The Wizard And I

I had no choice. Well, one choice. One torturous choice. One memory left, or he (Voldemort) would kill my family. Obviously I chose a fresh, yet repetitious new start over the guilt. But was that the right choice? I'm not so sure.


2. Not Enough

It is the day before my 11th birthday, and the rest of the students are arriving the day after that. I'm not only nervous about tomorrow, I'm terrified. I've only got one memory in my entire mind. Obviously I know things like who I am, and how to do things. I still have a personality, and a rather strong one at that. But what will the others think if me? I have no clue how to interact with others, much less make friends. I could go on for hours on end talking about all the things that could go wrong for me.

But on a brighter note, a little over half of those worries have a good chance of not occurring! Yay (major sarcasm). Also on a brighter note, I get the castle mostly to myself and have already mostly memorized the halls (I have an amazingly good memory!). I broke into some broom cupboards a few days ago to, and I've almost mastered flying to! I am so trying out for Quidditch next year! 

I bet the team would accept me eventually. Ok, great. Now I'm back to worrying about the other students. Unlike the Wizard of Oz, who's song, Wonderful, is currently running through my head, I do not feel very wonderful right now. It's rather infuriating! I cannot get these stupid songs out if my head! And I can't get the look on my little brother, Sam's face at the end of the play, out of my head. It was nearly identical to my little sister, Renae's expretion. I might have forgotten what their personality's were like, but I still miss them so much! I guess it's time for supper, as the clock says 5:00. As I slowly drag my feet towards the Great hall, I hear the sounds of someone blowing raspberries overhead.

"Really, Peeves? Now? You know I'm not at all afraid to go to the Bloody Barren. And I know for a fact that he is in the north tower, denying a conversation with Nearly Headless Nick right now." This got his attention, but it didn't stop him from chucking a helmet, presumably from one of the suites of armor in the halls, and blowing a few more raspberries in my general direction.

I sighed, and continued my lonesome trek to the Great Hall.

When I got there, it was almost as lonesome as me. The house tables had been set up earlier today, but were empty. The head table had all the teachers, but was deprived of any conversation. I took my  seat at one end of the table, and starred at the food on my plate, not hungry at all.

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