hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


5. chappptaaa 5

authors note; hey sorry this ones late been writng like all day :) i love my readers and likers! lol love you guys heres a extra extra long one for me being wayyyy late! i think this is where it starts to kinda not repeat so much ! well tell me how you like it so far!



hannahs pov.

when i went to go get liam everything was fine untill i walked in his room. i opened the door and he was naked the only thing he had on was a towel. i was frozen i just didnt even know what to do just wow hes one attractive boy. we talked for a second and then i told him i had to go and he shut the door and got all up on me he leaned down a little then stopped he dosent even know how bad i want to kiss him again. because when we kissed on the beach i dont know if i felt something because i was to worried about alex. but she told me she likes niall a lot now. when he stopped leaning i grabbed his hand he looked at our hands then back at me and i whispered his name he whispered back,"what?" i whispered,"kiss me" and he smiled then leaned down and passoneitly kissed me. he stsrted to get a little rough his hands went to my waist and then he picked me up i wraped my legs around him and he pressed me up aginst the door then he took me to his bed. i thought that meant he wanted something else but when i tired to take off my shirt he stopped kissing me and he said,"no not here not now" i was cinfused but i kind of felt respected. like he respects me and stuff. he was just about to kiss me again when harry called my name. i yelled back then he asked if i found liam me and liam giggled and i said,"yeah we are coming" i got up then liam grabed my hand and kissed me one more time then i left i walked down stairs and harry said,"heyy... wheres liam?" i turned around and said,"i dont know i thought he was behind me" i walked past him to my phone in the kitchen then harry said,"i guess will just wait for him" harry sat on the couch and then niall and alex sat on the ground. her heaqad was on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around her they are so cute im so happy shes strating to like him because hes so sweet. liam came down in red shorts and a white shirt then sat down in front of harry i didnt know where to sit so i just jumped over the back of the couch next to harry. harry pressed play the movie was some scary movie called Vile, i hate scary movie. about 5 minutes in the movie i got super cold but i didnt want to get close to harry mostly becasue of what happened up stairs with liam. so i just sat there then harry nodged me with his foot i looked at him and he told me to come over closer to him. i didnt know what to do i looked at laim and he was sitting there with a blanket over him just watching the movie. so i got a little closer to harry just close enough that i got some of the blanket. i didnt what to be a whore and try to get with both of them so i think im gonna stick with liam because i dont think harry likes me that much. right then this girl in the movie started cutting up some guys leg so i put my face in my hands. when someone grabbed my arms and pulled me to them. its not rocket science i know its harry but still he grabed my arms and pulled me to him he put me on his chest and wrapped his arms around me. i leat him becuase i mean i wasent gonna pull away. right then someone knocked on the door harry paused the movie and liam turned around to look at harry. i got up really fast then looked at alex becuase i didnt wantto make i contact with him. liam said,"who is that?" harry didnt answer. when liam opened the door that girl from the beach came in and hugged him. i think her name is allie or anna or somethingshe walked past him then came over to us and said hi and everything i looked over at liam he looked so confused. i was confused too then liam said,"wait wait wait how in the world did you find me and how did you get here?!?" allie turned around and said,"well um harry texted me and he told me to come over here and he gave me the adresses and well here i am" liam looked at harry and said,"really harry really" i was laughing on the inside because he said that out loud infront of allie! allie looked down and kind of sad then she said,"well i mean if you dont want me here i can just leave" liam looked at her and said,"no no no just i didnt know so i couldnt get ready for you." she smiled and said,"oh okayy" i got kind of mad but theres really nothing to be mad at so liam sat at the very end and allie sat next to him and alex. harry started the movie again. it was about 15 minutes or so in the movie.. i looked over at niall and alex and they where kissing there so cute then i looked at liam and allie and. allies head was on liams shoulder! liam was just sitting there like he wanted her there. i noticed harry looking at me and i looked at him and smilied and then got closer to him and put my head on his shoulder he put his arm around me then took my hand i started to play with his fingers they are so long and his hands are so big. harry looked at me and i looked up and him i hate to say it but i kind of wanted to kiss him but i just dont know so i glanced at liam and allie. liam and allie where making out no they wernt just kissing they where making out i got so mad harry leaned away from me when i looked back at him then i put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled him to me i leaned up and he leaned down and we kissed with passion. i guess i fell asleep becaus ewhen i woke up it was morning i looked around and everything we where all still in the livivng room i guess we all fell asleep i looked over at nialla nd alex and alex was laying on his chest and his arm was around her i looked over at liam and allie, allie was all up on his arm snuggling with it and liam was just laying there. i looked staright then i relized i was on top of harry! i didnt know how i got like this but i didnt really mind. i got up and walked over everyone and went in the kitchen and checked my phone. right then a phone went off i looked around and i found liams phone someone named ted texted him. i wonder who that is, or if its a code name for someone. i didnt want to snoop... but i just had to. i opened it and his phone wasent locked so i opened the message and it said,"did you have fun with hannah last night?" i shuttered at the message i really didnt know what to do. i just looked at it my jaw was dropped i just i dont think iv ever been so scared in my life. i just deleted the message and put his phone down i didnt know what else to do really so i just went back in the livivng room and layed back down on harry. when i layed back down he moved and kind of woke up and he looked at me and smilied and said,"oh i thought last night was a dream" i smiled and said,"no it happened" he said,"good" then leaned up and pecked me on the lips. i smiled at him his hands where on my lower back i layed my head on his chest one of his hand came up to my head and he started playing with my hairi closed my eyes and just sat there. i couldnt help but think of how wrong this is how wrong it is for me to sit here on harry and for me to kiss him. with liam right there i feel awful i feel like a whore i feel like im using both of them and im not i just want everything to go back to the way it was before me and alex met them. im happy we met them and everything but im not happy with my desicions. i looked up and harry was asleep again i was still on him and liam started to move around. i shut my eyes and pretended i was asleep. i slightly opened my eyes just enough to peek and liam was getting up he moved allie off of him and then sat up. he sat up for a second and then got uphe stood up then turned around. i closed my eyes tight so i didnt know what he was doing. i felt a hand on my face then he kissed me on the fore head i peeked again and he was walking to the kitchen i heard him unlock his phone. then after a few minutes he walked up stairs.i sat up and went in the kitchen i put my hands over my face and slid down the island and started to cry i didnt know what else to do. i feel so broken i had enough problems with boys back home and now with my favorite band ever im having problems its always me i dont understand i always do something wrong i cant help but to cry i feel like a slut and a whore and that im just used i dont uderstand anything or anyone anymore all i can do is cry right now.i tryed to pull myself together but its just not working. then i heard liam come dow the stairs i whiped my face and tryed to make it look like i was okay he went to the counter infront of the bar so i stayed where i was. i guess he forgot his phone because then he went back up stairs i started to cry again. when i heard someone get up. i didnt know who it was and i dont really want to. i heard someone call my name. then they called it again i recognize the voice its alex i got up and she was standing in the kitchen and she said,"hannah oh my god whats wrong?" i balled and ran to her and hugged her. she hugged me and she said,"hannah its okayy calm down tell me what happened?" i just cried then she let go and looked at me and whiped my tears away with her pointer fingers and she said,"hannah i think we need to go home for awhile" i nodded and said,"yeah" my voice shaking and cracky she smiled and then wrote a note for niall and then one for the rest of the boys. we got our phones and walked out back home we got home and alex took me to my room we layed down and watched Titanic. in the middle of the movie alex said,"okay tell me what happened" we both sat up and well i told her everything from what happened at the beach to what happened last night. i looked at her after everything i told her. she was just kind of shocked she didnt say anything. i said,"are you gonna say something?" she said,"yeah i just trying to process everything" i nodded and sat there. then she finally said,"hannah i honestly dont know" i nodded and said,"yeah i thought so" then she said,"well if you fall in love twice choose the second one because if you where really in love the first time you wouldnt have fallen in love again" i looked at her and said,"alex i love you" she smiled and said,"i know" we hugged and then someone knocked on the door. alex turned around then said,"okayy ill be right back okay" i nodded and then she left. i paused the movie and went to my door. i heard her open it and a boys voice. she said,"no liam she dosent want to talk to you" he said,"alex please! just let me talk to her" alex said,"no with what you did to her im suprised she didnt punch you right then" liam said,"alex i know i messed up please just let me talk to her!" alex said,"no liam im sorry but no" and she closed the door in his face. i slid down the door fram crying alex ran up stairs and said,"hannah its okay" i said," alex please i dont know what to do" alex said,"i think you just need to stay away from them for awhile" i nodded and said,"okay" and she helped me up and put me in my bed and i feel asleep.

alexs pov.

after i put hannah to bed i went down stairs i thought about everything she told me. about her and liam and about how she didnt want to tell me because she was afraid it would kill our friend ship. and about harry lord shes so stressed, i havent seen her like this is such along time. im so worried about her and liam showing up and everything he just made it worse. i had to send him away i dont want her to get like how she was back home she needs to start over new and the boys arnt helping i think they just need to be out of her life. she just graduated high school shes still a kid and i promised her i would take care of her on this trip and im not letting the boys take advatnage of her. but with me protecting her from them i cant see niall. i remember when he asked me out. it was last night when we got there and he was moving the coffee table he came up to me and said,"alex i like you a lot i know we all met like yesterday but i think your the most gorgous girl i have ever seen in my life and i really would like you to give me a chnace." how could i say no to him tho!!! so i said,"yes" and i relize i have always kind of liked niall even when i said i liked liam i was trying to get niall attention. but right then someone knocked on the door. i got up and walked over to the door looking at my phone to see what time it was it was about 4 in the afternoon so i opened the door and harry was there. i looked at him and said,"hey......" he said,"hi is um hannah here?" i nodded and said,"but your not gonna talk to her" he looked down and let out a breath then said,"why?" i said,"because i said so" i hate being mean to them becasue there my favorite band ever but i love hannah more. he said,"what did i do alex huh what because last time i checked i didnt even do anything to you or her i would never hurt her!" i looked down and said,"harry just listen you have to trust me its for the best for you not to see her" he nodded and said,"yeah the best for you or her?" i looked at him and said,"what the hell is your problem do you think i like seeing my friend hurt and confused!?!? oh wait i can answer that question no i dont, you have only known her 2 days ive known her 7 years..... i think i might know her a little better then you!" he looked at me and was about to say something then i cut him off and siad,"bye and dont come back if your gonna have an attitude with me mr.styles good bye" and i shut the door in his face. i felt bad for everything i said but then i didnt he honestly desrved it he wants to pick a fight with me fine.i just dont like seeing hannha like this i think its more of liams fault and he dosent even really know it. i got a text and looked down at my phone and it was niall i opened it and it said,"hey is hannah okay?" i didnt know if it was niall so i said,"niall how did you ask me out?" he answered it exactly right so i knew it was him he said,"you making sure its me?" i said,"yeah and shes i honestly dont know shes asleep right now but harry and laim came here trying to talk to her and harry tryying to pick a fight with me just pissed me off" niall said,"yeah he came back and went to his room and slammed the door so i guess you won" i laughed at the message and said,"yeah lol but hey um yeah do you want to come over and talk to her ?" he replyed,"sure and i can see you too;)" i blushed at the message and said,"okay but dont bring any of the boys" ne said,"okay comming" in about 15 minutes he was here i opened the door and hugged him he laughed and hugged me back. i was so happy to see him we let go of eachother and he had flowers and a teddy bear. he gave me the flowers i said,"awwwwh baby you didnt have to get me flowers" he smiled and said,"yes i did i wanted you to know i was thinking about you too" i smiled and he said,"this is for hannah where is she?" i said,"upstsirs follow me" i walked up stairs and he followed behind. i got to hannahs room and opened the door a little she was still asleep and i opened the door all the way and me and niall walked in. i went to her and told niall to stay over there. i sat next to her and said,"hannah wake up come on wake up" i wiggled her a little and then she slowly begain to wake up. she woke up all the way and smiled and said,"hey i had this dream about one direction that your never gonna believe" i smiled and said,"honey i believe it" and gesturied to niall. niall smiled and said in a quite love voice,"hey hannah" she feel back and groaned i looked at her and said ,"hannha niall wanted to see you" she sat back up and said,"okayy" i got up and niall walked over and gave her the teddy bear she smiled and said,"thank you niall" and they hugged niall sat down next to her then he waved for me to come over and he whispered in my ear,"is it okayy to talk about the boys" i shrugged and said,"i dont know how about you try" he nodded and said,"hannah liam and harry- she looked down and he stopped talking he said,"hannha i dont want to upset you" she nodded and said,"i know niall" right then niall phone rang it was a text from liam then it rang again and it was from harry then again and again and again. i looked at niall and he said,"they must have found out i am here" right then a bang came from the door. i looked at naill then looked at hannah niall got up and said,"ill get it" he started to walk down stairs when i said,"hannah stay here ill be right back" she nodded and i ran down stairs niall opened the door and it was liam.i ran to the door then liam said,"please just let me see her. plaese niall" niall said,"liam i cant" liam said,"niall come on you know me i would never do anything to hurt her" naill looked down then i came infront of niall and i said,"liam i know you wouldnt do that to hurt her or try to but liam you did you kissed allie you knew what you where doing and after you and hannah did that yeah i dont think so, liam you and harry just need to stay away from her for awhile please laim dont ruien mine and her vacation please we didnt come here to find love we came here to have fun and its living hell for her right now so im sorry but you cant see her for awhile." he nodded and said,"okay okayy just tell her im sorry for everything for hurting her for ruining her life just tell her im sorry" i nodded and said,"bye liam" and shut the door

nialls pov.

after alex shut the door i looked up at hannahs door and she heard everything she was standing in her door way. alex ran up stairs and i stayed down stairs i didnt really know what to do. alex said some stuff to hannah and hannah went back in her room and i guess she went to sleep. when alex came down i said,"alex whats going on" alex sighed and she said,"niall shes still pretty much a kid shes 17 and i dont know shes really emotional and she has a really bad past with boys" she looked down and i went to alex and hugged her i said,"alex why whats why are you crying?" she looked up at me with tears rolling down her face i hugged her and lead her to the couch and sat her down i took her hands and said,"alex please tell me what happened i wont say anything to anyone but you have to tell me for me to be able to help her and you" she looked up at me and she said,"i i should have been there i should have been there to help her" i said,"alex help her through what please tell me!" she looked up and said,"okayy" she wiped her tears and said,"it was her JR year and we where both suppose to be going to this senior party... she called me and asked if i was gonna go i told her i didnt feel like it and she said okay.... niall she went anyway" i looked at her and said,"yeah?? then what" she took and deep breath and said,"okay she went to the party and it was at my friend jakes house, so i went over there the next day to help him cleane up and i left my jacket there a long time ago so i got there it was about an hour and we where cleaning and i went in the back bed room and ....... and ......" she satrted to cry i leaned in to her and said,"alex its okay come on" she said throught her tears and her gasping for air she said,"niall they raped her they raped her!" she started to cry and cry i didnt know what to say i had no idea i was at a lose of words. i looked at alex and hugged her i just took her in my arms and i never wanted to let her go. she looked up at me and i said,"alex i i had no idea" she said,"and its all my fault i wouldnt have happened if i was there and if she didnt go its all my fault its all my fault!" i said,"no no no no no its not your fault at all you didnt know that was gonna happen" she yelled,"BUT IF I WENT IT WOULDNT HAVE HAPPENED!!!" i stood up and said,"alex listen to me you didnt do anything you didnt know it was gonna happen you didnt even think it was gonna happen you cant blame yourself for this" she was still crying and i said,"alex just come here" i sat back down and held her in my arms and started to play with her hair and i started to sing summer love to her it was about an hour or so later i looked at her and she was asleep. i moved her gentley and got up i placed her on the couch and put a blanket over her. i leaned down and kissed her on the forehead and then left. on my way home i couldnt help but think about what she told me and that it might make a diffrence to how the boys act if i told them but i promised her i wouldnt. when i got home i opened the door and walked in. i walked to the livivng room and then to my bed room i opened my bed room door and harry was in there. i said,"hey mate?" he smilied and said,"hey niall what happened at her house"i looked down and said,"harry i cant tell you" he got up and said,"niall please what did i do?" i looked at harry and said,"i cant harry im sorry i cant just i cant" harry looked down and said,"niall please i just pl- i looked at harry and said,"harry i cant tell you i promised alex and im not gonna break that promise im sorry ill tell you what i can but so far i cant tell you anthing besides she is sleeping and she didnt really talk she slept most of the time" harry nodded and said,"okay niall okay im sorry i just care about her a lot and i want her to be okay and i want to know what i did" i looked at harry and said,"harry please just please i...., you didnt do anything just please stop asking questions ill tell you what i can" he nodded and left i sat down on my bed and took a deep breath. i started thinking,about hannah and what happened to her how could someone do that to her shes hannah shes sweet and kind and nice. i dont understand and how she acts like nothign ever happened i would have never guessed that happened to her ever. and it happened llike a year ago shes pretty tough but i feel awful that, that happened to her she dosent and didnt deserve that. right then someone knocked on my door i stood up and walked to the door i opened it and liam was in front of me. i said,"hey liam" he was looking down then he looked up hes eyes where red and his face was tear stained. i said,"liam please dont do this" liam looked down and then said,"niall i cant- do this anymore" i looked at him and then said,"come in liam" he walked in and sat on my bed i said,"liam are you okay?" he looked up and said,"niall you just dont even know how bad i feel, i didnt mean to hurt her all i want to do is apoligize to her but no one will let me talk to her please niall you have to help me get to talk to her please niall help me please" i looked down i didnt know what to do. i want to help liam but i i i dont know how to i cant betray alex or hannah. i looked at liam and said,"liam i will tell you the same thing i told harry i will tell you what i can but if alex says i cant say or tell you guys anything i wont im sorry liam but i keep my promises with her liam and your not making it easy to keep them" liam nodded and said,"okay niall but can you tell her something for me" i nodded and said,"yeah?" he looked up and said,"tell her i love her" i couldnt believe thoughd words came out of his mouth i said,"liam youve known her 2 days" he nodded and said,"i know but you dotn know how much im dying inside not being able to see her" i nodded and said,"okayy i promise ill tell her" liam nodded and walked away.i layed down and just went to sleep. when i woke up it was about 10 i got up and took a shower i put on jean pants and my free hugs shirt then i went in my bathroom brushed my teeth did my hair made sure everything was good then went down stairs. when i walked down stairs zayn and louis where down there i said,"hey i thought you guys went back to england?" zayn nodded and said,"yeah but we are back" i laughed and said,"oh well you missed a lot in like 4 days. louis laughed and said,"oh god" i said,"yeah" and looked down zayn said,"yeah i heard liam crying last night" i nodded still looking down and louis said,"yeah i heard him to and i heard harry crying" i still looked down and then zayn said,"niall what happened" i looked up and said," nothing i have to go" i walked to the door and louis said,"niall" i turned around and he said,"you can tell us anything" i nodded and walked out the door.i finally made it to alex and hannah house around 11 i knocked on the door and hannah opened it. she smiled and said,"hey niall"i said,"hey? why are you up" she said,"niall im aloud to wake up" and laughed i laughed to and said,"i know that" everytime i see her now i think of her getting raped and how someone so mean and crul could do that to her. i walked in and alex was still asleep on the couch i looked at hannah and said,"so thats why you got to answer the door" she smiled and said,"yeah you know for a fact she probably wouldnt have even let me out of my room" i smiled and said,"yeah she she really loves you hannah" hannah nodded and said,"oh dont worry i know" we laughed and she said,"do you want anything to eat?" i shook my head even though i was starving. my mind was focused on her and how she is doing. hannah walked in the living room she was wearing a pink volley ball shirt and grey sweat pants her hair was up in a messy bun and i dont think she had any make up on maybe some from the last time she had make up on but it wasent like fresh make up. she walked to a white chair that was to the lleft of there white couch. then there was another chair on the right side of th couch i went in the living room and sat in the chair to the right of the couch. hannah is eating ben and jerrys ice cream and she had a big brown blanket on her. she is watching Bad Kids Go To Hell. i watched a little of it and after about 30 or 20 minutes i said,"hannah?" she looked at me and paused the movie and said,"yeah?" i looked down and said,"are you okay? i know if alex was awake she would tell me not to ask you anything but are you okay?" she looked down and put her ice cream on the coffee table and said,"niall i honestly dont know, i just have so many emotions going through my head and my heart i i just dont know" she forced a smile. i got up and walked over to her. i got on my knees and said,"hannah if you ever need anything im here for you, i want you to be able to tell me anything, i feel like your like my little sister and if anyone hurts you...... lets just say they wont be hurting you ever again," she smiled at the last part then she said,"thank you niall" she stood up and hugged me.

liams pov.

i woke up at about 11, i didnt get up i just looked at my phone and i have a message from ted.i opened it and it said,"hannah pretty upset you think i should give her a visit, since you know you cant" i sat up fast and replyed,"DONT bring her into this if you touch her i swear!" they replyed abck about 2 minutes later,"why not liam? you dont want her to see me?" i replyed,"no i dont want you to see her or hurt her" ted said,"who said i was gonna hurt her?" i called the number they answered and the voice was monotoned i said,"hello?" he said,"liam payne iv been waiting for your call" i said,"how do you know me?" he said,"who dosent know you your famous" i said,"oh but how do you know about hannah and me and everyone else," he said,"becuase liam iv been watching you and the rest of them" i didnt know what to say i stood up and didnt say anything he said,"you shocked now? well im suprised you havent freaked out yet" i said,"what do you want from me?" he said,"i dont know" i said,"okay well leave me alone then" he said,"no but why did you call me?" i said,"i i dont know" he said,"yes you do wasent it something about hannah oh yes do you think i shoudl visit her for you since alex wont let you talk to her?" i didnt know what to say im i didnt know he knew all that or she. i said,"ummh" he siad,"yeah didnt think i knew that much huh well i do and i think i will" i was about to say something when he hung up. i didnt know what to do i ran to my suit case put on pants and went in the bathroom brushed my hair and ran down stairs past zayn and louis they said something to me but i had no idea what it was. i ran down the stairs to the house and ran all the way to hannah and alexs house i ran up there porch stairs and took a few breaths i banged on the door i didnt stop i just kept banging and banging. when niall came to the door. he said,"LIAM!?!?!?" i was gasping and i said,"niall i i ohhhh lord okay someone is gonna come for hannah" niall was looking at me like i was crazy i said,"no i called ted!" naill started to laugh and said,"liam i think you need some sleep" right then someone came up behind niall and said,"hey niall" it was a guys voice. i looked and it was that ryan guy from the restraunt. he said,"see yeah later niall" niall said,"yeah" and they hugged. i looked at ryan and said,"ted?" he said,"who no liam ryan" i stood up straight and ryan said,"i guess you do need some sleep huh liam" i said," no you dont know me you dont know what i need" niall said,"liam!" and then looked at ryan and said,"sorry dude liam isnt usally like this" ryan nodded and said,"no i understand its fine" niall said,"okayy well ill see you tomorrow and liam im coming home later i have to talk to you okay" i nodded and niall shut the door ryan was standing next to me and then i walked down the stairs and then ryan did. i started walking towards our house when ryan yelled,"are you scared yet payne?" i stopped and thought about what he said. i turned around and he was gone.

alexs pov.

i opened my eyes and hannah and niall where hugging i sat up and rubbed my head niall and hannah let go of eachother and hannah said,"look alex is awake" niall turned around and said,"hey sleepy head" i smilied and said,"wait how did you get in here the door was locked?!" i looked at hannah and she looked down i stood up and said,"HANNAH!!!!!" niall looked at hannah and said,"wait alex she didnt do anything dont yell at her" i looked at niall and said,"really your standing up for her?" niall said,"yes because all she dose is stay in her bedroom all day you were asleep and someone knocked on the door she made sure to look and when she saw it was me she opened the door" i looked at hannah and said,"is that true you looked first?" she nodded slowley. i said,"okayn whatever" hannah looked down and said,"im gonna go take a shower" and she ran up stairs. i sat down on the couch and niall sat next to me. i moved away from him and he said,"alex im sorry just your really hard on her, i know ever since....... that happened youve been protective but you have to let her live a little." i looked up and said,"i know its just i was fine untill the day i found her in your kitchen crying in the floor, i kind of freaked becuase i havent seen her cry like that since... then" niall put his hand on my back and said,"do you think you can tell me anymore of that story?"i nodded and took a breath and said,"when i found her i ran to jake and i said why is hannah in your back bed room?" he looked at me and said,"i dont know i didnt even know she was here?" i nodded and he followed me to the bed room seh was under blankets so we thought she was just sleeping then jake found his friend charlies phone, it was unlocked and it was on the video setting so he picked it up and went back to charlies camra roll and looked at the video the video of her" i put my head in my hands and niall said,"they they recorded it!?!?! what a** hole how could someone so twisted RECORD IT!!!!" i looked at niall and said,"lowerr your voice she is up stairs" niall said,"sorry" and i went back to the story. i said,"i didnt watch the video jake did but right when he figured out what they did he stopped it and deleted every video of that night and every picture i still didnt know what happened he came up to me and just hugged me he was in tears i looked at him and said,"dude why are you crying?" he said,"im so sorrry alex i should have been watching her i knew she was at the party and i heard them talk about trying to get with her but i didnt think they would!" when i heard him say that i pushed him off of me and i said,"jake what the hell are you talking about?" i looked at him hard and he cracked and said,"they they i think they might have- i cut him off and started to cry i ran over to hannah and pulled the covers off her face and she had a black eye and a busted lip i pulled off a little more and her arm had bruses i started to cry and i looked at jake and i ran to him and started to yell at him i said,"YOU F***** HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO HER YOU A** HOLE I HATE YOU HOW COULD YOU" and i started beating on his chest and crying and he started to cry." i stopped the story becuase i heard hannah come down the stairs i looked up and so did niall. hannah stopped and then said,"yeah they beat me and raped me and recorded the whole thing, i went to the hospital for 2 weeks everyone at school ignored me and called me names and the guys that did it never got in trouble, i went to therapy for the rest of the year i pushed that night and that year so far back in my thoughts and alex you just go and tell everyone i never wanted anyone to find out i dont want peoples sempathy but alex you do and your using what happened to me to make people feel sorry FOR YOU!!" i stood up and hannah started to cry and ran up stairs and slammed her door i looked at niall and ran to go get her niall stood up and said,"no alex just just leave her alone" i started to cry and i said,"well - niall said,"ill talk to her" i nodded and said,"dont- okay" niall was up there for about 10 miutes when someone knocked on the door i went to the door and opened it. it was ryan from the restraunt i said,"hey ryan" he said,"hey alex" and we hugged he is in my grade so hes 18 and i said,"what i mean why i mean how did you get here like how did you find out where we live?" he laughed and said,"same old alex and ummm that guy liam yeah he told me" i nodded and said,"oh you talk to liam?" he said,"yeah, and um he told me he was over hannah, i think he said he likes allie now so i dont know?" i nodded and said,"really?? wow that was fast" he nodded and said,"so wheres hannah?" i said,"oh up stairs talking to niall" he said,"ohh are they dating?" i said,"what no im dating niall" he nodded and said,"oh okayy awh thats nice" me and him both laughed

nialls pov.

when i walked up stairs hannahs door was locked i knocked and she said,"go away" i said,"hannah its niall" i heard her get up and walk to the door she opened it and said,"come in" tears where rolling down her face. i wlaked in and shut the door. she walked back to her bed and layed down and put the covers over her face. i walked to her bed and sat down next to her and said,"hannah" she didnt say anything sso i continued and said,"alex didnt mean she she wasent tring to get sympathy from what happend to you" she sat up and pulled the covers off her face then said,"what was she trying to do then just randomly tell you my story?" i shook my head and said,"no love...... i asked" she looked at me confused and i said,"alex told me the first day i came here what happened and hannah you know she blames her self for what happened to you she regrets not going to that party and she yelled and screamed at that jake guy for letting that happen to you she dosent want sympathy she told me because i asked and i promise i wont and havent told anyone and i dont plan on telling anyone, she didnt want you to know she was telling me becasue she knows you hate talking about and honestly it killed me on the inside when she told me that happened to you, and i respect you so much hannah you just go on about life like nothing happened not a lot of people can do that and im proud of you" she smiled at me and she started to cry i got teary eyed saying all of this to her she came up to me and hugged me she said,"niall i love you your absolutly amazing thank you" i cryed even more when she said that, i dont like hannah like that and i know when she said she loves me she didnt mean it like that. just im very protective over her, and especially since i know what happened. we hugged then hannah let go and said,"niall " i looked at her and said,"yeah?" she smiled and said,"thank you for everything for coming up here and talking to me for makeing alex happy and just for being you" she made me cry even more when she said that i hugged her one more time then we fixed eachother and stopped crying and walked out of her room.i walked out first and i saw that ryan guy talking to alex. i stopped and so did hannah. hannah said,"what?" and i said,"umm isnt that ryan?" she nodded and said,"yeah? how did he get here?" i shrugged then alex spotted us and she said,"niall hannah ryans here" i nodded and said,"yeah i see that?" me and hannah walked down stairs more and hannah stayed next to me the whole time. ryan said,"hey hannah" hannah smiled and said,"hey" alex said,"umm can you excuse me and hannah" me and ryan nodded and they walked away in the dinning room area. i looked at ryan and he watched them as they walked away, he noticed me looking at him and he said,"so niall is it" i nodded and he said,"hey im sorry if i came off kind of a douche at the restraunt im not really that bad of a guy" i nodded and said,"yeah probably not" he laughed and said,"so your dating alex" i nodded and he said,"nice your a very lucky guy shes sweet" i nodded and said,"yeah i know right, so you dated hannah?" he nodded and said,"yeah umm freshman through jr year" i nodded and said,"so what happened?" he said,"oh um i was graduating so i told her we should probably break up" i nodded i really wanted to ask if he was at the party when that happened he said,"yeah the last time i saw her we where at a party" oh there it is in nodded and said,"what party? was alex with her?" he nodded and said,"yeah i think, that night is just abig blur i dont remeber most of my high school days" i nodded and laughed and said,"same" he laughed too he acctually pretty nice hes cool too. right then alex and hannah came back hannah still stood next to me i wonder why she disnt just stand closer to him i mean i dont mind but still she was acting kind of weird. alex said,"lets all go sit down and catch up" we all started to walk to the living room when hannah grabed my arm and i looked at her confused and she said,"niall dont leav-" right then alex said,"niall hannah are you coming" hannah said,"yeah" and faked a smile. she looked kind of nervous when we walked in the living room. alex is sitting on the couch and ryan is sitting on the chair to the left. i sat next to alex and hannnah walked past me and alex and sat in the chair to the right. hannah sat with her legs up in the chair i have no idea why shes acting so weird. i looked at her and she looked back at me her faceial expressions kept changing i was about to ask her what was wrong when alex said,"so when did you move here ryan?" ryan looked at alex and said,"oh um right after high school i came here to try and find a singing carrer but didnt work out" i looked at him and said,"you can sing?" he looked at me and said,"well my familt and friends say i can but other people think other wise" i said,"well sing" he smiled and said,"niall" i said,"ryan come on sing i wanna hear you" ryan said,"okay" he stood up and started singign Titanium. he was really good i stood up when he was done and said,"dude that was amazing!!" he smiled and laughed and said,"really!?" i saud,"yeah it was awesome" ryan smiled and said,"it sounds better with a female voice in it" and he looked at hannah. i folllowed his gaze and said,"hannah you sing??!!" she looked up at me and said,"what no" ryan laughed and walked over to her and said,"yeah right your the best singer i know" she smiled and i said,"come on hannah you gotta sing now" she shook her head and i said,"hannah please come on" alex joined and said,"hannha come on" she looked at alex then go up and ryan said,"okay ready go" and they started singing Titanium it sounded so good hannah can sing and so can ryan. when they where done i clapped and said,"wow that was amazing guys why didnt you say anything hannah" she looked at me and shrugged. i looked at her and she was looking down and shuffling her feet. i said,"ryan can i talk to you?" he nodded and we walked over towards the door a little and i said,"so if you want i can talk to simon or a few other people about you and hannah" he smiled and said" ARE YOU SERIOUS!" i nodded and right then someone started banging on the door. i walked over to it and i opened it and it was liam, i said,"LIAM!?!?" i was trying not to cuss in front or everyone he looked up and he was gasping and he said,"niall i i ohhhh lord okay someone is gonna come for hannah" i looked at him like he was crazy and then he said,"i called ted!!!" i started to laugh and i said,"liam i think you need some sleep" right then ryan came from behind me and said,"hey niall" niall turned around and he said,"see yeah later niall" i said,"yeah" and we hugged and liam looked at ryan and said,"ted?" he said,"who no liam ryan" liam stood up and ryan said,"i guess you do need some sleep huh liam" liam said," no you dont know me you dont know what i need" i said,"liam!" and then looked at ryan and said,"sorry dude liam isnt usally like this" ryan nodded and said,"no i understand its fine" i said,"okayy well ill see you tomorrow and liam im coming home later i have to talk to you okay" liam just nodded and i shut the door. i walked over to alex and hannah and i said,"hannah are you okay?" she nodded and said,"im fine" and she ran up stairs i looked at alex. alex said,"i dont know?" i am so confused. i said,"alex should one of us go talk to her?" alex shook her head and said,"i think she should be alone for awhile"i nodded me and alex sat down and just watched tv. she layed on my shoulder and she said,"niall ryan told me liam said he was over hannah"i said,"they talk?" she nodded and said,"i guess" then after about 15 miutes we fell asleep. i woke up and it was 10pm i got up and picked her up and took her up stairs to her room. and kissed her on the cheek and ran down stairs and outside. i walked home and when i got there i opened to door and all the lights where off. so i turned on the kitchen light and grabbed some chips and when i turned around liam was right there in my face i dropped the chips and said,"liam what the hell are you doing!" liam said,"sorry i didnt mean to scare you but you have to listen to me" i said,"what?" he said,"come to my room" i nodded and said,"okay?" and we walked to his room. when we where both in there he shut the door and said,"okay ryan isnt safe"i rolled my eyes and said,"liam what is this weird thing you have about ryan?" he said,"its not weird? and its all the truth! i really think hes ted!" i looked at him and said,"liam WHO THE HELL IS TED?!?!" he looked at me and said,"i dont know what he looks like but hes real! okay just listen" i sat down and said,"okay what" he said,"ted i named him that okay the night when we got homw from the restraunt i got a text and it said hey i said hey who is this it said you will find out very soon liam payne okay okay then the next night he did the same thing but he asked if i was scared and i said no and he said well you should be! dude thats weird" i nodded and said,"but that dosent mean its ryan" he took a breath and handed me his phhone i read all the messages and i said,"liam it could be one of the boys or some guy trying to prank you" liam sat down and said,"i know but i called them they know about hannah and alex you wouldnt do this to me and alex dosent have my number and neither dose hannah" i nodded and said,"liam i just dont think you should worry about it" he nodded and said,"but- i said,"no buts liam just try to get some sleep" he nodded and said,"wait did you tell hannah that thing?" i looked down and said,"liam good night" and walked out of his room


whhooo do you think "ted" is????????


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