These Four Walls (Harry Fan Fic)

19 Year old Vanessa is abused by her parents. She can never leave the house only to get her parents beer.What happens when one day shes sick of seeing the same four walls for over 10 years. Will she runaway and never look back? What happens when she meets Harry Syles and the other boys? Read more to find out what happens ;)


1. About Me



Name: Vanessa Avia Jones


Birthday: Dec 6, 1992

Favorite Color: Purple, Hot Pink, Black

I live with my mom and dad but they abuse me. It started when I was 8, we lost everything because my dad couldn't hold a job longer than a week so, my parents drink and do drugs and abuse me I dont go to school I learn on my phone which is the only device I have so, yeah thats about it oh and yeah my favorite band is Little Mix!! My favorite song is These Four Walls :). Most people think I like One Direction the only song I like is Truly madly deeply other than that not a fan but thats it well bye now :)





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