Kiss me and Awaken

A boy finds out he has an interesting power although he himself is powerless


3. Who's.......House is this?

I woke up in a bed in a place id never been before. The walls were full of disturbing images of people dying and strange writing. The curtains on the windows were full of holes and red light was shining through. Am I in a fucking Saw movie? I thought.

Hiromi lay beside me covered in bandages.

Where are we?

Rin walked in, a shiver ran down my spine. Was it from seeing him I thought.
How did I get here? Where am I anyways? Rin wondered. Anyways let’s open these windows. Red paper was covering the glass preventing sunlight from entering which explained the creepy red light.
I brought you some food.....
When did I get this? Rin thought. Sorry isn’t much mom doesn’t shop a lot. Why did I say that? Rin asked himself. I reached for the bowl.
Be careful your stitches will come undone.
Stitches? I said lifting my shirt. My entire torso was covered in stitches.
I did the stitching myself Rin smiled. I did that? Rin thought. Another chill went done my spine.
How long… have we been here?
Not long just 3 days, I was afraid you’d never wake up. My lips are moving on their own Rin thought.
Is my body trying to tell me something I thought looking at Rin.
How did we get here? Why are we in this state? I asked.
Haven’t you lived in Typlotopia, Michigan your whole life Rin laughed.
That’s not what I meant.
Oh you mean your injuries?
Well it started when I woke up in the alley we were in Rin said.

The alley? I thought.
I looked around and found both of you laying down unconscious. So I brought the two of you back to my house and healed you Rin scratched his head. I brought them here? My house? I’ve never seen this room in my life Rin thought.
You must have felt guilty I said quietly.
It was you who did this to us... I remember it all now I shouted. You attacked Hiromi out of anger and when you hurt her it hurt me too. Of course, that makes sense the kiss must connect us I thought.
I would never do that to you guys Rin said.
It’s true I wasn’t sure at first I thought maybe it was a nightmare. Hiromi said sitting up.
I jumped
Are you sure you should be moving I asked her.
This? She said looking at her body. Please… I’ve been to hell and back. That’s why I always carry my brass with me.
It can’t be true Rin said falling to the ground.
You’re so pitifully weak a voice said.
Who are you?
You’ve forgotten about me? The voice said sadly. Ill awaken the memories you hold dormant the voice said.
H-Hey this is the… Rin trailed off.
That’s right the gang that you or should I say we killed the voice said.
It was epic blood was everywhere I love the way fresh blood tastes.
Wait if you killed the gang then did you… the voice cut Rin off.
You don’t need friends all you need is me the voice said angrily.
I remember you now.

What’s my name?
The voice began to take form in front of me. He was an exact replica we could be twins. The only difference being his eyes were red and had white hair. Now how bout letting me finish off these so called friends of yours like we did with mother Ren said.
Yes remember how her blood tasted as we drank it from her quivering body Ren said.
NO I won’t let it happen again.
Oh? And how do you plan to stop me?
AHHHHH Rin screamed. Hiromi and I ran to Rin as quickly as we could being careful not to reopen our wounds.
Are you ok? I asked.
R-Run he'll kill you Rin cried.

Who’s gonna kill us... I stopped I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I looked down and saw a jagged piece of black ice lodged there. Rin stood up.
Tsk tsk you must still trust him for you to have run to his side so quickly.
You’re not Rin who are you? I asked painfully.
If you can catch me I’ll tell you he winked and ran out the door laughing.
G-Go after him I’ll be fine I said wincing.

This hurts like hell but I’m sure you’ve been through worse I don’t wanna seem like a pussy in front of you I laughed in pain.
You idiot she said kissing me tears in her eyes. The room turned white. Awaken acknowledged Elemental Brass Brawler.
I’ll come back as soon as I can baby I promise Hiromi ran out the door.
This fucking sucks… well I know it’s bad to move in my condition but maybe I can stitch myself. Hmmm the bathroom maybe? I helped myself up on the wall. Now where is the bathroom I thought. I got to the doorway and peeked out. I was bleeding profusely. It looks like this is a basement room I thought. It was extremely dark but light was coming in from one corner and I could see stairs. I slowly made my way to the light following the path of the wall. I tripped over something. FUCK I screamed the ice moved a bit more inside my body. I was on the verge of tears but I held it in. What did I trip on anyways? I felt around I hit something that made a rattling noise. Are these… bones? I thought terrified. I think I’d rather not know I said to myself. I got back up and made another attempt for the stairs. I made it but suddenly a shadow appeared at the top.

Who are you? Hiromi is that you? I asked. The shadow ran down the stairs carrying what looked to be a bat.

Lights Out the shadow said.
Fuck Me.
Hiromi ran all around town. Come on its still daylight how hard is it to find a nigga damn.
Where are you? You irritating lil bastard. Looking for me Ren said coming out from a shadow. How in the hell is there a shadow there? And why didn’t I see it before Hiromi thought.
Why are you attacking us and why are you controlling Rin’s body?
Rin doesn’t need anyone but me, especially people like you who just put him down.
I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like being controlled either.

You think you know Rin but you really don’t know shit do you? Ren said.
I uh….
Enough about that, how do you even have your Awakening let alone know how to control it?
This power is my own… a darker more powerful version than Rin’s.
That doesn’t answer my question.
My power lasts longer than yours and Rin’s.
He chuckled. That I still don’t know.
How are you awakened now though?
When wasn’t I awakened? You think when you two were at Rin’s knocked out for 3 days that I wasn’t experimenting.

I understand now Hiromi thought.

I was the one who killed that gang and it was me that almost killed you. I brought you to the house and put you in MY ROOM!! I switched places with Rin this morning because I figured one of you would wake today. Previous to Yuji waking up, I had kissed him about 5 times keeping track of how long the power stays active. The 5th one I took just before Yuji awoke enabling me to be awakened now.
I see.... so… what do I call you?
You haven’t caught me yet hehe. Hiromi dashed at him.
So fast Ren thought.
Damn i didn’t expect you to be so quick Ren said jumping back. Well can you tell me your name now? If I must he replied. Clearing his throat he said Ren Uzumaki.
Aww that’s cute you’re like twins Rin and Ren Hiromi laughed.
Shut up bitch or ill drink you dry.
Wait… you’re a vampire?
You could say that..... I feed off the negative emotions in people’s hearts through drinking there blood. Which was already a natural thing for me anyway, the awakening just gave me a way to use the stored up darkness.
That’s why your blood is black not red.
Bingo pure blissful darkness.
IT IS NOT Ren shouted crossing his arms.
What are you 4? You look a little old to be pouting Hiromi laughed.
I’ll show you that age isn’t the issue here Ren said.
Wanna test whose awakening is stronger?
I thought you’d never ask Ren said. A dark mist began to form around Ren.
I’m going to finish what I started in that alley.
Bring it on punk I’ve been itching to test this flame punch on something other than a wall. Hiromi’s brass knuckles changed from red to yellow. She charged at Ren again
Ren moved to the side.
Gotta be faster than that Ren said laughing. Missing she hit a light pole, jolts of electricity went in all directions.
Ooo tsk tsk that might have hurt had it connected Ren chuckled. Next one will hit for sure. Hiromi knuckles changed color again this time white.
Stand still you fucker. Swinging at Ren who moved to the side again.
Impossible! I was sure I dodged it.
Wind this time Hiromi thought.
I see, your punch didn’t hit me it was the air that followed, clever but it won’t happen again, it’s my turn.

My punches seem to be powered by elements which means only earth and water are left, are they random or can I control them Hiromi thought.
Your wide open Beholder of Ravens Ice: Dark Hammer. A giant hammer formed over Hiromi’s head. So that mist was.... his BLOOD?

Ren brought his hand down swiftly the hammer followed. I can’t dodge it is to late Hiromi thought. Her knuckles turned red.
This is....
I WIN Ren screamed.
Lucifer’s Haymaker.
The hammer shattered and dispersed back into mist.
NO WAY! I HAD YOU I HAD YOU!! Ren said stomping around. The mist began falling to the ground like rain.
So this is my limit? Ren said laughing. I was sure I had at least 5 minutes left.
I CAN control the punches Hiromi thought as she watched her brass knuckles change color.
I surrender Ren said sighing.
You’re not getting off that easy.
But if you hurt me you’ll hurt Rin and Yuji too Ren exclaimed.
Well I hope they can forgive me…

Zeus' Haymaker Hiromi punched Ren in the chest. The hundred volt punch had fried him unconscious. He lay there in the street.
Why do you always have to make trouble for me Rin? She looked down.
Hey you done moping in here Ren asked.
You talking to me?
You really are hopeless you know that Ren said.
Yea I know Rin sighed.
Your friends need you.
Thank you for seeing it my way Rin smiled.

Whatever Ren said crossing his arms.
Thought I’d never see the light of day again.
Owww Rin said getting up.

How do I know it’s really you?
You don’t trust me anymore?
Yup it’s you.
Hey where’s Yuu Kun?
Oh Shit that’s right Hiromi said as she started to run.
Can I come to?
Do what you want.
I’m coming too then.
They arrived at Rin’s house to a trail of blood.
Mmmm can I taste some Rin Please?
No leave me alone you psychotic life wrecker.
Someone grew a pair Ren said sarcastically.
Hiromi and Rin followed the blood trail to the kitchen.

YUJI!!!! Hiromi screamed.
I had no more strength to move. Hiromi ran to my side. I could only make out a few words. YUJI WHAT HAPPENED? Then I passed out again.

Oh my God Rin he's not breathing.
He's still alive Ren said to Rin.
How do you know?
I can hear his heartbeat.

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