hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


15. chapa 15

authors note:sooo allie kind of fades...... sorry if y'all where expecting like a creepy secne where shes comes back. but second one i got you guys shes gonna come! im gonna start to post more ofter just have beeen busy oh btw: i love alll my 102 readers!!! you guys make my day all the time!!!! i love you guys so much you are the reason im writing still!!! keep reading :)






liams pov. 
i sat down in the chair one away from harry , we waited what seemed like days. i turned i think 6 a.m, i looked around and ryan was sleeping in a chair by himself, alex was leaning on hannah and hannah was leaning on harry and harry was just leaning on his arm. i was awake i couldnt sleep, i dont know why but im so awake right now its weird, i wonder why harry told me that in the car? dose he think they might break up or was he trying to put me in my place? i dont know but its weird how everything fell together with ryan ending up being ted, allie being crazy, pretending to like hannah just so she could destroy her. its pretty crucial, its been one weird ass month so far, i dont know what it will be like when hannah and alex leave, i cant imagne them being out of our lives anymore. i dont even know what we where doing before they came into ours lives, me harry and niall found love, in such a weird time in such a weird way. i guess when you fight for someone you love it makes you relize how much you love them and how much you dont ever want to lose them. like when me and hannah went threw the ted thing and when she got weird calls we got threw it and all that just made me want her more, i dont know if it was because i love her or because i just didnt want anyone else to have her. like her and harry now have been threw some big life problems such as harry got beat up *bing* he wants her more, fights *bing* they want eachother more this whole thing *bing* there already in love, but the thing is they dont kow if there in love or if they just dont want one another to be with anyone else because of all the stuff they have been threw. its weird to think about but, it makes sense to me, its weird how our emotins work and who can take your heart right out from under you and you didnt even know it untill there with someone else. im happy for hannah and harry i really am im glad shes happy, but the thing is i do still love her and i do still want her to be with me, but shes not, shes with one of my best mates harry and i couldnt just try to take her back. harry was there when i wasent and he got her fair and square i guess i just have to wait or move on, i already know that when i move on theres always going to be a big part of me still with hannah always no matter if i get married or if she dose, shes always going to have a huge part of me and she dosent even know it. she dosent even know how big of a impact shes had on me on my life, iv had girlfriends that i loved and i got over but shes the one i already know im never ever going to get over im never going to be able to get over her, and its kind of sad in a way because i think shes already over me. 
Nialls pov. 
i woke up and everything was blurry, i didnt know where i was, i heard a beeping noise, i started to get really scared and the beeping noise kept getting faster and louder. then i heard someone walk in and they held me down, i just relized i was kicking my vison started coming back and i saw i was in a hospital and the beeping noise is my heart rate, i stopped kicking and the doctor got off of me. he said,"hello Mr.Horan, im Dr.Bell and i hav ebeen taking care of you" i said,"umm how did i get here?" he said,"wow your irish umm a group of people brought you in, uhh in your paper work here it says a hannahmerritt, liampayne,harrystyles,ryanbrown and a alex muncy. do you know them?" i nodded and siad,"yes may i see them please?" he said,"ohh of corse wait wait wait..... niall horan?" i nodded and said,"yeah?" he said,"arent you from a band?" i nodded and he said,"one direction?" i nodded again and said,"yep and so is harry and liam in the waiting room and alex is my girlfriend so would you please get them?" he nodded and said,"uhh of course Mr.Horan" and he walked out. i let out a breath, i wonder what they did to me, what was broken, if ill be better by today. i leaned back in my bed which was sitting up and closed my eyes. then i heard the door open and i heard alexs voice say,"thank you very much sir" i sat up quickly and said,"alex!" she looked at me and ran, she ran around my bed and then into my arms, i started crying im not gonna lie seeing her made me so happy, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes too. i said,"i love you so much babe so much" she smiled and luaghed then said,"i love you too im so happy your okay!" we hugged again and i just reliezed how much i love her. shes my favorite person, i knew from the moment i layed my eyes on her she was the one for me, and ill love her everyday no matter what. she looked up at me again and kissed me, it was the best kiss ever, her lips are so soft and sweet i felt her smile while we where kissing she pulled away and looked into my eyes and i looked into her beautiful golden eyes, i put my hand on her cheek and she smiled again, i smiled back and then kissed her on the nose and she smiled even more. right then harry said,"uhh are you gonna do that to all of us because if you are i call going first!" i looked at harry and laughed , then he walked to me and hugged me and said,"im glad your okay mate" then liam said,"ohhh nialls alive!!" and he came and hugged me then hannah came and said,"glad we found you" and she hugged me. i smiled at everyone then i found ryan i said,"ummm whats he doing here?" alex was sitting on my bed and she said,"he was ted, and he helped us find you baby!" i wrapped my arm around alexs waist and she layed down next to me and put her head on my shoulder. i said,"thanks for helping finding me" he said,"no problem" i kissed alexs forehead and she grabbed my hand and intertwind our fingers and we just layed there. harry sat in a chair,and hannah sat in his lap and he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to his chest. then liam sat in a chair across the room and ryan sat in the chair next to liam. then harry said,"so ryan is your dad coming? you know to get up on allie?" ryan nodded and said,"yeah hes suppose to have been here already" harry nodded and then the doctor walked in. he said,"okay niall you have a lot of bruise and cuts nothing serious thank god and you can leave anytime you feel comfortable" i nodded and he left alex got up and said," come on lets go home" i stood up and alex said,"here clothes" and took out a pair of jeans my mofos shirt and white adidas. i said,"thank you darling" and walked in the bathroom, and put on my clothes. i walked out and said,"okay lets go home" alex smiled and we all got up and walked out. we walked down the hall, and to the entrance, the nurses said,"bye niall bye" i waved and we walked to the suv parked in the parking lot, ryan got in the very back then liam got in then alex then i did hannah got in the drivers seat and harry got next to her, she turned on the car and we started driving home. im so glad to be going home and just to be with alex again, i love her so much and im never going to leave her and i pray she never leaves me. we got home and when i walked in i saw a lot of camras on the table i turned around and said,"ummm whats with the camreas?" hannah said,"allie she was watching us this whole time" i nodded and said,"wow thats pretty creepy" hannah nodded and i said,"so you guys caught her right?" no one said anything and they all looked down. i said,"you didnt?! so shes still running free doing what ever?!" no one said anothing still. i said,"wow this isnt going to be a fun night" 
harrys pov 
*later that night* i was sitting on my bed and hannah just got out of the shower and put on her pjs, so i was just sitting in bed thinking thinking about everything, whats gonna happen when hannah and alex leave? i think all of us are gonna ask that question what are we going to do, they play such a huge role in our lifes now. they leave in a few days, and we stay for the rest of the summer doing what? missing them wanting them back? i know im gonna want hannah back because i love her. she walked out of the bathroom and i looked up and her with her tooth brush in her mouth and he hair up in her towel i smiled, and felt myself start to cry. she looked at me and said,"whats wrong?" with her tooth brush still in my mouth. i said,"i gonna miss you when you leave babe" she walked in the bathroom and spit then washed her mouth and tooth brush and walked back out and said,"im gonna miss you too" i said,"no like im gonna miss you hannah i dont know what i have been doing with my life untill now, you make me the happiest person ever and when you leave i-i- dont know what im gonna do" she climbed in my lap and said ,"babe when i leave, you are going to move on and do better things" i started to shake my head as she talked and continued,"your gonna meet a girl who is always gonna be by your side threw everything and your gonna get married and have kids and stay together for ever and babe thats not me, im sorry but its not me" i started to cry even more, i grabbed her shoulders and said,"iv already met that girl hannah" she looked down and said,"ohh who is she?" i tilited her chin up and i said,"you" she let a tear roll down her face as she closed her eyes. she said,"harry im leaving in 2 days, its not me" i said,"hannah it is you i promise i love you and i dont wanna lose you please stay with me" she said,"harry i cant sit in tennessee waiting for you to get off tour with billions of screaming girls after you 24/7" i said,"babe im not asking you to wait for me to get off a tour not being able to see you at all, im saying come with me" she said,"harry i cant just drop everything and go with you everywhere for something we arnt even sure will last, what if we break up? huh then ill be stuck on tour with you" i said,"well just can i take you back to tennessee? and we all take you and alex back to tennessee? please for a real good bye?" she nodded and said,"yes if you really want to you can fly with us back to tennessee and meet our familys and tell us good bye if it makes you feel better about this" i nodded and said,"so dose this mean we are broken up?" she shook her head and said,"when we land in tennessee thats when we break up" i nodded and said,"okay and till then your all mine" and i leaned and kissed her playfully. 
hannahs pov. 
*later on* harry and i stayed up talking for about 2 hours then we layed down and turned off the light. i layed down for about an hour and i couldnt sleep, i turned over to harry and he was fast asleep, i smiled at the sight of him sleeping, i tuned back around and then sat up and turned my back facing harry, i cant sleep im to busy thinking about everything i got up out of bed and walked out of harrrys room and down stairs, it was pitch black and i waited for my eyes to adjust before i started walking. they adjusted and i walked to the patio facing the beach, it was wooden and had a wooden railing and white furniture spread out. i walked to the railing where the sand met the wood,i looked up at the moon, it was so beautiful, and with the waves crashing in the back round it was so peacefull such a wonderful place to think and thats exactly what i did. all i could think about was what harry said he wanted me to stay with him he wants me to go on tour with him. can i even do that? i really want to thinking about it now, but again what if we break up? it would be so weird,i think im making the right decison of letting him go i mean if you love something set it free and if it was really your it will come back. i guess this is the way of showing myself he will come back, but what if he dosent? i dont know what to do, im just gonna stick with what i told him i cant go changing my mind now. i want a job and a career and to settle down with someone, and with harry i cant do that because hes constently moving going to diffrent places every night everyday. i love him i really do but i think this is for the best,hes famous i dont deserve someone like him i dont deserve a sweet boy. im just a stupid 17 year old girl who dosent know what to do with her self, and i want to start to figure it out. i guess allies gonna get what she wants, she wants us to leave them alone and now we have too. im gonna miss him and them so much i feel like they are my family and they are suppose to be in my life. oh lord please tell me what to do please give me something god please help me im hopless. i closed my eyes and tilited my head down, i started listening to the waves the ocean i breathed in the salty air, i felt the wood under my hands. im gonna miss this, miss the beach,the air,the guys,the houses,the malls,him,everything. i cant believe we are leaving, i thought it was gonna last forever. i opened my eyes looked at the moon and said,"give me something" outloud. all the sudden i felt a hand on my back, i turned around fast expecting to see harry or maybe even allie for a second but i found alex. i smiled at her and said,"you scared me" she nodded and said,"i noticed sorry about that" i looked back toward the ocean, she walked over next to me on my right side, she looked up too and said,"beautiful" i said,"yeah, im really gonna miss this" alex looked down and said,"me too" i looked at her and then she looked up at me with a tear rolling down her face. i said,"alex" and hugged her she hugged me back and she said,"im gonna miss all of this, i dont ever want to leave" i started crying at her words, i said,"me either" we both hugged eachother and cryied. i pulled away whipping my tears and said,"you know what" she said,"what?" still crying and whipping her face. i said,"this was the best trip i have ever been on, and im happy i got to spend it with my best friend" she smiled at me still whipping her tears away. we both laughed at eachother and how torn up we where getting. we both dryed it up and sat down in a chair next to eachother. she said,"how is harry dealing with it?" i said,"ohh he he wants me to go on tour with them" alex said,"really?" i nodded and said,"yeah, but i told him no that i couldnt" she said,"yeah i understand because your not just gonna pack everything up and move around everwhere with them where people hate you because your the one who got one of the guys" i nodded and said,"umm thats exactly it acctually" she smiled looked down and started playing with her fingers then said,"yeah because that was my answer too" i looked up and said,"niall asked you?" she looked up and nodded. i said,"they are making it so much harder to leave" she nodded and said,"i know!" i looked down and mummbeled,"im really gonna miss them" alex heard it and said,"me too" quietly. i looked up trying not to cry, i felt my chin start to quiver so i looked back down. alex leaned to me and put her hand on my back and said,"we are gonna get through this, we will move on and things will get better" i looked up and wipped a tear that escaped my eye. she said,"okay come on lets go inside" i nodded and we both got up and walked in side, we walked up stairs i walked in harrys room and she walked back in nialls. i walked to the bed and layed back down facing the door, i curled up in a ball and went to sleep. i woke up and harry was gone but there was a note that said,"my darling hannah, i woke up and saw you where still sleeping so, i got up and wrote you this note, im no where bad i promise but im not going to be home for a few hours, i love you with all my heart love harry" i smiled and rubbed my eyes i grabbed my phone off the night stand and saw that it was 10:12 AM. i pulled back the covers and got out of bed, im wearing one of harrys white shirts and black leggings, i walked in the bathroom, brushed my teeth my hair then looked at my self, i put my long curly blonde hair up in a bun and then walked out of the bathroom, and out of his room. i walked down stairs,and in the kitchen where i found alex, she turned around from hearing me walk in, she smiled and said,"morning did you get any sleep??" i smiled back sat down in a chair, and said,"umm some, but not much" she turned back around,shes cooking eggs on the stove. i said,"so wheres niall?" she said,"ohh i dont know, but he gave me this note" she reached in her sweat pants pocket and turned to lay it on the table for me then turned back around. i grabbed the note opened it the started reading,"morning alex, so i got up before you and i had to go so im writting you this note, im gonna be out for a few hours, im not doing anything bad i promise, but i wont be home for awhile, dont want you to worry. love you, love niall" i put the note on the table and said,"harry pretty much wrote me the same thing" she turned around grabbed a plate from the cabnit and said,"really?" i nodded as she grabbed 2 plates, then turned back to the eggs. i said,"i wonder why they told us not to worry?" she shrugged and then walked over next to me and sat a plate full of eggs infront of me, i said,"thanks,but why would they say the same thing?" she grabbed her plate from the counter and then sat next to me. she said,"im not sure, maybe they went somewhere together?" i nodded and started eating, she said,"i wonder what they would be doing like all day?" i finished chewing and said,"that what im saying, like they shouldnt be doing anything bad in the middle of the day you know" she nodded and said,"yeah" i said,"im about to go all stalker fangirl on them" she laughed at me because she knew what i meant. she said,"im with you" and we both got out our phones to look at the latest one direction news. i unlocked my phone and clicked my one direction app, and then hit news, i started srolling through,abunch of perrie and zayn news because there engaged, then i found a artical and started reading head lines are,"harry and liam fighting?" i opened it and started reading, nothing but bull shit! i closed and started going through again,then i found a head line that said,"nialls in love?" i opened it and started reading,"niall horan from one direction in love? yes you heard it here first niall is in fact in love with alexis leigh muncy! they met while on vacation in cali. (still there) was he love struck at first sight? well we are going to ask him in his interveiw with us on august 30th. we can ask if hes in love or if its just a fling! but theres another twist niall was caught walking into a kay jewlers store. insider say he left with a bag! directioners was it a ring? is niall gonna propose to new girlfriend alex muncy! find out august 30th when he have him here live." i closed out of the artical and im not gonna tell alex because i want it to suprise her. i hope they get married make that jump because they are just perfect. but why would he do that if he knew we where leaving in like actually tomorrow, what if she said no to him. awww that would crush him, im not even gonna think about it because it might just be a braclet or a necklace hes gonna give her when he gets back or before she leaves.she said,"find anything?" i jumped and she looked at me weird i covered it up and said,"ohh umm nope nothing you?" she shook her head. i said,"ohh well, i trust them" she nodded and said,"me too." we finished eating breakfast and she took our plates and put them into the sink, she turned around and looked at me, i said,"soo what do you wanna do all day?" she said,"i dont know, we havent got to do anything with just us like most of the trip" i said,"i know right! soo we need to hang out, lets go to the beach!" she smiled and said,"okay we only went like twice since we have been here" i nodded and got up, we grabbed our shoes and phones and walked home. when we got there we opened the door and went up stiars, i went to my room and to my suit case, opened it and got out my hot pink top and black bottoms, i walked in my bathroom and put it on then looked at myself, i feel so weird looking at myself sometimes, like thats me, but i dont always feel like i look like that. i shrugged and grabbed my sunglasses then walked out, i put on some jean ripped shorts and my black paris shirt,grabbed my phone and flipflops and walked out and into alexs room, i opened the door and she just walked out of her bathroom wearing her pink and blue floral bikni. i said,"you ready?" she said,"yeah just let me get my clothes and towles" i nodded and sat on her bed. she walked to her suit case and put on white shorts and a peach american eagle tank top. she slid on her white flip flops grabbed her sunglasses and her pruse, she ran back in her bathroom and came out with her phone and 2 towles. i smiled and said,"ready" she nodded and we walked out of her room down stairs then out the back from the patio to the beach.


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