hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


6. chapppttteerr 6!

authors note: heyy love my 19 readers your the best! love when yall comment! it just makses my day.heres the next chapter sorry it took so long i had a rough day, cramps during gym always fun! (sarcasm)  im thining about shortining the chapters just a little so  i can keep the story going, well hope you guys like it!!! keep reading!





hannahs pov.

when i walked up stairs i went in my room and shut the door. seeing and singing and talking to ryan brought back so many memmories so many bad memeoies. i tried my hardest to take ryan out of my head forever i never wanted to see him again.seeing him at the restraunt didnt bother me as much as him coming to my house. he knows what hes done he knows what he did and him acting like nothing happend and trying to sing with me just made it worst. i tried to tell niall not to leave me alone or get me involved in the converstaion but i couldnt get it out. i really wanted niall to come after me when i went up stairs and talk to me i would have told him everything that ryan did but he didnt come after me. i think alex is keeping me hostage i dont understand why i cant leave or why ,the boys cant talk to me. i really miss harry and liam i know i shouldnt but then again i think i should honestly i think they are the oness who shouldnt be missing me. i screwed up their lives made it drama filled . i honestly didnt mean too make all this crap happen, i just miss them. i heard someone walk up stairs i think its niall then i heard alexs door open and then someine ran out. and ran down stairs and out the door, i guess niall left and alex is probably asleep. i walked out of my room and down stairs to the kitchen, i got out some ben and jerrys ice cream. my favorite ice cream brand ever.but i sat down and turned on Bad Kids Go To Hell my favorite movie and just watched it. then some one knocked on the door. i looked at the door then looked up stairs they knocked again i started to get up then they started banging on the doorand i walked slowly to the door they kept banging and banging i went to the window and peeked i couldnt tell who it was. i had to make the descion to answer it or not i was nervous my heart was beating so fast because they just kept banging and banging i reached for the door nob when the banging just stopped. it was dead silent. i kept my hand on the nob i was frozen right then they banged again i screamed at it because it scared me . but wait they just heard me so they know someones here and awake. they banged louder this time and louder i was shaking i reached for the nob and started to turn it i unlocked the dead bult and i was just about to open the door when they said,"please open the door" i recognized the voice it was british it was liam! i opened the door and he said,"alex i- and he stopped he froze he just stood there staring at me. i said,"hey........." he whispered my name and ran to me and hugged me he lifted me off the ground and hugged me he buried his face in my neck. i didnt know what to do i just hugged him back. when i heard him start to cry and he gripped my shirt and he just cried and cried. he slowly started to put me down and i let go of him but he didnt let go of me i said,"liam.......liam" he didnt answer me or losen his grip on me i leaned away from him and put my hands on his face he slowly began to let go. he finally let go all the way and he still had tears running down his face. i smiled and giggled and said,"liam" i started to get teary eyed and to cry he giggled and took a breath and smiled he put his hands over mine and we where just standing there. then we hugged again and he said,"hannah you dont know how much iv missed you" i giggled and said,"oh liam you have no idea" he laughed and we let go and he whipped my tears that where coming down my cheek we both giggled and he walked in i shut the door and i said,"liam we have to be quite, alex is asleep and she would kill me and you if she found you here"he nodded and then we both walked in the living room. i sat down on the couch where i was sitting and liam sat down next to me. he said,"hannah i have so much to tell you" i smiled and said,"really?" he nodded and said,"you have just no idea how much iv missed you and how heart broken i am that you left." i looked down and said,"liam im sorry" he looked at me and said,"no dont just dont it was my fault i shouldnt have kissed allie or done any of the stuff i did with her, i just i wasent gonna reject her becasue we arent even i just im sorry i really am" i nodded and said,"its okay because..... i ahve something to tell you too" he nodded and i said,"i umm i kissed harry that night" his eyes widdened and he said,"wow didnt see that coming" i looked down and he looked up at me and he said,"hey we both made mistakes right?" i didnt say or do anything and he said,"just i want you to know im sorry" i nodded and i said,"so am i" he smiled and then i said,"wait why did you come here?" he looked down. i looked at him and said,"liam" he didnt say anything and i took his hand and said,"liam?" he looked at me and said,"i.....i dont want anything to happen to you" i looked at him confused and said,"liam what are you talking about?" his eyes got watery and he said,"hannah........ i love you" i felt my face turn bright red i got a weird feeling in my stomach and a knot in my throut. he is still looking at me he didnt say anything else i could feel his hand trembeling in mine. i didnt know what to do and i couldnt talk so i just leaned in and kissed him... i woke up in my bed i turned over and liam was next to me. i sat up and started looking for my phone i found his and he had a text from this ted guy again. i looked at him and he was asleep so i unlocked his phone and read it, it said,"so im guessing you had fun last night liam, you should really look around before you ... i cant wait for our chat when you wake up" liam started to move i looked at him and he turned over but he was still sleeping. i coulsnt help but to reply i said,"how did you know i was asleep and what happened last night?" about 2 minutes laster he replyed and said,"well he still is sleeping hannah" i started to tremble i looked around and i just got really scared, he texted again i opened it and it said,"what are you looking for hannah? your virginity becuase your not gonna find it in there" i slowley started to cry i threw the phone down infront of me and just cried. liam i guess heard me and he woke up and said,"hannah?" in a sleepy morning voice then he sat up and said,"hannah whats wrong? what happened?" i just sat there and stared at his phone. he followed my eyes and he grabbed his phone and read all the messages he looked at me and said,"no no no no no!!!" i just sat there he grabbed me and just held me he started to rock me and then he layed back down with me in his arms and he started playing with my hair and whispered,"its okay its gonna be okay i promise its fine shhhhhh its fine" i just let him hold me untill i stopped crying. when i stopped i just layed in his arms i never wanted him to let go. after about 15 more minutes he started to sit up and he said my name softly i looked up at him and he said,"hannah why where you going through my phone?" i sat up and i said,"i wasnet going through your phone just" he was looking at me with his big brown eyes and i said,"liam please dont be mad at me" he stood up in his boxers and said,"hannah do you not trust me?" i said,"no liam i completely trust you" he said,"then why where you going through my phone?" i said,"liam becasue iv seen iv iv liam please i wasent snooping its just the last time you got a text from ted it was creepy too and it was about me and you and what we did in your room" he looked at me and he said,"i dont even know what your talking about" i said,"okay when i woke up that morining i went to the kitchen and right when i got there your phone rang and it was from ted and i said who is this to myself and i thought what if its a code name for some girl, i mean liam your famous you could have anyone you want!" he walked over to me and grabed me by my shoulders and said,"but hannah your the only one i want!" i looked down and said,"liam please dont yell at me" liam looked at me and he said,"im sorry hannah" and hugged me and he said,"im sorry okay i dont mind you going through my phone becasue i have nothing to hind from you, but ted hes not good i im not gonna let him hurt you" i looked up and said,"what do you mean hurt me?" liam let go of me and walked back around to his side of the bed and didnt say anything he scartched his head and just kept looking down.i said,"LIAM!!!!" he looked up and said,"hannah please just its complicated i dont know who this guy is or what he wants but he always knows what im doing and where i am and what iv done" i got a chill and said,"liam have you told anyone else?" he nodded and said,"niall bucasue when ryan was at your house i came here and i thought it was ryan and i freaked out" i nodded and i sat down on the bed he sat down next to me and he said,"and ryan when we both left when i was walking away he said,"are you scared yet payne? or something like that. and i turned around and he was gone!" i nodded and said,"liam just dont mess with ryan stay away from him" liam looked at me with concern and said,"why? im not afraid of him" i said,"you should be" under my breath. liam looked at me long and hard and i said,"look liam just please promise me you wont try to do anything or get involved with him at all"he nodded and said,"i promise" i nodded and then someone knocked on the door i looked at liam and he looked at me and i said,"its probably niall" he nodded and i said,"ill go get alex" i walked out of my room and on alexs door was a note that said," DEAR,HANNAH IM OUT WITH NIALL WE ARE GOING TO A MOVIE THEN LUNCH THEN WHAT EVER ELSE HE HAS PLANNED LOVE YOU CALL ME WHEN YOU WAKE UP OR IF YOU NEED ANYTHING" when i got done reading the note someone knocked again. i walked down stairs and opened the door and it was ryan. he had on a white t-shirt and a black leather jaket dark jeans and black vans. he said,"hey" and smiled i said,"um hi? what are you doing here?" he smiled again and said,"what your not happy to see me?" i looked down and just relized i was wearing liams shirt and i had no pants on. i looked up and felt my face turn red, he body looked me and smiled. i feel so uncomfortable he smiled again and said,"so where did you get that shirt?" i looked down and shrugged. i didnt want him to find out liam was here ryan said,"so are you gonna invite me in?" i looked up and said,"umm i dont think that is such a good idea" his smiled fadded and said,"well why not?" i looked down and said,"because alex isnt here and she said im not allowed to have anyone inside while shes gone" his smile came back and he said,"well your not suppose to answer the door either but you did that" i looked up and said,"yeah but um just come back when alex is home she should be home later" i closed the door but he put his foot in it. i closed my eyes tight then slowly opened the door back up. his smile was gone and he said,"hannah you and me both know that it would be easier to let me in" i was shaking i nodded and looked down. he shoved me a little walking in,i just let it go when he walked in he stopped in the middle of the room and said,"hannah" i shut the door and said,"what?" he turned around and walked toward me and got right in my face and pushed me up against the door and he said,"why arnt you mine still?" i said,"you broke up with me" he was still in my face and he pressed himself against me. he is a lot stronger then me so i didnt even try to get out of it. his hands found there way to my butt, his right had went to my left thigh and lifted it up. then he said,"i think we should give it another try" i shook my head and said,"no ryan i dont like you and get your hands off me!!" and i shoved him then slapped him. he turned his back to me when i slapped him then he came back and back hannded me in the face. i fell from the force of his slap he cut my cheek he was wearing his class ring. i started to crawl backwards away from him and he walked to me and picked me up by my hair and said,"what was that are you a tough girl now?!?!" i started screaming and crying and yelling at him to let me go. he threw me to the ground by my hair and then kicked me in the stomach. i made a gasping noise and he started to walk the other way i looked up at my bed room door and liam was peeking out i shook my head and he looked at me confused and i mouthed," stay in my room please stay" he still looked confused and he mouthed,"no" and shook his head i nodded and ryan started to talk he turned and looked at me and said,"hannah you do this shit to yourself i hope you know that you are worthless all any guy wants from you is sex" he walked over to me and helped me stand up and then punched me in the face and said,"your nothin but a slut" then he walked away and went to the front door and walked out. when he left i started to gasp for air and cry and cry then liam came running down stairs and ran to me and said,"oh my god im gonna kill him, the next time i see him" i stared to get light headed. and liam said,"im gonna call 911 and alex, its gonna be okay i promise"i nodded and then everything went black.

liams pov.

when i got up to get the home phone her eyes where closed. i know sshe wasent but i got scared she was dead i started crying i dialed 911 the operator came on and said,"911 what is your emergancey?" i said,"my um my my girl- i need an ambulance" she said,"where is your location?" i said,"ummmmh blue house by the beach" she said,"okay a ambulance is on its way would you like me to stay on the line?" i said,"unh uumh yes" she said,"okay and sorry for asking but is this liam payne from one direction?" i rolled my eyes and said,"yes ma`ma it is" she said,"oh my gosh okay" i heard the ambulance i said,"thank you for helping the ambulance is here now" she said,"oh okay no problem good bye" i said,"bye" and hung up. i had to call alex i ran up stairs put on pants and i didnt have a shirt so i just ran down stairs when the ambulance people came in. they came in looked at me then went to hannah they checked her puls and everything then a gurney came in. they lifted her on it and pushed her out the door i followed behind them they put her in the ambulance and i got in too. the peramadic checked her face and then lifted up her shirt the paramedic lady looked at me when she saw the bruises on hannahs stomach. i looked back at her then she looked back down. dose she think i did that? how could she think that! i would never. when we got to the hospital i walked with her she kept going in and out of contisness im not gonna lie to myself i was scared i followed them untill the nurses told me i couldnt go in. i walked to the waiting room when a nurse came to me and gave me a white t-shirt i smiled and said,"thank you" she smiled and walked away i took out my phone and called niall. he answered laughing he said,"yeah?" i said,"niall?" he said"yeah?" i said,"let me talk to alex" he said,"um okay?"i waited and he yelled her name and she laughed and i heard her say what he handed her the phone and said said,"hello? who is this?" i said,"alex its liam" she was silent i heard her say,"niall its liam" she said,"liam what do you want?"i could tell she had an attitude i said,"its its hannah" she was silent i heard her say,"nialll we have to go" i guess she gave niall the phone because he said,"wait what?" to me and i said,"we are at the hospital just please come on" niall said,"hospital???? why????" tears started rolling down my face and i said,"please just come fast" niall said,"okay we will be there in like 10 minutes" i said,"okay bye" and hung up. i sat in the waiting room praying i prayed she would be okay i knew she wouldnt die or anything just i want her to be okay nothing was about 5 minutes later. alex and niall walked through the doors, i stood up and looked at them alex came in when she saw me she started yelling she said,"what the hell did you do to her!!!!" and she pushed me back i yelled back,"i didnt do anything!!!!" niall got between us and said,"wow calm down!!!" the nurse came to alex and niall and sai,"um how may i help you?" she looked at the nurse and said,"we are here for hannah merritt" the nurse nodded and said,"are you family?" she shook her head and said,"we are from tennessee and she came with me im her best friend" she nodded and looked at niall and then me alex said,"and these are our friends too we all came here" she nodded and said,"okay well it was nothing serious just bruises and she needed 7 stiches on her left cheek. alex nodded and the nurse said,"you may follow me and you can see her" the nurse walked through the doors and we followed. the nurse got to a room opened the door and said,"go ahead call if you need anything" and we all walked in hannah was awake sitting up. she said,"alex!!" alex ran to her and hugged her alex said,"what happned?!?" hannha looked down then at me. i put both hands in my pokets and looked down. alex followed her gaze at me and she said,"you? you did this liam?!?!?!" i looked up in shock she said,"you ass hole" i shook my head and said,"no no no i didnt do this at all" hannah said,"no alex no stop" niall said,"alex liam wouldnt do this" alex looked at niall and said,"and how do you know that?" niall said,"because i know him he would never touch a girl like this" alex rolled her eyes and said,"whatever" i looked down at my shoes when the cops knocked on the doori turned around and they walked in and said,"hi can i talk to a liam payne" i said,"yeah thats me" i walked out with the cops and he closed the door we where standing in the hall and he said,"hi im here to ask you a few questions" i nodded and he said,"okay wear where you when this happened to Ms.Merritt?" i said,"i was up stairs in her bed room" he nodded wrote something down and said,"do you know how she got like this?" i nodded and he said,"son you wanna tell me?" i looked down and said,"this guy ryan ryan ummmm smith i think" he looked up and said,"i know your not talking about my son" i looked at his badge and it said smith i shook my head and said,"guess i dont know what happened then" and faked a smile and walked back in the room. the cop looked at me weird and didnt say anything i walked next to niall and said,"i need to talk to you" he nodded and we went over in the corner of the room and i said,"niall ryan did this" he lookec at me and said,"liam why do you keep blaming him" i said,"because he did it!" niall looked down and said,"fine ill ask him" i said,"no dont " he said,"why?" i said,"just becasue" niall said,"dude what the hell happened then?" i looked down and said," i dont know" niall looked at me confused and said,"yeah sure just lets go back to the girls" i nodded i cant believe niall thinks i might have done this. hannah looked so happy, i cant believe she just got over it this fast her and niall are laughing about smething. alex keeps giving me the evil eye i didnt do anything and ryans dad is a freakin cop so i feel like i cant do anything about it. hannah looked at me and i think she could tell i was just confused about everything, she looked down and then back up and said,"so the nurse said,"i should be out today" i nodded and looked down. right then someone knocked on the door and then ryan walked in. i turned and looked at him he smiled and said,"hey liam, alex,niall" they all waved but me. i just looked at him and he said,"oh my hannah i didnt know you got hurt that bad clumsy"she looked down and he walked all the way in and niall said,"hey ryan" ryan walked over to niall and said,"hey she okay?" niall nodded and i said,"who invited you here" ryan looked at me and alex said,"i did" i looked at her and said,"why!?!?!" she walked over to me and grabed my arm and said,"can i talk to you?" i nodded and we walked out of the room. she said,"liam i think you need ot leave " i shook my head and said,"why!?!?!" she looked down i strated to yell,"you think i did that to her!! dont you?!?"she looked up and her arms where crossed and she said,"i i dont know but it sure looks like you did something" i cant believe she thinks i would do this and im sure ryan is in there telling niall i did it. alex said," look liam if you dont like hannah and you like allie why are you even here?" i was confused and didnt say anything she said,"exactly hannah and ryan need to get back together he likes her i know he dose and your just keeping them away from each other your keeping her away from being happy youve been nothing but trouble since you met her casue stress and confusion why dont you just leave!" i cant i cant even think straight its just to much to handle everyone thinks i did this even niall! now shes telling me i need to leave becaause im keeping hannah from being happy.....maybe shes right i looked up and said,"alex maybe your right but maybe your wrong and if you really think i am keeping her from being happy tell me to leave right now and i will becasue all i want is for her to be happy" she said,"bye liam" and walked back in the room. im not gonna lie when she said that it broke me inside but i just nodded and said,"okay okay" under my breath put my hands in my pokets and walked away.

nialls pov.

alex walked out with liam and me and ryan where in hannahs room just talking. i said,"so hannah ryan" they both looked at me and i said,"i talked to this guy from our recorde company and they want to hear a demo from you two" ryan freaked out he said,"no way dude your lying" i said,"no" and he freaked i looked at hannah and she smiled and said,"great" in a sarcastic voice. i knew she wasnet happy but i knew ryan was he said,"ill be right back" i nodded and he left when alex came in. i said,"hey" she came to me and smiled and said,"hey" and kissed me. hannah said,"wears liam?" alex looked at her and said,"he left" hannah looked confused and said,"why?" i looked at alex and said,"yeah why?" she looked at me then at hannah and said," i dont know" hannah said,"oh" she nodded and said,"so when do you get out of here?" she said,"umm i think well acctually i dont know" right then ryan came back in and said,"hey sorry i just told my dad" i laughed and siad,"no its fine" he laughed and said,"man you just have no idea how greatful i am just thank you i can never repay you bro" i said,"no no its all you, your amazing" we did our man hug and then the nurse came in and said,"okay honey your free to go" hannah nodded and got off the bed. we all walked to the door when we got in the hall walking out ryan got next to hannah and put his arm around her waist. she kind of pulled away from him but then his grip got tighter and he pulled her close to him. she looked almost scrared, what if liam was right what if he did this to her, its like everytime we are around ryan she gets that look and she gets quite and seems distant from everyone. i dont know, i honestly dont know if liam did that or not deep down i think he didnt but it sure dose look like he did. just i dont know and for him to leave all of the sudden and everything i mean alex said he told ryan he didnt like her anymore but i dont think thats true because liam hates him and i dont think him and liam talk i think he lied about a lot of stuff. just i really hope im wrong about him doing this to hannah and about liam doing it too. when we got in the car no one talked i said,"so um ryan where do you live we will drop you off at home?" ryan said,"ohhh umm okay" he gave alex his address and we took him home. when we pulled up he said,"bye guys" and then said,"bye hannah" and kissed her. when he got out and everything we drove to alex and hannahs house. when we got there we all got out of the car then alex said,"ohh hannah got a kiss" and playfully pushed her hannah faked a smile and looked down. when we got in the house hannah went straight up to her room, didnt say anything to anyone just went to her room and shut the door. i looked at alex and she shrugged i hung my head and scratched my neck i dont know what to do about her or liam or ryan i said,"alex we have to be in the studio tomorrow morning" she nodded and said,"she will be there" i nodded and looked at my phone i had a text from ryan harry and liam. i said,"alex i think im gonna head home okay?" she nodded i went up to her and kissed her good bye she smiled and we hugged and i left for home. i walked home and when i got there i walked in and harry is sitting on the couch he stood up and said,"is she okay?" i nodded and said,"if your talking about hannah then yeah she fine" he nodded and said,"thank god" i smiled and nodded and said,"wheres liam?" he said,"oh he got home and went straight up stairs he hasent been down since" i nodded and said"okay" i walked up stairs and went to his door and knocked he opened it and said,"yeah?" i said,"umh hi why did you leave the hospital?" he said,"oh why dont you ask your girlfriend" and shut the door. i opened the door and said,"liam why are you being a dick what happened?" he shook his head and said,"nothing just i guess im not wanted in hannahs life so im gone" i looked confused and i said,"dude who told you that?" he said,"alex" i looked down and said,"im sorry liam" he nodded and said,"yeah...... me too" and looked down. he touched his eyes i didnt know if he was crying or not so i said,"liam?" he looked up and said,"yeah?" his eyes where red i just said,"i love you man" he nodded and said,"yeah love you too niall" i smiled then walked out. it was about 10 so i went too my room and layed down and went to sleep.

hannahs pov.

when we got home i went straight to my room i feel like i always go to my room and just sit there when we get home. its mostly because i dont wanna talk to anyone but then again i wish sometimes someone would come after me. i cant believe ryan kissed me and when he came in my room he acted like nothing happened and that i fell or something i cant believe he can act so normal about it and on top of it all liam left the hospital. when he knew whta happened i cant believe him i cant believe a lot of stuff right now just. i feel like what ryan said was right what if all liam wanted from me was sex and now that he got it he left and dosent care anymore. what if thats all niall wants from alex. no nialls good he wouldnt do that i dont think. oh then niall gets me and ryan a chance to get heard i dont wanna be discovered i want to stay me and not be famous it seems hard and i love my family and i wouldnt want to be away from them espacially with just ryan. me and ryan have to go to the studio tomorrow and record some stuff i hope i get strep i just dont wanna sing i mean i dont think i can sing either this whole thing is just stupid this vacation was for me and alex to get away from drama and just have fun this is not what i expected out of nodrama and fun i just want to go home now and forget all of this. it was getting dark so i took a shower brushed my teeth put on pjs and went to bed. i woke up by someone shaking me i opened my eye and alex had her hair is a bun and she had make up on and she said,"
wake up show time" i groaned and she said,"come on hannah big day get up" i sat up and she still had her pjs on so i said,"alex are you going to?" she nodded and said,"yeah i just havent gotten dressed yet" i nodded and stood up she left and went to her room i guess to get dressed. i walked in my bathroom straightened my hair put on a little make up brushed my teeth then walkled out and went to my suit case. i opened it and pulled out black jeggings and a green no sleeve button up shirt i put it on and put on black studded heal boots. i grabbed my phone and bag and walked out i walked down stairs and alex is sitting on the couch she is wearing a pink cut off shirt and high waisted shorts she also had on her white vans she had her hair in a messy bun and her bag too she put her sunglasses on and we walked outside when alex opened the door the poperazie where everywhere i looked at alex and she looked shocked i got my sunglasses out of my bsg and put them on and we soved and bumped our way to our car we where suppose to wait for niall but didnt think that was gonnsa happen now alex grabbed my hand and we where trying to get through all i could hear was questions like which one of you are dating niall?, whos the singer out of you two? whos dating liam? is it true you broke harrys heart? did liam beat you? are you cheating on liam? whos ryan? i couldnt even think staright we finally got to the car alex let go of my hand and got in the drivers seat i squezzed my way in the passanger seat when we got in alex locked the doors and said,"what the hell was all that?" i said,"i have no idea im so confused" alex said,"what are we gonna do about niall?" i said,"um lets just circle the block and then like turn and get him" she nodded we buckled up and she started the car and we drove around the block and got to the boys house. alex texted niall and then looked at me and saud,"are you okay?" i nodded and said,"just......yeah im fine" she nodded and then niall came out and ran to the car and got in the back seat. he said,"whats up?" i looked at alex and she said,"um theres like hunders of people in front of our house" niall looked at her then me and said,"reallyy the poperatzie?" alex nodded and niall said,"damn i didnt think they knew we where here" alex started to drive and she said,"well they do now i dont think they know where yall live but they know your here and they no where we live" niall said,"oh they might have seen me and liam and harry leave you guys house." alex nodded and niall looked at me and said,"hey hannah" i nodded and said,"hey" he said,"you nervous?" i shook my head and said,"no not really" he said,"oh i was nervous when i first went in then studio" i nodded and said,"oh really?" he nodded and i sat back up right. it took about 10 minutes to get to the studio. when we pulled in ryan was waiting at the door i took a deep breath and got out of the car. i walked up to the door and ryen said,"hey hannah" and smiled i just looked at him and walked past him and niall and alex walked beind. niall got infront of all of us and said,"okay this is the studio and this is where we will make magic" i nodded and we walked through a door that went to a sound booth and all that mess. alex sat down in a chair in the recording section where they tune it and everything. this guy was in there he stood up and said,"hey niall. and um guessing your hannah and ryan" and he shook our hands. we nodded and he went through the basics and he said,"okay you guys just walk in there put the head phones on and sing titanium okay?" me and ryan nodded and walked though the door. we got in there and put the head phones on and started to sing. my mind was focused on liam and everything and how he could just leave i havent heard anything from him all day i want to talk to him and just kiss him again. right then ryan nudged me and said,"go" i said,"ohh" and started to sing and i sang the complete diffrent thing then what i was suppose to sing. the guy stopped the music and said,"umm hannah are you okay?" i nodded and said,"yeah sorry i just got lost" he nodded and the music startd over. i payed attention this time but i was off key i looked at ryan and he looked really mad i just said,"sorry" the guy said," your fine just lets go through one more time" i nodded and got it this time and then after he said,"good and thats a wrap thanks guys,"i said,"thank you" and then he nodded and him and alex walked out. i dont know where niall was but i started to get my stuff together. when ryan said,"hannah what the hell was that?" i stood up and said,"what are you talking about?" he said,"eariler you where awful you where making me look bad!" i said,"ryan i messed up get over it" he said,"maybe if you payed attention instaed of thinking about your fucked up life you wouldnt have messed up" i looked at him and said,"excuse me my life isnt fucked up i have someone unlike you who has to go and pretty much mallest me and then beat me because i wont give you what you fucking want because i acctually like someone other then your ugly ass" he looked at me and hes jaw clenched. i turned around and then i felt him grab my shoulder he spun me arond then he slapped me across the face. i stood up all the way holding my jaw,right then niall came in and said,"you mother fucker what the hell did you do that for your fucking insane DONT EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN i swear touch her again and- ryan cut him off got in his face and siad,"and what?" niall got in ryans face and said,"and you wont have the hands to do that ever again and i will make sure you never sing again" ryan backed up and i grabbed my bag and got infront of niall and said,"come on just come on lets just go" niall was still staring at ryan when i pushed him then he looked at me and i said,"niall please can we just go" he nodded and said,"yeah" and put his hand on my back and gentally started pushing me to the car. when we got to the car he got infront of me and he looked at me and then got close to me and said,"let me see" i just noticed my hand was still on my face. he grabed my hand from face and held it, it was kind of awkward with him holding my hand because he didnt let go. his other hand went to the place where ryan slapped me and he said,"hannah are you okay?" i nodded and said,"im fine" ans then he said,"so it was ryan who put you in the hospital liam was right"i nodded and he looked down. suddenly he let go of my hand and started to pace back and forth. i just watched him and then i said,"niall" he didnt answer me and i said,"niall calm down!" he stopped and siad,"calm down calm down! what the hell hannah you act like nothing even happened he hit you! and thats not okay!" i said,"i know niall but please just calm down" he looked down and said,"i dont see how your so fucking calm he hit you and why did you pull me away from him!" i started to yell,"because you where not about to start a fight and if im fine you should be mad anymore its been worse that was nothing compared to hwta he has done! and i honestly dont ca- niall cut me off with a kiss! he leaned in and then kissed me. i didnt know what to do i just sat there and he put his hands on the back of my neck and i put mine on his shoulders and then we both pulled away at the same time. i was so shocked i said,"niall" he looked even more suprised then i did. he said,"hannah i im sorry" i said,"no no its umm its fine but where did that come from?" he shrugged and said,"i just i wanted you to shut up and i i umm i guess thats what happened" i nodded and said,"umm okay well have you ever heard for saying hey shut up?" he looked down and i said,"no im sorry niall dont feel bad" he said,"i i cheated on alex" i said," no you didnt you it was a friendly kiss nothing serious okay so just pertend like nothing happened" he nodded and said,"okay" i smiled at him and i could feel my face burning where ryan slapped me niall looked at my jaw where it was burning and he got teary eyed and he grabbed me and hugged me i hugged him back and rubbed his back and said,"its okay niall" we stayed like this for about 3 minutes then let go as soon as alex came out. me and niall looked at her and she said,"hey talked to the guy and yeah he said,"they demo should be to the people by tonight" i nodded and she said,"okay so lets go eat im starving. i said,"me too" and niall said,"yeah same" we all got in the car i got in the passenger seat and niall got in the back, alex was driving and she said,"so niall where do you wanna eat?" nial looked up and said,"oh umm i think we should order pizza" i nodded and alex said,"okay so we drive back home to our house. i was really trying not to make it awkward with me and niall but it just was. we all got out of the car and walked in and alex went in her room to order pizza so it was just me and niall down stairs. he looked at me and said,"hannah you know i didnt mean anything by the kiss right?" i nodded and said,"yeah" he said,"okay just making sure and you can still tell me anything" i nodded and he looked down again and i said,"niall can i get liams number?" he looked up and said,"yeah sure" i got out my phone and he read me the number i said,"thanks niall" he smiled and said,"your welcome hannah" i walked to the kitchen table and sat down. when alex started coming down the staris, i got on my phone and texted liam i said,"liam its hannah i really need to talk to you" and sent it and to try to keep alex from asking me any questions about today i stayed on my phone,but it didnt work because she said,"hannah how did you like it?" i looked up from my phone and said,"umm i dont know it was fine i guess" she nodded and said,"well you and ryan sounded amazing i really thinnk you two might have a chance at a carreer in this" i am still looking at her and then niall said,"No" alex and i both looked at niall. niall said,"um i think its time for me to go um bye hannah alex" then he walked out not giving alex a kiss or anything. i looked up at her when he shut the door and she looked confused i said,"well that was weird" she nodded and said,"i know whats wrong with him?" i shrugged and said,"no idea im gonna go for a walk okay okay bye" i got up and walked fast to the door. i ran after nial.when i found him i called his name he turned around and said,"hannah" i got to him and i said,"niall i understand you being awkward and stuff but dont niall i dont want what happened to come between our friendship please dont leave, you and alex are all i have right now please niall dont do this" niall looked down and then back up and said,"hannah i dont want to do this but i feel awful for what i did i feel guilty and it might be the best if i left you guys alone for awhile i love alex and i love you i love you both diffrently but you just dont understand im so guilty and alex dosent even know and him hitting you hannah i had no idea if you would have said something i wouldnt have let him hit you hannah but you didnt" he started to cry when he was saying all of this i said,"niall i didnt tell you becasue i was scared and i had no idea he would come back like this" niall had tears streaming down his face i said,"niall dont cry" and then hugged him when we hugged he just let it all out. he just hugged me and cryed and then he said,"its just so complicated" i nodded and said,"i know niall i know" and put my hand on his head and the other one on his back. when his crying kind of calmed down i let go and said,"you okay?" he nodded whiped his tears and said,"yeah" i said," you wanna come back to the house now?" he nodded and i said,"okay come on" we started walking back when i black van slowed down kind of cloase to us niall looked at it then i did and the window started to roll down then it just drove away. i looked at niall and he sad,"i i dont even kow what that was" i laughed and nodded and we kept walking back we got to the front door and walked in the pizza was akready there and alex said,"hey oh you got niall back?" i nodded and walked to the pizza boxes.i got a plate got a slice of pizza and sta down at the table i looked at my phone and i had a text from liam i felt my face turn red when i saw his name. i unlocked my phone and read it he said,"about what?" i replyed back and said,"about just everything i just need to talk to you" i put my phone down and started to eat my pizza i looked at niall and alex, niall is sitting down and alex is sitting on his knee and one of his hands are on her waist, and they where just eating away. my phone vibrated and i had a text from liam again i opened it and it said,"hannah, im trying to stay out of your life so you can be happy iv been making you stressed and confused and all i want is for you to be happy so im not gonna bother you anymore."i kept re reading the text i got up from my chair and started typing,"liam the only way for me to be happy is with you in my life i want you to bother me, i havent been confused and you make my stress go away liam please" i sat back down and felt my face get hot and i felt like i was about to cry but i didnt i held it back. he read it and i just sat there waiting for him to answer.

liams pov.

i dont know what to say to hannah, she just texted me. you know that feeling you get when your crush texts you and there name pops up yeah i got that feeling. when i read the message my eyes started to water. i just want to hold her again i know alex told me i was keeping her from being happy but she just told me i was the reason she is happy. i i think im gonna go see her i dont care what alex says i i love her im in love with her she means the world to me and im not gonna thow it all away because of alex. i got out of bed and went to my suit case put on jeans and i black shirt i got my convers put them on tyed them went in my bathroom did my hair brushed my teeth and ran out of my room. i ran down stairs got to the kitchen and zayn and harry where in there harry said,"hey liam where are you going?" i smiled and said,"im goingto hannah" harry smiled and said,"liam you deserve her im happy for you" i smiled at harry and said,"thank you harry" we hugged and i started running again when zayn called out,"run liam run" i was laughing and i still ran i ran there and then stopped at the bottom of the steps to their house. i looked at the door i started to catch my breathe then i ran up the stairs and busted in. i looked in the kitchen and hannah is sitting at the table eating and so is niall and alex.i looked at hannah and she looked shocked then she started to smile. she got up from the table and ran to me, i took a step forward and she crashed into me with a hug. i grabbed her and picked her up. my left hand is on her back and my right hand is on her head, she buried her head in my shoulder and said,"liam i love you" when she said that i let out a breath and said,"hanah i love you too" she started crying i put her down and let go my hands where on her waist and i said,"why are you crying?" she said,"im crying becasue im happy" and she strated laughing i laughed too and said,"ohhhh" i hugged her again and then we let go and alex said,"liam what are you doing here?" i looked at alex and said,"umh i- hannah cut me off and said,"you dont have to answer that" i looked at hannah then at alex then niall. niall looked confused and i was too hannnah said,"alex please just let him stay" i looked at alex and she looked back at me and said,"fine whatever but just for tonight then hes going home" hannah nodded and took my hand and brought me to the kitchen area and niall saod,"you want any food??" i nodded and said,"sure" i grabbed a plate and got a slice of pizza and sat down next to hannah.we where all having a normal converstaion like nothing happened hannah started to tell a story about something i was more foucused on her and how lucky i am and that she said she loved me that made me the happest person in the world. i am just looking at her when i see a kind of redish kind of brownish like a bruise make on her jaw. i looked at it long and hard then i looked down then at nial, he was looking at her too and he noticed me looking at him and he mouthed," what?" i shook my head looked down then back at her. i dont want to ask in the middle of lunch and infront of everyone. i just sat there and she got done talking i looked at her she looked back at me and she looked confused i looked at everyone and said,"okay well how was the recording demo thing?" i looked at niall and his face turned red and he started eating i looked at hannah and she was looking at niall and the she started eating so i looked at alex and she said,"well it went really good ryan and hannah make an amazing couple" i gave her a dirty look and she said,"liam you should see them in the booth and how good they work together no drama no fighting they are very good together" i knew what she was doing she going to far with this i dont understand why she dosent like me and hannah together and why she woulsnt let me and hannah talk she is like trying to keep her away from everyone shes getting on my nervous shes treating hannah like a little kid. i said," i should come one day and see how everthing gose" i looked at hannah and she was srill eating and so was niall. i didnt know what there problems where but its okay because i just really want to ask hannah about her face. hannah stopped eating and said,"okay im gonna go up stairs" and she stood up she grabbed my hand and then i stood up and she said,"bye talk to yall later" i laughed as we where walking up stairs she said,"what?" i said,"yall" and laughed we got up to her door and she said,"shut up" and laughed too. we walked in and she shut the door all the way she looked at me and said,"liam im gonna change into comforterble clothes" i nodded and said,"okay" she walked to her suit case got out grey sweat pants and a pink shirt and started to unbutton her shirt. i was staring at her when she caught me and i looked the other way and got really embarassed. she laughed and said,"smooth liam real smooth" i laughed and sat on the bed she took off her shirt compeletly and then put on her pink shirt then she took off her shoes and took off her pants and put on her sweat pants she put her hair in a messy bun then sat down next to me. she said,"what do you wanna do?" i said,"umm lets watch a movie" she smiled and said,"what movie" i looked at her and said,"ummm toy story" she laughed and said,"okay liam"she got up looked though the movies and found toystory she put it in and then turned off the light and got in the bed i got up took my shoes off and got in the bed next to her. we where sitting ther watching the movie i took her hand and our fingers intertwind and she put her head on my shoulder. i love this this is amazing i love being with her i just love her! she started playing with my fingers i love it when she dose this im not even watching the movie im to focused on her and i just remebered her jaw and that i need to ask her about it. i started to sit up a little she looked at me and i looked back at her and then i sat up all the way and so did she then i got up and turned to the window in her room and i started thinking about what im gonna say to her about it. i turned around and said,"hannah......why.... why is there a bruise on your jaw?" she looked down and i swear if ryan did this im gonna kill him. i said,"hannah did ryan do that? did he touch you again?" she still looked down and i said her name louder she looked up and said,"liam......" i said,"hes dead" i started walking to the door and she got up and got infront of me and said,"liam please dont liam" i said,"move hannah" she said,"liam please im fine stop just please stop" i said,"HE HIT YOU!, and you want me to just sit back and let it happen and not do anything!?!?!" she looked down the back at me and said,"liam im fine please" i closed my eyes tight and said,"hannah" she said,"liam please just please" i backed up and said,"okay okay whatever" i sat on the bed and she still stood by the door i said,"hannah" she looked up and i said,"come here" she walked over to me and i put my hands on her wasit and said,"hannah im sorry okay just he hit you again he needs to stop if he dose it again im gonna do something twice is to many times"she nodded said,"i know liam i just i dont want you to get hurt i dont want you to get involved im sorry" i stood up and said,"i know your worried about me getting hurt by him but honestly you should be worried about him getting hurt because hes going to stop" she laughed and nodded. we sat back on the bed and finished watching the movie, when the movie was over we got up and went down stairs niall and alex where on the couch watching a movie . we walked past them to the kitchen and got a snack hannah sat up on the counter and had chocolate i looked through the fridge and said,"hannah" she said,"what?" i said,"do you have anymore chocolate?" i stood up and looked at her and she shook her head and i looked at her and then i walked over to her and got between her legs and grabed her waist and she started at me and then said,"no liam no your not getting any" i gave her my puppy dog face and she smiled and said,"fine" and fed me one i smiled and said,"thank you" and kissed her. she laughed and alex said,"hannah" she said,"yeah?" alex said,"um someone called for you" she got down and we walked in the living room and alex said,"someone called the house looking for you"she nodded and said,"who?" alex shrugged and said,"theres the number" and pointed to the peice of paper on the countier. hannah and i walked over to it and she picked it up and said,"okay ill call it back" and we went back up stairs she shut her door and we both sat on her bed and she got out her phone. we both sat there and i could tell she was scared so i said,"you want me to call it?" she shook her head then picked up her phone and dialed the number. she put the phone up to her ear and sat there i got next to her and she said,"hello?" i could barely hear anything so i sat there after about a minute she stood up and walked to the middle of the room. she looked like she just saw a ghost. i stood up and walked toward her and she turn to me and then she said,"okay" and hung up the phone. i said,"who was it? what did they say?" she looked up at me and said,"i dont know who it was umm it was a girl" i nodded and said,"well what did she say?"she said,"umm she said that i better stay away from um you and if i dont she will put my 6 ft underground and if i dont let you leave or if you dont leave i might as well say good bye to everyone i know and care about" i stood there in shock i didnt know what to say. she started looking around and said,"liam say something" i said,"hannah i i wont let anyone hurt you or anything happen to you." i got close to her and put my hand on her face she put her hand over mine and smiled i gentaly leand down and kissed her.when we pulled away she smiled at me, no matter what no matter how many people tell us we cant be together and how ever many people treaten us we get through it i may be wrong but thats love to me and i wouldnt have it any other way. right then someone knocked on hannahs door she walked over too it and niall was there. he said,"can i talk to liam?" she nodded and he came in and said,"liam are you staying the night?" i nodded and he handed me a back pack. i smiled and said,"thanks niall" he laughed and said,"no problem im staying the night too so i ran home and got some stuff" i nodded and laughed then he walked out. hannah looked at me and smiled and said,"well im gonna go take a shower okay?" i nodded and said,"okay" she smiled and went in the bathroom. i put the back pack on the bed and opened it to see what he packed me. i pulled out grey sweat pants underwear a white t-shirt then i pulled out jeans a red shirt and a brownist button up. then at the very botton of the bag i pulled out a box of condoms, i laughed to myself and then looked up and smiled. i got up and opened the bathroom door, hannah had music on and she was singing along to radioactive. so i dont think she heard me walk in. i started laughing as she sang and satrted to dance she screamed and peeked out and said,"liam what are you doing?" i laughed and said,"ohh nothing" she smiled and stuck her tonge out at me. she turned off the water and said,"liam had me my towel" i grabbed one from undr the sink and sung,"if your read come and get it" she laughed and said,"liam hand it to me" i didnt say anything. i walked up to the shower curtian and pulled it back. she screamed and i closed my eyes and said,"i cant see anyhting i cant see anything" i heard her laugh and then i took a step closer and wrapped her up in the towel. i opened my eyes and she was lokking back at me smiling. she kissed me and said,"thanks pervert payne"i laughed at her comment. i let go of her and she went to the mirrorand tucked her towel where it would stay and then she took a make up remover whip and started to take off her make up. i sat up on the countier watching her, she smiled and saw me out of the corner of her eye and said,"what?" i shook my head and said,"nothing just watching" she smiled and nodded and continued then she got to her jaw and whipped it and when she touched it she made a noise anthen looked at me and said,"forgot it was there" and did a half smile i looked at her jaw and said,"i didnt" she put both her hands on the countier and said,"liam i dont wanna have this converstaion right now" i looked back at her and she was turned to me leaning on the countier i said,"then when will we have this conversation?" she blew out and said," i dont know just not now okay" i looked away from her and said,"whatever" she kept looking at me then she walked to me and got in front of me to where she was between my legs. she is looking up at me i still looked down then she grabbed my face with both her hands and lifeted my head to where we are inches apart she said,"hey" in a soft whisper and then smiled i said,"what" and wouldnt look in her eyes she whispered my name and her hands went to my shoulders then to my sides then around to my back and she hugged me. i hugged her back and she said,"im sorry" i said,"theres nothing to be sorry about its okay" she laughed a little then stood back up staright and stayed between my legs she put her hands on my knees and said,"you know what?" i smiled and said,"what" she said,"i love you and tonight im gonna show you" i laughed and crossed my arms and said,"oh really and what are you gonna do to show me?" shlaighed and said,"youll just have to wait and see" i smiled i knew what she was doing shes tyring to be all sexy and make me all excited. well i mean her hands are on my knees going to my thighs so shes doing a very good job with trying to get me like that. i leaned down and started to kiss her our kissing turned into making out and that turned in to passionate kissing. all of the sudden her phone started ringing i didnt stop kissing her she said," phone" i said,"mhmm" and kept kissing her. her phone kept ringing she reached for it and i started kissing her neck she turned around to where her back was facing me but i am still kissing her neck she answered the phone kind of laughing he said,"hello?" and laughed. i kept kissing her neck she said,"hello?" again and then looked at her phone when she pulled her phone away from her ear i looked to see who it was but it was a blocked number. she hung up the phone then turned back around. she started kissing me again. between kisses i said,"who was that?" she shrugged and kissed me again then i said,"well what did they want?" she shrugged again and kept kissing me. i pulled away and said,"did you know who it was?" she said,"no liam" i said,"sorry hannah just i wanna know what they said" she rolled her eyes a blew out and walked over to the sink where she was. then she said,"i dont know them they didnt say anything they just breathed" i nodded is she mad at me because i wouldnt kiss her? trust me i wanna kiss her i wanna do what we where about to do but i got worried, shes worth more to me then sex. i got down from the countier and walked over to her and got behind her and said,"hannah" she looked up and said,"what" i wrapped my arms around her and said,"i love you" she nodded and then got her tooth brush i nodded and said,"okay have it your way" i grabbed her around the waist and picked her up. we started laughing and she said,"liam!!" i laughed and i took her to the bedroom and layed her down on the bed. i layed on top of her and whispered,"i love you" and smiled she whispered back,"i love you too" and i leaned down and kissed her. she put her hands on my face, my hands went to her waist. we layed there kissing when my phone rang and it rang again and again and again. i looked up and rolled my eyes hannah smiled and said,"whos interupting now?" i did a sarcastic laugh and got up and found my phone. i have 4 unread texts from ted. i thought he kind of left i havent heard from him in awhile im really kind of nervous answering this. i took a breath and opened the messages the first one said,"hey" the next one said,"are you upset about hannahs face?" the nest one said,"i wouldnt have sex right now" and the last one said,"liam you might want to leave" i got kind of scared about the last one. hannah got up and said,"whats wrong? who was it?" she grabbed my hand and put it to where she can read the texts. she looked up at me and said,"liam? what dose he mean leave?" i shrugged and said,"im calling him" she nodded and walked over to her suit case got out clothes and everything.she put on her underwear wih her back to me and her towel on but she dropped the towel when she put her bra on. she called my name i looked up and said,"yeah?" she said,"can you hook my bra strap?" okay normal question okay no problem but when she asked that i felt my face turn hot. i nodded and walked over to her and grabbed her starps and buttoned it. not a big deal just ohhh yeah thats pretty weird for me. i went back too the bed she put on a black over sized t-shirt and walked over to the bed. i looked down at my phone then called ted it rang about 3 times before he answered. he said,"hello?" he was still monotoned and i said,"hi what do you mean leave?" he laughed and said,"i mean leave, leave hannah now" i said,"are you the one who keeps calling hannah?" he said,"nope" i said,"mhmmm" he said,"im telling you if you dont leave smething bad will happen tomorrow" i said,"and how do you know that?" he laughed again and said,"trust me" then hung up.


if ya got questions or want me to know some ideas of yours you can always comment, ill try to answer some! next chapter sometime tomorrow!! i think alex is hatin liam. just a little.....

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