hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


10. chapter 10

authors note: so sorry i didnt post yesterday i had to clean my room and other stuff so really sorry.i love my 42 readers tho you guys are amazing!! the story is goin by really fast so in thinking about chnaging the post dates to like idk 1 chapter every week like do one every monday or friday, somethin like that but idk.hope you like this chapter wow 10 already!! you kinda get hannahs story in this one sooo yeah :) enjoy! 






harrys pov.

we just got to the first hole, and liam went up first while liam was putting i got on my phone and got on twitter. i tweeted,"intresting night so far" and tagged hannah. her phone vibrated she took it out and then read it then looked at me and smiled i shrugged and smiled back.allie putted next and didnt make it the first time. the place was outside and kind of open.i dont think anyone was having fun, i walked over to hannah and said,"this place sucks its not fun at all" she nodded and said,"i know right!" i said,"yeah can we bail?" she looked at allie and liam and nodded then said,"yeah" and smiled. me and her walked over to them and i said,"hey sorry we have to leave" allie said,"why?!?!" hannah said,"umm theres a emergancy" allie said,"ohh really and what is that?" i said,"um im starting to hurt" allie looked at me weird and hannah said,"yeah thats right harry got hurt yesterday and he really needs to rest now" allie nodded and said,"oh really? and how did he get hurt?" i looked at hannah and she said,"he fell down the stairs" i looked at her shocked and nodded then said,"uhh yeah sure thats what happened" allie said,"well you where fine picking her up- hannah cut her off and said,"look we are leaving so why dont you and liam go get another hotel room and have sex again okay okay bye" and she grabbed my arm and we started walking out. we got to the exit and walked out i said,"haanh i cant believe you said that" and she said,"yeah same" i said,"good job" and high fived her. she laughed and said,"so do you want to go home?" i shook my head and said,"hell no we are going to have some fun on our own lets go get the car and go to a club that okay with you?" she nodded and i said,"great"and we started walking back to the restraunt where the car was.when we got ther we got in i pulled out of the parking lot and started driving looking for a club. hannah turned on the radio and miss movin on by fifth harmony came on, hannah started to sing and just jam out to the song i laughed at her and she laughed at her self then i started to join her and we started to have so much fun singing to eachother then i stopped and really listened to her, then i turned down the music and said,"hannah you can sing" she stopped looked at me then said,"yeah no i cant" i said,"yeah you can" she said,"i mean niall got me and ryan a demo to send to you guys record lable but no one has contacted me or you guys" i nodded and said,"ryan? he can sing?" she said,"yeah" and i said,"wait didnt he beat you?" she said,"yeah" quietly i said,"yep never liked him" she giggled and said,"yeah wait theres a club!" i pulled in the parking lot and we got outwe walked to the club entrance and they let us in. we walked througth the doors and onto the dance floor, the club was dark and flashing lights are going off and people with glow sticks are everywhere and theres a giant bar in the back. me and hannah went on the dance floor and started to dance girls came by trying to twerk on me but when ever they did hannah would come up to me and start making out with me untilol they left. i kind of just wanted a girl to keep trying so hanah would keep kissing me, i pulled out my phone to see what time it was i knew me and her have been here for awhile but when i looked at my phone it was already 2 a.m. i went up to hannah and yelled,"we should get going" she nodded and yelled,"yeah" over the music i grabed her hand and we walked out of the club, and to the car when we got to the car hanah said,"wait wheres my purse?" i said,"ill go get it" she nodded and i ran inside and had to get through all the people dance to where we where at, it took me like 10 minutes to get there i found her purse grabbed it then started to make my way back, when i walked through people asked for pictures and autographs so i took some pictures and stuff, that all took me about 20 minutes. when i finally got out of the club i saw like 5 guys around hannah, i was confused at first then i saw one push her up aginst the brick wall we where parked next to, then his hand went down to her butt then it started to go inward, and all the other guys started to walk to them. i started to run over to her, i was about 10 feet from the guys and i heard hannah say,"get off of me" and it sounded like she was crying, i got all the way to them and grabbed the guys shoulder who was touching her he turned around and i punch him in the face, he fell to his knees and his friends huddeled around him to help him up and i walked over to hannah and said,"are you okay? did they touch you?" she just was cryinf and shaking. i turned around and the guy was up and his friends where next to him, and he said,"hey that wasent very nice" i said,"neither was you touching my girlfriend" he rolled his eyes and said,"dude we where just having fun" i said,"dont you ever fucking touch her again or any girl unless you want to get the shit beat out of you next time, you got that fucker!" he said,"eww im so scared of a little british boy" i got close to him and grabbed the collar of his shirt and said,"you fucking should be because this little british boy can beat the fucking shit out of you now fucking touch her again and ill fuck you up now get lost ass holes" and i let go of his shirt and then they all walked away slowly but the backed off. when they left i ran over to hannah who was sitting on the ground up against the wall, i knelt down and said,"are you okay babe?" she was just crying she didnt say anything and i said,"there gone and there not coming back your fine i promise" she shook her head and said,"no they will never go away" still crying i said,"hannah look they are gone right now" she shook her head again and i said,"come on we need to get you home" i grabbed her hands and pulled her up and lead her to the passenger side of the car i put her in and shut the door, then i walked over to the drivers side got in and then started the car, i looked over at her and her knees where up to her chest and her arms are wrapped around her cafs and her face was inbetween her knees.i pulled out of the parking lot and started to drive to mine and the guys house. i heard her start to cry again, i didnt know what to do because she was just crying and she wasent makinf sence to me what did she mean by they will never go away. i dont like seeing her cry, i hate her being upset honestly i didnt know she would still be torn up about it. i said,"hannah babe please tell me what i can do to help" she lifted her head and turned her tear stained face to me and said,"theres nothing you can do" and then she put her face back down. her words killed me inside i hate seeing her like this shes all torn up and i dont even know why and its killing me. we finally made it to the house i got out of thecar then walked over to hanah side, i opened the door and said,"hannah please" she kind of stopped crying since i talked to her and she picked her head up and got out of the car, i shut the door and said,"hannah please tell me wha, what um what happened" she squeezed her eyes tight and her chin began to quiver and she said,"harry" in a quite voice. i said,"no hannah please dont harry me why wont you tell me what happened? just tell me please" she looked down and said,"harry" again in a quite voice. i said,"hannah" and walked up to her and grabbed her arms she looked up at me her chin still quivering as she was trying not to cry i continued and said,"please please babe tell me what happened please i hate seeinf you cry like this and me not even knowing what happened or how to help please tell me!" she closed her eyes tight then walked away from my grip on her arms she started to walk to the door then she stopped and then yelled,"i was raped in high school!" and turned around to face me with tears rolling down her brain went blank i didnt see that coming i didnt know how to even respond to that i cant even believe the words that just came out of her mouth, i am completly stund, i just looked at her and she started to cry and cry even more. i ran to her and hugged her and she cried in my arms then i pulled away from her and her hands went down to my middle back and i put my hands on her cheeks and i felt tears feel up my eyes and them start to come down my face, i followed her eyes watching the tears roll down my face then i just leaned in and kissed her with so much passion the most passion i have ever put in a kiss and she kissed back with just as much. i pulled away slightly with my eyes still closed, her and i where breathing hard, i said,"i promise nothing will ever happen to you like that again ever as long as im with you" she looked down and i opened my eyes and pulled away to where i could see her whole face and i said,"okay?" and she said,"harry dont make promises you cant keep" and then let go of me and walked to the step that led up to the front door. i stood there for a second and then followed behind her, she had walked up the steps and in the house i did the same and then shut the door behind me, she waited for me in the kitchen area, i walked over to her and whispred,"i can keep that promise" and then leand away from her and walked to the stairs and walked up them and she followed behind me to my room, i walked in and so did she, she closed the door behind her and then sat on my bed, i walked to my closet took off my blazer and shoes and socks then walked out to my bathroom, i cant help but think about what happened to her like how did it happen? where did it happen? who did it? i am kind of afraid to ask her anything abut it because i dont want to upset her talking about it. i looked in the mirror at my face and at the now healing cut, i took off my shirt and looked at the bruise and i looked at the bandage. i pulled a corner slightly to try and take it off it hurts so much, i took a breath and ripped the whole thing off i gasped at the pain, i looked in the mirror and saw a huge cut that was not healing not even close to.its burning and red around the cut and the middle is like a black i hate this i grabbed the bandage and put it back on. i took a breath and walked out of the bathroom, hannah was still sitting on the bed in the exact same place, i walked over to her a knelt down infront of her. she looked at me and said,"your the first person i have ever told that too"i started crying at her words and that she told me that, i said,"really?" she nodded and said,"i never even told my mom, alex had too" i looked down and let out several tears. when i heard her say,"i didnt even tell liam" i looked up and said,"what?" she shook her head and said,"nope i didnt" she looked down at my knees then my stomach and said,"enough about me i mean you know everything now,so lets focus on your cut" she took my hands and we both stood up, she walked me over to the right sside of the bed and laid me down. she pulled off the bandage gental so it didnt hurt i watched her as she cleaned it her hands being as light and as gental as possible. after all thats happened to her shes been raped,beaten,whats next a desies or memory loss? im brokn by her she stole everything from me she stole my heart my feelings my emotions and im just fine with that. id do anything for her and to make sure nothing else bad ever happens to her,shes going to be okay from now on i promise my self that i am going to keep her safe i dont care what opsticals i have to face ill do it.she applied another bandage and then said,"okay i think you will be good" i nodded and she stood up and started to walk to my door. i shot up and said,"wait where are you going?" she turned around and said,"i dont know yet" i walked over to her and said,"please dont go" she said,"why?" i walked even closer to her and said,"because, hannah i just i dont want you to be alone tonight" she said,"why?" again and i said,"just because just please dont leave me"she nodded and said,"okay okay" and walked past me to my bed. im really scared to try to kiss her now, or hug her or even touch her. i turned around and watcher her take off her shoes and start to take off her shirt, i felt so it just it felt wrong i walked in the bathroom and shut the door untill she was done. i didnt know what to do i dont know what to think im so lost right now. i sat on the floor and grabbed my knees i started thinking and thinking about hannah and what happened to her, im the only one she has ever told she really trust me. i cant believe that happened to her and she doesent even know who did it really. just wow. the more i think about it the worst i feel,so when we where on my bed about to have sex apparently after i got beat up, she was remebering what happened to her she was rememebring what they did and how they touched her and just everything that happened, and i i didnt even know, damn, i thought she just wasent ready for it like she wasent ready to do it just yet. but no she was just scared, right then hannah knocked on my door and said,"hey, umm harry? um what are you doing?" i stood up and walked to the door i opened it all the way and saw her standing there with one of my white t-shirts on and underwear, she looked up at me and said,"you okay?" i nodded and said,"yeah umm just fine" she nodded and said,"so why where you in the bathroom?" i said,"umm want to give you some privacy thats all" she nodded again and said,"ohh" i nodded back and walked past her to my bed i sat on it and plugged up my phone. she then walked over to the light switch and turned it offand started walking back, then she turned on a lamp. she layed down and said,"harry arnt you gonna get ready for bed? you know change clothes" i turned and looked at her and said,"umm no im wearing this" she nodded and with a confused look said,"okay?" i nodded back at her and layed down too, then she reached over and turned off the lamp and it was pitch back. all the sudden i felt a head on my shoulder then a leg get wrapped around one of mine, then a arm came across my chest and held me close. i know im suppose to like this, and i do a lot, but i just it feels weird i feel like i cant be i dont know like sexually attracted to her anymore because its like wrong. so i did what i thought was best i waited till she was asleep then i turned over and moved away from her. i honestly hate doing this it sucks because i love cuddeling with her, but i just think its wrong. after thinking alot i finally started to drift asleep.

hannahs pov.

when i woke up harry wasent next to me, i looked around and i found a note on the nightstand that said,"hey love, so your awake now! yay!! go down stairs eat some food then come meet me at the food court at the mall! we need to talk about you and me but mostly you, i have a lot of questions babe so ill see you soon, love harry" i wander what hes gonna ask me, i got up put on my shorts i had on from last night grabbed my bag then walked back to mine and alexs house. when i got there i opened the door and alex and niall are making out on the couch i dont even think they noticed me. i shut the door and walked right up stairs them not even looking up once! i knid of laughed when i closed my bed room door. i walked in my bathroom took a quick shower then did my make up brushed my teeth then walked to my suuit case and got out a pinkish orangeish dress that had floral at the top and then at the waist it went into see through with a pinkish oragneish slip under it and it stopped at about my knees. i put it on and then threw on a creamed color cardian, then i sliped on cream colored flats. i walked in the bathroom and straightened my hair. when i got done with all that i grabbed my bag and phone then walked down stairs, alex and niall still making out on the couch, and still didnt notice me. i walked out of the house and started walking down the sidewalk. when this group of girls came up to me and nervously said,"h-h-h-hi a-are y-you ummm h-hannah?" i nodded smiled and said,"yes?" they all looked at eachother and gave one another big smiles then one with black hair said,"c-can we get umm a picture?" i was confused and said,"um why?" the red head said,"because your dating harry and liam beat up for not having sex with him, hannah you are my idol" i felt my mouth drop then i said,"umm im so thankful im your idol honey but liam payne did not beat me, i fall alot im very um clumsey he would never touch me like that" the girls mouth all opened and said,"really?!?!" i nodded and said,"yes" the girls all nodded and then said,"well can we still get a picture?" i nodded and said,"sure" the red head smiled big and then ran next to me , she was almost taller then me, the blonde took the picture, i took a picture with all 5 of the girls and they all told me to tell who ever there avorite was that they love them and they never want them to change. i smiled at them and then they left, i kept walking when i finally made it to the mall. i walked in and made my way to the food court getting stopped by a few girls asking for a picture. it is so weird to me take pictures with people i have never met before.i finally got there where i found a fresh faced harry sitting down in the corner of the food court in a booth, wearing a blueish white button up pretty much half buttened and black jeans and convers. i just stood there stareing at him, just now relizing that me and alex have met one direction and we are dating one of them and im about to meet up with harry fucking styles because he wants to talk about "us". i noticed he spotted me, because he is looking straight into my eyes and smiled, he started to get up and we walked to eachother so we kind of met in the middle. he hugged me with his arms around my neck and mine around his back. he said while we where hugging,"hey babe you look beautiful" i smiled at his comment. when we let go he is smiling at me looking into my eyes very intamently i would give anything to know what hes thinking,what he thinks about me, and what he just thinks about everything. he grabbed my hand and intertwind our finger and he started to walk me over to the table he was sitting at. i looked up at him while we where walking, i looked at the slight smile on his face, his perfect jaw line, and just him, everyhting seemed like it was going in slow motion now, i dont know whats happening to me. then he looked down at me and smiled i smiled back and he let go of my hand and i snapped out of my gaze or what ever i was doing. he pulled out my chair and i sat down, then he walked over to the oppisite side of me to where he was sitting. he said,"you got my note" i smiled and said,"yes i did" he smiled back and said,"so you know i wanted to talk to you right?" i nodded and then he looked down. i said,"um what did you want to talk about?" he was still looking down and he said,"please dont get mad okay im just asking questions" he looked back up with a concered look on his face. i nodded and said,"okay i promise harry" he nodded and took a breath then said,"okay umm about what you told me last night" right then i knew where this was going i knew he was about to ask me questions about it. he continued and said,"hannah you told me you where raped, umm" when he said raped his voice got lower and i could tell he wasent comfortable with that word, but he still continued and said,"babe i just want to know how it happened" i looked down and took a deep breath then looked back up. i nodded and said,"okay" very quietly. i continued and said,"it was my JR year in high school and me and alex where suppose to go to a senior party but she didnt want to go so i went alone, it was so much fun everyone drinking having a good time, when these well drunk football player came up to me and asked me to go in the back bedroom because they had to tell me something to tell alex" harry nodded and i continued,"so i went back with them, then one of them shut the door and locked it then another one turned off the light i couldnt see anything all the sudden someone tied something around my mouth so i coudlnt talk i couldnt scream i couldnt cry for help, then i got thrown onto what i know was a bed, i was tarrified i didnt know what was going on, then someone started touching me, someone touched my arm, i slapped it and fought back then i felt people start to grab my arms the somehting got tied around them and i got tied to something eles, so i couldnt move my arms at this ponit i was in tears crying and crying wishing i would have never gone. then i felt someone start to touch my leg the i started kicking and kicking then i aventually got my legs tired down and spred apart, i had no idea what was coming what was gonna happen, then all the sudden i felt something go inside of me, i screamed in pain, it hurt and hurt then i felt my shirt getting pulled at then it got ripped off then my bra was off my skirt was lifted up over my stomach and my underwear was just gone. then the lights got turned back on and i saw 8.....8 foot ball players all naked jacking off just fucking waiting there turn" harrys eyes where wide and his face was blank i said,"and thats all i remeber just next thing i know im in the hospital" harry nodded and said," im so sorry i cant believe you had to go threw that" i nodded and said,"thank you harry" i took a deep breath because i knew i was about to cry.when all the sudden harry gets out and steps infront of my chair and makes me stand up and hugs me he whispered,"dont cry baby your fine now i know it hurts but it made you so strong and its going to be okay now because nothing like that is ever going to happen to you again" i nodded in his arms and he said,"okay" in a quite voice and then said,"come on lets get out of here" i nodded and he took up my hand in his, intertwind our fingers and we started walking threw the mall. people where stopping us asking for pictures autographes it was probably the best day ever. it was almost an houur later since we talked in the food court, we are in the hollister store when he said,"um hannah i have something planned tonight okay so yeah um dont make plans babe." i nodded and said,"umm okay but what is it?" he smiled and said,"your just gonna have to find out" i said,"come on harold tell me" and walked up to him and wrapped my hands around his neck, his hands went to my waist and he said,"no hannah its a suprise" i rolled my eyes and said,"fine" and walked away from him. he walked after me and said,"where are you going?" i said,"im gonna find out what the suprise is" he laughed and cought up with me and said,"babe your not gonna find out" i rolled my eyes again and said,"we will see" we walked out of the mall and we are walking down the side walk just talking when a few pop comes up to us and starts taking pictures. i looked at harry and he looks super annoyed he said,"mate come on leave us alone please" then one of them said,"hannah did liam really beat you?" i said,"what no!" more flashes then another question,"harry have you fucked her yet? when is the next girl toy gonna come along?" that set harry off he took the guys camera and threw it then started yelling at him,"GIRL TOY?! I DONT HAVE GIRL TOYS FUCKER! HANNAH IS NOT A GIRL TOY SHES A FUCKING WOMEN AND KEEP HER NAME OUT OF YOUR DIRTY FUCKING MOUTH!" I got infront of harry and said,"babe calm down its okay come on lets just go hes not worth it okay come on, harry........" he didnt answer me he was just stareing at the pop and so i said his name again this time louder. he slowly looked down at me and i said,"come on babe lets go hes not worth it" he nodded slightly and i grabbed his hand and pulled him away i could see flashes happaning in the back round, i knew someting was about to be in the media about this. when i felt like harry was good and calmed down i turned around and stoped then just looked at him. he looked back at me and said,"what?" i just looked at him and raised my eye brows and said,"umm you want to explain to me your little freak out moment?" he looked down and said,"i dont know" i walked up close to him and tilted his chin up and said,"harry i know you hate when people call you a man whore but honey your not and thats all that matters, all that matters is what you think of yourself" he shook his head and said,"thats not what pissed me off" i took a step back and said,"then what did?" he started lookinng around then he looked at me and said,"when he said did you fuck her yet" i put a confused look on my face because well i am confused. he took a breath and said,"it pissed me off because he cant talk about you like that he dosent know what youv been threw he dosent know how much that kind of stuff gets to you" i said,"harry babe that kind of stuff dosent get to gets too well you" he just stood there and looked at me then said,"it it dose, i hate it when the pop says that about you just they need to shut up" i nodded and said,"i know so just come on we can go back home and we dont have to deal with them okay?" he nodded and we walked to mine and alexs house. when we got there i opened the door and alex and niall wernt down stairs anymore, i walked all the way in and so did harry then he shut the door behind him. we started walking up stairs, when we heard a kind of a moan i looked at harry and he looked back at me and then we heard it again and then we heard ,"OH NIALL" i looked at harry again and started to laugh and so did he. we ran back down stairs and turned on the tv so we wouldnt have to hear that. we walked in the kitchen and i sat in top of the countier he leaned on the countier inbetween my legs and rested his head on my chest. he looked up at me with his back facing me and he smiled, i smiled back and kissed him, i pulled away and he was still lookng up at me, i kissed him again this time i kiss him longer and with more making out. i pulled away and he was still looking a me, so i started kissing him again and im not stoping till he pulls away. we start making out, then he slowly turns to wear he is facing me and his lips dont leave mine once when he turned. we where just making out on the countier and then his hands went to my wasit and mine went to his back then i started unbuttoning his shirt and thats when he pulled away. we where both breathing hard and he looked scared i gave him a confused look when he said,"uhh let um lets go watch tv" i said,"um okay? but wouldnt you rather do something else?" and i gave him a look, he swollowed hard and said,"nope uhh tv is good" and he walked over to the couch i followed be hind him and sat next to him. i wonder why hes acting weird, i mean i trust harry and i trust him enough to do this with me i mean he almost got to , but i freaked out but now i think im ready for him. i looked at him and i think im gonna hint at it, so i put my hand on his knee and look at the tv, i saw out of the corner of my eye that he looked at my hand then at me. then he turned back to the tv, then i moved my hand up to his middle thigh, he looked back at me then my hand then back at the tv. then i take my hand and move it up the start rubbing his thigh inward. he looked at my hand then at me then back at my hand then he grabed my hand with his and intertwind our fingers and put them inbetween us. i looked at him and he smiled at me, i faked a smile back and started to think. i got an idea, he started watching tv again and then i let go of his hand and got upand walked to the kitchen his eyes where still on the tv, so i walked up behind him and put my hands on his shoulders and started to rub them he looked up at me and said,"um babe what are you doing?" i said,"shhhhh baby youv had a long day" in a seductive voice. he swollowed hard again, i walked around the couch and sat ontop of him with my legs spred out sitting on my knees, his eyes widdened and he said,"what are you doing ?" i said,"nothing just talking to you" still in a seductive voice, he said,"ummm okay" i leaned down and started kissing his neck,i put my hands on his shoulders and i sat up on my knees and started making out with his neck, i gave him a little bite here and there, when ever i bite him he flinched and tensed up even more then what he already was, i sat back down on his lap and i felt something sticking up, i smiled still kissing his neck, i started to move around on his now huge erection. i bite him again and he moaned a little i smiled at myself i started kissing his neck again the i went down below his adams apple then to his coller bone, i started kissing his coller bone and he moaned a little louder this time i moved inward to the little dent and started kissing it and he moaned louder, i found his sweet spot, i started making out with that spot and he kept moaning, his hands went to my wait and all around my back he was pressing me on himself i just kept sucking on his neck and he just kept loving it he moaned louder he moaned,"ohhh hannah" i felt his erection get bigger and now its acctually poking me down there,and making me want him even more. i moaned a little and his ecrection rubbing against me, when i moaned it got bigger i moaned,"ohhh god harry" it just got bigger then istarted kissing his sweet spot again and he moaned again and then said,"uhhh hannah" me still kissing his sweet spot slid my hands down to his erection and started to unbutton his pants. i unbuttoned them unzipped them, i grabbed it with one hand and then he opened his eyes hand grabbed me by the waist and flipped me over next to him on the couch to where i was off of him and he stood up zipped and buttoned his pants and stood there, i looked at him confused and he said,"umm well that was intresting" i said,"harry what the hell!" he said,"what?!" i sat up and said,"why wont you touch me anymore why wont you do this with me?" he said,"becasue hannah, its wrong" i stood up and said,"its not wrong if i want it" he scratched the back of his head and said,"hanah i dont want to rush you into something you dont really want to do" i said,"but harry i really want to do this i want you to be my REAL first time" he closed his eyes let out a breath and smiled a little. he opened his eyes and said,"hannah i want to trust me but right now i dont feel comfortable with that babe" i nodded and said,"okay i understand" he smiled and me walked over to me then kissed me on the forehead and then patted the seat next to him. i smiled and sat down, we watched tv for about 15 minutes when i got a text form a blocked number, i opened it and it said,"hey hannah" i replyed,"ummm who is this?" i put my phone down and it rang again and i opened it then it said,"who do you think this is?" i replyed,"um i dont know?" then they replyed with,"sooo you with harrry?" i said,"why?" they replyed,"wondering" i locked my phone not even gonna answer anymore when i start to get a phone call from a blocked number i looked at harry and he said,"you want me to answer it?" i shook my head and answered the phone i said,"hello?" the voice was monotoned and it saidm"hey hannah" i said,"who is this?" they said,"your worst nightmare baby" i said,"w-what do you want?" harry noticed the tone of my voice changed and he looked at me concered and the voice said,"i want you dead" i felt my eyes start to get watery harry looked at me shocked and grabbed the phone out of my hand but he was to late they already hung up. harry said,"who was that?" i said,"i-i-i dont know" i felt myself shacking all over harry grabbed both of my hands and said,"are you okay love? why are you shaking what did they say?" i said,"harry you promise you wont let anything happen to me!" he said,"yes yeah yes" i nodded and grabbed him started crying in his lap. he said,"babe why did you ask that? calm down." i was just breaking down and crying i dont even know whats going on. right then someone started banging on the door.


everyone come back in the next chapter so liam come and alex and niall all come back, i feel like iv been mostly writing about hannah and harry but its okay cause they come back! promise!! favorite and like the story! i love reading you guys comments so you can do that too!

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