My life + yours

When I met harry styles I was in shock. How am I going to survive the misdirection in my life????��


2. love is more than you think

Hope you guys like this new chapter. Love you all!!💗💗

Caitlyn's POV

Why were you guys walking through the for holding hands?

Katherine's POV

We have been dating for 5 months now and I didn't want to tell you because I knew you would freak out if I told you I knew harry styles. I had hoped that you would never find out or at least don't find out until it shows up in the papers.

Caitlyn's POV

Harry I really like you and I would love to be your girlfriend.

The next day...

Harry's POV

I wish Caitlyn would have spent the night because she is just do pretty and I want to get to know her better and besides waking up with her snuggling into my chest is pure pleasure. Caitlyn is coming over again today and I am going to give her a necklace that has a heart with h and c engraved into it.

Caitlyn's POV

Omg when I went over to Harry's house he gave me a heart necklace that had h and c engraved into it. It was beautiful. I asked him when I would be able timer the rest of the band and he said he was planning on it today. We got into Harry's Audi and drove to the studio. When we got there it saw the rest of the band and I saw four girls sitting outside of the recording studio. I knew all of them because they were all my friends. I was so upset they didn't tell me that I ran to the bathroom and locked myself into a stall. Harry came in right after me and climbed under the door. He got back up on his feet and he gave me a soft kiss and told me that the band could not risk having people know about their girlfriends because they have not told the press yet. "Harry this is the girls bathroom." I said. Harry told me that it was perfectly fine and I snuggled into his chest and sobbed quietly while he kissed the top of my head. He pulled my sleeve down and I looked up while he tried to pull me shirt off. I pulled away and told him that I had to wait until I get married and he asked me if we could get married today. I told him to get out of the bathroom and he obediently did so and I gave him a kiss on the way out.

Harry's POV

I walked out of the bathroom and the lads were looking at me and asking why I went I there. I told them that Caitlyn would be coming out in a minute and that she was really upset that her friends would not tell her that they were dating one direction.

Cliff hangar:: sorry for the shirt chapter. Will make it up to u later on in the book

Love you all💗💗

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