Ally the 21 yr old is abused by her step father and bullied at school
All she has left is her too sisters and a little bit of hope...
( swearing in it )


5. The escape

Ally's POV

" why don't you move in with me " that's a great idea I can get away from Jon and take my sisters with me " umm sure ok can I take my sisters " " yeah I love kids " " ok ill come at 4:30" " ok "


After school 4:20

Jon is passed out on the sofa so I pack every thing then I pack my sisters things I look for the knifes and guns then I go out made a hole and put them there " now it's a tad more safer, ok girls lets go " we take a taxi to Louis house.DING DONG " hey ally " he kisses my cheek " hi ana hi Alica come I made your rooms" he has pink and purple all over him what is he up too. He opens a door then I see a HUGE room with pink and purple walls and all a girl could ask for. The girls where unpacking as Louis told me to my room I gasp when he opened the doors aqua blue walls with white designs a TV a HUGE bathroom a balcony and a walk in closet " My god Louis I didn't need a big room " " yes you do your a princess my princess " a tear slips from my eyes I run up to him and hug him than we kiss it was the best kiss ever. Then.. The girls came in.." EWW ALLY" we brake apart and laugh " did you need some thing " yes we are hungry " said ana "ill make some food" Louis said " no Louis ill make some it's the least I could do " I cooked my famous five and chicken with a cesar salad in the side. " FOOD!" Yelled 4 guys I heard those voices ahh yes the new boys I laugh then put 4 more plates " hi guys " I said when they came in then Louis comes with ana and Alica " umm are you guys together " yup " said Louis " and you  got kids? " Liam said " NO no no they are my sisters " isaid they nodded and went to the living room.

A/N hi hope you like it 💚 it if you did and go check out Devastated by my best friend ( username ) christianya 💜 it she works hard on it.



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