Kiss me and Awaken

A boy finds out he has an interesting power although he himself is powerless


2. My Name is Yuji

17 years later
YUJI MASATO!! Who is that girl you’re talking to? A girl said dashing towards me. Her shirt said YUJI IS MINE in red glittery letters.
Run I whispered and shooed the girl away.
Call me the girl smiled. I let out a deep breath.
Over my dead body, the other girl said grabbing my hand.
Why do you always scare away everyone who talks to me?
Oh what I’m not good enough for you the girl pouted. Look at your beautiful light brown hair matted down by all that gel, why not go natural? The girl asked. God I love the way your pink eyes shine in the sunlight she smiled. You’re in a good mood... my eyes grew wide. I was lip locked with another BOY! I quickly pushed him off. Hiromi stood shocked with a look of disgust.
Dude where did these clothes come from? The boy looked at himself.
Did that really just happen? I thought
Sorry about that my skateboard hit a rock, speaking of where’s my skateboard? And why is it so cold all of a sudden Rin said.
It’s the middle of June its hot as hell out here I said. Hiromi pulled out her brass knuckles engraved with Yuji and Hiromi Together Forever and looked at Rin. Hiromi I know that look, please don’t I said but it was too late. She had already given Rin a bloody nose.
Owwww what was that for? Rin screamed.
For kissing my man Hiromi said. I watched Rin’s nose drip blood and as it hit the ground it froze.
Rin…… your blood look I said.
I’ve never seen it do that before. Rin looked back at me. He touched his nose blood covered his hands and just as it did with the ground it began to freeze. Yea this is definitely new Rin said.
I looked at Hiromi then back at Rin, You should see a doctor
He should leave my sight before I give em a black eye.
I scratched my head smiling slightly; I think you've done enough to him.
I hate the color blue it’s so gloomy Rin sighed, yet my whole outfit is suddenly blue.
There’s red lining on it too I pointed out.
Looks good on you considering what you normally wear Hiromi chuckled.
At least I don’t have a shrine for my 2 day boyfriend.
How could he have known about that? Hiromi thought blushing I do not, wait at least I don’t kiss other girls.
Wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing Rin mumbled rolling his eyes. It was an accident you douche.
You two argue like your family I said laughing.
Were neighbors they said in unison.

You’re joking.

Nope it’s the truth Hiromi said sadly.

Oh…. I think I have seen him before, when I was walking home from your house Hiromi.

Why’d you go home? Parents won’t let you stay the night with your girlfriend Rin teased.
I lost my parents when I was only a few months old I smiled painfully. Well at least that’s what I’ve been told….. I looked at the ground.
My bad my bad Rin said shamefully
Hey…. there’s a picture of some jagged red rod on the back of your jacket Hiromi pointed out.

Really? Rin said.

New look same dumbass Hiromi thought.
Well I gotta get going my friends are waiting for me at the park Rin said.
Alright see you around I said.
If only I never had to see him again Hiromi sighed.
This is weird I don’t own anything like this nor would I buy something like this Rin thought looking at his new clothes.
Hey it’s that kid a boy said.
Uh oh Rin said picking up speed.

Get em.

A gang of boys on skateboards took off towards Rin.
Why me? Rin said angrily. He moved as fast as he could down the street trying to lose them. Finally he took a turn at an alley and stopped. The gang stopped with him.
Dead End? He thought as he turned around.
Look I don’t know what you want but there’s nothing you can really take from me I don’t have money or anything of value. The boy who appeared to be the leader of the gang stepped forward laughing. His shirt read IM WITH STUPID with arrows pointing left and right. I wonder if the others have noticed that there boss is calling them idiots on the DL.
Your board looks pretty valuable the leader said.
This old thing… If you want it here Rin said holding the skateboard out in front of himself
I was joking I don’t want this piece of shit the leader said snapping the board in half.
Heh… normally I’m a pretty lax guy… but breaking my board is like raping my girlfriend in front of me. Rin said with blood lust in his eyes. Why couldn’t we just settle this normally Rin said to himself.
What could you possibly do against all of us the gang leader said gesturing to his men.

The gang chuckled.
Hmm I wonder Rin thought. Attack me he said.
It’s your funeral

The gang closed in around Rin it reeked of garbage and bad parenting.

 All the members wore the same black outfit. What the fuck are they junior Mafia members Rin said to himself. The gang attacked at once and in an instant it was over. Rin's blood had frozen and drove itself through each of the gang members. Rin stood up and looked at the leader with a cold stare.
Is that all? He asked. The leader frozen in fear could only mouth the words for I’m sorry but Rin was a completely different person. He dislodged one of his blood spears from one of the members and stabbed the leader though the heart.
Thanks for my new skateboard collection Rin said, watching the teen fall to his knees. He began laughing maniacally, then sat down on the blood drenched ground.

 I think I’ll just rest here for a minute he said yawning and passed out.
Yuji lets go to your house I’m hungry Hiromi smiled. But your house is just as close. Besides my aunt got fired from her job at the newspaper so….. there’s barely anything to eat.
Aww ok we'll go to my house then. We can have Beef Stew from last night’s dinner sound good?
I feel…. sleepy I said as I began to sit on the side walk.
Are you ok? We’ve barely moved since Rin left Hiromi said watching her boyfriend.

Yuji was already fast asleep.
You’re joking right? Wake up.

I opened my eyes.
Rin's in trouble I said.
What do you mean? Hiromi asked.

No time to explain lets go I said grabbing Himori's hand. We found Rin passed out in an alley with about 20 dead bodies around him. It looked as though someone had gotten away due to there being a blood trail going in another direction.
Rin wake up I said shaking him
HUH? Rin quickly opened his eyes.
You’re covered in cuts and blood, are you ok? What happened here? I asked.
I’m fine and I… can’t remember. All I remember is being stopped by a gang and hey my clothes are normal again Rin said smiling.

Idiot that’s all you can say for yourself? Hiromi asked
Shut up four eyes.

Really its 2030 and the best you can give me is a name from the 1900's Hiromi said laughing.
It’s all I could think of… I’m still half a sleep Rin said rubbing his eyes with his blood stained hands. There’s blood everywhere… and I’m soaked in it Rin said puzzled. Is that my skateboard? Rin crawled to his broken board. Why is it…. bro....ken.... ahhh.... Rin grabbed his head in pain.
You can’t possibly hope to defeat us all a voice said.
Is that me? Who am I then? Rin asked himself. I watched as a group of boys jumped me they looked like the boys that were now surrounding me.
Beholder of the Crimson Ice: CRIMSON SPEARS!!! My alternate self said. The boys all were impaled on these weird red spears. The boy who appeared to be the leader began sobbing in fear. The alternate me smiled as he took one of the spears and stabbed it through the leaders heart. You monster I will have my revenge the leader said shaking on the ground. Blood was gushing from where the hole was. Hmm such a waste of blood the Alternate me said licking at the spilt red stuff on the ground. The alternate me looked my way still smiling and said you’ll be seeing me a lot more... partner.
RIN!!! RIN!!! I said shaking him. He opened his eyes.
I remember it all he said.
You remember what happened? I asked.
Yea but it doesn’t really make sense.
What do you mean?
Well for starters why am I not wearing that blue outfit anymore and why isn’t my blood freezing?
It couldn’t be Hiromi thought.

What’s up? I said.

Hiromi blushed.
Kiss him she said.
WHAT? Both boys exclaimed.
I want to test something she said. I looked at Rin in horror. My first kiss went to a boy and now my girlfriend who I still haven’t kissed yet wants me to do it again I thought. Rin scratched his head and sighed.
I’m up for it he said.

Hiromi started laughing uncontrollably.
I knew you were a fruit basket.
I am not, I’m just interested into what you have in mind. Rin stood up and put his hands on my shoulders. He smelled like sweat and blood.
Please don’t.... is all I could say. Rin had already gone the full 100 I had no say in the matter. Right before my eyes I watched Rin’s dark brown short hair turn red and his clothes changed into that blue outfit from before. Plus I noticed his eyes turned a cold shade of blue from hazel.
I was right.
How could you have guessed that? I asked.
Just a hypothesis and I wanted to see how you look when you kiss Hiromi said smiling.
You’re so twisted, why didn’t you just do it yourself? I asked.
Will the same happen if I kiss him Hiromi thought.
Hello I said.
Kiss me.
My jaw dropped.

That was sudden
Hey Yuu Kun does this happen with everyone you kiss Rin said looking at his reflection in a window, I look good he said smirking.
Stay over there fruitcake.

Rin started yelling something but I couldn’t make it out. Just like Rin, Hiromi had leaned in for a kiss too. Her perfume was intoxicating I thought I’d die if she didn’t stop soon. She backed away from me.

 That’s not fair I was sure that... she trailed off. I saw something start to glow in her pocket. Hiromi noticed me looking and reached in her pocket and pulled out her brass knuckles. They were shining. She put them on her glasses came off and her clothes started changing a purple and black outfit with a skull n crossbones on the back. Her short black hair grew long and was tied up with a skull hair tie. Hiromi opened her eyes that were now purple aside from normally being dark brown.
What happened?

Rin rushed over wow no way, it happened to you to he said excited. Hiromi looked at a mirror on the wall.
Holy Shit she said.

I was speechless. Hiromi looked at her brass knuckles that were glowing red now. She punched a concrete wall; bursts of flames went in all directions.
Now that’s what I’m talking about she said. My jaw dropped again.
Where are my glasses…? Wait…. I can see without em?
You’re slow to catch on Miss Grim Reaper Rin said laughing.
You keep fucking wit me ima reap your ass Hiromi said.

 Rin stopped laughing and got serious.
I’ve had enough of your bullshit bitch always calling me names making me feel like crap. Rin I could go much harder on you I choose not to though.

Rin punched a nearby window it shattered and his hand began to bleed. Look what I’ve learned Yuu. Beholder of the Crimson Ice: Crimson Spores. The little drops of blood floated towards Hiromi.


The blood turned into little spike shaped balls and latched onto Hiromi
What the hell is this shit?
Ahhhhhh Hiromi screamed. The spore’s spikes grew long and pierced Himori's body. I started getting pain all over. Then tiny holes started forming. What the hell is going on? I thought. Rin looked at Hiromi who was struggling on the ground and laughed then he turned to me and stopped, looking confused. He snapped and the spores dispersed and fell to the ground. Then everything went black.

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