The One

a girl named Scarlet Jones who is daughter of the most powerful man in the world and she is the most hated person in her pack but is also the most powerful. her mate is dead as far as she knows and she runs away to make her own pack. if you would like to be a member of this pack please comment


2. My Back Round Story

When I was little in my pack I had one friend her name was Jamie but when rouges attacked they killed her. After she died my pack started to abuse me mentally until I was about 14 then they started to abuse me in all ways. Last week my mate accepted me and then again rouges attacked and he was killed. I ran away, knowing I was next in line to be alpha I need a pack and so I set out to find a one I found the perfect open territory between a lake and surrounded by a forest. Now I'm off the look for pack members.

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