hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


4. chap 4

authors note:if these confuse you i sorry:( i love my 15 readers tho!  your amazing!! this is when stuff starts to get reallll!!! soo keep reading i might post another chapter today! maybe!


alexs pov.

i woke up around 9 and went to my bathroom and just remembered what liam said about me. i smiled at the thought of him. i get to see him today too im so excited. i walk out of my bathroom and go in hannahs room to wake her up. i open the door and shes asleep of corse and i go up to her and jump on her bed and yell,"WAKE UP!!!!!" she groans and says,"noooo" then i go get water and splash it in her face she jumps up and gasps i start laughing and she looks at me and says,"ohh so you think this is funny?"i laughed and said,"yeah hahaha" she nodded and said,"okayy well im up now" i finished laughing and said," come on we gotta go to the beach with the boys today!" she nnodded and said,"oh ... yeah" i looked at her and said,"what? dont you wanna hang out with them?" she nodded and said,"yeah totally just ..... yeah cant wait" she smiled then looked away from me and i looked at her confused then she shot up and said,"okay lets get ready" i said,"okay umm i guess ill go get ready" she nodded and said,"okayy" then i left and went to my room and though about liam. i went to my bathroom and brushed my hair and put it in a messy bun and then tookk a shower but didnt was my hair and i got out and put my pink floral bikini on and then brushed my teeth and put on a little mascara and pale pink lip stick. i walked out of my bathroom and over to my suit case and pulled out some pale blue jean shorts that had a whole in the right thy but not a big one, and i put them on and looked through my shirts and i grabbed my plan pink shirt and put it on i grabbed my white flip flops and went to hannahs room i knocked on the door and she opened it hannah had on pale blue jean shorts to but no whole and she had on a black shirt that had the efil tower in white on it and the sides where cut down to where you could see her side and she had no selves and she had white flip flops she had on a mascara and chap stick and her hair was in a fish tail brade to the side.i smiled and said,"let us go" she nodded and said,"okayy but wait let me get my phone" i said,"okay" and walked down stairs she walked down stairs and said,"okayy lets go" we walked out side and the guys wernt there hannah looked at her phone and she said,"its 10:24" i nodded and said,"ohhh maybe they forgot" she looked at me and said,"well lets just wait come on lets go sit down" i looked up and nodded when we where walking towards the ocean i said,"hey do you have and sunglasses?" she nodded and gave me aveiaters and then she put on her black raybands we got to the ocean and just walked along the shore. when someone grabbed hannah and then someone grabbed me from behind hannah screamed and then i did i looked at hannah and harry had her and held her from her waist and held her up i didnt know who had me untill he talked in his accent. it was niall he was laughing after they walked towards to sand more they put us down we where laughing and hannah said,'okay that wasent fuunny" niall and harry laughed more and harry said,"it was pretty funny" me and hannah laughed and i said,"okay it was a little funny" niall smiled at me and i smiled back. i looked around and said,"wheres liam?" hannah looked and said,"yeah and the other boys?"harry looked at niall and niall looked at harry then harry said,"well they are sleeping" i looked st hannah and hannah said,"ohh? okayy?" harry said,"yeah we didnt wake them up" me and hannah where confused and then niall said,"umh we wanted to hang out with you girls alone so i guess when they wake up they wull come down" i nodded and said,"oh okayy" harry was looking at hannah and he was smiling she was blushing and smilingi smiled becuase they are just so cute and they need to date already. niall said,"okayy well lets go in the water!!" and ran me,hannah,and harry followed behind him. and we all stopped at a spot in the sand. harry and niall took off there shirts and hannah and me took off our shorts and shirts niall was whereing green trunks and harry was whereing red they where plan but thats okay. we ran to the water and splashed in it me and hannah screamed hannah said,"okayy no one get my hair wet" i nodded and said,"me either" harry came up to hannah and said," oh really?" she said,"yeah really" and he grabed her and dunked her underwater with him she came up from the water laughing and said,"HARRY!!!" and he was laughing and they started slpashing eachother when niall came up to me and said,"so you dont want your hair wet?" i nodded and said,"yeah" he laughed and said,"well thats gonna change" and before i knew it he had me in his arms and he said,"hold your breath" and dipped me underwater when we came back up he was laughing and i was too i wasent really mad. i said,"niall not cool" he laughed and said,"yes it is" and then i smiled and we walked over to harry and hannah. harry was under water and hannah was getting on his shoulders me and niall looked confused then harry came up and lifted hannah in the air on this shoulders. she was laughing and screaming harry was just laughing then hannah leaned backwards and both of them went under water. they both came up from the water laughing. i looked at them and harry stopped laughing and went up to hannah while she was still laughing and pressed himself up against her and he was looking down at her and she was looking up at his and he took his finger and wiped the mascara running down her face. she stopped laughing and they where just looking at eachother. the water was calm when this happened and then he started to lean down to kiss her and she looked away and said something quitely and then he nodded and they walked over to us. i was smiling at hannah but she looked sad she seemed to notice me looking at her, becasue then she looked up and smiled. we where walking out of the water i took my hair down and hannah un bradied hers. we walked up on the beach and relized none of us brought towels! me and hannah where so cold. harry said,"come to our house for lunch and we can all get dry" hannah said,"okayy lets go"

hannahs pov.

this morning i woke up from water in my face. alex got a litttle to excited about today. i felt really bad i just wanted to tell her the truth but i cant she would hate me. when she woke me up and left i got ready i went in my bathroom brushed my hair and the teeth put on some mascara and chap stick i put on my white bikini and put on my white efil tower shirt that has the sides cut down to the bottom of the shirt and i put on pale blue jean shorts and then fish tale braided my hair to the side.i heard a knock on my door and i opened it and alex said,"ready to go?" i said," yeah" but then i relized i forgot my phone so i grabed it then met her down stairs we went down to the beach and it was about 10:20 and the boys wernt there so we just walked down the beach and then all of the sudden two arms grabbed my waist and pulled me backwards and lifted me up i screamed and then i saw niall come to alex and do the same i turned my haed and saw that harry was the one lifting me up he was laughing and they carried us down the beach a little then lets us go and we walked up away from the water and we where all laughing i noticed right away liam wasent there. alex looked and said,"wheres liam?" niall looked down and i said,"yeah and the other boys?"harry said,"well they are sleeping" i said,"oh okayy?" then niall saidd," okayy lets get in the water!!!!" i laughed and he ran toward the water and the rest of us followed behind him we stopped and took off out shirts and me and alex took off our pants too. we ran in the water and i said,"okayy no getting my hair wet!" alex nodded and said,"yeah" right then harry came up to me and said,"oh really" i said,"yeah" then he grabbed me waist and dunked me under water with him. we came back up and i yelled,"HARRY!!!" he just laughed i smiled at him and said,"okayy whatever" then he said,"im sorry" i said,"its okayy " and he smiled at me and said,"hey get on my shoulder" i said,"okayy?" and thats when alex and niall came over to us and he went under water then i got on his shoulders and he came up and it worked!! we where both laughing and then i leaned back to get off and we both went under. we came up laughing and then his laugh satrted the fade and i was still laughing and he came up to me and pressed himself aginst me my laugh faded when he did that.he was looking down at me with his eyes i felt my face get hot. then he took his hand and wiped mascara off my cheek then his hand went to my shoulder and down my arm when he did that it sent shivers down my body. then his hand made it to mine under water and he intertwinde our fingers. hes face was slowly getting closer to mine when liams face poped up in my head and i turned away and said,"we should go over the alex and niall" he was still looking at me and nodded i let go of his hand. we walked over to alex and niall and i felt so bad about my self i didnt know what to do i nocticed alex looking at me and she looked confused so i just put a smile on my face so she wouldnt ask what was wrong. we all started walking out of the water. i un braided my hair and alex put hers down too. we got to our clothes and i was so cold when i relized we had no towels. i got my phone and sunglasses and then harry said,"come to our house we can get dry there and have lunch too" me and alex looked at eachother and nodded in agreement. and i said,"okayy lets go" we where walking down the beach oppiste of there our house is and we finally made it to there house it was pretty big and it was beautiful it reminded me of the house in twilight the cullens house yeahh. we walked to the front door and came in to the kitchen harry said,"we will go get towels" we nodded and stood next to the door and put down our stuff i put my sunglasses on the top of my head and then harry and niall came wih a towel harry wrapped one around me and hugged me and i was shivering. he kind of giggled and said,"you cold love?" i nodded and layed my head on his chest i looked over at niall and alex and he had his arm around her rubbing the towel up and down on her arm. harry said,"okayy you hungry?" i nodded in his arms still and he laughed and said," you know im gonna have to let go to get to the kitchen right?" i gigled and said,"yeah" and lifted up my head and we all walked in the kitchen the kitchen had a little bar with three chairs at it and an island in the middle the stove tops where on the island and the over was a two door oven it was a nice kitchen. harry started making macoroni and cheese. i was still soaking wet but i was just sitting there and liam came down stairs with no shirt on and he said,"hey guys what- oh ummm hey hannah... alex?" harry looked down at the pot and just kept cooking. liam looked at me and alex and said,"i thought we where all meeting up later?" i looked at harry and he was still looking down and i said,"well i dont know harry and niall came down to the beach?" liam said,"ohh harry why didnt you wake me?" harry looked up and said,"ohh i dont know i just forgot" liam nodded and i said,"well if you want to go in the ocean i still have water on me come here" liam looked at me and said,"NO hannah no i swear hannah" i got up and letf my towel in my chair and got up and chased him untill i cought him and hugged him he made a noise and said,"ohh my god your so cold" i felt the goose bumps go up on his body i was laughing and then he started to laugh i let him go and he said,"god your freezing" i laughed and said,"i know" he smiled at me and walked in the kitchen he went to the refrigerator and got a sunny-D out and opened it harry and niall where quite when liam came down i wondered why... liam said," so i guess ill run up stairs and get dressed and i can go with you guys?" i said,"yeah sure" and alex nodded liam looked at harry and niall. harry was still looking down and niall was on his phone. i said,"harry" he looked up and said,"what" i looked over at liam and harry followed my gaze and he said,"oh yeah sure whatever" liam nodded and said,"well okayy then im gonna go get dressed" me and alex nodded and said,"okayy" then he walked up stairs. i looked over at harry and he looked mad he poured the macoroni in the drainer and then through the pot in the sink the pot made a loud crash. niall jumped and went over to him and they started whispering i looked at alex and she was just as confused as i am. harry nodded and then turned around he looked normal now, i looked at alex she was so confused too. harry looked at me and said,"oh sorry if i scared you i wasnt trying too at all" i looked at him and he looked down he looked like he was about to cry i got up and walked over to him and grabed his chin and tillted it up and looked at him he looked right in my eyes then i just hugged him i got up on my tipy toes and hugged him he hugged me back so tight i just held him i didnt know what else to do he buried his face in my neck and i could feel his hot breath on my neck it gave me chills down my spin then i kinda started to let go and he let go to. i touched his face and said,"harry are you okay?" he nodded and put his hand over mine on his face. he smiled and i said,"harry if you ever need anyhting im here for you okay" he nodded and i took my hand away from him and then liam came down stairs with orange swim trunks on. he looked at me and harry and said,"did i interupt something?" i said,"no your fine" he smiled at me and said,"okayy well can we leave now?" harry looked at him and said,"well lets eat first payne" liam laughed and said,"oh okayy sorry" then we ate and we left for the beach.

liam pov.

i woke up around 11 or 12 and went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth then went down stairs i saw harry and i said,"hey guys wha- umm oh hey hannah ....alex?" i was confused on what they where doing here. i thought we where gonna met them later i said,"oh i thought we where all gonna met later?" hannah looked at harry and harry was looking down and she said,"well umm harry and niall came down to the beach?" i looked at harry and said,"why didnt you wake me?" he looked up and said,"oh i dont know i forgot i guess" i nodded and hannah said,"well if you still want to get in the ocean i still have water on me" i looked at her and she begain to stand up i yelled,"NO hannah no i swear!" and she chased me around the house and then she finally got m+e she was so cold it was so weird i had goose bumps all over my body. she let go laughing and i said,"god your frezzing" she laughed then i asked if i could go back down to the beach with them. hannah said,"yeah" and so did alex i looked at harry to see if he cared. he looked up when hannah called his name then looked at me and said,"oh yeah sure whatever" i nodded and went up stairs to get dressed i walked into my room and opened my suit case and pulled out my orange swim trunks i put them on and went in my bathroom and did my hair and then made sure everything looked good then walkled down stairs. hannah was close to harry i said,"um did i interupt someting?" hannah turned around and said,"no your fine" i nodded then they ate and we left. we where walking down and harry had 5 towels and we finally got ready we sat the towels down on the beach and hannah said,"im gonna tan" i looked at her and said,"but get in the water first" she said,"liam" i looked at her and said,"hannah" and she said,"fine" so hannah alex and i walked down to the water and we where jumping waves and having fun harry and niall joined us to and then hannah said,"okay liam now can i tan?" i nodded and said,"yeahh fine" she smiled and her and alex walked out of the water. they layed down on there towels and put there sunglasses on. after a little while me and the boys go out of the water we walked over to the towels and dryed off then i went over to hannah and snatched her sunglasses off her face and put them on. she got up and said,"hey liam!" i said,"what?" she got up and said,"give them back" and started laughing. i said,"no" and ran. she was chaseing me down the beach and she ran into me and we fell. i fell on top of her and we where both laughing i still had her glasses on and she looked at me,as her laughter begain to fade and she took the glasses and put them up on the top of my head. we where staring at eachother and i said,"your gorgous even with sand in your hair." she smiled at me and her face turned red. i put my hand on the side of her face and rubed my thumb back and forth she leaned her face in my hand and put her hand over mine. then i turned my hand and our fingers inter twind and she was just looking into my eyes and i started to lean down and i got closer and closer to her face waiting for her to turn away but she hasent yet i was almost to her lips when she leaned up and her lips crashed on mine. i was suprised she did that, when her lips touched mine i felt my face turn red and butterflys in my stomach i felt a spark. her lips are so soft i never felt a spark like that with anyone i dont think but i absolutly felt something i dont know if she did but i know i did it felt like forever when we kissed. she leaned away from the kiss and i opened my eyes and so did she. she looked like she just saw a ghost i looked at her and said,"are you okay?" she sat up and i got off of her and she said,"im so sorry i just im sorry" i looked at her confused and said,"no its fine its fine really" she said,"no its not fine its awful im such a horrible person" and she started to cry i looked at her i didnt know what to do. she had her knees tucked up to her chest and her arm around her knees i took her hands and she looked at me and i said,"hannah your not a awful person why would you say that?" she looked at me and took her hands away slowly and said,"because i shouldnt have done that i just shouldnt have please dont tell anyone please liam" i was still looking at her and i said,"okayy i wont i swear" she looked a little releaved but i was still so confused i didnt understand why it was such a bad thing. she got up and said,"okay lets just get back to the others" I nodded and said,"okay" we walked back in scilence i didnt understand what the big deal was she never told me anything and shes the one who kissed me? we got to the others when a girl walked up and said,"LIAM!!!!!" i turned around and this girl was behind me. she made it all the way to me and she said," hey its allie remember me?" i thought for a second and said,"ohhhh allie, allie snow!" she said,"yeah!" and we hugged she said,"oh my gosh we need to catch up" then she took out a sharpie and wrote her number on my hand. i said,"oh okayy" and she smiled and said,"okayy talk to you later then!" and she walked away i turned back around and everyone was looking at me. i said,"what? she is a old friend" everyone nodded and i looked at hannah and she rolled her eyes. i wonder if she got jealous of allie. allie has short brownish redish hair and she is a little taller then hannah. she, i dont know shes pretty and everything but i dont know if i would ever date her. after allie left and i told everyone she was a friend harry said,"lets go back to the house and have a movie night" i nodded and said,"yeah that would be brilliant" hannah was looking at harry and said,"yeah, let me and alex go change then we will go to your house." harry nodded and said,"okay see you girls later then" the girls nodded and walked away. harry niall and i started walking back to our house when harry said,"liam what took you and hannah so long to get back?" i didnt know what to say so many things where going through my head. about her about allie about what was gonna happen tonight so i looked up at harry and harry and niall where staring at me i said,"oh umm nothing she just kept chaseing me and then i told her we should start heading back so we walked back" i felt like harry and niall where kind of ganaging up on me. harry nodded and said,"so im guessing she forgot about her glasses?" i said,"what do you mean?" harry looked up on the top of my head and i felt my head and her glasses where still on the top of my head. i said,"ohhh" and he nodded and we kept walking and then harry said,"so liam that um girl... whats her name? oh umm allie yeah you should ask her out" i looked at harry and said,"really? why do you say that?" he said,"well i think she might like you and it seemed like you like her" i said,"no we are just old friends nothings there" i was confused on how he thought i like her i barley even said anything to her. we got to our house and i went up to my room and checked my phone and a un known number poped up and it said "hey" i replyed and said "hey who is this?" they replyed back instently and said "are you scared?" i was confused i replyed "no" they replyed "well you should be" i looked at the message i didnt know what to think i saved the conact as ted i didnt know what else to do because i didnt know if it was the same person who did this last night. i put my phone in the bathroom and i took a shower after i got out i wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out.i was going through my suit case when hannah walked in. i stood all the way up and looked at her. she was just standing in the door way she was like frozen i said,"hannah?" she started blinking fast and said,"yeah oh umm sorry" and she started looking down and around. i started laughing and said,"whats wrong with you?" she said,"oh nothing" still looking down i was laughing so much on the inside. i walked up to her and stood right infront of her then grabed the door and closed it. she was still looking down and i laughed and said,"hannah" she looked up and said,"what...." her face was red and i said,"why wouldnt you look at me?" she smiled and said," well um you see your in a towel and your wet and tan and um i need to leave" she turned around about to open the door when i put my arm up and closed it back and my arm was next to her face. i said,"why do you need to leave?" she looked down again and i really wanted to kiss her again but i didnt want her to get up set again. or the kissing lead to something else, well i wouldnt mind that either but i really just dont want her to get up set with me. i tilited her chin up to make her look at me she looked in my eyes and then she looked at my lips. i really want to kiss her i have to take the chance right? i started to lean down then i stopped what if she rejects it, then i noticed she grabed my hand i looked down at our hands then i looked at her,she smilied and then whispered,"liam" she paused and i was still looking at her and i whispered,"what?"she quietly said,"just kiss me" i am suprised she said that but i was happy she said that, i laughed and leaned down and we kissed passonitly. my hands went down to her waist her hands went up to my neck and then she put one hand on my face then i lifted her put and she wrapped her legs around me and i pressed her aginst the door. our passionate kissing started turning into a meaning full slow make out i turned around still carring her and layed her down on the bed. i layed on top of her and i was holding myself up with my arms and she had her hands on my face.we where laying in my bed kissing and it was amazing. she started to take off her blue floral shirt, i looked at her and shook my head she looked confused and i whispered,"no not here not now" she nodded and i took her hands and leaned in to kiss her again when harry called her name from down stairs. she looked up at the door then yelled,"yeah?" and he said,"did you find liam?" i looked at her and smiled and she said,"yeah im coming" she got up off my bed and she was walking towards the door and i said,"wait" and grabbed her hand she turned around and looked at me and i looked at her and i kissed her one last time.

harrys pov.

when we got back home me niall and liam where waiting for the girls we all went to our rooms and got ready i guess. i took a shower and when i got out i went to my suit case and got out a plain white shirt and grey sweat pants i went in to my bathroom and dryed my hair. i got all ready just in time because thats when someone knocked on the door i went down stairs and opened it. hannah and alex where standing in the door way i smiled and said,"come in" hannah smiled back. hannah is wearing white hollister sleeping shorts and a blue floral shirt alex is wearing a pink shirt and and white hollister sleeping shorts. i said,"alex" she looked at me and i said,"you and hannah match a lot" alex and hannah both started to laugh when niall came down in a white shirt and grey sweat pants. hannah looked at me and niall and said,"you and niall match a lot" we laughed and then i said,"wheres liam?" niall shrugged. i said,"someone go get him" no one said anything so hannah said,"i guess i will" and she walked up stairs. niall,alex,and i went in the living room area. the livivng room and kiutchen are in one area really its just open. we have a red couch and to the left is a yellow chair and tothe right is the patio which is faceing the ocean. so me and niall moved the coffee table over in the corner next too the door to the patio, and we just put blankets and pillows everywhere alex helped with the pillows. hannah hasent come back down and its been like 15 minutes so i yelled her name from the bottom of the stairs she yelled back,"yeah?" i yelled,"did you find liam?" she yelled,"yeah we are coming" i was still at the bottom of the stairs when she came down i said,"hhey ... wheres liam?" she looked up and said,"oh i dont know i thought he was behind me?" i said,"oh okayy well i guess we will wait"hannah walked past me and went over to the kitchen where she put her phone. i walked over to the couch and sat closest to the chair. niall sat on the floor closest to the porch and alex sat next to him and she put her head on his shoudler and he wrapped his arm around her and they got under a blanket. right then liam came down in red basket ball shorts and a white t-shirt.liam came over and sat on the floor next to alex but not real close i put my legs up then hannah came from behind the couch and she jumped over the back and sat next to me.i smiled at her and she smiled back i had the remote and the movie was already in it was a scary movie it was called Vile, niall picked it out . i pressed play and it came on. it was the beginnig of the movie and it was cold so i took the blanket i was laying on and colvered up with it i lookedover at hannah and she was huddled up kind of in a ball i kicked her and she looked at me and i waved at her to come here she hezitated and kind of glanced at liam and then she looked at me and i waved again and she started to scoot over to me and then she was sitting next to me and she had some of the blanket. on the movie it was a part where the people where breaking some guys leg and i looked over at hannah and her face was buried in her hands. i grabed her arms and pulled her close to me and layed her down on my chest and then wraped my arms around her. her face was buried into my chest i giggled at her because she was shaking. i looked over at niall and alex her head was still on his shoulder but her face was turned toward him and he turned his head toward her and they started to kiss. well looks like niall got his girl i am happy for him. him and alex really deserve eachother and im happy my lads happy. now all we need is to get hannah into me like that and liam into allie like that.good thing liam wrote that number down. because i texted allie before the movie and she should be here soon. its a suprise for liam, right then someone knocked on the door liam looked around and niall and alex stopped kissing and hannah looked up too liam turned around and looked at me and hannah got up really fast and i looked at her and she looked at alex and liam was looking at hannah and i said,"liam go get it" liam said,"okayy? who is it?" he got up and walked to the door i didnt answer him and he got to the door and opened it and there was allie. allie ran up to him and hugged him and yelled,"LIAM!!" he hugged her and said,"allie?" she let go of him and walked by him and she said,"hey guys" we all waved and i looked at liam and he looked confused he shut the door and said,"wait wait wait how in the world did you find me and how did you get here?!?" allie looked at liam and said,"well um harry texted me and he told me to come over here and he gave me the adresses and well here i am" liam still looked confused then he looked at me and said,"really harry really" allie looked down and said,"well i mean if you dont want me here i can just leave" i looked at liamand liam looked at allie and said,"no no no its fine just no one told me so i couldnt get ready for you or anything" liam always finds the right things to say i just dont understand it but i looked at allie and she was blushing and said,"oh okayy" and she was smiling i looked at hannah and she rolled her eyes at allie. i looked at her more and she noticed me looking at her and she smiled at me. i smiled back and then liam sat back down and allie sat next to him she sat closest to alex and i started the movie was about 15 minutes in the movie when niall and alex started kissing again. hannah was sittinf next to me but not real close. i looked down at liam and allie and her head was on his shoulder i looked at hannah and she was looking at liam and allie. then she looked at me and smiled and got closer to me. she got right next to me and put her head on my shoulder and her hands where in her lap and mine where in my lap too but then i wrapped my arm around her. she moved in closer and i took her hand with my free hand and she started playing with my fingers i love it shes just so sweet and gental and i really like her and i think she likes me. you just dont know how bad i want to kiss her but i dont know what and when would be the right time.i really think sometime tonight but i need to make it perfect. the movie continued and it came to another scary part and hannah dove for my chest and sshe gripped my shirt in her right hand i looked at liam and allie and they where holding hands and i think they might be kissing i dont know but i know alex and niall are. so i looked down at hannah and she looked up at me i looked in her eyes and i started to lean down and she smiled and then she looked over at liam and allie and i stopped leaning i looked at them to and they where kissing and i looked back at hannah and she looked back at me i couldnt tell what her faciel expression was but i dont think she was happy i leaned away and i was about to ask what was wrong when she put her hand on the back of my neck and she leaned up and i leaned down and our lips met in a passionate kiss


uhhh harry!!!! lol .

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