My life + yours

When I met harry styles I was in shock. How am I going to survive the misdirection in my life????��


3. the climax

Harry's POV

Caitlyn finally came back into the room and I gave her a soft kiss. She smiled and asked if I was done at the studio. I only had to do one song so I went and did my part so I could take her to my place. When we got home I told her that I had to go out to do something. She let me leave when I put on toy story for her. I went to the jewelry store and got a diamond ring so I could propose. When I got home Caitlyn was fast asleep on the couch so I carried her to the bed.

Caitlyn's POV

I woke up with Harry's arms around me and I did not want to get up because I felt safe with him. He woke up and he told me to get out of bed and get dressed because we were going somewhere today. When I was all ready we got into Harry's Audi and he took me to Big Ben. I was staring up at it then I looked back at Harry and he was kneeling on the ground with a gorgeous ring in his hand. I started crying when he asked me to marry him and I choked back a soft yes. He stood up and spun me around then giving me a sweet soft kiss. We went back to Harry's flat and we got the keys to my flat so we could start moving stuff in. We went to my flat and started putting stuff in boxes. A lot of it I did not need so I put it into a donation pile.

Harry's POV

Caitlyn has a lot of stuff but she is putting most everything in the donation pile so I am not worried. When we were done putting everything in boxes we decided to get the rest of it done later. We went back to my flat and we watched Disney movies all night with Caitlyn snuggled into my arms.

The next day...

I woke up with Caitlyn in my arms and I tried to get up so I could take a shower and Caitlyn woke up and asked what we were sound today. I told her that the guys wanted to meet up at Nandos after the interview this morning. I want you to come to the interview with us and I am going to announce our engagement.

Caitlyn's POV

I was so excited to go to the interview so I got up and got dressed. When I was done I waited for Harry to finish getting dressed. When he was done we got into his Audi and we got to the interview building really quick and I saw my friends with the guys and they looked so cute together. My friend Claire was with Liam. My friend tzeitel was with zayn. My friend kimberlyn was with Louis. And I was with Harry. My friend Katherine was with Niall. Louis started screaming carrots. It was so funny!!!

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