These Four Walls (Harry Fan Fic)

19 Year old Vanessa is abused by her parents. She can never leave the house only to get her parents beer.What happens when one day shes sick of seeing the same four walls for over 10 years. Will she runaway and never look back? What happens when she meets Harry Syles and the other boys? Read more to find out what happens ;)


2. Why Me??


As I open my eyes from my peaceful sleep, I see my father standing over me almost foaming from his mouth from anger. "What did I do know?" I thought to myself. He grabed me by my hair causing me to scream earning a slap from him. "SHUT THE FUCK UP SLUT" He yelled. His hands were cold which made it 10x worse. He dragged me by my hair all the way to the kitchen. He opended the fridge, turned my head so I can look inside it. "WHERE IS ALL MY BEER?" He yelled. I couldn't answer because I was crying in pain to hard. He shook my head by my hair while yelling "ANSWER ME!!" "I need to get more" I said through tears. He Slamed my head against the which cause my nose to bleed and a massive headach."When your dumb sobbing like a FUCKING SLUT, get me more FUCKING BEER!!" He yelled kicking me and socked me in my jaw.He left with my mom to probably get wasted. I wait abut 5 minutes in my room then jumped in the shower real quick.I turned on the shower just the way I liked it. I took of my clothes and slowly stepping in the shower letting the hot water run off my body. It quickly touched my newly formed bruises and my old ones causing me to wince in pain but it felt good at the same time. I quickly got out to got to the store to restock the fridge with beer. I steped outside letting the cold air hit my skin causing me to shiver rapidly. I had old and ripped up pants with an old t-shirt I found on my way to the store last week and a thin jacket.I walked into the liqour store grabing my dads favourite beer. all of a sudden I saw 5 guys in the store with me but one caught my eye, he hard dark brown curly hair, pale skin probably from the cold and beautiful green eyes that stared at me just like I stared at him. my teeth still chattering I quickly paid for the beer and walked out fast but not to fast cause I didn't want to drop the beer. I got home ans stocked the fridge. once I was done I ran up to my room picturing that boy I saw from the store. without relizing it I had fell asleep.


hey guys you like the first chapter? tell me in the comments if u want more im not posting another chaprter till it gets 10 likes so hurry up and tell your friends hurry up if they like fan fiction to. and thanks for reading and I need a name for you guys I call you my bunnies cause you are all so cute and fluffy anyways enjoy dont forget 10 LIKES!!


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