My life + yours

When I met harry styles I was in shock. How am I going to survive the misdirection in my life????��


1. the beginning

Harry's POV

I was walking along the London streets trying to get back to my flat. The guys pulled a prank on me and left me at Nandos when we went to lunch. As I was walking past the bakery I walked past this beautiful girl. When I passed her she smiled and went into the bakery, i of course followed her and hopped over the counter and got my apron on. She came up to the counter and ordered a chocolate filled croissant, then she looked up and asked if I was ok because I was staring at her with my hands in a loaf of bread. Just then Michele came out from the back.

Michele's POV

I was coming from the back if the bakery about to start work and Harry had his hand in a loaf of bread. Harry are you ok? He said he was fine. I then said are you up to your girl antics again?

Harry's POV

No Michele, this customer was just ordering a loaf of bread and she asked me if it was hot so I stuck my hand in it to test how hot it was. Michele was so onto me and I had to stop it soooo... Chocolate filled croissant ready. The same girl came up and I asked her what her name was. Her name was Caitlyn. I gave Caitlyn my phone number and she asked if she could have her croissant And I just said,"it will be ready in a minute."

Caitlyn's POV

I was walking out of the bakery when all of a sudden that guy that put his hand in a loaf of bread was jumping over the counter and almost tripped over the stool trying to get to the door. I just laughed. I asked him what his phone number was and he told me. I walked home and I went straight to my room. I took out his phone number and decided to call him. After 2 rings he picked up and I asked him what his name was and he answered, "uhhh..Harold. I told him that it was really funny when he tripped over the stool when he jumped over the counter trying to get the door. Then he asked me if I wanted to come over to his house and I agreed willingly because I mean seriously he is totally hot. He have me the address and I told him I was the building next door. He told me not to be alarmed when he opened the door. I had no idea what he meant but I said ok anyways. I got my keys and my phone and headed out of the door. When I got there I knocked in the door and Harold yelled "Niall just come on in the door is unlocked." I stood there and stayed quiet and I was thinking that I had the wrong room until suddenly the door opened and Harold was wearing jeans and no shirt. He had all the tattoos that Harry styles has and he looked exactly like Harry styles. I invited myself in and he asked me what I was doing. I asked him if Niall was his best friend and he said that he was because he was in one direction. All of a sudden Niall and my best friend Katherine came through the door. Katherine looked at me then looked at Harry who was coming out of the kitchen and he came and sat down next to me. Katherine asked me what I was doing at Harry styles house.

Katherine's POV

What the hell is she doing here harry. Harry explained to me the whole bakery incident then I turned to Caitlyn and I went and hugged her then I asked her why she was not answering her phone. She told me that she had it on vibrate and she came over to "Harold's" house. "First of all you got the name wrong Caitlyn it is harry not Harold.

Caitlyn's POV

He told me that his name was Harold and he gave me his number then I called him and he asked me to come over. He just explained to me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I looked at Niall then back to Katherine and I asked why her and Niall were holding hands when they were walking through the door.

Sorry the chapter is so short I have not had time to do anything. I will start working on the second chapter soon!!

Love you all!!💗💗

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