hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


1. chapter 1 ?

authors note: heyyo! thank you for reading it! ignore the grammer and puncuation errors lol i suck! ill try to post a new chapter everyday! but if i dont you know ill do it as soon as i can! please stay reading it, im gonna try to make it good! love you for reading it! tell yo friends, it should get better!!!!! promise!!!!!


hannahs pov.

alex is coming to my house this afternoon and we are going to california for a whole month! its really hard packing when your mom is watching your every move too. she was judging every single thing i put in my suitcase.when alex saved me from having a talk about my bathing suits. she open my bed room door and said, "lets get this party started!" i looked at her and laughed. then my mom said, "okay ill leave you girls to it then tell me when yall are ready." i nodded. when my mom left,alex said, "what time is our flight again?" i looked at her and said, "its at around 7 and its like 6 so we should pobably leave now come on." we went down stairs and i said, "ready to go mom come on!" we get our bags and skip out to the car we are so excited to get to go to california ALONE! the care ride is so boring untill our fav sang came on kiss you by our favorite band one direction. we gaspe and start singing the words, "everytime we touch i get this kind of rush baby say yeah" my mom is gettting annoyed and keeps turning it down but before we knew it we pulled in to the air port parking lot. alex and i get out of the car and get our bags out of the trunk of my moms mini van. i said, "bye mom love you ill call you when we land and every night bye!" she waved and said," love you too and okayy have fun girls" me and alex waved as she drove away. we are walking to bagage check and i could tell alex was nervous i said, "alex are you okayy???" she looked up and said, "yeahh just scared we are gonna be alone in california and we dont know anyone there and im kind of scared." i looked at her with consern and said, "alex we will be fine my mom has a tracker in my phone and we have eachother it is gonna be awesome just have faith dont think of the ifs think of the what is." we are walking to security now the line was kind of short so we got through it very fast. now we are walking to our plane intrence i look at alex and said, "its gonna be okayy we got this." she nodded and we walked on the plane and got in our seats. alex looked at me and said,"how long will it take to get there from tennessee?" i looked at my watch and said, "umm around 4 to 6 hours depending on the airplane." we have been sitting here for awhile so we just bukled up and went to sleep. i woke up i guess 4 to 6 hours later because we where there! i looked at alex and took my shoe and slapped her with it to wake her up. she looked at me and said, " what was that for!?!?" i laughed and said, "sorry just we are here!" we both look out the window as everyone is getting off. we get up from our seats and do a little dance everyone stopped and looked at us weird we just laughed and i said, " sorry just first time in california!" the poeple nodded and just kept walking. we are getting off the plane and this fat guy pretty much trampled me and alex. we just let it slide because we are so happy to be off the plane and on the earth again. we are going to the bagage clame when again we almost get trampled but this time by screaming girls. we have no idea whats going on untill we see harry styles trying to get to the bags. me and alex where frozen i siad, "is that- and she cut me off and said "yeah" and behind harry was niall horan, liam payne, zayn malik,and louis tomlinson. alex looked at me and said, "act natural" and of corse we put one hand on our waist and the other on our head. harry looked at us and smiled we just kinda laughed and i said, "hey" in a deep awkward voice. alex said, "lets just get our bags and go." and i nodded in agreement. we started to walk to our suit cases when harry grabbed mine. i looked at him and said, " ummm thats my suit case you got there." he smiled and said, "oh sorry looks just like mine love." i said," ohh its fine ." then he handed me my suit case and smiled. we started to walk away when alex relized she needs her suit case. so we walk back and she picked it up.we walked out side and i yelled," taxi!!" and one showed up i looked at alex and said," ive always wanted to do that!"alex just laughed at me. we got in the taxi and told him to go to the blue house by the beach, lucky for us he knew what we where talking about. about 15 minutes later we got to our house and we got our suit cases out of the trunk. i payed the taxi guy and he left.we walked in the house and it was all cozy there where two bed rooms and three bathrooms the bed rooms where up stairs, but in the living room the wall that was facing the ocean was all glass and had long white curtains hanging from the ceiling it was beautiful me and alex looked at eachother and smiled. then we both ran up stairs to the bed rooms. i went in the one closest to the ocean so i had a veiw and i even had a balconey it was unbelieveable. my room had white and blue walls like every other wall was blue and the rest where white. also i had a queen bed and the comforter was white and fluffy. there was a master bathroom to and a tv and a night stand and a set of chester drawers. it was very pretty and just cozey so i sat my suit case on my bed and just thought about harry styles and how he touched it! when alex came in and said, "your room is beautiful my room looks like this except the walls are pink and white!" i laughed and looked down at my suit case. alex looked up at me and said," hannah you thinking about harry???" i blushed and said, "NO!, MAYBE!,YES!"she smiled at me and said," i knew it you like him dont you??" i said,"hes like i dont know i fancy him the most i like them all but yeahh you know what i mean!" she laughed and said," yeah i got it like i fancey zayn but hes got a girl friend soo i kinda like niall." i nodded and said,"yeah i know and who knows if liam dosent have a girlfriend theres so many rumors going on." she noddded and said,"well lets go to the beach and check out everything" i said," okayy sure" so she left and i opened my suit case and got out my bikini the top was hot pink with fridge and the bottoms where white i love this bikini it makes me look tan. so i put it on and throw on some shorts and a white tank top and walk out of my room. i go to alexs door and knocked she opened it and she has the same bikini on as me but her top was blue i said,"ohh we match!" she laughed and said," lets go!!!!"

harrys pov.

me and the boys just got to california, we got off the plane and where walking to get our bags. i was in the front of the line and i walked to the bagage claim and there where these to girls standing next to it. there was a blonde and a brown headed one, the blonde one was kinda short she had on shorts and a pink shirt on and she was wearing white vans her hair was almost to her waist. she is so pretty her lips are full and her top on is just perfect with the arch in it. her eyes are blue or green maybe even hazel they where just so diffrent. i saw she was looking at me i think she knew who i was because her friend told her to act natural and they did a pose it was pretty funny and when she saw me looking at her she said," hey" to me i didnt know what to say so i just nodded, she took my breath away. so i looked away and then when i looked back at her she was looking at the suit case about to pass me so i grabed it. she came up to me and said thats, "ummmmm thats my suit case you got there." her voice was soft and sweet.i looked at her and said,"oh sorry looks just like mine love." she smiled and said,"oh its fine" and i handed it to her our hands touched when she grabed the handle. her hands are so soft i really wanted to ask for her number or her name just anything but i just couldnt find the words. i wander if shes think about me, because i know i cant stop thinking about her. i asked niall if he saw her and he said,"yeahh shes beautiful but did you see her friend!!" i laughed and said,"yeah she pretty." her friend has brown hair about to her waist too and she is very tall well compared to her friend she is tall her face is pretty average they dress kinda like hipsters but they make it work. i just wish i got her name she took my breath away i need to find her but i may never see her again. i went up to liam and said," hey did you see thoughs girls at the airport?" liam looked at me and said,"there was a lot of girls at the airport you wanna be more specific?" i laughed and said,"umh the ones who posed weird." liam laughed and said,"ohhh thoughs hahaha they where very pretty especially the little one she was aborable but the tall one was quite pretty herself." i looked at liam and said,"yeahh? well im gonna go ask if zayn saw them." liam looked at me and said,"yeah he has i asked zayn and louis if they saw them." i looked at liam and said,"ohhh why?" he looked at me and said,"ummm i dont know just did i guess" i nodded and said,"oh okayy" i walked away and i wasnet really worryed because everyone still thinks him and dani are together. even though they broke up a few weeks ago.



sorry if it looks weird i had to copy and paste it out of my notepad! so sorry if its all messed up lol!

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