liam woke up one morning himself again, and he had no idea what had happened for 3 days, he ran to hannahs mostly because of a tweet, then he saw you with harry, now the really cool thing about these chips is you can see what kind of mood there in, and if you have the head set and you switch it on you can hear there thoughts, it was a working progress but yeah then he went back to you guys house where allie was awake and she injected him with more chloloform, where he had an allergic reaction or because she gave him way to much, then alex found out and told niall then they told you and all this shit happened and i guess liams better and now we need to get the chip out and then niall" hannah nodded and said,"wait one more question" ryan nodded and she said,"where you the one who sent the package to me?" ryan looked at her confused then said,"no i dont even know what your talking about" hannah nodded and i said,"then who did?" ryan shrugged. hannha said,"ohh well lets go help liam then you can tell us where niall is" ryan nodded and we all got up and walked out and into the parking lot, ryan walked to his red mustang and got in, while me and hannah walked to the lamborgini and got in, we both pulled out and ryan is following us to the house. in the car hannah said,"do we trust him?" i shrugged and said,"i dont know but for now we have too" she nodded and we drove all the way home. when we got there i pulled in the drive way and ryan parked on the curb. we all got out and walked up to the front door of the house, we walked in and hannah yelled,"liam come down here please!" ran shut the door behind him. i said,"how do we take it out?" ryan said,"very carefully" i nodded and liam started walking down the stiars. he said,"yeah? whoa why is he here?" hannah said,"liam this is ted/ryan" liam said,"huh you know i always knew it was you" ryan laughed a little and said,"yeah i gave you enough hints about it liam" liam nodded and said,"so what?" hannah said,"okay theres a chip in the back of your neck that we need to take out now!" liam took his hand and out it on the back of his neck. hannah grabbed his shoulder then turned him around the where his back i now facing us, she got on her tipy toes and said,"is it kind of greenish blue?" ryan said,"yeah yeah" hannah said,"then yep he has the chip" liam turned back around and said,"wait what chip?" ryan said,"remember when you went to hannah and alexs house and you just found out harry and hannah got together?" liam nodded and ryan said,"yeah 3 days before that you where under allies control any thing she wanted you to do you would do it she has my remote to him" liam said,"well get the bloody thing out of me then!" ryan said,"well we are going to need alex for this one" i looked at liam and said,"dose she still hate me?" liam looked down and the back up and said,"she wants sharks to come and rip of your dick with there teeth" hannah said,"ohh good for a second there i thought she hated him still" i closed my eyes and groaned in frustration. liam said,"ill umm try to get her down here" i nodded and liam ran up stairs ryan sat at the kitchen table and hannah stood against the counter i said,"well you said you knew where niall was?" ryan looked up and said,"yeah yeah" and got out his phone he got on something and said,"umm okay so i traced her phone to this like abandon wearhouse or whatever there is the adress" i looked at it and said,"okay" and got out my phone and copyed it down in my notes.right then alex came down with liam, she got all the way down the steps, looked at ryan then said,"what do i do to get the chip out?" 
alexs pov. 
ryan stood up and said,"first we need hin the lay down" i nodded and liam said,"couch?" ryan said,"nope kitchen table" i nodded again and walked liam over to the tabel. he got up on the tabel and i looked at ryan and he said,"now we need to numb it right on his neck then you are going to make and insecion right where the chip isand you should be able to get it out with twesers" i nodded and said,"okay hannah go get the numbing cream from up stiars in nialls bathroom"she nodded and ran. i cant help but to think of him, what could she be doing to him right now? where is he? i want to find him so bad and tell him i love him, he would still be here if it wasent for dumb ass harry over here fucking dick head. hannah ran down stairs with the cream and handed it to me, i squeezed some out, put on dish washing gloves and started to rub it in. when it was all rubbed in i said,"liam can you feel this?" and i pinched him really hard, he said,"nope" i said,"good" and then hannah put twesers and a scaple next to me, i said,"where did you find the scalpel?" she said,"in the first aid kit" i smiled and said,"well okay then" i turned to liams neck and made i small inscision from the end to the chip from a little above it. im not gona act all brave because im so nevouse , i dont want to hurt liam so im trying to say as calm as possible, i grabbed the twesers and got the chip, i looked at ryan and he said,"no just pull it out" i nodded and started to slowly pull it out.i got it all the way out a held it up i said,"so this is your?" ryan nodded and i handed him the twesers. i got in the first aid kit and got needle and thred out, i started to sew liam back up. after that he sat up and i said,"you feel okay?" he nodded and said,"yeah just i feel like my neck is gone" we all laughed and he smiled. hannah said,"alex that was amazing you did really good" i smiled and said,"thanks" harry said,"okay now ryan do we go get niall now?" i said,"whoa whoa wait? you know where he is?!" harry nodded and said,"ryan traced her phone and we found out where he might be" i felt my heart start to race and my face turn hot. i said,"then why are we still here lets go get him" and i started running to the door. ryan said,"that might not be a good idea, i said,"why?" getting mader and mader by the minute. he said,"because she knows that place like the back of her hand, i think we shoudl wait till it starts getting darker and go at night, so we can go in there get niall and all of us leave unharmed"everyone nodded and i said,"fine but we have to get him back tonight" 
hannahs pov. 
we waited till 9 to go, we all got in the big suv and left to the adress of the wear house. harry is driving liams in up font with him, me and alex and sitting nex to eachother in the back and in the very back in ryan. we where all quite its a very seriouse misson i guess, the harry started humming A Team by ED Sheerman. then i started sing it,"white lips plae face breahing in snow flakes burnt lungs sour taste" then liam started singing along,"and they say she in the class a team stuck in her day dream been this way since 18 but latey her face seem slowly sinking waisting crummblin like pastries and they scream the worst things in life come free to us and we're just under the upper hand go mad for a couple grams and she dont wanna go outside tonight" then ryan and alex started in to,"and in a pipe she flys to the mother land and sells love to another man its to cold outside for angles to fly angles to fly" the song ended and when we all stopped i looked around and smiled. im so glad i meet them i mean i know we are in a bad situation right now but me and alex can accutally tell our kids or our grandkids yeah i date harry and liam or yeah i dated niall like thats amazing to me. now i will always be a fan of theres even when they go away im gonna keep tabs on them. when we finally got there it was like 10 because we stopped and ate and stuff, we saw allies car still there so we had to wait in the car, ryan fell asleep then alex did then i started too, i was so tired, i said,"hey harry wake us up when we can go in okay?" he said,"okay babe go to sleep" i nodded leaned up aginst the window half asleep, then i heard this,"what did you want to talk to me about harry?" i slightly opened my eyes so i could see harry, but he turned to look and me so i closed them, and kept them closed he then said,"its about hannah" liam said,"ohh um what about her?" harry said,"okay well i know liam i know you still love her" liam said,"harry i know you love her too and i know you will treat her right so its fine" harry said,"wait let me finish" liam stayed quite and harry continued,"i know you love her, and i also know that she loves you too, so i just wanted you to know that if me and her do break up and im praying to god we never will because liam i honestly do think i found the one, but if we do i want you to snatch her up just as fast as we broke up" liam said,"wait what? why?" in a confused voice, then harry said,"becasue i know you can make her happy just as much as i can and with you i know shes safe and that way she can still be in mine and your life, im just telling you with liam because i know you care about her too and all i want is for her to be happy and safe" liam said,"i promise harry" then harry said,"liam dont make promises you cant keep" liam said,"dont worry im gonna keep this one mate" i opened my eyes a little and saw harry and liam hugging and then harry smiled and said,"thanks mate" liam nodded and then i closed my eyes and went to sleep smiling. i woke up from being shook, i opened my eyes and found alex shaking me and saying,"hannah wake up we need to go come on" i opened my eyes all the way then said,"wait what time is it?" harry said,"its 2 in the morning" i nodded and said,"wow the bitch works late" harry and liam laughed then ryan did , we all got out of the car, and started walking to the entrance of the old rusted dirty creepying looking wearhouse. harry walked next to me and took up my hand in his i looked up at him and he looked down at me and whispered,"its okay" and then looked back straight, i looked towards the wearhouse, i bet he could tell i was nervous and scared , we walked up to the front doors and alex opened one and walked in ryan followed behind then liam me and harry. we all walked all the way in and looked around ryna had a backpack on that i didnt notice before untill now, he pulled out 5 flash lights and 5 walky talkys. i said,"well how convenint?" he nodded and said,"yeah i brougt like 8 or each cause i didnt know who was all gonna come" i nodded and he gave me,harry,alex,liam and himself one. then he gave everyone a walky talky and said,"okay lets split up okay?" we all nodded and we all started walking in our own direction. i walked down into this like celler place it was old and dusty and it smelled like a animal died in here, i kept walking threw the little hall ways down there when i heard something fall, i jumped turned around and harry was behind me and he knocked over a paint bucket. i whispered madly,"harry what are you doing?!" he whispered back,"im looking for niall like you" i gestured toward the fallen paint bucket and he followed my hand then whispered,"oh you mean that, uhh accident" i nodded and said,"will you just be a little more quite" in a whispered voice. he cought up to where he was behind me our flash lights where shinning on the rusted old pealing walls. this place is so old i wouldnt be supirsed if it collapsed on all of us, we kept walking untill we got to a big metal door with a small window that had bars over them, i said,"well the is a dead end lets start going back" harry said,"wait this pad lock it looks new, its not like um rusted or anything" i turned and looked at the pad lock on the door, i picked it up in my hand and looked at it i nodded and pulled out my phone and took a picture of it, harry pulled out his walky talky and said,"uhh me and hannah found a metal door with a fresh pad lock on it?" no one answered i grabbed his walky talky and said,"hello? alex? liam? ryan? anyone?" no one answered. i said,"harry something weird is going on" he looked down the hall and it was pitch black, i felt a shiver go up my spine, im glad harry came with me because if i was alone i would probably be crying right now, all the sudeen statick started comming threw on smeones walky talky i jumped and harry took it back from me and said,"hello?" then the static went away and he said,"come on we are in the celler guys and we found something!" i said,"harry!" and snatched the walky talky back, he said,"what?" i said,"what if allie came back and got them! you just told her where we are!" harry put his hand over his mouth and said,"oh god" i nodded and said,"yeah!" and he looked back down the hall way and we both saw alight come running toward us at full speed. i screamed as they got cloaser and harry took pushed me behind him. then the light started to slow down as it got closer we saw that is was alex. i walked out from behind harry and said,"alex you scared the crap out of us!" she said,"sorry" huffing and puffing trying to regain air in her lungs, she said,"i heard you found something in the celler and when i tried to say i was coming only staic went threw" i nodded and said,"ohh okay well thats what he found" and i pointed to the nicely shinned sliver pad lock on the door. she walked over to it and held it on her hand and said,"damn thats like brand new!" i nodded and said,"i know" she stood up and shinned her light in the little door window but she couldnt see anything, harry said,"here let me see" he got his flash light and looked into the door window and he said,"umm i think its just more hallways or a ohh i see a door!" i said,"ohh whats it look like?" he said,"its small kind of like an attic door? and its wooden and it lookes new like it just got carved from a tree" i said,"umm carved from a tree?" he said,"yeah its like brown like bark" i nodded and he looked away from the door and at me. i said,"so how do we get in there?" alex said,"ummm try calling ryan" i nodded and got my walky talky and said,"ryan come in ryan we need you" he answered with,"ryan here over" i laughed and then said,"we need you in the celler now" he said,"okay on my way and ill get liam over" i luaghed again and we waited about 15 miutes before they met up with us, ryan said,"okay whats us?" i said,"do you have anything that can break a lock?" he said,"no but heres some hedge cutters that might work" and then handed them to me, i said,"umm and where did you get these?" he smiled and said,"i found them in a room i was in" i nodded and said,"umm im not gonna be able to do that" harry took them from me and said,"liam come one we got this" liam walked over to him and grabbed one handle and harry grabbed the other and they began to push in. then they snapped the lock off and it fell to the floor, harry opened the door and walked in the large room first, then me liam alex and ryan followed behind. in the floor there where chains and what looked like pills and blankets and knifs , i shuttered at the sight of the chains, we walked over to the little door, i kelt down and reached for the handle then twisted it, i said,"umm its locked, anyone got a bobby pin?" alex checked her pockets and said,"me" she handled it to me and i tuck it in the knob and started picking the lock, it took a second but i finally got it unlocked i gave the babby pin back to alex then opened the door, there where stairs from the door that led to a light at the bottom, i whispered,"okay come on" and i started walking down the steps, everyone followed behind. when we got to the bottom of the steps there was a chair sitting in the middle of the room, but no one was in it. alex ran to it and said,"theres blood on it fresh blood, niall?" we all split up looking for anything in that room that could give a clue where niall is. when liam called out,"hey" we all looked at him and he said,"i uhh found a dumb waiter or what ever" we ran to liam and he did find one, i said,"good work liam" he smiled and i got infront of him and grabbed the handle took a breath the lifted it up, and niall fell out of it. alex screamed in joy of finding him she ran to him and said,"niall niall niall baby niall" and hugged him motionless bloody body. i said,"umm is he brething?" alex looked at niall and check his pulse and said,"yes his heart is beating but he is like i dont know hes not responding?" i said,"niall!" he didnt answer, liam said,"we need to get him out of here now!" we all nodded, harry and liam grabbed niall up and we all ran up the steps, we closed the little door then walked out of the metal door room. right then niall groan and said,"alex?" in a weak lifeless helpless voice. alex ran over to him and said,"what baby what im right here" he slightly smiled and said,"i-i- knew you would find me" alex smiled and tears started coming down her face. she kissed his bloody lips and the said,"i love you" niall smiled and then his head feel forward, alex stood up and said,"okay come on" and we began to run threw the celler halls and up the steps form th celler, we got out of it and clsoed the doors back. we began walking to the entrance when i car pulled up and the head lights shinned threw the front glass doors we all ran and hide behind something. i ran what i think was the front desk and they had a cabnit on the outside, i got in the cabnit and shut the door there was a place where a peice of the cabnit in the middle was gone but it wasent a huge hole it was just about enough to see out of. i peeked out and watched where everyone else hid, ryan in behind a old display curtin, alex is in i think a barell, liam and harry put niall under some fallen book shelves which was pretty smart then liam ran and got behind the contier i was at and harry my little harry didnt know where to go so i whispered,"harry harry under here!" he spotted me and i was pointing to the cabnit next to mine, he ran opened the 2 door cabnit the closed it, i let out a breath of releafe knowing everyone is hidden well. then someone walked in, i was looking threw the hole and it was allie, she just walked threw with a flashlight and opened the celler doors and walked down i got my walky talky out and whispered,"wait 25 seconds till you run" i started counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25. then i opened my cabnit and slowly got out and everyone else started to slowly get out of there hinding spots and liam walked over to niall fast to get him. liam got niall and we all started walking out the door then we all heard her scream and then yell,"you are all dead you hear me dead!" right then everyone ran out and to the car parked down the street we all ran and ran and ran for our lives, we all finally made it to the car, harry liam and niall all jumped in the back ryan jump in over them in the very back i got in the drivers seat and alex got next to me. i locked the door and didnt turn on the car yet i was catching my breath and i said,"is niall okay?" still breathing hard. harry said,"yeah hes okay" he was breathing hard too, we all are trying to just calm down and catch our breath. when i caught mine i started to car, and pulled away from the curb. i said,"okay where do we take niall?" alex said,"home" while ryan said,"hospital" alex turned around and said,"umm why the hospital?" ryan said,"so they can treat him and make him better and i can call my dad and he can get that crazy bitch locked up in jail" alex turned back around and said,"go to the hospital" i nodded and ove to the hospital, we walked in with niall around harry and liams shoulders, a nurse noticed all of us right away and said,"oh god DOCTOR! WE NEED A DOCTOR!" a doctor came running out and so did 4 other nuses they had a bed all ready for niall. 2 nurses took niall from harry and liam and another one grabbed his feet the lifted him up and put him on the bed, they started rolling him away into the doors that above it said,"ICU Unit" alex started breathing hard and a nurse from behind the front desk said,"we are going to need some information about him" and handed alex a clip board. she sat down and started filling it out, i sat next to her and harry sat next to me, then i said,"ryan call you dad" he nodded took oout his phone and called 911. he walked away and started talking. liam was pacing back and forth one hand on his hip the other on the back of his head, harry said,"liam sit down mate its gonna be okay" liam stopped looked at him and said,"hes gonna be okay!?but harry you dont know that! the last time i was here i almost lost hannah im not losing niall!" i stood up and walked over tp him and grabbed his arm and whispered,"come on liam come on we need to talk" i walked him out side into the parking lot, i said,"liam i know your scared we all are but you do need to calm down get it together" he was pacing again and the he stopped and said,"but what if hes not okay hannah what then huh? what if he dies?" i said,"liam! dont say that! you dont know if he is so quite putting in people heads that he is!" liam said,"but what is- i interupted him and said,"liam quit thinking about the but what ifs, there not gonna get you anywhere in life! think about the nows the present! right now niall is getting taken care of by doctors!" liam nodded and said,"i know its just- he stopped he just cut himself off he turned white and he said,"hannah we need to get inside now!" and he grabbed my hand and started to pull me. i said,"liam why?" he didnt answer me he just kept pulling. we got inside and i whispered,"why did we have to come inside and why did you just freak out" he looked aorund leaned down and whispered,"allie........ shes here" i felt my heart drop all the way to the ground, i said,"here?" he nodded and i turned to alex, she was still filling out the form the i turned to harry and he was looking at the floor, probably thinking, then i looked at ryan, hes on the phone with the police still. i turned back to liam and said,"we need to get out of here" liam said,"wait no she cant do anything to us here there are people here" i nodded and said,"true but we have to warn everyone" he nodded and ran over to ryan i sat back down and then said,"harry" he looked up and said,"yeah babe?" i said,"um allies here" he sat all the way up and said,"what how did she get here?" i said,"i dont know but she is, but we have to stay here cause theres people here and she cant do anything here" he nodded and said,"okay" i turned to alex and said,"did you hear all that?" she nodded and i said,"okay good" and sat back in my chair.


next chapter will go up,, uhh sometime this week, i really need to get my posting on track. sorry! 


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