These Four Walls (Harry Fan Fic)

19 Year old Vanessa is abused by her parents. She can never leave the house only to get her parents beer.What happens when one day shes sick of seeing the same four walls for over 10 years. Will she runaway and never look back? What happens when she meets Harry Syles and the other boys? Read more to find out what happens ;)


3. Free Bird



"Hey Harry!!" Liam yelled.  "What?!"  "Wanna go to the store with us?" Liam said walking in my room with the boys "Sure lets go" I say grabbing my keys and phone


Once we got to the liquor store I saw a girl about 19 or 18. She had beautiful blonde hair. Then I  noticed she had a bruise on her left cheek it lookd like a hand print. I looked at my hand. The hand print is a little smaller but for sure a man.She stared at me like I was a monster about to eat her.She must be freezing her teeth chattering and that jacket is probably so thin.Before I could say anything she paid for whatever she got cause I couldn't see and left.By the time we paid for what we got....she was gone.Something about her didn't seem right . Once we got home I was depressed. Loui must have noticed cause he came up to me and asked me "Hey Harry you okay?"  "umm yeah im fine"   "you sure?" he asked really concerned "yeah im sure" I said putting on a fake smile. I doubt he baught it but he just said "okay i'll be in my room if you want to talk" and left. I just went to my room and layed on my bed staring up at the wall.Man was she beautiful but, I don't even know her name!! I couldn't get her out of my head. I laughed to my self thinking i'm Prince Charming and shes Cinderella. But, Cinderella was never abused, just worked alot.I ran my hands through my hair. Ew my hair is all greasy. I smelt myself and WHOOO! is all I haft to say. I decied to take a shower. I did everything that was needed to be done and by the the time I was done it was 10:03.I was exhausted so, im going to bed.I pulled the covers over me and fell asleep thinking about that girl.



I woke up a few hours ago but my parents aren't hom-

"YOU BETTER HAVE MY BEER!!" My dad shouted from down stairs. spoke to soon I guess. My dad stumbled into my room. Drunk. "Hey slut" he slurred walking twords my bed "W-what do you want?" I asked holding my knees to my chest. He leaned in and whispered in my ear "You" . My eyes shot wide open and I screamed. he hit me so many times and yelled at me to stop screaming but I didnt stop. Dumb choice. He hit me so hard I blacked out

When I woke up I was naked. I saw my clothes on the floor next to me. I cried my heart out while putting them back on. Thats it im done with this . I grabbed my pag put my clothes in it with a blanket just in case. I opended up the only window I have. I let the cool air hit my skin. I took a deep breath in. How I missed the fresh air.. I quietly threw my bag outsideand I jumped out my window. I ran as soon as I picked up my bag. about 20 minues of running/walking it hit me. im free. im finally free after 10 years. I cried tears of joy. "IM FREE!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs not caring that people stared at me. I walked a bit till I found a beautiful park with red and whited roses and other flowers. I saw a little boy with his mom and dad playing on the slide.The sun was setting it looked beautiful. I smiled knowing now I can see this any day I want to without having to sneak out. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I froze scared to turn around because if it was my dad I was dead. "Hi" a deep voice said. I slowly turned around only  to see the same beautiful green eyes I saw earlier. he stuck his hand out and said "Im Harry" 


Hey my bunnies i know i only have 3 likes but i wrote this chapter during school so i was to excited to wait but im just gonna post whenever i have enough story if not im not gonna post but tell me what you think and thank you for reading love you!!


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