hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


13. chapter 13

authors note: hey my 68 beautiful reader!! i love you guys! sorry i havent posted in awhile, trying to get the grades up. you know how its is. anyway heres chapter 13, dang already 13 chapters. i think theres gonna be a second part, if this story reaches 200 readers i think i will write a second one, yep, ill start posting more i promise!!






harrys pov. 
we wait we wait?! how about we call her ass and get her over here! i cant just wait while hannah gose up to liams room every fucking 20 minutes to check on him and then dosent come down till 15 minutes later. i dont know if she knows this but we are kind of dating just a little, but when liam comes back in the picture shes all about liam. i mean i need to talk to her about this, i know shes stressed and shes worried but she has to remember me, cause i remember her just fine. we are all sitting in the living room waiting for allie to show up, hannah came down stairs from talking to liam and she said,'okay i have his phone so if allie tries texting or anything we know whats going on" alex said,"ohh good idea" hannah smiled and sat down in a chair. i cant be mad her not with her smile and her eyes, ohh her beautiful eyes, but i have to i have good reasons i cant just let it go, she kissed him for goodness sake she would be pissed if i kissed another girl no matter what. we where all waiting in silence, right then liams phone rang, hannah grabbed it and she read out loud,"ted" she opened it and read the rest out loud,"hey liam you holding up your not looking too good" hannah said,"why the fuck dose he care!" we all looked at her confused and she said,"long story guys" i said,"well how abbout you tell it, seems like we have enough time" hannah gave me a dirty look and then alex said,"yeah i wanna know who ted is" hannah took a breath and told us that he had been talking ot liam sence he got here hed been helping him or hurting him so we dont know if we can trust him. we all nodded after she was done telling everything. right then his phone rang again and then mine then nialls then hannahs then alexs. we alll looked around and hannah said,"okay put your phones on the table" we all walked in the kitchen and put out our phone. liams read,"allie" so did hannahs and mine, niall and alexs read a number, i said,"is it allie for all of us?" hannah shrugged and said,"okay open then in order from when they where sent so liams first then harrys then nialls then mine then alex okay?" we all nodded as hannah opened liams message, it said,"hey," she nodded and put it on the table then she grabbed mine and it said,"tell" she set it out on the table next to liams, then she grabbed nialls and it said,"liam" she put it next to mine, then picked up hers and read,"im" she put it next to nialls and read the next one and it said,"comming" then she put it next to hers, hannah said outloud,"hey,tell,liam,im,coming" i said,"so shes on her way? and she knows we are all here?" hannah sat in a chair and put her head in her hands, alex and niall looked just as confused as anyone else, i sat down in a chair a looked up at the celleing when i heard alex say,"how did she know we where here ?" i shrugged and just kept looking up thinking about how she would know, when in the the corner or the celing i saw a small red light, i said,"wait wait whats that?" and i pointed it out to everyone, alex looked up and said,"is that a camrea?" niall and hannah looked up and gasped, niall said,"get it down now!" we all ran around looking for something to climb up on but the celling is way to high, everyone was running around when i grabbed a apple and threw it at the camrea and it fell to the ground. hannah niall and alex stopped and niall said,"well that works too" i smiled and alex picked it up and put it on the table, it was a small handheld camrea , i wonder how she got it up there? right then hannah said,"is there more?!" we all looked at eachother and then ran looking for anything red or flashing i ran to my room and went threw everything i went in my closet and found a camrea i went in my bathroom found a camrea went next to my bed found a camrea, i walked out of my room with 5 camreas, i ran in zayns room, he was gone for the day probably with perrie, i found 5 more camreas in his room i ran dwon stairs and everyone put the camreas they found on the table, i started counting 10 in mine and zayns room hannah found 12 thats 22 so far i counted more at the end i got 44 camreas. i said,"shes been watching us the whole time and we didnt even know it! no telling how many she has and alex and hannahs place!" hannah said,"she couldnt have put camreas in our house" i said,"you dont know that" she said,"youve been with me the past few days and you know she couldnt have" i said,"you never know!" she rolled her eyes and alex said,"okay okay enough, fighting isnt gonna help anything okay shes coming and shes coming for liam so we need to get our shit together" i said,"i have my shit together but im not sure hannah dose" hannah looked down and alex said,"okay harry thats enough okay enough" i sat looked at hannah and said,"okay okay whatever" alex said,"okay everyone put your feelings and emotions aside we have to focus on liam and keeping him safe and just alive hes very sick so we need to focus people!" i nodded and so did hannah right then someone kocked slowly on the door. 
hannahs pov. 
we all stood up and looked at eachother when someone knocked on the door. i felt so scared i felt my heart drop i was freaking out, i looked at harry and he had a hard expression on his face but you could tell by his eyes he was teriffied. i walked over to him and grabbed his hand, he looked down at our hands and then back at me, he didnt smile at me he didnt give me a dirty look he just looked at me then looked back at the door, he kept my hand in his. alex looked at everyone and then slowly walked to the door, and said,"who is it?" they didnt answer they just kocked again. niall said,"okay alex hannah get up stairs with liam now!" we nodded and i ran half way up the stairs and i saw alex run to niall kiss him and say,"be careful" he nodded and she ran with me, i looked at harry and he still didnt have any expression on his face he just seemed cold and dark right now, not the harry i know and have grown strong feelings for. alex and i got to liams room and locked the door, i said,"who who is that?" she shrugged and said,"i dont know but i hope they are okay" i nodded and said,"me too" alex walked over to liams bed and sat on the end, i said,"we should hide!, if its allie she will know we are in here" alex said,"its not a good idea to move him in these conditions" i nodded and said,"ohh right" she said,"hannah, i know this isnt a good time but, whats with you harry and liam?" i was kind of suprised at her question, i said,"what do you mean?" she said,"i mean like you and harry you guys are a thing right?" i nodded and she said,"then why are you so focused on liam?" i said,"because hes hurt and sick and hes like dying, im sorry i havent been focused on pleaseing harry" she said,"i mean i know, everyone is worried about liam, but you are too focused on him, i mean like harrys your boyfriend and your treating him like nothing like hes not even there" i said,"what the hell alex i have been treating him like hes there!" she said,"yeah by giving him dirty looks and fighting with him? hannah i know your stressed but dont take it out on him or me because im just trying to help you save your relationship" i looked down and said,"i know i know, but alex im so confused, i love harry he has been with me through the ups and downs and i trust him so much, alex i told him what happened in high school" she gasped and said,"you did?" i nodded and said,"yeah iv never told anyone that,and liam dosent even know, but then with liam its like we faut and left things on a bad note and i never got over him ill always love liam, but then another part of me loves harry" she nodded and said,"well hannah chose the guy who makes you the better girl, and if you do finally chose the other guy has to love you enough to be happy for you and be there for you no matter what" i nodded and said,"i know alex, thanks" she nodded and we heard the door down stairs open then close, i looked at alex and she looked back at me, then we heard somethig fall or crash, we both jumped and she said,"there okay there okay" i nodded and sat down on the floor at the foot of liams bed. i said,"alex whats happening down there?" she shrugged and said,"you wanna check?" i nodded and we both got up and walked to the door, she unlocked it then put her hand on the door knob, she looked at me concerned and i slightly nodded as acceptance to open the door. she looked back down at the door knob and slowly opened it, me and her looked out, it was dead silent and everything was still, we looked at eachother then started to walk out of the room i looked down the hall to the other guys room and alex looked toward the living room and stairs, when we noticed no one was around the door, we walked out more, we walked to the railing looking out on the kitchen and living room, i saw that a vase is the thing that fell.i said,"where are they?" she shrugged and we kept looking. i said,"im going down stairs" and i started walking down the steps, when she grabbed my arm and whispered,"are you crazy?" i whispered back,"no, but im going to see whats going on so come or stay" she let me go and nodded. i continued walking down the stairs as quite as possable, i made it to the last step, i had a awful feeling like something bad happened or is going to happen. i turned the corner to the steps and walked quietly in the living room where the vase had fallen, i looked around and no one was in here, i made my way to the kitchen and looked around when i found 2 shot bottles on the ground, i knelt down and picked one up, i put my hand over my mouth and felt tears start forming in my eyes, i looked around for any sign of niall and harry but they where no where to be found, i got up and started walking back when i heard a moan somewhere from the other side of the kitchen table. i stopped in my tracks and just froze making sure i acctually heard that and i wasent just trippen, then i heard it again, i turned around and ran over to the other side of the table where i found harry laying face down on the floor, i knelt down next to his head and whispered,"harry harry can you hear me?" he groaned and i whispered,"im gonna get help okay" i stood up fast and got really scared wheres niall? is he still here? who did this? allie? if she did shes gonna pay for it! i was still by harry when i knelt down again to see if he was allergic too, he wasent he seemed fine just knocked out,so i yelled alexs name, i saw her at the railing and she said,"what?" even more scared then i was. i said,"i found harry' she said,"bring him up here and then niall" i nodded and felt my heart sink because well niall wasent here, i turned harry over on his back, he was have concsoueand half out of it. i said,"harry babe please get up baby come on please" he started working with me, he got to his knees and i threw his arm over my shoulders so i could suport him, i said,"okay babe if you can hear my we are going to liams room and we are going up stairs okay?" he nodded slightly and we began walking, we got to the step and thats when he started to struggle he tripped a few times but we finally made it up, when we got there alex came by his other side and out his other arm over her shoulder and we brought him in liams room. we set him down in a chair and alex said,"okay now lets get niall" and started walking to the door, i grabbed her arm and said,"alex" she turned around and said,"what?" i looked down and said,"nialls not- hes" and i looked down then i heard her say,"no no no NO NO!!!!" i looked up and she fell to the floor on her knees crying, i knlet down next to her and said,"alex alex im so sorry" she out her head in her hands and just cried, i put my hand on her back and said,"its okay we are gonna get him back i promise" she nodded and i said,"but for now you need to help harry please alex" she looked at me and whipped her tears and nodded, i helped her up and we walked over to harry, when we got there she said,"okay harry where did she stick you?" he reached for his sleeve and pulled it up, there was a red mark where she shot him, she nodded and said,"perfectly normal" i nodded and she got proxide cleaned it then wrapped it up i looked at the time and it was almost 8 so i walked down stairs and locked the front door and all the other doors and windows, i walked back up stairs to liams room and said,"okay we can sleep now" alex said,"okay" and walked into nialls room and shut the door, i heard her crying, i looked at harry and he started to get up, he stood up and then fell, i ran to him and barley caught him,i said,"babe let me help you" he nodded and i helped him back to his feet, i walked him out of liams room and in the hall way, he was holding my hand through the whole thing, when we finally made it to his room i opened the door then walked him to his bed. he layed down and i started walking to his door when he said,"hannah wait" i turned around and said,"what?" he said,"i-i- want you to stay please" he had a sad helpless look on his face that i couldnt say no too, i smiled and closed his door then walked over to his bed and layed down, he moved closer to me and i moved closer to him, he said,"baby im sorry for what i did today" his voice was weak and desspret. i said,"no no no im sorry harry i was being a jerk and i was too focused on liam when i should have focused on you more" when i said that he moved closer to me and put his head on my stomach and wrapped his arm around my waist, i smiled and started playing with his hair, twisting it in my fingers he moaned in happiness i smiled at him and said,"harry i would never trade you for anything and im so sorry of how i treated you, i love you and that will never change, you will always be my little harry" he looked up at me with a huge grin on his face, then he leaned up and kissed me, when he pulled away he was still smiling i smiled back and he layed back down and squeezed me tighter, i was still playing with his hair and i did untill i drifted to sleep. 
liams pov. 
i woke up still sore in my left arm, i sat up and looked around when i noticed i accutally could sit up! i looked for anyone i could share the news with but no on was there. so i looked for my phone. i coudlent find it, i wonder where it is, im really scared to try to walk, what if i fall, no i have to try. i still sitting up turned to where my legs where hanging off the bed, i put my hands next to me and kind of lifted myself up off the bed. i was standing! i smiled and then started walking to the door, my legs where sore but hey i could walk im in alot better shape then i was yesterday. i walked out my door and in the hall, i walked to the railing and looked, no one was there and a vase was knocked over, huh weird, i walked into nialls room to see if he was still asleep, i found alex, just alex, asleep in her clothes not under the covers and with tissues in her hand and around the bed. i walked out then walked in zayns room, he was gone like always, then i opened harrys door, hannah and him are cuddling on the bed under the covers, i hate seeing them together but if shes happy so am i, i guess, still wish she was with me though. i walked over to the bed, and looked at hannah, i smiled at her, shes beautiful and lovely and i love her. i walked over to harrys side and whispered,"harry harry wake up" he moved a little but didnt wake up, then i started shaking him to wake up, he finally sat up rubbed his eyes and said,"what?" in a tired voice i said,"whats going on?" he sat up and rubbed his eyes and said,"liam?" i nodded and he said,"your your walking!" i nodded and he said,"your better?!?!" i nodded again and he smiled and he turned to hannah to wake her up. he started to shake her, she sat up and said,"what harry? god" and in a sexy sleepy voice. harry said,"liam hes better and he walking and look" and he pointed to me, hannah rubbed her eyes and said,"huh liam what your better oh my god alex is a mirical worker!" i smiled at her, she got up and hugged me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and i wrapped mine around her waist, she pulled away and said,"im so glad your okay" i smiled and said,"yeah me too" harry said,"we should go wake up alex." hannah nodded and ran out the door, harry and i started walking to the door when he said,"liam uh we need to talk about something later alone okay?" nodded and said,"ohh um okay sure" and we kept walking, we made it to nialls room and hannah was on the bed with alex waking her up, alex sat up and whipped her eyes, hannah said,"look liams okay, you did it alex you did it" she gave hannah a slight smile but then it went away,she looked puzzled and lost then she started crying, hannah hugged her and said,"shhh shh i know alex its okay" i looked at harry and whispered,"what happened?" harry looked down and whispered,"niall he umm hes gone" i felt my heart sink hes like my brother, i said,"what do you mean gone?" harry closed his eyes then looked at me and said,"i mean hes gone, we dont know where he is allie took him" i felt my knees get weak untill i feel to them, i started breathing hard and just freaking out, harry knelt down and said,"liam liam its okay"i nodded and said,"where where is he we have to find him" harry said,"i know i know and we are its okay liam we are all freaking out" i nodded and he helped me up, hannah was still comforting alex. hannah turned to us and gave harry a despreat look, he then walked over to hannah and alex and said,"alex alex hey" in a caring voice. she looked up with a tear stained face and he said,"we are going to find him, but we can only find him if you help we cant do this with out you" she nodded and whipped her tears, hannah helped her off the bed and for her to stand up. alex fixed her shirt and then looked up and said,"first we need to know what happened so harry its timed to get interagated" we all looked at harry and he nodded. we started walking down stairs and into the kitchen, harry sat down at the kitchen table and we all stood around him. alex said,"okay harry when me and hannah first went up stairs what happened?" he looked down then at alex and said,"niall asked who it was again they still didnt answer so he walked over to the door, and then it opened before he could get to the door knob, it flung open and allie walked in" alex nodded. then hannah said,"what happened after that babe?" he looked at her and said,"she walked in and looked at me and niall, i asked her what she was doing here and she said she was here for liam niall said well your gonna have to go through us i nodded and she smiled then started to run, to stop her niall grabbed her and she pushed him into the vase which is why it fell then she stabbed him with that shot or what ever in the neck, she got half way up the steps when i grabbed her ankel and pulled her back down, when i saw niall i kind of lost it, i pushed her up against the wall down stairs and said what do you want with liam and she just laughed in my face" hannah nodded and then alex said,"what happened next?" harry looked down and then alex looked at him and all the sudden she slammed her fist on the table and yelled,"what happened harry!" hannah stood up and said,"alex thats enough" alex sa+id,"no theres something hes not telling us!" hannah walked over behind harry and put her hand on his shoulder, alex started yelling again,"harry say it!!" hannah leaned down and whispered,"just tell what happened babe" he still looked down but he began talking he said,"she she laughed and said that i was sexy when im mad, she laughed again and said harry go ahead you know you want to kiss me i shook my head and said no i dont now what the hell do you want with liam she laughed and said how about yoou shut up and just fuck me instead, i threw her to the floor and she just laughed i turned around and started pacing then i turned back around and she was stand up and then she ran to me and started making out with me, i tried pushing her off but i couldnt feel my arms anymore then i relized i had something in my arm i looked over and she injected me with something" alex nodded and said,"then what?" he took a breath and said,"then she stopped kissing me and i fell on my back to the floor i was half awake and i said dont take liam please dont he never did anything to you leave us alone she looked at me and said who do you want me to take then huh you want me to take niall instead?" i looked at alex and she looked pissed he continued and said,"i looked over at him and then she laughed and said okay looks like you made your decision and then she laughed and walked over to niall and everything went away then i woke up to hannah getting me up from behind the table" alex looked dead in his eyes and yelled,"you gave up niall!!" her hands where in fists, then she ran around the table and started hitting him, she pushed him out of his chair then up against the fridge then she slapped him in the face then started beating o his chest, hannah ran to her and started yelling,"get off of him alex stop!" i ran over there to and grabbed alex and pulled her away from him, she started yelling again,"FUCK YOU HARRY FUCK YOU! YOUR SUCH A ASS HOLE I HATE YOU, YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN TAKEN IT WOULD HAVE MADE HANANHS LIFE A LOT EASIER NO ONE WOULD HAVE MISSED YOU! YOUR WORTHLESS AND STUPIED I HOPE SHE COMES BACK AND FUCKING KILLS YOU" i couldnt believe she said that i looked over at hannah and harry and harry looked like he just wanted to die he looked like he hated himself, his eyes started to fill with tears , as i took alex up stairs to calm her down. 


did alex snap or nahh?? ....poor alex tho!!


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