hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


11. chapter 11

authors note: nhey sorry havent posted in awhile, well here you go really sorry its short, but i love my 49 readers you guys are the best!i havent had to go to school monday or tuesday! cause of 'snow' but im not complanning! love you guys keep reading, hope you like it!!








harrys pov. 
i looked over at the door and hannah let out a little scream, i said,"hannah its just the door its okay" she shook her head and i said,"ill get it" she shook her head again and i stood up and started walking to the door. when i opened it there was a small box sitting there. i looked around and no one was there i picked it up and closed the door i put it on the table and said,"hannah??" she looked over at me and said,"who was it?" i said,"more like what is it" she got up and walked over to me and looked at the box. she said,"what is that?" i shrugged and said,"its adressed to you" she nodded and i handed her the box. she sat down at the table and started to open the brown tapped box inside was a bnch of tissue paper and a card. she took the card and i walked over and stood behind her and leaned down. she opened the envolpoe and took out the card, it was solid white on the outside,then she opened it and it said," dont be stupid,dump the curls,remember im always watching,cant wait to see you, love me" i looked at hannah and said,"dump the curls? cant wait to see you? do you know this guy?" she shook her head and put down the card. she removed some tissue paper and gasped and covered her mouth, i said,"what?" she walked away and then said,"look in the fucking box!" i walked over and inside was a bunch of pictures. i grabbed some and started looking through them it was pictures of her at the mall here and the beach with me with liam with niall and alex, then at the bottom there was something else,it was a dead rose and a note tapped on it that said,"11 more to go" hannah walked over to me and moved my hand to wear she could read it to, i then put the rose down and looked at everything, the brown box the pink tissue paper the black and white pictures the solid white card and the dead rose. i said,"umm hannah what the hell" she was pacing back and forth with her hnad on her head i said,"hannah" she stopped and said,"i dont know harold" i said,"okay okay, babe calm down breath" she took a deep breath and said,"okay im sorry harry i just dont know whats been going on and im really getting freaked out" i said,"i know love, but yelling aat me isnt going to solve anything" she nodded and looked down, i said,"hey its okay" she looked up and nodded i looked at everything again and started to put it all back in the box. hannah watched me as i closed the box walked over to the trash can and threw all of it away. i said,"there it never happened" she looked at the trash can then at me and said,"but harry" i said,"no hannah dont harry me" she walked over to me and said,"harry" again i said,"hannah stop it" she walked right infront of me and said,"harry" one more time, i looked down into her eyes and said,"what?" she smiled and said,"i love you" when thoughs word came out of her mouth i felt my heart skip a beat i felt butterflys in my stomach i felt like everything went still and we where the only two people in the world. i said,"i-i- love you too" she smiled and hugged me i hugged her back with my arms wrapped around her waist and hers where wrapped around my neck. when we let go i kissed her and she kissed back with her hands on the back of my neck still. when we pulled away she was smiling i smiled back and she said,"stay with me tonight?" i nodded and she walked to the living room to do something. i turned and looked at the trash can, thinking was that the right thing to do? i pushed it out of my thoughts and walked in the living room with hannah. we both sat on the couch and we watched tv, she was snuggled up against my side and my right arm is wrapped around her,and im playing with her hair. in my left hand im on my phone, i got on twitter and am going through my feed i see tweets from liam one said,"worst night ever" which was last night.then i saw that hannah tweeted yesterday it said,"hate tonight" i guess everyone hated last night. i got off twitter and went through my pictures, i went to the one with hannah on my back, i smiled at myself, she just dosent even know how happy she makes me. i got on instagram and posted that picture with the caption ,"probably the best part about that whole night and tagged hannah" her phone lit up but she didnt looke at it so i looked over at her face a little and she was asleep. i laughed and got to my camrea and held it out i did my big weird smile and took a picture of us. i pulled back my phone and looked at it, i laughed at my self. i moved her to wear she was laying on the couch and i walked in the kitchen and went to the trash can and opened it i took a deep breath and got out the box i sat at the kitchen table and opened it up and went through everything. i layed out the note the rose then all the pictures there was like 100 of them and then i layed out the box. i looked at all the pictures and i fliped one over to see if there was a labe or anything and there was a red mark on it. i strated to turn over all of them and they all had some sort of red line or mark on them. i thought and then started to match them, they spelled out a word or group or words i just have to put them in the right order. i started with the blank one and put it in the top left corner, i turned it over and the picture was from the airport when i was talking to hannah, i turned over another one and it was when hannah and me where in the ocean, wait wait do these pictures go in order to when they where taken? lets find out i turned them all over the picture facing up, good thing the date and time where labeled on these, i started putting them in order from date and time, i got 3 rows done and i turned a few over and it looked like it was working, so i kept going, i counted while i was doing this and there are 134 pictures of her or liam or me and alex just who ever she was with. i started to dlip them all over to see what the back spelled it took me what seemed like the whole fucking night to flip them over, but i finally got finished and i took a step back and looked at it, the pictures spelled ,"im coming" i took a breath and i started to feel light headed, i kept backing up untill i ran into the fridge, i slid down it and put my hand over my mouth and my eyes got wide, whos coming? when are they coming? what am i gonna do about it? i took another breath and stood back up, i walked back to the table pulled out my phone and took a picture of it. then i scrabbled all of them and just ripped as many as i could. i took the box about to put the peices of the pictures in there when i saw something black written under the tissue paper, i hesitated then ripped it out of the box, written at the bottom was,"leave her harry" i closed my eyes and my heart broke, i was hoping this wouldnt happen,i was praying that they wouldnt say anything about me leaving her. i-i cant i cant leave her i wont leave her , me leaveing her would hurt her more then anything. i took the box and ripped it and threw it in the trash can,then grabbed the trash and slid all the ripped pecies of the pictures in it, i took the card and put it in the trash then i picked up the rose and looked at it.i closed my eyes and started to cry, i know i have to leave her for her to be safe. i put the rose in the trash and thought about what it said when you unwrapped the note on it i thought about the words,"leave her and ill leave her" i cant do this. i sat at the table and looked at my phone thinking when i started drifting to sleep at 3 am. 
liams pov. 
i opened my eyes to find allie laying next to me, i rubbed my eyes to make sure i wasent trippen but there she was. i sat up and yawned i dont rememeber anything from the night i came home from hannahs after we had that fight, after that nothing i dont remember anything. i wonder why? and why is allie laying in my bed NAKED!!!! ahhhh what the hell is going on!! i got up fast and then i noticed i wasent wearing any clothes! i ran to my suit case and got underwear and put them on. ohh my god wheres hannah why was i naked with allie in bed, and why dose my head hurt so much? i grabbed my phone and looked at the time its 5am i woke up really early. i grabbed sweat pants put them on then walked out of my room, i walked into nialls room, and him and alex are asleep in his bed. i closed his door then went to zayns room and hes past out in his bed, i walked into louis room and he wasent there hes probably with eleanor. i walked in harrys room and he wasent there, where could he be at 5 in the morning where would he be? i just forgot about it then walked down stairs and to the kitchen i got a granola bar and ate it i sat at the table and got on my phone, i got on twitter and apparently iv been tweeting, to bad i dont remember anything! hannah tweeted,"hate tonight" i wonder what happened? i should text her, i mean just because we broke up dosent mean we cant be cool right? i hope so, i went to my messages and pressed her name,"babe" which probably needs to change now, i texted her,"hey um you okay?" i hope she answers because im not gonna lie i still love her i mean yeah we got in a fight but thats nothing we cant bounce back from right? i pray she still loves me and still wants me i know i was a douche and a complete fucking ass hole but what do you expect, i freaked out because she kissed niall. but wait why is allie here what is the whole allie situation about? i need answers and i dont know who to get them from. ill get them from hannah, i trust her the most right now. she replyed i opened it and she said,"liam its 5 in the morning why are you awake?" i smiled i just remembered how much she loves to sleep, i answered,"im not sure, i just kind of woke up is that weird?" she replyed instantly and said,"yeah a little bit" i laughed and replyed,"lol stuff happens, but i need to talk to you" she answered,"um about what?" i texted,"about umm its a long story" she replyed ,"well i mean you woke me up so i guess iv got time" i laughed again and said,"okay well i dont remember anything from like the night we broke up, like i remember i went to sleep but after that i dont remember anything else that happened in like 3 days" she read it and waited like 5 minutes to reply back with,"wow umm well since then you and allie has had sex lord knows how man times" i was shocked i didnt even remember talking to her. i said,"what?!?! i dont remember that!!! hannah we really need to talk!" she replyed,"well i mean i guess you could come over and we could explain everything" what did she mean by "we" probably her and alex when alex gose home, i repleyed,"okay when do i come over?" she said,"ummm anytime i guess" i said,"okay ill come now" she replyed,"umm okayy" i ran up stairs and opened my door quietly , allie was still passed out, i walked to my closet and got out jeans and a batman shirt i went in my bathroom put my clothes on , brushed my teeth, did my hair,and shaved a little. i walked out of my bathroom and quietly left my room. i walked down stairs then out of the house i walked down the steps and put on my convers, i walked over to hannah and alexs flat,when i got there it was about 6 , i knocked on the door and heard someone run to it, the door opens and theres a tired hannah standing there, i smile at her and she smiles back shes wearing like hot pink and white running shorts and a white air brush shirt the said hannah and alex gatlinburg spring 2012.she opened the door all the way and said,"um come on in" shes so country its unbelieveable, she walked to the kitchen table and sat down, i sat down next to her and i said ,"um you look good" she smiled and said,"thanks you too, soo what questions did you have?" i said,"ohhh yeah umm okay so me and allie are like a thing?" she nodded and said,"umm yeah as far as everyone knows you guys sure act like it" i said,"but i dont remember asking her out? i dont even remember talking to her" hannah looked at me confused and said,"really??" i nodded and said,"yeah, and has anything weird happened you know like ted or that girl that called you?" she looked down and said,"yeah" then got up and walked to the trash can. she opened it and looked shocked she pulled out a torn box and torn pecies of what looked like paper or maybe pictures, then she pulled out a dead rose and a card she put these all on the table. i said,"umm whats this?" she mumbled something to herself ,"harry" i said,"what?" she shook her head and said,"i got a package and a bunch of pictures of me and you and harry and alex and niall where in there and a dead rose and a creepy note" i nodded and said,"ohh really? lets see the note" she held the card in her hand and said,"ummm it says like im watching you and stuff" i nodded and said,"well is there a return adress?" i picked up the box and looked at the adress, nope none i said,"well that dosent make me feel like your going to die anytime soon" she smilied at my comment and i said,"theres something else we need to talk about babe something important" she nodded and i said,"okay well" i started to think of how to tell her im sorry for snapping on her and i still love her, but i dont know how. right then i heard someone over on the couch move then moan and say,"babe you have any pain killers?" i looked over on the couch and someone was laying down i looked back at hannah and she said,"hold that thought" she walked in the living room and knelt down next to the couch and started talking quitely, started walking over to her and then all the sudden someone with curly hair sat up and then stood up. i looked at harry as he walk behind hannah to the kitchen, his head was hanging down and both his hands where on hannahs waist, he walked right past me not saying anything, when he got to the kitchen he looked up and said,"ohh liam, heyy mate" and he got up walked over to me and hugged me, i hugged him back and said,"hey mate whats wrong with you?" he smiled and said,"i got my butt beat by truckers" and then he lifted up his shirt revealing a huge bruise and a big bandage. i said,"holy shit have you gone to the docter?" he shook his head and i said,"well you might want to" he nodded then sat back at the kitchen table hannah was on her tipy toes in the med cabnet looking for something for harry, i said,"so harry what are you doing here at almost 7?" he looked up and said,"ohh um i stayed here all night mate" i nodded and said,"ohh you did?" he nodded and hannah came up to him with a small blue pill and a cup of water. harry swollowed it and then looked up at hannah and said,"thanks babe" she looked down at him and he stuck out his lips and she gave him a peck on the lips and then they smiled at eachother, harry then got up and said,"well im gonna go to bed, ill be home probably later today liam" i nodded and he started walking up stairs then he called,"hey hanno come up here when your done talking to liam" she yelled ,"okay harold" and he went up to her room. i looked down and she said,"so what did you need to talk to me about?" i looked up and said,"ohh nothing it can wait" she nodded and i said,"well ill see you around" and then i walked to the door and walked out, when i shut the door i felt like someone just took a knife and stabbed me in the heart 78 times. harry is dating hannah now, and im with allie and i dont even like allie like that, im gonna have to break up with he when she wakes up thats not going to be fun,but im still in love with hannah and i want her to know so bad. i walked down the steps of the the house, and started walking back home, when i get a text from allie? it says,"where the hell are you?" umm what the fuck is this? i repyed,"ummm walking home" she answered instantly,"well get your fucking ass home now" um okay what the hell is going on dose she always talk to me like this? why am i with her? i got to the house and walked in i shut the door and i see allie standing in the kitchen with her arms crossed, i said,"um hi?" she said,"where the fuck where you?" i said,"umm dose it matter?" she said,"hell yeah it fucking matters ass hole" i said,"dont talk to me like that!, i didnt do anything to you!" she started yelling,"fucker you left at what like 5 am and you expect me not to fucking care damn you liam just fucking wow your so fucking selfish no wonder hannah didnt want you anymore!" i couldnt hold it in anymore i yelled,"really?!?! really?!?! im fucking selfish i dont remember anything from like 3 day and im selfish i didnt even know we where dating till this morning and i dont want to date you i dont like you that way so get the fuck out of my house!" i started breathing hard and she just staired at me and then she started to laugh, i looked at her confused and said,"why are you luaghing?" she walked over to me and said,"because you fucking think your gonna get rid of me that easliy?" i have no idea what she is talking about when all the sudden i feel a sharp pain in my left arm, i look over and she stuck a shot in my arm she started to back up and smile, then all the sudden a high pitched ring went in my ears as i pulled out the shot, i threw it to the side and i started to loose feeling in my legs and i feel to my knees and then everything went black.



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