The One

a girl named Scarlet Jones who is daughter of the most powerful man in the world and she is the most hated person in her pack but is also the most powerful. her mate is dead as far as she knows and she runs away to make her own pack. if you would like to be a member of this pack please comment


4. introducing Jacuelyn

As we were walking Midnight became curious and asked who the whit wolf walking next to me was. I told midnight her name was Jackie Beta of my pack or of you can even call us a pack. I told Midnight who she was and her backstory"Jackie is one of my best friends and she ran away with me." As we were close to the territory I had set out for us. I mind linked and told the two to shift Jackie went behind a tree and shifted and changed because she had a bag if clothes on her back I case and threw us a pair of cloths and we both went behind different trees and shifted. After we shifted and we were all in our human form you finally tell what Jackie looked like a Auburn haired, green eyed fit girl who was not fat nor skinny a girl I was proud to call my best friend. by the time we made it back to the little make shift home one of the surrounding to me it was dark and Midnight was getting tiered so we all went to sleep.

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