The One

a girl named Scarlet Jones who is daughter of the most powerful man in the world and she is the most hated person in her pack but is also the most powerful. her mate is dead as far as she knows and she runs away to make her own pack. if you would like to be a member of this pack please comment


3. Meeting Midnight

jI was walking around the City outside the forest one day and I see a girl. She looks about 14 years old and I feel like I have seen her face before, as I walk up to the girl I notice she is my cousin. There's scars and cuts on her arms, they look deep and painful. She has a slight limp. I walk up to her and notice that she is bruised and beaten up. I manage to ask her ''What happened? Who did this to you?!'' I yell at her she stands up and just replies "I'm fine I guess. Anyway, how are you I haven't seen you in ages!'' You can see her bones slowly bonding together. I asked her if her pack was still in the picture since she had been the leader. Her pack territory was near mine. She shook her head sadly. I reassured her that she could join the pack I was making. When we started our walk back to the pack so I could show her the territory it started snowing. Once we reached the woods we shifted and I saw a beautiful Werewolf. I found out more of her past when she was young her family abandon her and till now she has fended for herself. Midnight has gorgeous black eyes and black hair. She blends into the night.

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