Ally the 21 yr old is abused by her step father and bullied at school
All she has left is her too sisters and a little bit of hope...
( swearing in it )


3. Where it all starts

Ally's POV

i go to see where Louis is since he wanted me to sit with him it was a bit surprising for me nobody talks to me well asides the bulling but other than that no talking. As I walk I see Louis waving at me I quickly jog over to his table and see the other new guys " you never told me you name love " " owe right it's Ally " I said quietly " we'll Ally this is Harry , Naill , Liam and Zayn " he said while pointing " hi Ally " the said together I giggled " so ally tell me about your self " said Liam he was so polite " well I'm 21 I love sports like basket ball and my fav color is aqua blue I have 2 sisters alisa and ana and I'm the nerd in this school so if you want be popular I suggest you don't talk to me people hate me " they all stod there in shock but I do t know why " what " I asked " how can YOU be the nerd your beautiful " right beautiful " I said I'm NOT beautiful I'm ugly. "So how about your parents asked Zayn, a tear sliped from my eye when he said that I was about  Burst in tears but I didn't want them to see" I - I I got to go see you guys around " and with that I ran I sat in the hall and cryed I heard foot steps but I didn't care soon I felt a warn body next to me. Louis.


Hiiii little_lover26 here so tell me what I should add I want this to be a good novel so tell me what YOU want. 💚 It if you liked it it does matter it helps me know if you guys in joy it.


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