Ally the 21 yr old is abused by her step father and bullied at school
All she has left is her too sisters and a little bit of hope...
( swearing in it )


6. The song AaAa

Ally's POV

Me and Louis head down to music ( our favourite class ) we see two empty seats and we sit there together at the corner of my eye I see 3 new girls ' ill go say hi at lunch ' I say in my mind " OK pick your partner we will be doing duets " " hey babe wanna be partners " Louis ask " sure lets do the A team " " ok " we practice ALOT then mr.Ravi called us up first ( I put a link so you can hear it just pretend its them ). 2 mins later every one stud up and clapped Louis held my    hand and we both bowed while laughing our heads off I guess you could say I get along with  more people since we started dating.


A/N Sorry it was short I have to do homework:( and your welcome Hannah Bella and Christianne I have so many things in mind for you guys but I guess you have to wait MUHAHAHAHA and sorry no cliff hangers I'm bad at those but I promise more drama ahead so yeah bye my little_lovers


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