These Four Walls (Harry Fan Fic)

19 Year old Vanessa is abused by her parents. She can never leave the house only to get her parents beer.What happens when one day shes sick of seeing the same four walls for over 10 years. Will she runaway and never look back? What happens when she meets Harry Syles and the other boys? Read more to find out what happens ;)



Hey guys sorry no chapter i kow you hate autors notes but its important so plz read


I have writers block so kik me at cookienator121 my name is breeana garica and tell me you found my kik by movellas

so i need suggestions cause i dont know what you guys like and dot like so tell me and i might or might not post it 

im sorry if i dont but i appriceate thanks my Bunnies luv u all 

~Breeana .G.


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