hannah and alex thought it would be such a relaxing boy and drama free vacation.... BOY where they wrong! but they arnt just any boys, its there favorite boy band one direction who they run into quite a few time and right when things start to go good for all of them, thats when shit starts to get real! but whats gonna happen when the girls have to leave?!


20. announcment

okay, so no this inst a new chapter this is me telling my readers that im making a second one, and i got 200 readers today! so thank you beautiful people for making that happen, love yall! but the second is gonna be up soon i hope im going to be posting the very first chapter today! so be sure to check it out and like and favorite, and comment on what you think. but yeah i dont know what its gonna be called so im probs gonna just put bwv part 2 or whatever but yeah i hope yall liked the new music video as much as i did, and i hope you guys have an awesome easter tomorrow, love yall and check out part 2 to the story! i would appreciate it. thanks :)

ps. i will really try to have set dates when i post!

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